pretty digital paper

lapis and steven! i have to say, this is the best i’ve ever drawn steven 

this is a birthday present for my friend @anakin-alm-photography 

i originally drew this on paper real quick on his actual birthday but i wanted to draw a better version of it

okay so this is a rough rough ROUGH of an animatic that i miiiiiiight recreate digitally later on? we’ll see! MAN i’ve had this song stuck in my head for DAYS!! i don’t watch mlp, but the songs from the movie that’s coming out are GREAT, go listen to them! but yeah this song is called “Open Up Your Eyes,”  it’s the antagonist’s song, and I thought the refrain worked PERFECTLY for @raccoonsinqueen’s pretty ballerina!! (ik it’s a girl singing and this is edge centered, but the tune is AWESOME) hope u like!! <3