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Tom dating a Writer/Photographer!Reader || Headcanons

Requested: heck no, I just had a ton of ideas for this :)

Warnings: this is my first headcanon on Tom. that’s warning enough (also swearing)

Word Count: 1,078 (pretty decent ig)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Writer/Photographer!Reader

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  • You first met Tom at his audition for SM:H while you were interning for one of the script’s authors
  • You had on a pair of glasses and your notebook never left your side and Tom found it sO adorable
  • He knew you loved writing and he was just so fond of you
  • His cheek ass is always flirting with you using pick-up lines related to writing or photography

  “I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but one look at you and I’m already interested.”

“Are you a photographer? Cuz I can picture us together.”

  • You two became friends over Harry, whom you shared the love of photography with
  • cue Tom thanking Harry endlessly for bringing you two together :’)
  • Most nights Tom was working on a new film, so you’d hang with Harrison and Harry in his trailer trying to finish your school work and novels
  • But when Tom was finished he’d find you passed out on the couch, highlighted papers and notes all around you
  • somehow Harrison and Harry didn’t notice???

  • When Tom asked you out you thought he was joking so you said you get out of college at 5:00
  • Ohhh boy he showed up in some fancy Audi with roses and shit in a butto-up shirt with literally every girl on campus eyeing him
  • You were so flustered but giddy nonetheless

“Wow, Tom! Thank you, but uh, shouldn’t I change first?”
“Whatever do you mean, love? You look perfect.”

  • The first date was spent with lots of laughs and cuddles that you two kinda forgot it was the first date
  • You agreed to another date with Tom, obviously ;)
  • This one you had a day at the park.
  • You brought your camera and asked Tom to model for you
  • He was pretty nervous at first, but because you’re you, he did it to make you happy

“Why am I the model when you look the way you do??” he’d say

  • Mhm, Tom didn’t stay in the spotlight for long since he grabbed your camera and started taking photos of you while you were working on a short story

“Wow, you’re pretty.”

  • cue the blushing and countless amount of kisses

  • It was the week after you two had officially started dating after like, 13 dates cuz Tom wanted to take his precious damn time
  • You were already head over heels for Tom
  • But, the clumsy dork had put your computer in the dishwasher by accident
  • So he got you these really really fancy pens with your initials carved on the side as a way to say sorry
  • Luckily, you had an extra set of notes handwritten
  • When he showed you the pens you could’ve cried honestly

“Please don’t be mad” he’d say while peppering kisses all over you’re face
“Tom?? How could I be these pens are gorgeous???”
“Not as gorgeous as you, darling ;)”

  • Wherever Tom took you he made sure it was an adventure so you’d have something to write about
  • You’d get so excited and randomly blurt stuff out about the story you were writing

“OMG Liam would love this!”
“wHO ThE BLoODy heLL iS LiAM???”
“Chill, babe it’s just one of my characters”

  • Somedays Tom would take you on picnics for fluffy ideas, watch sad movies for angst, and the bedroom for smut ;))))
  • Everywhere you went you brought a professional camera, cuz professionals never miss a chance to take a photo :)
  • Tom always carrying the bag

“But darrrrlllliiiiingggg my shoulders huuurrrrtttt!”
“Thomas you were the one who offered”

  • Ok but, one night you finished a book you were reading and it ended on a MAJOR cliffhanger
  • You definitely didn’t throw the book across the room and you definitely didn’t stay up thinking about the ending??
  • Tom immediately woke up next to you to see you crying (that book hit you right in the feels and, tbh, gave you a bunch of ideas)
  • He started stroking your hair and kissing your shoulders

“Can I borrow $20,000?”
“Why the hell do you need that much, love?”
“So I can pay this mf author for the sequel, duh.”

  • It was such a bitch to you and vice versa
  • Usually it happened when Tom was away for long periods of time
  • You couldn’t write anything for days up to weeks
  • literally you could stare at a piece of paper and it’d start to burn
  • When Tom finally came home he was pretty sad to see you not being able to do the thing you loved
  • Even though he was extremely tired, he ran you a bath and started massaging you
  • You were so grateful it was like you were instantly cured
  • He passed out after this, btw
  • You would crawl under the covers next to him and just whisper a bunch of thank you’s while cuddling

  • Whenever you finished a chapter of your new novel you’d read it to Tom
  • Sometimes he wasn’t listening cuz he loved how passionate you were about this
  • He’d go on Instagram Live and promote your book

“Everyone go check out my girl’s new book!1!1!”
“Tom, honey, it’s not even out yet.”

