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Black moon Lilith

What is Black moon Lilith? Black moon Lilith is the nothingness, the empty space that’s fills the void between the earth and the moon. Knowing your BML will help determine your subconscious side, secretive behavior patterns, sexual wants and needs, seductive traits, repressed anger and possible reason for death. It’s the energy who makes us feel empowered and vulnerable at once.

Who is Black moon Lilith? To sum it up, BML is a bad ass angel who took a stand for her sexual desires, and because of this, she was cast out of Eden for upsetting the dynamics between male and female power. Black moon Lilith is the feminine sexual energy that we are told to hide, uncontrollable lust, dirty thoughts, obsessions, kinks, anger and impulses.

Black moon Lilith in…

Aries Lilith in Aries feels the need to look powerful. They attain this by working out and eating clean. They need to burn their excess energy out in order to relax, by internalizing their abundance of energy this can cause suppressed anger, anxiety, depression, and lack of will power/motivation. They don’t listen to rules and regulations. They come up with the rules. BML in Aries people are usually talented and fast learners, but they can also be fickle. Instead of changing their mind they should learn to focus on one thing at a time and conquer it before moving on. Sexual energy is high, with a need for control and domination, they prefer BDSM, rough sex, adventurous and impulsive sex. Too much of this can lead them too dangerous situations, lack of this can cause unsatisfaction. Find a balance and you’ll be a bedroom god, oh and mind your head as there’s a chance of severe injury in that area.

Taurus A strong attachment to possessions, money, power to attain security. There’s seductive way about BML in Taurus, they have lustful eyes, soft skin, soothing voices and cupids bow lips, because of their pretty features there’s a connection between this sign and sexual/physical abuse, unwanted pregnancies, stuck in bad relationships especially in their youth years. This placement indicates a need for raw, natural connections, they can immerse themselves in music as they’re very in touch with their bodies and rhythm. A few bats of their lashes could leave anyone melting. Sex can involve domination, abuse, drugs, alcohol and money.  They shine in bed with someone who they feel comfortable with, and have a love for kitchen counter top intimacy. They have a tendency to have people obsess over them, perhaps even break a few hearts in their younger years. Remember, familiarity isn’t always right… jump into the unknown once in a while.

Gemini A difficult connection between mind, body and soul. Split personalities. Problems with communicating and expressing their true feelings, emotional blockages and dissociate personalities. There’s a strong sexual urge in this sign, when controlled can lead to satisfying sex, when uncontrolled can lead to suppression, anxiety about sex and relationships/intimacy; resulting in prostitution and drug use later on in life. When mind, body and soul are in balance, expression, verbal communication and tech skills are at an all time high. Their words are powerful weapons, and they possess and sharp tongue in conjunct a restless mind. Tendency to combine communication and intimacy… dirty talk, phone and cyber sex. Promiscuity and lies can happen when the mind and heart aren’t working together. LGBTQ’s are higher in this placement. 

Cancer Intuitive nature. Seems trust-worthy and kind, gets you to expose your secrets to them and stores them away for later use such as blackmail and emotional manipulation. Can indicate problems at home or feeling like an outcast in their own family, a difficult/distant relationship with either parents and siblings. These people have outstanding memories, able to easily access their past life and reincarnation through meditation, day/night dreaming or intuition. They fear loneliness but find it hard to become emotionally available out of fear of being betrayed. When this placement is channeled at a lower frequency, someone who strives for a peaceful trusting home life might choose to be with someone that won’t make that’s happen by choosing a partner who’s distrusting, abusive, loud, they may have a problematic child, or they themselves cause the chaos at home. Nevertheless, they protect and love their family with their entire life. They love in abundance, and this shows under the sheets. Sex with a Cancer in Lilith will probably leave you falling in love.

Leo Strong need to feel admired, looked up to, frothed over. Will unconsciously run away or close off when they sense rejection. Obsession with creating “meaningful moments” by travelling, communicating, giving, having countless friends.. this obsession can be ego driven to make it seem like they’e living an exciting  life; even if the friendships are fake and the travels rip a hole in their wallet. However living life on the edge is what makes them happy. empowered, charismatic, eccentric, magnetic. These people make great artists, actors, musicians or something along the lines of channeling their creativity to an audience. Their love of a good thing can be self destructive if not controlled, tendency to become sex and money addicts, homewreckers, chronic drug users, Most Leo Lilith’s discover their sexuality at a young age and stay sexually active their entire life. They have no problem jumping from one partner to the next… many have multiple partners. There’s a chance they’ll cheat if they aren’t receiving enough attention from their other half.

