pretty girl is nothing if she has an

I’m the girl who tries to be nice to everyone then gets taken advantage of. I’m the girl who tries to look pretty and it’s never good enough. I’m the girl who acts like she’s happy then goes home and wishes to be gone. I’m the girl who takes harsh words, acts like they’re nothing, then goes home and cries. I’m the girl who tries to get her point across and could never find the right words. I’m the girl who has more depth to her than everyone thinks. I’m the girl who hides from harsh eyes. I’m the girl who wouldn’t care if you gave me a shitty gift as long as you thought of me. I’m the girl who prays that someone will finally understand. I’m the girl who gets happy over the little things. I’m the girl that people misinterpret.
Have Him [Pt. 1]

Hand on the small of the back.

Bodies close together.

Lips brushing the ear.

You watched Lin whisper into the ear of the new ensemble member, Karla.

Her giggle floated over to where you leaned on a wall. She shifted so she leaned into his side.

She was beautiful. Long, curly dark brown hair, evenly tanned skin, big light green eyes and a curvy body to match.

“That girl has nothing on you.”

Andrew leaned on the wall beside you, his eyes taking in the situation. You looked at him, smirking a bit.

“I have no idea what you mean.”

Andrew scoffed, turning so he was fully facing you, the loom on his facing telling you he sees through your bullshit.

“Everybody can see that you and Lin have feelings for each other, but both of you are too shy to do anything about it.”

He nodded his head towards Karla. “And I’m pretty sure she sees it too.”

You turned towards where Karla and Lin stood, crossing your arm across your chest, only for you to avert your eyes when you met Lin’s.

Andrew scoffed. The stage manager popped his head into the common room, telling that practice will begin in ten.

Karla bounced on the ball of her feet, a toothy smile appearing on her face. “I can’t wait to begin!”

Even her voice was fucking perfect.

You bit your tongue, noticing that his hand never moved from her lower back.

“You will be in the audience to see how fast paced it is since it’s your very first Broadway show, no?” Lin asked.

Karla fluttered her eyelashes. “Yup. And it’s such an honor.”

You kicked away from the wall, your heart struggling whether to pull apart and fall in pieces or hold together out of spite.

You didn’t hear the rest of the conversation. You couldn’t handle it.

You had to get dressed since you were taking the place of Phillipa tonight, anyway.


It was hard to look at Lin, mixed emotions coursing through you.

You stood beside Jasmine and Renee, getting ready to perform Helpless. Jasmine held onto your arm, resting her head on your shoulder. Renee rubbed your back, both knowing how you currently felt.

Like anything could get past Renee’s trained eye. Instinctively, she stepped in between you and Lin who just walked on stage, buttoning up his jacket.

“You can’t sit with us,” Jasmine said, sticking her tongue out at him. Renee added a sassy head roll.

“What?” Lin looked confused, Alex ushering him to the side before he could respond to it.

You almost smiled before-

“Oh, looking good Linny!”

From the front row seats came Karla’s shout. Lin smiled at her sheepishly while Renee glared daggers at her.

Jonathon rolled his eyes, carrying his crown as he moved to stand beside you. “No way am I going to let that tart ruin my OTP. Not today bitch.”

You screwed your eyes shut. You tried resolving with yourself, going over in your mind that you weren’t dating. You had no control over him. He can enjoy time with whoever he wants.

It’s not like you tried anyway…

Jasmine held your trembling hands, you shaking your head at Jonathon.

“Don’t even worry about it.” Don’t cry.

He looked at you with widened eyes. “But [F/Name]-”

You turned to him, eyes steely. “It’s all good, Groffsauce.”

If she wants him, she can have him.


Andrew cornered you in your conjured dressing room, eyes narrowed.

“What the fuck was that?”

Undoing the bow that was in your hair, you turned, addressing him.

“I did my job.” Your voice was cold.

“Oh, hell nah!”

Andrew slammed the door closed, rushing up to you and grabbing your shoulders. Staring deep into your eyes, he continued speaking.

“You do not just go from a cute, naive, zealous woman to some cold hearted, slightly less cute, shecat in under a second.”

You shrugged his shoulders off, stepping back to face the mirror. “Clearly, you never been a cashier.”

From the mirror, you see him running a hand through his hair, sighing between his clenched teeth. “You straight up ignored him.”

After rehearsing Helpless a few times, along with That Would Be Enough and Yorktown, Lin rushed over to Karla who leaned on the stage’s floor.

