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Since you seem pretty into magical girl animes, can I ask your opinion on Sailor Moon? I finally read it the other day, but stopped after the Black Moon Arc. Everyone seems to love it but I was just kind of unsettled and confused <:\

I’ve never seen it as a kid, i think i started watching it when i was like 16 and I dropped it after Sailor Moon R and a movie
tbh i think it’s super overrated and overhyped and the only good thing that came out of it is a magical senshi group trope

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This was really fun to do, I kinda made the drawing up as a went and although it took a lot longer it’s nice to just get and idea and put it on the drawing when you get it. I love how the color scheme turned out too!

I recorded the entire process of drawing this and it’ll be up on youtube in a little while!

Also you can get it on Redbubble :]