Virgo A good placement to have Lilith in. These people possess sharp analytical minds… when used at their fullest potential they’ll go far in terms of career and finance. Prone to using work as a source of escapism. Tends to think and analyse their emotions rather then “feel” them. Excels in psychology, medicine, law, teaching and cooking. Fear of vulnerability and letting themselves go. They can appear “up tight” or very prim and proper, when really they’re free spirited and open minded individuals, able to see between the lines of everything, recognize patterns and reasons most people can’t. This leaves them feeling like an outsider or loner. trichotillomania, OCD and eating disorders are common in this placement; there’s a need for systematic control otherwise they become extremely anxious and fidgety. In bed is where a Virgo Lilith really relaxes and goes wild, sex is a way to release tension and they aim too please.. by taking into account of what turns you on and what you enjoy, they’ll make sure to incorporate it into sex. Advice would be too let feelings happen without creating a reason for them, take some risks, and don’t suppress your emotions.

Libra They mirror the actions of those surrounding them, they can be the sweetest person or the coldest person you’ll ever meet… depending on you. They are proud of their fluent  allure and charm, they’ve mastered the techniques of seduction and use this to their advantage, possible using it to get something out of someone. These people are often geniuses in many areas… arts, music, law, criminology, and language to name a few. Co-dependency and a need for the perfect lover is strong… leading to abusive/problematic relationships especially in their younger years, as they grow they’re more choosy with whom they give attention too, but their flirty nature and need for attention can cause love affairs in their relationship. Their father tends to be detached or overly protective. As mothers, these people can be verbally abusive, particularly pointing out their children’s flaws.. they have an aloof way of showing their love. In bed, they love BDSM, role play, wine, whipped cream, pretty lingerie and love bites.. spank their ass too lol. If this is your placement, remember not to let anyone else’s thought’s or words affect how you feel. You’re all that you need.

Scorpio REBIRTH is frequent in this placement.. strong, intense relationships with their parents, friends and lovers. They feel the need to completely deteriorate themselves and their SO, mostly driven by passion and emotion. When channeled at a lower frequency their personality can become self destructive, they’ll have their perfect job, partner, and finance one second, then find themselves bankrupt, single and depressed the next.. they need to fall into the depths of rock bottom in order to rise up even higher then before. Sex is their favorite weapon.. they usually posses some fire genitals too ;) Don’t be surprised if they’re throwing you against a wall right before they’re in your pants. Most are fascinated by the occult, black magik, astrology, hypnosis, metaphysical subjects and psychology. They possess the best bullshit detectors, and can sense a good idea of a person within 2 seconds of meeting them. Not by analyzing what they say.. but how they say it and what they don’t say. To them, love isn’t love without jealousy, truth, lies, passion, and extremely kinky sex. All the time (sometimes even involving blood)  Chances of anxiety, paranoia, psychotic depression are high. Their ex partner will constantly compare their new spouses to them, because no one will make you feel passion, love, lust, and hate all at once like a Scorpio Lilith

Sagittarius Relies on “luck” to make it in life… and these people are usually quite lucky surprisingly. Rash, gossipy, fickle. Due to their “wanderlust” mindset, there’s a fear of being held down, these people unconsciously try too escape from anything they fear will confine them. This becomes a big problem when the thing they’re trying to escape from is themselves. Escapism outlets include… drugs (especially weed/acid) alcohol, fighting, video games, drawing, fashion, social media. This becomes apparent in relationships. Go travelling with a Sag Lilith. They’ll make the experience the most mystical and eye opening adventure you’ll  have. They prefer raw experiences and travels instead of fancy resorts and restaurants. They’ll be the one’s eating what the locals eat, with the locals. They often feel a little different from everyone else,this can lead to depression and/or anxiety. It takes a while for them to realize the rare gifts they have. How connected they are with the universe as a whole… I bet a Sag Lilith has the most philosophical dreams.  Prone to being boastful , full of themselves, know-it-all’s though. They need to understand that they’re not always right, and not everyone is out to sabotage them. Sexual partners are usually a different race to them, with a completely different background too. Sex while travelling and meeting their soul mate in another country is high.