“He went straight to Karla. So really not my fault,” you shrugged.

“Then you go and interrupt them!”

“Andrew! I thought you were all for love and peace,” you tsked, turning to face him.

He pointed an accusatory finger at you. “My fucking OTP ain’t dying because of lack of communication.”

You smirked, rolling your eyes. “Sound just like Groff. And I’m pretty sure the communication was extremely clear.”


You looked towards the open door, Lin poking his head in. Quickly following was Karla’s head above his.

You lifted your chin, indicating for him to continue. After a second of hesitation, he fully opened the door to let him and Karla in. He nodded towards Andrew.

“Good. Both of you are here. We didn’t have the time, but this here,” he pushed Karla from behind him into the middle of the room, “Is Karla Loving. A talented young woman who just graduated college. Just like you when you started out, [F/Name].”

You only blinked at him, seeing Andrew motion choking you in the air. With an awkward cough, he explained that since you both were newly college graduates, and you landing a position as a swinger for the sisters, for Karla to shadow you.

Haha. No.

You crossed your hands across your chest, shaking your head. “Sorry Lin. I can’t.”

Lin blinked rapidly, eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“I’m sorry. What?”

You opened your mouth, only for Andrew to cover it. He wore a forced smile, the hand covering your mouth squeezing slightly in warning.

Karla batted her eyes, leaning forward so the beasts she (purposely) let hang out of her shirt were in view. She pouted. “It’s okay if you can’t right now. We can in the morning.”

I mean at all, bitch.

You tried to move Andrew’s hand to say this when Lin hit a fist in his palm. “I completely forgot. You have a knitting class to teach tonight. You’ve been planning this for a while.”

“Oh, yup. That knitting class she has,” Andrew laughed nervously. You glared up at him until he stepped back from you, his hands releasing your face.

Lin chucked. “Oh yeah. In the morning then. Before our first show of the day.”

Keeping your eyes towards the ground, you nodded as you rubbed your cheeks. Karla giggled, leaning her head on Lin’s shoulder. “Perfect then.”

She practically purred.

She looked up at him with large eyes. “Maybe you can show me the rooftop everyone’s been praising about?”

Lin opened his mouth, his eyes focused on you, ready to question your weird behavior. He opted to close it, smiling at Karla instead.

Andrew returned the nod Lin gave him, the smile he had replaced with a scowl.

“That whore.”

Killing Stalking Thoughts: Ch 19

Smug ass Sangwoo was so proud this chapter. He got what he wanted and he didn’t really do anything to get it.

I figured Bum would wind up killing Jieun, but I thought it would take a lot of coaxing from Sangwoo. I thought Sangwoo would play some mind games with Bum and convince him to do it, or at the very least Sangwoo would physically help Bum hold the knife and plunge it into Jieun, but nope none of that was necessary.

All it took was Jieun to say some more crappy things to Bum and she triggered him something terrible. Bum pretty much disassociated with the present. When Bum was killing Jieun, in that moment she wasn’t just Jieun, she was the girl from the past Bum had attached himself to.

Bum clearly has attachment issues. The girl from the past probably wanted nothing more than to be Bum’s friend. She thought she found a kinship with him since they both suffered from abuse, but Bum thought it was more than that. Bum has an obsessive personality and the minute someone gives him positive attention he attaches himself to them and probably thinks it’s love. This is the exact reason Bum started stalking Sangwoo in the first place. Sangwoo saved him in the military, so that meant Sangwoo must’ve cared for him.

What’s really interesting is Bum’s reaction to killing Jieun.

I don’t know what to expect in the next chapters. Bum might feel bad about killing Jieun later if he snaps out of the dissociative state he’s in now, but I could definitely see Bum willingly killing people with Sangwoo in the future without him being triggered to first. All Sangwoo’s got to do is convince Bum that the people they kill aren’t innocent. That every person they kill is just another incarnation of every person that’s ever wronged either of them in the past. At this point, it might not be that hard to convince Bum at all.

As for Sangwoo’s reaction to Bum after he killed Jieun, I’d definitely say he’s shocked. He probably expected Bum to be completely broken. He probably expected regret and tears of sorrow, but imagine his surprise when Bum isn’t feeling that at all. Bum’s crying, but those are probably tears of relief, that he got payback and killed one his “tormentors”. Sangwoo sees the smile on Bum’s face and the light in his eyes and he’s probably thinking “I don’t know what the fuck is happening…but I like it.”

Thanks to @jaynia for the translations!

