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Actually, the spaghetti nib thing still works as long as you put a thin sheet of paper over the tablet. Or at least it does for me. It's always good to put some paper over the tablet, spaghetti or not, because it protects the tablet from being scratched up without really affecting the drawings you do with it.

Yep, i agree. Spaghetti or not, protective layer on the tablet surface is always good -w-

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All this kid talk made me think of a hypothetical Mchanzo kid. I don't see them formally adopting but I could see Mcree wanting to take in the occasional runaway or orphan he sees too much of his old self in. Try to be what Ana and Reyes were to him. Maybe one sticks around long enough to be considered "family"

Yeah I think that would be the case too. I don’t think it would happen until a long while in the future though. I feel like McCree wouldn’t really see himself as like… a ‘guardian’ figure for a long time and for a while whatever scrappy kids they come across, he would mostly be able to send to a more ‘stable’ living situation.

 Like, I know ‘Reyes was basically McCree’s dad’ is like.. pretty popular fanon, but I feel like McCree was already a highly competent individual who was forced to grow up pretty fast before he joined Overwatch, so Reyes taking McCree under his wing wasn’t so much “I’m your dad now” so much as “Okay kid, you’re pretty smart, lets see if we can’t get your shit together and find a way to use your talents in a way that helps people.” There was a lot that Reyes taught McCree, but I think the ‘I taught you everything you know’ is more of a way for Reaper to get under McCree’s skin than 100% accurate. Like they were definitely close, and there’s a lot of bitterness that comes from Reyes being Reaper now, but I see the McCree/Reyes relationship as more ‘Cool Teacher that you really respect even though you give each other endless shit’ relationship rather than a father/son thing. Still, like, once it becomes common knowledge among the team that Reyes is Reaper, I think that hits McCree really hard and is definitely one of the things that keeps McCree from seeing himself as someone capable of like, looking after a kid full-time for a long time.

 Hanzo, too, I think would be really hesitant on taking a kid in because while Genji was spoiled by Sojiro, Hanzo was the one who got the really hardcore intensive crimelord training as a kid. Rei and the other kids would soften them up to the idea of it as the years go on. The way I see it happening is like… Rei would be like 14 and gets her backpack stolen, and the thing is, at this point Rei is carrying around a folded up set of her Valkyrie wings in her bag these days, so it is a big deal to her that her backpack gets stolen, so she and Marti spend an hour and a half chasing the thief down around Gibraltar. And it takes McCree and Hanzo a while to track both of them down and by the time he finally reaches them, Rei has this boy her own age in this armlock and he’s swearing at her and she’s yelling at him Marti is telling them both to shut up and McCree is like “Okay everybody calm down.”

Hanzo: Did he hurt either of you?
Marti: No, we’re fine. 
Rei, seething: He took my wings!
Jaime: I didn’t know what was in your stupid backpack! OW!
Rei: *tightening her grip* 
Hanzo: Rei.
Rei: *frowns, then loosens her grip*
Jaime: *pulling out of the armlock* Look, I wouldn’t have taken it if I knew it belonged to a pair of psychos!
McCree: Yeah, I’ve been there. *looks at Jaime* She break anything?
Jaime: She jumped down on me from a roof.
McCree: Yep, she’s been known to do that. *glances at his wrists* That’s a sprain. We can get you patched up.
Jaime: What?
McCree: Marti, you were saying it took you two an hour and a half to chase this kid down?
Marti: Yes.
Rei: Because he’s a cheating piece of—
Hanzo: Rei.
Rei: Sorry.
McCree: Hour and a half, huh? You must be getting out of practice.
Rei: *looks completely insulted by the notion*
McCree: *turns back to Jaime* Must be pretty desperate to steal from schoolgirls. When’s the last time you ate?

And that’s how it would start.

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He’s kinda closeted about it (not exactly in the homophobic sense, but more like in the “it’s improper for a gentleman to display lust” kinda way), but anyway he’s probably bi with a slight preference for men


I think at one point @wildheart-mustang was planning a fic where he was trans (or maybe it was an OC sibling of his? I don’t remember), but I’m totally down with that idea


It kinda feels like I’m calling too many characters autistic but… I could see it


  • Modern AU, basically acts as a tutor for the other kids in study hall at school cause he gets his work done pretty fast and has a reputation for being patient with people
  • Also modern AU: had terrible acne and needed braces in grade 6, voted Most Handsome in grade 12. Epitome of that “be careful who you call ugly in middle school” meme
  • Puts on a helmet, elbow/knee pads, and a reflective thing on the back of his bike every single time he goes for a ride. Meanwhile Forrest is riding alongside him with no safety gear, both hands off the handlebars fixing his hair and worrying Sieg sick

Eren secretly has a body pillow of Levi, so whenever he misses his boyfriend he hugs it. And he starts crying all over it. 

So he drags out a corpse from the basement and starts beating it with his hand. Then Levi walks in and joins him because he had a bad day at work and he’s pissed.

im sorry this got messed up pretty fast

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again

Remus Lupin & Sirius Black, Gryffindor common room, 1977