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If I'm running late, you're gonna be late too.

This happened last week. I had just got out of class, and the professor had insisted to make us stay for the 15 extra minutes he needed to complete the discussion of the topic of the day. I live relatively far from my university and I need an hour and something for commuting. I had an appointment after class and was running late for it since the professor had made us stay, so I was walking pretty fast on the sidewalk, dribbling any people in front of me when I could, in order to get to the station on time for my train. The sidewalk was quite small, with a width that was barely enough for two people, and had a fence on the side facing the road, so i couldn’t step off the sidewalk, surpass the people in front of me and then step on the sidewalk again. Since it’s this small, it is commonly accepted to walk one behind the other and leave space for people walking in the opposite direction and/or for people (like me) who are walking faster than you.

At one point I reached a group of four girls. They were occupying the whole sidewalk and walking really slowing, ignoring everyone around them. All of them were also smoking cigarettes. I approached them from behind and politely asked “excuse me, could you move a bit and let me pass?”. I got no reply. I tried asking again, but again no reply. They did notice me tho, because they kept looking back to check if someone was behind them and “accidentally” exhaled their cigarette smoke in my face. Note that while I have nothing against people who smoke, I absolutely hate people who smoke in my face because I start coughing really violently, I just can’t stand cigarette smoke. Anyway, they showed no sign of letting me pass. I was pretty much furious at that point, because I was gonna be late because of them. Being really close to them, I could hear them talking between each other. They had a train to catch but were quite early for it, so instead of taking a bus to the station they decided to go there by walking. Except they didn’t know the course… so they had the courage to ask me, the person closest to them, who had repeatedly asked them to let me pass, how to get to the station. This is where my petty revenge kicks in. I know that the station was a 10 minute walk from there (in fact, the station was my destination): you just need to turn left, cross the road and you’ll find the station right in front of you. Instead, I told them to turn right and walk for about 10 minutes, then turn left on a certain street and after another 10 minutes they would get there. They didn’t even thank me (figured as much), and happily followed my instructions by turning right.

I hope you were late for your train, a-holes.

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So I totally thought it would be a good idea to run outside in cold, rainy weather and that face just sums up how I felt throughout the entire run. My fingers were numb at the beginning and I so wanted to turn around and end my run early but I pushed through and eventually my body did warm up and such. I ended up running pretty fast bc I was so wet and gross and wanted to be done so I guess that’s a positive of running in sucky weather? Seriously though, running in the rain makes me feel like a total badass and if you can get over your initial displeasure I can promise you that you’ll love it

I guess it’s been a while since I last did some gift art, eh? Well, I figured it’s time since Christmas is coming up pretty fast. So, here’s one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite webcomics, Yin.

Yin is a character from @clefdesoll‘s webcomic, Yokoka’s Quest, which I HIGHLY recommend you check out (she just finished updating Chapter 3 and is currently taking a small break for the Christmas holidays)!

Tapastic version:

YQ Website version:

OH! I was supposed to explain Ozai coming out as bi to Zuko aaaages ago, so here it is: 

So, in this particular AU, Ozai has this long-time ~bestfrand~ that Zuko has come to know as family. Like, he has three main male figures in his life - Ozai, Uncle Iroh, and Mr. Bestfrand. And so, it’s not weird for him to see this guy around the house all the time, hanging out with Ozai, etc etc. 

Except one day, as Zuko is getting home, he accidentally witnesses a rather intimate (but still PG rated!) moment between Ozai and The Friend; they’re chillin in the back yard in the Jacuzzi, which isn’t unusual, but this time, they’re sitting WAY closer than usual, and Zuko sees The Frand lean in for a kiss - and he doesn’t see Ozai recoil or anything. Zuko averts his eyes pretty damn fast, and he goes and like, locks himself in his room because he’s KINDA freaked out and uncomfortable. 

He waits several hours until he hears The Frand finally leaving. 

Then he goes downstairs to find Ozai winding down alone with some tea or whatever, and Ozai is like, “Oh… I didn’t know you were home.” 

And Zuko is just like, 

“Yeah. I’ve been home for a while, actually.” 

And Ozai is like, “…Huh.” And he just returns his attention to the TV, hoping that this conversation isn’t about to turn into a big deal. 