C: I am 27 years old and everyone i know always says that I’m pretty or beautiful or whatever. But I don’t believe them. No guy has ever come up to me and said i was beautiful. My ex was a compulsive liar so I don’t believe what he used to say about me. I’m never the girl that gets the guy she wants. And time is ticking and I’m just tired. I want to get married and start a family but idk. Im also a virgin. And it’s just frustrating. I feel like I’m waiting for nothing.

From Michigan, USA:

“Now, a common thing with most brown kids is that the relationship with our dads isn’t really there. And the relationship that is there is usually a superficial one that relies on education and grades. It makes sense, considering our parents went through a lot to get to the position they are in today in the U.S., but that means they didn’t have a lot of time to focus developing emotionally. So honestly I was never really expecting my dad to ‘get it’ and I didn’t plan on telling him ever. I told my mom back in 2015 to stop her from getting some poor girl to marry me. And of course, she told my dad. But…he took it surprisingly well. He was worried about me because my behavior had been changing recently and he noticed. He let me know that he still loves me and that nothing has changed for him. It was a really shocking moment because as a queer person who lives in a pretty conservative, rather strict Muslim household, I never even remotely thought that an open reaction like this was even in the realm of possibility. But, alhamdulillah, people surprise you.”


Is anyone else tired of all the Elizabeth hate? I swear, she just can’t catch a break no matter what’s happening. She’s always hated on for being “weak”. I remember reading a comment during their reunion scene where someone said, “great character development, just Elizabeth crying over Meliodas again” and it just rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, seriously? I’m pretty sure this scene shows how strong she is, actually. I think everyone forgets this girl is still only sixteen. This journey that she’s been on with Meliodas is basically her first time leaving her sheltered upbringing in the castle EVER. I mean, the special chapter of her shopping should show just how sheltered she’s been. She’s never even seen a silver coin before! Elizabeth is shouldering the burden of her country, she hasn’t heard anything about her family in forever, plus she had to witness the love of her life die by having a bunch of swords rammed into him as she could do nothing but stand by and watch. Speaking of, Elizabeth is also experiencing love for the first time and all its complicated emotions. Who does she really have to confide in besides Diane? This girl also just learned she has a power within her that she doesn’t know much about or doesn’t truly understand. Give poor Elizabeth a break. It seems like she’s basically been on her own with just Hawk for a couple of months trying to do her best for Meliodas by watching over him and the tavern while worrying about a million things at once. She’s been through so many life changes within the span of a few months and yet she’s still continuing on. I’m sure everything has to be overwhelming. However, she’s getting stronger. She’s trying her best. Let Elizabeth have this moment. You know what? I’d say our princess is doing pretty well. ❤ “A strong woman knows how to keep her life in line. With tears in her eyes, she still manages to say, “I’m fine.”

can one of these antis pls explain to me why lydia being in love makes her weak? bc her love for stiles has in no way affected her ability to kick ass, she’s still intelligent and strong and brave and there’s literally nothing different about her other than the fact that she’s in love. and saying that a girl can’t love a guy without her character being “ruined” is pretty sexist btw


They explained how they waited out there for him for the whole weekend. They alerted the park ranger, and some nearby campers volunteered to form a search party. Nothing. Then they called the police. Augustus was officially a missing person.

“Oh my god.” Alaska was shaking. “Someone… has to tell Salem.” She pulled out her phone, knowing better than to walk straight up to her in the cafeteria and cause a scene. The girls may not have known what Salem and Augustus’ relationship was, but it was pretty obvious to Alaska that something had been going on with them.

“Alaska…”  Halle interrupted her before she could do anything, motioning towards where their older sister was sitting. 

The Girl Next Door

Jimin only knew Y/N as the girl who lived next door to them. She was pretty in a very average, glance at once type of way. There was nothing about her that stood out in particular, except for her smile. Jimin remembered the first time he saw her smile, it was like a punch to the gut. He thought that there could be nothing more brilliant in the world but her smile. As plain as she was, her smile encompassed every bit of kindness and compassion she had.

She was the sweetest girl he has ever met. She would help Jin cook sometimes and was always polite. She was just so poised and controlled and refined. Sure she was funny and social but there was always a feeling of holding back. Like there was something more she wanted to say or do but never has the courage to. Like right now, she was in his room with him…alone.

She wasn’t flustered or anything, she came in to give him his mail. Jin sent her up since he was running late and had to leave. The other members were also gone. It was just the two of them alone. “Here you go Jimin.” she handed it to him and he took it from her. Y/N noticed Jimin was being very stiffly with her since she entered the room. “Are you okay?”, she asked, her face blank and her voice filled with concern.