  • But really he’s just so incredibly proud of you and you of him
  • One time you received a critic on one of your earlier works
  • You were kind of taken aback because the troll was a Tom Holland stan
  • bro Tom was hella pissed
  • You can bet your ass he went on Instagram Live

“Please don’t hate on Y/N, she is the most talented, beautiful person I’ve ever met.” he’d say as he wrapped an arm around you defensively

  • tearing up over what a great boyfriend you had

  • One day when Tom was finally given a break, you two had a lazy day at home with lots of takeout and rental movies
  • You wore his grey sweatpants and an old crop top
  • he found it sO ATTRACTIVE TBH
  • He grabbed your camera and started taking candids of you laughing and smiling
  • (You might’ve posed for a couple ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Later you found out he used one of the photos for his lockscreen
  • you = :”””)

  • In the end, you wondered how you had gotten so lucky, and Tom could say the same about you
  • Sure, you got to say your boyfriend was Spider-Man, but he got to say you’re his girlfriend

That was pretty long for my first Tom Holland headcanon😂 Welp, hope you guys liked it! comment/reblog if ya wanna be tagged in future Tom Holland writings!

If you have anything to request, ask here!❤️

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You’re killing me. Your humor is right down my alley.

And yes! Aizawa definitely gets more attractive as the manga goes on. At first he comes off as this really scraggy looking hobo. Very unattractive, please crawl back in your sleeping bag and save us all the grief of having to look at you.

But then after the sports festival, my theory is that Horikoshi FORGOT how to draw him because he was in a fully body cast for 30 chapters. He emerges from that bandage cocoon looking pretty great. He still looks a little scruffy, but LOOK HE SHAVED OMG.

 And eventually his hair looks like it belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Then his gorgeous eyes.

To be honest, the same exact thing happened with the artist who draws the smash comics, too. (But that’s something that’ll have to be discussed in another post lmao.) In conclusion: Aizawa eventually starts boosting his ratings by shaving slightly, using new shampoo and paying for more expensive eye drops.

Illustration for Chang Ge Xing Japanese vol 8.

What’s with the guys’ hair in Chang Ge Xing? I think Pusa and Sun have prettier hair than Chang-ge in some scenes.

Excuse me for stereotyping but guys living in 600s AD who spent most of their times on the battlefields should not have hair this good. It’s just not fair.

Kimi ni Todoke Manga Updates

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to share the announcement that was made at the end of Volume 29 (which came out Tuesday, July 25th). 

I’m not going to translate word for word, but the gist of it is that Kimi ni Todoke will end with Volume 30. The next chapter (Chapter 120) will be released in the September issue of Bessatsu Margaret (August 12), and then the countdown to the end begins! The announcement also gives us an idea of what to expect going forward (super vague of course, haha): 

“With the end of the graduation ceremony, there are three people who still await the results of their university entrance exams: Sawako, Kurumi, and Kazehaya. Each of them approaches the moment of fate. And then, Ayane and Ryu have decided to leave their hometown. On the other hand, Chizu will remain in their hometown. The time for departure is increasingly imminent…Sawako and her friends go steadily forward to the future - don’t miss it!” 

This announcement also claims that the September issue of Bessatsu Margaret will include a “special present” (probably Kimi ni Todoke-related). 

I think that Shiina will do about 4 more chapters (maybe 3, maybe 5), so if there are no more hiatuses the series will probably end in November or December of this year. :( 

Below the cut, I’ve included some spoiler-y goodies from Volume 29. As always, sorry for the bad photo quality haha! Enjoy!

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Dancing on My Own (Preview)

Originally posted by trandafirr

I started working on a new Steve x Reader / Bucky x Reader fic partially inspired by Calum Scott’s cover of “Dancing on My Own,” because you know – I love the angst. It will have both the reader’s and Bucky’s perspectives throughout the course of the story. I’m pretty excited about it, and hope to post the first chapter sometime this week. 

