pretty girl is nothing if she has an ugly

She’s My Friend

Summary: The four times Smackle gives a member of the clique a quick hug for defending her, and the one time she gives a long one. [Smackle-centric]
Pairings: Smarkle, Rucas (slight)
Genre: Friendship
Note: There are mentions of autism in this fic. If it has been used inappropriately, please please please let me know. Again, my apologies if the characters seem OOC. Still trying to get a feel when I write them. 

Also, shoutout to @ms-silhouette for giving me the push to write this fic. 

1. Maya

Maya groans as she leans against the couch in Topanga’s and closes her eyes, thankful for the short moment of peace before her other friends, sans Smackle who has already been there for the past hour, arrive for their daily study session.

She can feel Smackle looking at her, and she opens an eye to look at her friend. Smackle is frowning, her eyebrows creased as she watches Maya.

“What is it, Smackle?” Maya asks tiredly.

“You are overworking yourself,” Smackle frowns and Maya waves her off. “Maya – ”

“Smackle, I love you for your concern but could you maybe lecture me after I’ve taken my nap? Riley and Farkle already beat you to it in school, and I’m sure Lucas and Zay can join you when they get here,” Maya opens her eyes to look at her pleadingly and Smackle shrugs.

“Okay, the facts will remain the same even after you have snoozed,” the genius states and Maya snorts.

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I just need to put this out there...

I’m getting super annoyed by people who are critiquing Taylor for having her “squad.” At first everybody was all “oh that’s so awesome! Girl power! Feminism! They’re so beautiful! Girls stick up for each other!”

But now it seems like people are switching to “That is so fake. There is no way she’s friends with that many girls. They’re too pretty. She just treats them like trophies. They’re not really friends.”

I’m just like….First of all, TROPHIES? Taylor Swift? TAYLOR SWIFT?!?!!!? Do you realize how many ACTUAL trophies that woman has??? They are literally sprinkled throughout her apartment (I have literally seen them and held them). She doesn’t need pretend girlfriends to be trophies. Second of all, saying they’re too pretty is just stupid and rude. You don’t say someone is TOO pretty, just like you don’t say someone is too ugly, too fat, too skinny, etc. Third, literally all of Taylor’s “squad” has nothing but nice things to say about her. Just like LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO HAS EVER ACTUALLY MET HER. Taylor is probably the most genuine person I have ever met, and there is no way she’s faking being friends with them.

Girls CAN be friends with each other. They CAN support each other and NOT BE IN CONSTANT COMPETITION. Maybe people who hate on Taylor and her “squad” need to look at their own lives and figure out why they feel the need to hate on other people who are clearly happy and successful and having an AMAZING time.


I sit here and I scroll through Twitter and i see these tweets like “Just because you got a fat ass , don’t make you cute. It just means he wanna fuck you from the back.” And “when she’s pretty and doesn’t have a big butt.” It’s like … I get it.

I understand that you’re making slim girls feel appreciated because the media glorifies thick women. I’m all for uplifting all sizes of women. But in doing so , you’re starting this stereotype that if she has a fat ass , she ugly in the face. Or that if she has a fat ass, she has nothing else going for her.

You’re subconsciously bashing thick women. We didn’t wake up and pray for fat asses. We just happened to have them. To imply that a woman is smarter , or has a better personality , or is prettier because she doesn’t have one is pretty fucked up. No one is better than the other. That’s what makes us beautiful because we’re all made differently. We have variety.

You can uplift one without bashing the others.

It may sound like a joke but I am not my ass. Real shit. I have a banging personality. I’m very intelligent and my face is nice too. ✌🏾️✌🏾✌🏾

Had 6 compliments from little kids at random places this week on the lines of “look mommy that girl has pretty green hair” “your hair is beautiful” “daddy her eyelids look cool (referring to my makeup) "shes cute!” and then one kid out of all the rest decided to go this route he was maybe 6 or 7 and his reaction was “look at that ugly girl!!”  He said it over and over and laughed and his parents did nothing(obviously has judgmental parents who led him to believe if someone looks different they are ugly. Anyways I walked passed the kid without a hint of remorse and I said “hey look love (to my boyfriend) a ugly kid” The parents looked at me with a face full of disgust and shock, and the kid looked pretty upset too, I told them “don’t act so surprised” and walked away. No fucks were given.

When you teach your kids ugly things, don’t be surprised if you get a “ugly” response in return.