pretty girls with snapbacks

“I love jellyfish because they are the closest thing to an immortal living thing that lives on this planet. I would one day like to have a pet jellyfish if that is possible. Is that legal?”

Halsey - Obsessed With Jellyfish


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i see so many girls and there’s so many different types of pretty… there’s like the honey, green tea pretty girls that like sitting outside and soaking up the sun…. the dark pretty with black eye make up and wild hair and piercings… the bad bitch pretty with killer highlight and striking style….. the lazy pretty girls with snapbacks and sneakers…. the bookish girls with glasses and sweaters that make your heart melt…. the soft Angel pretty girls who just look as sweet as a peach with soulful eyes…. the cute girls with chubby cheeks and messy hair and it seems like warmth emits from them… girls are so fucking beautiful
—  Today