Jimin’s eyes flitted up to hers. It happened so quickly, one moment she was standing by his chair looking down at him and the next she was pinned under him on his bed. “You should be a bit more cautious when entering a boy’s room Y/N. Especially when there’s nobody around to help you.” Y/N’s eyes were wide and Jimin reveled in the expression. Her cheeks were flushed and her breathing was heavy.

Finally something, something other than her blank face and brilliant smile. An expression he can keep for himself. A sense of pride and possessiveness flooded him and he kissed her.  It was like the start of a fire, his tongue darted out to trace her bottom lip. Y/N parted her lips and let his tongue explore her mouth. Her hand delved into his thick, black hair and pulled. He groaned into her mouth causing her to moan in return. Their hands were all over each other under shirts, tugging on each other’s pants.

Jimin stopped and looked at her, “Y/N you should leave or I’ll -” she cut him off by kissing him, “Don’t stop.” her words were soft and a little shy but there was a hidden threat in there. Y/N wriggled under him making him moan. Jimin pulled Y/N’s and his own shirt off, Y/N’s hand was on his rock hard chest. Jimin began placing open mouthed kisses on her neck. His lips burned her throat and she moaned loudly as her hands ran up and down his naked, muscled back. She unbuckled his jeans and began tugging it down even using her feet to get it completely off.

Jimin’s kisses began going lower; he kissed her collarbone, the space between her breasts, her midsection. He unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. He kissed his way down as he pulled her jeans off her long, long legs. He kissed her pantie clad pussy, her toned thighs, her strong knees, smooth calves and delicate feet. Y/N was wet and Jimin was hard but neither was going to rush their sweet union.

Jimin stayed by her feet and reached up to pull her soaked panties off. Her legs were long, toned and smooth Jimin couldn’t stop running his hands over them. “Jimin.” Groaned Y/N, this brought him back, he took off his boxers and put on a condom, he didn’t want to stop to put one on later. He slid up her body and when their naked cores made contact they moaned. He reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

He pulled the bra off and her full, luscious breasts spilled. He caught her nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it. His large hand rested on her right breast and his mouth sucked, licked and kissed her left. She moaned his name loudly; he then swapped to the other breast giving it the same attention. Her hands were massaging his head; his hands left her breasts and ran down the sides of her body.

He kissed lower down to her navel; his tongue went into her belly button her hips shot up. He placed a hand on top of her to keep her down. When he reached the apex of her thighs and placed his mouth right at her core, Y/N nearly shot off the bed. Jimin placed a hand on her abdomen, keeping her in place, while he shifted between her legs, parting them even further and making himself more comfortable.

Her hands fisted the duvet as he increased the pressure of his mouth. When he hit a particularly sweet spot, she squealed, her hips shooting off the bed. Kneading her thighs while she clutched at his thick, dark hair, he redoubled his efforts, using his tongue and teeth to tease the tiny bundle of nerves hidden between her folds. Pleasure swamped her, hitting her like a bolt of lightning and sending her arching up from the mattress with a keening cry.

Jimin slid up her body placing kisses on his way up. Then he kissed her lips, he kissed her so deeply that Y/N felt breathless. Then he thrusted into her, Y/N cried out and dug her nails into his shoulders. He continued to thrust into her, “Oh God.” She said then he hit her G-spot, “Fuck Jimin!” she cried and groaned. Her nails dug deeper into his shoulders as he increased the pressure of his thrusts. “Fuck Y/N you feel so good.” He said, “So hot, so wet.”

He whispered hotly in her ear, Y/N could feel another orgasm building and wanted Jimin to join her. “Jimin come with me.” She said and as if her words were his undoing they came together. When they had ridden out their joined orgasm Jimin whispered, “Shit!” he then rolled onto his side pulling Y/N with him. “What brought this on?” she asked, her voice held her amusement but the question was serious.

“I don’t know I guess I just got so frustrated with you.” Y/N sat up a little to look at him, “Why were you frustrated with me?” Jimin pushed her hair behind her ear and cupped her face, “You’re always so controlled, so calm and polite. I wanted to mess you up but instead you ended up making a mess of me.” His thumb traced her bottom lip and he pulled her down so he could kiss her.