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. While he had harbored secret feelings for you over the last few years he had always told himself if it was meant to happen it would. You were one of his closest friends, and the thought of losing you because of his own feelings paralyzed him. He hadn’t planned on Steve building up the sudden courage to ask you out on a casual date. Even as your relationship with Steve progressed Bucky held out hope that you would realize Steve wasn’t the man for you. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

P.S.: I promise I haven’t forgotten about the requests a couple of you have sent in. My brain is just weird.

P.S.S.: I’m not sure if I will have a new chapter of “I Can’t Save Her” tomorrow like usual. 

I’m opening tags up on this early if anyone is interested. Please comment here or shoot me an ask. All people on my permanent tag list will be tagged by default <3.

Metamorphosis- Chapter 3

Requested: no

Summary: You’re Melissa’s “adopted” daughter after her best friend died and left you to her. Scott pretty much ignores you until one day he randomly starts hovering over you. Then this new kid Isaac comes along and Scott takes him in so quickly. You resent them both until…

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: This is such garbage I am so sorry. This is the best version I could come up with. At this point I’m just making it worse. I’m also sorry its so late. Chapter 4 is now chapter 5 because of how this one turned out I had to push that one back. I’ll probably post 4 soon though to cover up 3. Regardless, let me know what you guys think and give me suggestions on how to not flub it up anymore. (so sorry) 

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Lucid Dream - Somebody_Someone - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

A new chapter has appeared! Apologies in advance; it’s a little shorter than usual, and will sadly have no cover art. This week has been difficult for me, and tonight just killed me.


I made a doodle dump ( /) ;w; )/)

Previous chapter - Next chapter

Darkness is your friend now... (Part Nine)

Welcome back to the my story! Thank you again to you guys for giving this fanfiction a chance and giving me the confidence to keep this going! You guys are great and give me life!

Sorry for such a long chapter last time, I was just so in the zone and then I realized I went a little too long and I HAD to stop there. Lol. Perfect, right?

Anyways, lets get to the nitty gritty here.

WARNING: Gore ( excessive blood ), Suggestive Rape, Physical Abuse.

Song(s) while I was writing this: Emperor’s new clothes by P!ATD(Both original and Natewantstobattle cover) ( Pretty appropriate for this story), Let me try by Natewantstobattle.

(Y/N)= Your Name
(E/C)= Eye Color

There stood in front of you was Dark with his arms open wide with his back turned to you.

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What are the scrapped chapters? Are they different from omakes? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm pretty new to the fandom although I did finish marathoning all the chapters this weekend \o/

Welcome to the glorious series and glorious fandom <3

In the fanbook Tsubaki showed us three chapters she initially made but chose to not to use them; variationa and I covered them ages ago that you can check out for now (here, here and either here (1, 2, 3) or here) however we’re planning to redo these in better quality one day so please keep a look out for them \o/

First two were alternate routes of Chapter 45 where (instead of Waka eventually finding out Kashima is a girl) the Waka/Seo/Kashima love triangle was going to become messier and get Hori involved lmao, Tsubaki decided having to deal with the love rectangle was too troublesome

One scrapped altogether was Sakura trying to sneakily sleep over at Nozaki’s place and experience all kinds of romantic things that absolutely never happened (and poor Hori got involved bc he was also sleeping over hahaha), Tsubaki thought Sakura being that bold to sleep over was too OOC and she also didn’t want things between her and Kashima to be awkward hence the scrap

Btw here’s a (sort of) masterpost with links to other stuff (eg. more goodies from the fanbook) if you haven’t already checked them out as a new fan :D

Why I prefer my eReader over physical books

It’s small enough to fit in my bag
It’s not too heavy
Mine is touch screen
I can read it with one hand
It can read to me!!!
I can read a sample if any book I want
Discounted prices on books
I can make the text bigger or smaller
Pretty much all the classics are free!!
I can save my place in the book without dog earing it
No grubby finger prints on the pages
The battery lasts for ages
I can make notes in books and not ruin them
You can read magazines/ newspapers on it
I can put cool/ pretty covers on it
I don’t need to worry that I have to lend a book to a friend and never see it again (despite their best intentions)
The cloud allows you to redownload the books you have already purchased again if you get a new device
Estimates practical reading times of chapters based on your average reading speed
If you’re reading something “embarrassing” no one can see the cover
It fits a bajillion books on it

People I ❤️

So I’ve been seeing so much love for fellow writers going around on tumblr lately that I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate some of my friends and fave writers on here. I know I’ve been pretty MIA lately, but I’m so grateful for your kindness and for the stories you share with us!