But then Zuko just forces himself to come right out with it and he’s like, “Dad, are you gay???” 

and Ozai just looks at him and is silent for a minute before he’s like, “No.” 

And Zuko is like, so confused almost to the point of being mad about it, and he’s like, “But I SAW you and [The Frand] in the hot tub.” 

Ozai says, “Did you, now?” 

And Zuko is like, “I saw him try to kiss you. And you didn’t seem… grossed out or ANYTHING.” 

Ozai says, “He did. And I wasn’t.”  

Zuko declares, “So then, you ARE gay!”

Ozai says, “I’m not.” 

Zuko is confounded. “Then how do you explain LETTING A GUY KISS YOU IN A HOT TUB?” 

And Ozai sips his tea and is like, “Zuko, the investment you seem to have in my sexuality is absurd, and just a little concerning.”

And at that, Zuko sort of pauses and realizes that he IS mightily worried about this subject, and he doesn’t even understand why it’s bothering him so much or making him so uncomfortable. So, he mellows out a tiny bit and is like, “…I just… I hardly know shit about you, and I thought we were finally starting to know each other, and you’re keeping a secret like THIS???” 

And Ozai just sort of sighs, like he’s kinda bored by the topic already but he’s doing his very best to be respectful of the fact that it apparently matters to Zuko, and he says, “If you must know, Zuko, between men and women, my only preference is whomever I happen to care for at a particular point in my life. For a long time, it was your mother. For a, uh…. longer time, it’s been [The Frand.]” 

And Zuko is just 

SO stunned to hear it, but at the same time, he’s realizing that it sorta makes sense. So he’s like, “…You mean for all this time…?” 

And Ozai just nods and sips more tea and he’s like, “[The Frand] and I have been on-and-off for many years. Yes.” 

And Zuko is almost dizzied by trying to process this and he just kinda backs away and gets ready to head back to his room and he’s like, “That’s… fuckin’ weird…” 

Ozai swirls his tea in his cup and calls after him, “Don’t make a big fucking deal out of it, son.” 

So, there ya have it. 


almurz  asked:

Are you planning to translate izaya novels?(it seems, you're currently into "A standing ovation ...")

I don’t plan on translating whole chapters or books. The reason why is I don’t have the time to do that, and I am not a professional translator. Yes, I understand a majority of the language, and I know some techniques and rules on translation as I would like to eventually become official if I have the chance, but currently I am not a professional. And the official English release of the books are coming out pretty fast. They will catch up soon enough.

I am mainly working on A Standing Ovation because there are a lot of scenes I can work on that I find interesting. To me, the Sunset novel has less material and information on Izaya and his group than A Standing Ovation does. The Sunset novel was a lot more plot driven. Also, A Standing Ovation has been out for almost two months now, while the Sunset novel has been out for more than a year.

I would do similar things with the SH novels, or other series, but one: I think there is a team already working on the SH novels, and two: I don’t think I will be able to get any more novels/material until after the holidays.

Any other questions in regards to the novels, and I’ll try my best to give my interpretation on them. ;)

This girl just came into the school and she was lonely so we all felt bad for her and we became her friend but pretty fast she just turned annoying…..I’ve always been nice to her because I’m generally only mean to my friends (in a friend way) so I’ve always been on good terms with her and she would always talk to me so I assumed we were friends even though I didn’t really like her

anonymous asked:

While i find the Anon's question silly (the one about Nen and Gawain) since to me they were obviously in love with each other. There was no reason for you to be violent in your response to their question. I understand this is your story, but sharing it on the internet will get you feedbacks, negative or positive. Also, if you don't want people to criticize the story you wrote for YOURSELF then you shouldn't have published it from the beginning!


I’ve heard this argument way too many times as someone who makes their living off posting things on the internet. It’s not very original and it gets old pretty fast.

Nonnie, you need to read very carefully too. Because I wasn’t addressing the subject of feedback, I was addressing the content of the question.

But you admit that you found anon’s question to be “silly”, then, hmm? That’s a bit more telling than my original response to it, I think.


Parallels between Tyrion Lannister & Sansa Stark (requested by ablueflowergrew)