His lips were softer this time. He was more patient this time and just enjoyed the feeling of his lips on hers. He pulled her closer so that she laid on top of him and wrapped one arm around her waist. He pulled his lips away slightly, “I like you. I don’t know how or when but I like you.” his words were sincere and Y/N looked into his dark eyes. They seemed to be conveying a message to her.

She simply stared at him. Then she pecked his lips, “I’m not easy, it’s going to take more than two orgasms to get my confession.” Jimin smiled and turned her onto her back and hovered over her. “Challenge accepted.”

When they finally left the room all of Bangtan were home. They looked at them, V and J-Hope were holding in their laughter, Jungkook was blushing and feeling very awkward, Namjoon pretended to ignore them and Jin looked pissed. “I hope to God that you two are using protection.” V and J-Hope burst out laughing and Namjoon said something about taking Jungkook out for ice-cream and they left the dorm.

Jimin and Y/N were holding hands and refused to meet Jin’s eyes. Jin sighed, “Look I don’t know what the two of you are doing, I just hope that you two are being safe, responsible and you will discuss and inform me on what kind of relationship you are having.” He gave them a pointed look and left while dragging V and J-Hope with him. Y/N looked at Jimin, “So what are we?” Jimin smiled at her.

“If you confess we can be boyfriend and girlfriend.” Y/N smiled, “You have to do better than that.” Jimin pulled her flush up against him, he brought his lips close to hers and said, “Okay say I hate you then.” Y/N laughed a little, “I hate you.” “Again” “I hate you.” Jimin’s lips hovered just above hers and he refused to let her close the gap, “Again.” “I hate you.” her voice was a soft whisper now.

“Again.” “I like you-” Jimin pressed his lips to hers. “Not in the living room!”

So some people think Jenna Coleman is just an actress with a pretty face. Some people think I look up to her just because she’s Clara. Well, that’s some of it. Others believe she’s just a giggling little stack of cuteness, and there’s nothing bad about that, but she has brains. She excelled in academics and was Head Girl. But this woman has been through so much.

She was bullied and body shamed in her childhood, her parents went bankrupt more than once, and she had to work as a barmaid for a year because she was struggling financially. After Waterloo Road and Emmerdale she was labeled as a ‘soap actress’ and it was hard for her to get better roles after that. She had to fight to be respected. Getting into drama school wasn’t easy, either. Because of a failed family business, they lost their home and moved away overnight. She isn’t this perfect little cupcake. She is a girl who has worked for things and hasn’t always gotten them. She’s just like us.

Who to fight: Ars Paradoxica Edition

Sally Grissom 

Who would win: you… but why would you, really? 

She’d probably just do a bunch of “kung fu” moves in front of you, yelling “Uaaaa! Iaaaa!” action-comedy-movie style, until she tires herself. From then, it’d be pretty easy to take her down (as she doesn’t actually know nothing about fighting). But really, why? Girl has been sent back in time, had everything bad that happened pinned on her, blames herself for it… She has suffered enough. Unless you’re like, June Barlowe’s hired fighter or something, leave her alone, come on. 

Chet Whickman

Who would win: HIM

The man is the personafication of the shady secret agent, what the hell are you doing? Before you even moved a finger, he’d probably already have you handcuffed, a gun pointed into your head, and data about all your family and friends. Don’t mess with him, seriously.

Anthony Partridge

Who would win: Him, probably

Ok, the guy was like infinite free time in the Blackroom, what are chances of some of it having been used for some fighting practice? A martial art would probably help him calm down and release some tension. Plus, I could bet he was on some sort of boxing club thing during college. So, yeah, he might not seem that big of a threat, but I wouldn’t take my chances. 

Esther Roberts

Who would win: HER

Ok, think with me for a sec: She’s leading the world’s post powerful secret agency. In a few years, she went from an assistant to chair of the organization. And she’s willing to do whatever it’s necessary to protect it.  Plus, besides all the facts, just look at her: everything about her basically screams “Badass”. So, unless you’re like, a russian spy from the future with a gun, don’t do it. It won’t end well for you. 

Jack Wyatt

Who would win: You… but, again, please don’t

He’d be a pretty easy match, to be honest. He’d do all these stance and pretend do know what he’s doing, but it’s all talk. Things might get complicated if Penny gets involved, though. But wait, before you do anything, let’s just think about it: The guy has already been hit and severely damaged by a pipe. After a lot of suffering, he managed to escape ODAR and be happy… would you really want to ruin it? I mean, please give him a few punches in the gut (far from the head, for precaution) for being a douche to Esther about her religion. But don’t overdo it. Let the guy be.  

