pretty cool and im extremely jealous

lmao at the people who are losing their minds over xiao

like i get it, she called him a ‘perverted homosexual’ as an insult which wasnt cool of her at all but you gotta understand this girl tho. she was just humiliated in front of everyone and jian yi, who was keeping her from zhang, made it out like it was her fault for making the confession.

she was extremely upset, you can’t just call her a bitch and leave it at that. and lol she’s pretty much right about the gay part, jian yi is acting like a jealous boyfriend and is really obvious. 

and btw it isnt a ‘haha im going to hurt you so zhang will love me’ no my bros i think its a ‘i just got fucking humiliated and you are kicking me while im down so im lashing out’ thing jian yi acted like a dick to her before and now so it makes perfect sense she’d be angry at him

so lmao @ you people who are calling her bitch and saying she deserves to cry make me sad like holy shit you are damning a girl for lashing out after her confession (which was probably v personal) was posted for the world to see