 @hanny-bananny​ was one of my first friends on tumblr, and is a ray of sunshine online. Not only is she super supportive of every writer, reader, and follower who comes her way, she’s a very gifted author and has so many wonderful fics! Once you’ve finished her masterlist, check out her Sunday Reading List rec list!

@madamredwrites is another kind and wonderful soul. She writes beautifully in-depth fanfics and has a heart of gold. If you’re the kind who likes a slow-burn multi-chapter fic, be sure to check out her “Water Under the Bridge” series! She gives the best feedback and always seems to leave sweet replies when you need them most.

@criminal-minds-fanfiction aka @cherrybombs-and-rabbitholes was one of the first writers I read in the CM fandom. Her work is vast and so very good. You want smut? Fluff? Angst? A combination of the three? You’ll find just about anything in Cherry’s fics. The “queen of angst” is also a wonderful person to go to for advice and encouragement, and she’s acted as the mother duck of CM writers for quite a while. 

@bookofreid was another blog that inspired me to start posting on tumblr! B is like the older sister you’ve always wanted, managing to churn out words of wisdom to the many questions about life that her followers send, as well as beautifully written prose fics that will move your heart. She’s a sweet soul, and is always befriending folks.

@criminally-yours has recently restarted her blog, and has a number of really cute multi-chapter fics up! She’s super friendly (I know I sound like a broken record but seriously everyone is so sweet!) and updates pretty regularly. Which is more than I can say for myself, haha!

@reidbyers is a writer I wish I would’ve discovered sooner because all. her. stuff. is. SO GOOD. She also covers a wide range of characters and ships! If you’re aboard the ReidxAlvez bandwagon (at this point who isn’t tbh) she’s working on a new fic called “Suck It and See” that will blow your mind. Jen is also very funny and very kind!

@dontshootmespence updates more than I thought was humanly possible. I’m still not entirely convinced she’s a person and not a magic fanfic writing machine. But she’s lovely and sweet, therefore, she must be real. 😉 If you’re in need of new fics to read, check her masterlist, and you won’t be disappointed! Not only is the sheer quantity of her work amazing, but the quality is also top-notch.

@zugzwangxo is another prolific writer of our favorite group of profilers. When she’s not writing, she’s hysterically funny, and knows not to take things too seriously. She knows how to practice self-care and is the queen of dealing with negative anons, and still managing to be a supportive friend and talented writer!!

@xinhaleredveinsx is a total sweetheart and lovely human. She’s gentle and sweet, and her stories are wonderful. Just enough angst and just enough fluff. And series “Lip-Stained Love” is sooo good! Though her masterlist may not be as long as some older writers, she’s a good friend and always spreading a little love.

I also want to give love to @finding-doris @milkandcookies528 @multipotens @ohsnapitstaz @youcanletgonow @lookingforgalifrey @icanteven25 @raybradbruh @breakawayfromeveryday @thehogwartsdormitories @wizardsintherapgame and anyone who has ever requested a story from me or left feedback for me.

What makes this community so special is the people in it and the kindness they show to each other. I don’t think I’ve come across any writers who tear each other down - instead we all build each other up and encourage each other, and I just love that so much. 

So thanks to all of you for making our bit of the CM fandom so lovely.