The funniest thing about the new Barbie Fashionista dolls is that Lammily now has NOTHING going for her, the one thing she could hold over Barbie (the ‘average’ body shape) has been ripped out from beneath her and done 1000x better.

Lammily had nothing else going for her, she was plain and boring, she could barely pose, she was designed to be what the creator (Nickolay Lamm) finds attractive in a woman, and there was no indication of the ‘fashion’ part of fashion doll. Barbie has just created a line that not only has the ‘average’ body type, but also has tall and petite versions, not only has a whole spectrum of skin tones, but also racial features (as in, not every doll has the exact same ‘pretty white girl’ sculpt), has a whole host of different hair colours and types, and as always, Barbie is fashionable. There is not one ‘hide-your-flawed-body-tent’ in the bunch, every single doll is dressed in an outfit that was clearly thought-out and made to flatter their body type. 

Which is a big difference, Lammily is dressed nicely (if blandly), but looks as though she’s wearing an outfit to hide her average body, with a loose shirt and a pair of shorts that don’t seem to fit the body they’re made for.

Whereas the Barbie line features a whole variety of clothing that flatters and extenuates the features of the bodies they’re for, especially the curvy bodies. The clothes are stylish, tailored, casual, dressy, and interesting, there’s a ton of variety in the clothing for the curvy girls and some of it is stuff that even real clothing manufacturers forget that fat girls can wear. 

Lammily’s whole shtick is that she’s ‘average’, that she’s more realistic than Barbie (with an underlying misogynistic/slut-shamey tone, but that may just be what I’m picking up on). Barbie is all about being who you want to be, Barbie says you can have any career you want no matter what, and you can be pretty and stylish at the same time (but that’s just a bonus). 

Lammily says she’s better because she looks like everyone else and wears sensible shoes. Barbie says you’re great because you can be anything in the world. 


I feel like this scene is pretty underrated: in chapter 57 of acomaf, when the queen refused to send tropes to the mortal land they lived in, Nesta had tears in her eyes. Nesta has always acted like a cold-hearted girl who cares about nothing. But this is one of the few moment we see Nesta being vulnerable and show that she does care about others around her. And she cares so much.

The company president’s daughters aren’t anybody you’d ever want to fuck with. Twin girls, 19 years of age, yet they can wreck your shit like nothing else. The older one, Amelia, She’s the crazy one. An ivy-leaguer, that got in on her own, not with daddy’s money, so she’s pretty damn brilliant, and utterly bat-shit. Not a great combination. The younger one, Madeline, no one’s seen her in ages. Rumor has is she spent her time up in Canada with the ex-wife of the president, studying abroad. She’s quiet, but don’t mistake that for meekness, not if you value your life. and, there’s that bear of her’s, a polar bear only as big as a dachshund, yet twice, three times as vicious. A pair of villains if i ever saw one.

anonymous asked:

So I've been watching bad girls club, and I think I can see a lot of anti-blackness in the fan base. There's this one darkskin hood girl that has reasonable problems with a pretty non black girl. While she is too unnecessary sometimes, everyone is always out here calling her ugly or jealous like this "poor Lil light girl" wasn't out here saying nigga like it's nothing. Idk it's just frustrating. No one wants to see a black woman's depth. Just paint her as aggressive and ghetto.


The Hound was right, she thought, I am only a little bird, repeating the words they taught me. (Sansa, AGOT)

Arry was a fierce little boy with a sword, and I’m just a grey mouse girl with a pail. (Arya, ACOK)

i like the contrast between these two personas. sansa has always been courteous and pretty but its not until kings landing that her natural disposition becomes her  tools for survival. even after the lannisters betray and abuse sansa she’s expected to be joffreys grateful betrothed. she has to smile and dress well and say everything that is required of her. 

arya adopts a somewhat similar persona when she’s a prisoner in harrenhal. she becomes a mouse, nonthreatening and vulnerable, just like her sister. the major differences are defined by status. while sansa is in a cage for display arya is in a maze wheres she’s just another pow. sansa recites pretty words arya quietly observes. arya wears scratchy grey clothes, sleeps in straw, and scrubs harrenhal until her hands bleed. 

