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Teen Wolf Fanfiction Coffee Scale

I posted a while ago about a list of coffee drinks I had collected from Teen Wolf fanfiction. In high school when I was getting like, intensely interested in Teen Wolf, I read a lot of fanfiction, obviously, in my spare time. and during classes. But then I got hooked on coffee shop!AUs and started writing down every coffee drink I came across in the fanfiction I read. 

My Freshmen year of college was awesome because I was finally away from home. But you know what I still did? Read fanfiction. And tried all of those coffee drinks I wrote down.

I don’t remember which drink came from which fanfic, but hopefully that’s okay. So here are those drinks and there rating from 1-5 that I gave them, with some extra notes about them!

  • Tall Black: it’s just a black coffee, which is good if you like that. 3/5.
  • Tall Black with 2 pumps of coconut, almond, and mocha syrups: It’s like drinking an almond joy. 4/5.
  • Tall Black with mint: I think it’s called a Polar Express? Anyway, depends on what kind of coffee you mix it with. Tastes good with sugar cookie and Highlander Grog for sure. 3/5
  • Hazelnut coffee with strawberry and mint syrup: I had to just go for it and try it. Not as bad as I thought it would be. 2/5
  • Stilinski Brand Name Comfort Coffee” is something he did in a fic where he had a barista mix coffee with random syrups. It’s awful. 0/5.
  • Jack O Lantern coffee: It’s pretty good. It has pumpkin and toffee syrup. Very fall-y. Read about it in 2 fanfics. 3/5
  • Black Eye: If you like espresso shots and black coffee, this is for you. You will be wired. 1/5.
  • Vanilla Frappucino: Delicious and vanilla-y. 4/5
  • Black coffee with whipped cream and caramel on top: YUM. 5/5
  • Soy-milk cappuccino with caramel drizzle: DOUBLE YUM. 5/5
  • Nonfat soy-milk cappuccino w/sugar free hazelnut syrup: It’s aight. 3/5
  • Double espresso: intense. 3/5
  • Hot chocolate with hazelnut and whipped cream: It’s pretty dang sweet, but no caffeine. 3/5.
  • Triple espresso: Be careful. 2/5.
  • Hazelnut Latte with Batman foam art: Never got the Batman part done, but it’s still tasty 3/5
  • Double Espresso with two sugars: It’s intense for sure. 3/5
  • Large iced raspberry and white chocolate mocha: It is SO SO good and super sweet. I dubbed it the Toothache. 5/5
  • Caramel macchiato with mocha, white chocolate, hazelnut, toffee, mint, cinnamon, and whipped cream: Never again. It might make you throw up. 1/5
  • Large mint dolce creme frappucinno with extra whipped cram and chocolate on top: It’s not bad actually. 3/5
  • Pumpkin, chocolate, and vanilla syruped coffe: Not too bad. 3/5
  • Coffee with raspberry and chocolate: Pretty tasty. 3/5
  • Chai latte with pumpkin, hazelnut, and mocha syrup: Yummy, but sweet. 3/5
  • White chocolate mocha with caramel: It’s pretty amazing. 4/5
  • Raspberry mocha with extra whipped cream: Worth every penny 5/5
  • Cappuccino: Classic and delicious 4/5
  • Mochaccino: It’s like a mocha cappuccino, and pretty yummy. 3/5
  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon: YUM. 5/5
  • Vanilla latte with honey and cinnamon: Pretty darn tasty. 4/5
  • White mocha with chocolate shavings on top: It’s good! 3/5
  • Triple shot pumpkin spice latte: OH GOD SO GOOD 5/5
  • Tall cafe mocha with peanut butter and whipped cream: It’s like a Reeses coffee. 5/5
  • Caramel latte: Classic and yummy. 4/5
  • Mocha latte with extra espresso shot: Yummy. 3/5
  • Black coffee with a LOT of sugar: It’s pretty rough. 1/5
  • White chocolate mocha with peppermint and extra espresso: SO SO GOOD.5/5
  • Darjeeling tea: It’s aight. 2/5
  • Citron green tea: Needs sugar for sure. 3/5
  • Espresso macchiato: Basically just a macchiato…pretty good though 3/5
  • Cafe breve: If you like lattes you’ll like this. 4/5
  • Mocha latte with extra espresso and whipped cream: Yummy. 3/5
  • Houseblend with cream: Depends on the houseblend tbh! 3/5
  • Chysanthemum tea with cream and sugar in the raw: Had to order it online, but it was still good. 3/5
  • Grande mocha latte with 2 extra shots of espresso, mint syrup, whole fat milk, whipped cream and some ice: This one got me a look from the barista. Worth it though. 4/5
  • Caramel nut latte with whipped cream and cinnamon: It’s pretty good, and not over the top sweet. 3/5
  • Caramel mocha latte with 2 extra shots of espresso, made with skim milk and coconut syrup: Tastes a lot like the Almond Joy above. 4/5
  • Non-fat soy mocha latte with extra whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles: It’s good, and the sprinkles are fun. 3/5

Most of these coffees got me looks from annoyed baristas, so if any of you try the extra crazy ones, be sure to leave a tip! Your barista does not get paid enough for this special brand of crazy. I hope you try and enjoy the coffees!!

so let’s see here

tomorrow i get to skip out on school and go to a basketball game at the hockey stadium, while still getting attendance credit for school

probably sit around on my phone/tablet all day

and then when we get back to school i’ll be encouraged to fucking leave regardless of what time it is???