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Happy Birthday David Tennant!

Featuring David on his birthday in 2006 and 2016
(and a 2008 photo of the cake from his Doctor Who cast-and-crew birthday party)

David Tennant Appreciation Week - Happy Birthday!

no offence but where is the iliad/helen of troy episode of Doctor Who we all deserve???


Kinetic Typography of the Doctor’s speech in Rose

Funnily enough, I was just thinking about making another kinetic typography video when the doctorwho tumblr announced their contest! I chose this quote for the simple fact that this was where I got hooked. I knew a little tiny bit about the show when I started watching it a few years ago, and this speech- about how the Doctor can feel the Earth revolving- caught my interest right away. It’s just the perfect lead in to the Doctor and who he is when we meet him in Rose.

People say the Master is the Doctor’s Moriarty, and they’ve been saying that since the character was introduced in the 70’s, but I say that’s not quite accurate.

He may be the Doctor’s nemesis, but before that, he used to be his Watson, and a good chunk of classic episodes still have them working together like that. But we know that already. What’s interesting is that he’s the Doctor’s Irene Adler, too:

Trying to outwit the Doctor through clever disguises and keeping a step ahead of him, thereby always managing to escape (and with style, to boot), I mean. And the Doctor being impressed/charmed enough by him that he calls the Master his Best Enemy.

…well, and the bondage stuff and violation of personal space, if you prefer BBC’s Sherlock. To say nothing of the on-again-off-again canonicity of their ships (same goes for the Watson aspect).

I just find it neat that you could argue he’s all three of those people to the Doctor, because those are three of the most popular characters in the Holmes stories.

Just food for thought.


dw companions + hogwarts houses

➵ rose tyler

Why no emotions?
             Because it hurts.


This is your one chance, because if you don’t call this off, then I’ll have to stop you.


David Tennant and Matt Smith doing movie quotes in American accents - Extended Edition

From the BBC America pre-show for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special (which has more footage than the similar “Things You Won’t Hear…” video that was released to YouTube).

Source: [X] (at roughly 16 minutes)