Sansa stalked away with her head up. She was to be a queen, and queens did not cry. At least not where people could see. (Sansa, AGOT)

I won’t cry, she thought, I won’t do that. I’m a Stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the direwolf, direwolves don’t cry. (Arya, ACOK)

sansa rarely compares herself to any animals and even when she thinks she’s a little bird its not even her own thought. animals are not particularly relevant to her experiences. she prefers things like songs and social status. her bird-esque behavior also predates her hostage crisis and exists after the fact. this is another huge difference. arya constantly uses animals as symbols throughout her journey. but the direwolf is the one she always comes back to in the end. 

I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth. (Arya, ACOK)

Be brave, she told herself. Be brave, like a lady in a song. (Sansa, ASOS)

again, this is reflected in their castle(/prison) escapes. arya relies on her wolf instincts for survival. but those would have little use in sansa’s situation. i think another factor her is that arya’s actually been inside a wolfs head. she is connected to nymeria, body and soul. sansa’s bond to lady was severed before she got inside her wolf’s head. but ultimately i think its just a difference in personality. 

A lady remembered her courtesies, and she was resolved to be a lady no matter what. (Sansa, AGOT)

I’m not a lady, Arya wanted to tell her, I’m a wolf. (Arya, ASOS)

Too Late: Nate Maloley

I feel like this sucks 😩

I knew this was wrong and she would find out but I didn’t think she would find out as soon as she did.

Nate’s P.O.V.

The nights I spend away from Y/N, I spent with Bella. From the first night I knew this was wrong but I couldn’t stop coming back. Hurting Y/N while being with Bella hurts because Y/N is the love of my life. Being with Bella was just a way of having fun and nothing more. But then we started hanging out and I realized she was a cool girl.

Today I came to see her but after our ritual I felt this unsettling feeling in my stomach and I felt like something bad was happening. Bella is sound asleep and she looks peaceful and pretty but she doesn’t compare to my Y/N. I knew tonight was going to be the last night coming to Bella because I couldn’t keep hurting the only girl I have loved and who has been with me since the beginning. All I wanted to do was go to our home and lay next to her while she was sound asleep but I knew I had to tell Bella I couldn’t do this anymore. I decided to wait and tell until the morning and I closed my eyes and started picturing my wedding with Y/N and how our children would look.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I knew it was too good to be true. How could I actually believe that he loved me. All those nights of him telling me he was with they boys was a lie.

He didn’t seem to realize that I knew he was always with someone else. The fact that he loves her hurts me more than anything else. I tried to push him cheating on me away because I love him but it was only a matter of time before enough was enough. I knew I needed to get out of this house before I lost my mind. I needed to wait for him to leave and go with her so I could be able to leave and not see him because I didn’t want him to see how he broke me. I had everything packed since the last time he left but I needed to bee with him a little longer so I could be able to leave without him suspecting anything.

I know it will be tough to stop loving him but I know it’s only a matter of time. I look back and remember all the memories we made for the past 2 years and I know I have to leave them behind if I want to move on. I head out and I don’t look back.

The next morning

Nate’s P.O.V.

I wake up to someone peppering kisses to my face and I pretend to be sleeping so Y/N can keep doing that because she knows how much I love when she does that. I finally open my eyes and see that it is Bella and not Y/N. I gently push her away and sit up so I can talk to her.

“Bella, I think we shouldn’t do this anymore.” I tell her and she looks hurt but I can’t stay anymore if it means I’ll lose Y/N.

“What, why?” She starts to head my way but I tell her to stop and listen to me.

“This, us, last night was the last time and I can’t do this anymore.” I start putting on my shirt and my shoes and I am about to head out but what she says next makes me stop.

“Is it because of her?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I heard you last night saying how you love someone named Y/N and how she will always be the one. To me it seems she’s not that great if she can’t keep her man from being with other girls.” She says and I swear I’ve never hated anyone more than her at the moment.

“Don’t you dare talk bad about her! She is amazing and the only girl that I have ever loved. I can’t believe you were a cool girl and now you are acting like I belong to you! You knew from the beginning it was just sleeping, don’t act like you’re better than my Y/N. She had something no other girl will have and that is my heart and me wanting her to be my wife and the mother of my children.” I scream and I know I don’t want to be there any longer while I can go and be with Y/N.

Bella starts screaming but I only have one thing on my mind and that is going home and being with Y/N. I know I have to tell her and I will because I can’t lose her. If I lose her my whole life is gone.

I finally get home and it is weird to not see Y/N in the kitchen cooking breakfast. The unsettling feeling is back and I go check our room to see if she overslept but I open the door and she isn’t there. I start panicking and start calling her but it goes straight to voicemail. I feel like I’m overthinking it and she probably just went on a walk and I’m relieved for a moment until I set my keys and I see the frame next to our bed.