A New Threat

As expected Zeldris is not amused… And he is definitely not in the mood to save Meliodas but it seems like the demon king won’t accept any objections… I wonder if Zeldris will just abide or do something else…  Like breaking the curse that the demon king kindly mentioned again. Well, Zeldris won’t kill all the Sins, that much is clear so who knows what else he will or won’t do. But the demon king is watching and we don’t know how much power he has in his seal.
Well, at least Zeldris is trying to assemble all the Commandments but they’re either dead or not answering… Galand is still petrified, Fraudrin is dead, Mela and Grayroad are both captured by Merlin (and what is that doll behind their flasks? Is she trying to make a doll like Gowther herself?), Monspeet and Derieri survived and apparently want to try living a different life (DERI WEARING CLOTHES. Nakaba said he’d draw it but I didn’t expect it so soooon… Poor girl though, thinking they’re goddesses but they’re actually exactly the opposite… If only she knew lol, or maybe she does? Deri’s arm is hard to not notice), Drole and Gloxinia decided to quit the Commandments after all (does this mean we’re finally gonna know their real eye colors?! And is it just me, or does Drole really act a bit like Diane in this scene? Showing their butt to their favorite fairy and all), Estarossa is alive but not awake… Welp, the Ten Commandments are reduced to the One Commandment.
I’m not all too surprised to see that Zeldris can activate the same demon mark on his forehead as Meliodas. I still hope it’s gonna get explained what exactly it means to have it. Is it just a sign that you’re worthy to become the demon king?
But with the two new characters as the “New Threat” it might just be explained.
So instead of the Commandments we now get nothing less than the teachers of the two successors to the demon throne. I honestly didn’t expect us to meet their teachers of all people but that’s actually pretty neat! I’m a sucker for demon clan lore and those two could give me more of just that. I’m actually pretty excited and there’s no doubt that they will be considerably strong.
The next chapter title sounds veeeeery promising~ I can’t wait!

drabble series; big bird

part twenty one; pg; early msr, maybe season 2? post abduction; Our duo are on a journey to see a huge fucking bird.

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, part ten, part eleven, part twelve, part thirteen, part fourteen, part fifteen, part sixteen, part seventeen, part eighteen, part nineteen, part twenty


The residents of Sandwood Trailer Park slowly retreat to their trailers.

How long has this been going on? Choose the option that is most absurd:

  • It’s been less than a week, and President Bill Clinton has already caught on. He is making turkey pardon jokes in the middle of spring, though the bird is most certainly not a turkey.
  •  It’s been over a month, and… it’s been over a month. Your tax dollars are funding this and several other disappointing things. 

What makes less sense to you?

Choose that.

The crowd today is larger than it’s ever been before. At least six beach balls are making the rounds, and the entire back section smells incredibly suspicious. Marshall is somewhere in the back. He did not return to his trailer.  Dr. Moreton screams in the background… something about nesting times, being too loud, something about habitat loss. But he’s a jerk about it. So nobody listens.

There is a speaker arriving at eleven o’clock who claims he knows a lot about the big bird, despite having never set foot in Sandwood Trailer Park. However, he does have a website. The website is covered in little (big) animated birds, and he has a masters degree in something. No one has asked the residents of Sandwood Trailer Park to speak on the big bird, maybe because they do not have such pretty websites.

Our agents are understandably beginning to feel restless. For instance, when was the last chapter that included a really intriguing description of the big bird? Did the sunglasses really need to be reintroduced to the story? Mulder is wearing Scully’s new pair, by the way, and they do not fit around his head. He is still disgustingly attractive. Scully will get them back.

They, too, consider retreating back to their homes. Separately. Doomed to a suffocating, lonely silence that does feel comforting after awhile. They lose a lot of hope when a popular franchise films a commercial right in the middle of their very serious investigation. “You think THIS is a big bird?” the franchise owner yells into the camera as the crowd goes wild behind him. “Getta load a’ THIS big bird!” Cut to tantalizing video of a slowly rotating chicken, just a little bigger than average.

They consider saying goodbye to the hospitable caricatures of poverty in the deep south, and maybe offering to restore some peace. A detached sort of guilt has filled them both. But it is very detached. Mulder and Scully feel lied to, after all. Mulder and Scully feel played.

Isn’t this what they were looking for, after all, our residents of Sandwood Trailer Park? Didn’t they want to be heard?

But when Mulder and Scully go a’knocking, not a single person invites them in. It’s just like the first day. Most of the residents do not open their doors. Mr. Craig does, of course – but he only opens his metal door. He does not open his screen door. This is very hurtful.