The frame has the picture we took during our second anniversary and there is a sticky note. I grab it and my heart breaks. The note says Goodbye Nate, I always knew. I let the frame fall and it shatters on the floor. I feel the tears streaming down my face and I just sit there feeling numb.

I was too late and now she is gone.

Should I continue?

but.. bi Draco Malfoy growing up in the equivalent of a strict Christian household
bi Draco not knowing that there was any other option besides straight until he was 10
bi Draco overhearing Lucius say some choice words about Dumbledore and “where he puts his wand”
bi Draco, who would normally repeat them doesn’t know if he should at first
bi Draco seeing a pair of really pretty eyes a few days before he leaves to school but thinks nothing of it, green is his favorite color anyway
bi Draco immediately reassuring himself as “normal” because he’s in Slytherin
bi Draco quickly labeling Hufflepuff’s as everything he couldn’t be — no wasn’t.
bi Draco deciding he did like all shades of green, but not Potter’s because they seemed too… perfect
bi Draco getting his first serious crush the end of his second year on a really pretty fourth year Ravenclaw girl
bi Draco being so relieved that he almost cries because he feels “normal”
bi Draco in his third year has a dream about Hermione and although she’s muggleborn, she’s still a girl
bi Draco then noticing a fifth year Hufflepuff boy
bi Draco not being able to help how he almost feels sick when he passes him in the halls
bi Draco with no one to tell that he dreamt of this boy for a week straight
bi Draco learning to keep it in the back of his mind because he saw the look Snape gave him in potions
bi Draco whose worst fear is already Lucius, spends his summer locked in his room, half out of choice and half because Lucius saw how he looked at an Auror-in-training when he went to the Ministry
bi Draco spending his fourth year so mad that Harry Potter can be special with his dumb eyes and can get away with it
bi Draco supporting Cedric Diggory and it’s definitely not because of his eyes
bi Draco spending his fifth year using his prefect status to take girls into empty classrooms
bi Draco becoming the resident Slytherin player because every girl wants him
bi Draco falling for a Ravenclaw girl in his grade
bi Draco being really confused because even though he won’t admit it he still turns his head for seventh year boys
bi Draco refusing to explain it to the girl, but he can tell she knows and he feels ashamed
bi Draco playing with closets his sixth year and wondering if it’s some sort of sick joke
bi Draco thinking he deserves it when Harry curses him in the bathroom
bi Draco not being able to kill Dumbledore for every reason we already know and because in the back of his mind he knows Dumbledore is the only other not straight person he knows
bi Draco spending his seventh year with nothing on his mind but staying alive
bi Draco knowing there’s a war and knowing the fact that he looks at boys the same way he looks at girls could get him killed
bi Draco silently vowing to never put his future family in this sort of turmoil
bi Draco meeting Astoria and loving her more than he’s loved anyone
bi Draco sitting at home one day and e reads in the prophet that Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood have both come out as Bisexual and are starting a charity
bi Draco sitting Astoria down one day and tries his best to explain what he thinks he is
bi Draco feeling her hands on his and is immediately calmed because he knows he isn’t being judged
bi Draco anonymously donating money to the visibility charity
bi Draco realizing his identity isn’t invalid because he has only ever been with girls
bi Draco and Astoria walking through Diagon Alley and Astoria making quips about how attractive the new Hogwarts Herbology teacher is
bi Draco blushing and telling Astoria to be quiet all while holding her closer
bi Draco understanding he has always been normal because he’s always been Draco

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All this gross Erend fawning is just more proof how low the standards are for men. Gross beer belly? Drinking problem? Immaturity? Who cares when he's 'cute' and 'adorable' and 'him being teased about liking Aloy CONFIRMS that she must like him because when a man likes you you better like back GOSH'. Meanwhile, you have Vanasha, smart, charming, and someone Aloy has expressly said she wanted to impress and get to know better, but THE WHITE MAN WITH FEELINGS, THOUGH.

Right?! It’s so true! The first time I saw him I was like… Yikes… He’s not attractive, he’s not nice, he’s very conceited and immature…. You’re totally right! 

It’s so true! Vanasha and Aloy had so much chemistry and they both obviously respected each other, meanwhile Erend’s big line was something that denigrated Aloy to nothing more than “a pretty girl” 

And yet again the white dude was chosen as the main ship of the fandom regardless of how mediocre he was… I’m glad some people have some common sense, anon!