Instead, he pushes a newspaper up against the screen. Mulder and Scully read the headline aloud.


hd-trash replied to your post: Me ‘n Vio are going on an adventure A book…

i have all the viz kids mangas but whats the difference between them and the legendary edition? do they have like official artwork too or something?

The Legendary Edition combines the two volumes of the previous edition into one.  It’s slightly bigger, so you can get a better look at the art, and the first few pages are even in color (though this cuts off pretty early, right before Shadow appears for the first time).

It’s got a different cover, with new art of the four Links.  The inside title page is a finished version of that one sketch of Vio and Shadow cuddling … uh, I mean… looking intimidating on a throne, which was originally posted on Akira Himekawa’s Twitter account back in 2012.

There are a couple little character design sketches and notes between some of the chapters, too.

At the end, there’s an interview with the authors (about the Zelda manga and working with Nintendo in general, not about Four Swords specifically) and a “cover gallery” with the covers of the other Legendary Edition manga.

The final page is an author’s note, where they talk a bit about their thought process while writing Four Swords - how they wanted to focus on character interaction and give the Links distinct personalities.  There’s even a nod to the “especially strong fan response" to Vio and Shadow’s relationship in particular, and they say they feel blessed that “the characters’ feelings came across so clearly.”

I think that’s all the new stuff!
The New Years Chapter 5: Their Year, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction

Happy Han and Leia Appreciation Week!  This last installment of The New Years pretty much covers Days 4, 5, 6 and 7 of #HLWeek.  See if you can find all the connections!  Here’s to making your own traditions and celebrating every day!

anonymous asked:

Is Shokugeki no Soma fandom dead or something? For a pretty long while you can hardly see any new gifs or graphics which is pretty sad (especially lately there were so many beautiful color chapter covers ;_;).

Uhm probably? I remember when the first season was released there were active people doing graphics/gifsets, obviously the amount went down for the second season but I was still seeing gifs, but now it has changed a bit for the third season. I think it is still popular but there are not many active people in the fandom, even people that I remember from the first season who were the ones who urged me to periodically follow the anime are no longer making edits.

To be honest, the anime has its problems as an adaptation and I particularly disagree with many decisions taken, but I think even with that you can give it a try and follow it if you have some affection to the manga. I wanted to see this arc being animated because the plot itself is gonna have a twist for the characters and the main story, plus other characters will take some relevance from now on.

The manga has also entered to an arc that is taking too long and I can not wait for it to come to a conclusion, and to move on to a next plot. It has even gone through rough stages like being in the B5 of the JUMP, so I do not know what future awaits for it with the mania that has this magazine for canceling mangas.

In fact both, the manga and the anime have lost a lot of support… 

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the royal romance book 2 was on the main page for like a second i swear, there was new cover art and everything and it said chapter 1 would be released tmrw! was i the only one that saw it? it’s not there anymore :/

i think that was a glitch, but trr 2 is still coming out tomorrow!

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Do you know any naruhina fanfics about college?

I just noticed I don’t actually know many college AU fics. Here are a few:

Enim Loquela
  by Avelona-and-Sally  [ONESHOT]
‘The Fire Alarm Went Off at Three AM and Now My Cute Neighbor is Standing Next to Me in His Underwear’ AU.

The Anatomy of Naruto Uzumaki by TheseFourWords [COMPLETE; MULTI-CHAPTER]
Three-shot Naruhina college au in which Art major Hinata Hyuga goes to her art class and is surprised to find that the a certain blonde someone is the nude model for the anatomy study.

The Greenhouse by Blondi89  [COMPLETE ; MULTI-CHAPTER]
Spring holds many new beginnings, but this spring might entitle her with more than she thought.

put on your warpaint by mellieforyellie [ONGOING ; MULTI-CHAPTER]
hey young blood, doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?

And I don’t know if this counts as college AU but I will still mention it (°3°)/

woo hoo also by mellieforyellie [ONGOING ; MULTI-CHAPTER]
congratulations, it’s 2 am and you’re covered in glitter and what you’re pretty sure is tequila bottles. you’re headed places, kid. [Pairings: SUIKAR / NARUHINA / SASUSAKU / KIBAINO / NEJITEN]