Capricorn Someone with Lilith in Capricorn has the mindset of a CEO. They get shit done without help from anyone. And they know it. They can appear extremely intimidating, cold and they pretty much invented the resting bitch face. Many have high positions in terms of career, or they’re self employed. Like the other Earth Lilith’s, there’s a need for financial security, control and empowerment. Infact, they’ll do almost anything to get to the top, even if this includes sleeping with their married bosses. They’ll barely ever let their guard down, and if they do… they’ll beat themselves up for it later on. Their mysterious secretive nature can allure many kinds of people in, it doesn’t take long for you to be trapped under their spell. They like to control or be controlled during love making, and they prefer sex after a few glasses of champagne in a big beautiful bed with expensive bedding, some scented candles and erotic music… then their “other side” (think Christian Grey from 50 Shades) comes out to conquer you. Capricorn Lilith’s are notorious Power trippers… they’ll humiliate their best friend in a crowded room to make themselves feel better and wont give a shit. Prone to acting out in cold ways when they don’t get what they want; the one’s they love the most usually take the brunt of their bad moods.. when their frustration is suppressed it can cause sickness, depression, OCD and paranoia. They might have a few run in’s with mean bosses, jealous friends who use their superiority and success to help them. As children they may have been neglected and abused. As parent’s they’re surprisingly warm, cuddly and protective.. they want their children to have the childhood they never got.

Aquarius These people need freedom. They discover their independent streak from a young age and usually worked for their own money and assets from a young age too. They’re drawn to humanitarian subjects, astrology, numerology and tarot. Tendency to have odd behavioral patterns.. they might have a quirky laugh, a potty mouth, they mutter things under their breath to “make a mental note” something about them is different and it’s this why people are so fascinated by them. Aquarius Lilith’s are extremely charismatic. They’re the masters of influencing, convincing, spreading a message to a large crowd.. most Aquarius Lilith’s had the opportunity to travel from a young age; enlightening them to the world and differences in humanity, this makes them more wiser and brainier then most, but they keep that a secret. They have very active minds, this makes them prone to insomnia and depending on the other placements in their birth chart; Schizophrenia is more common here. They fear losing their independence and self identity, so they need someone who’ll let them roam and explore without being clingy or emotional.  Emotions aren’t a huge deal here, they’ll come up with a logical reason for almost every emotion they feel. And if they can’t, they’ll let it go. Among the more sexually open, these individuals value every kind of sexual kink, desire and fantasy’s, they prefer exciting sex to mundane. Most are chronic masterbators because they’re capable of having multiple orgasms. Dark side includes detachment, disassociation, suppression, alienation, and escapism. 

Pisces Among the more higher frequency’s of BML, Pisces is an intuitive Lilith, capable of interacting with the other side, as they’re easy channels for the spirit realm. They receive messages in dreams, they’ll determine whether someone had a bad childhood just by feeling their energy. Being around negative people and situations heavily drains a BML in Pisces, they’ll need a while to come back from a traumatic experience.. counselling is also preferred. The problems of other people affect them more then anyone else, sometimes using drugs, alcohol and sleep as a way to escape the realities of this harsh world, if they channel this energy into a creative outlet they’ll create magic. Very naive, some in this placement got bullied or taken advantage of as children, and they usually had a bad relationship with one or two siblings because of their innocent kind nature, this progresses as they get older and learn to stick up for themselves. They seduce by sub-missing themselves, appearing innocent and cute , like a little school girl (every dom daddys dream lol) sex is slow, passionate, with gentle touches and lots of foreplay/teasing. They play the victim card a lot though, and emotionally manipulate to get what they want. They’re not as innocent or caring as they may seem. There’s an inability to take charge and confront others here, and will often end up in abusive partnerships most likely with a possessive or controlling partner. Meditation, walking in nature, deep breathing, positive people, cuddles, crystal healing, lucid dreaming, writing, drawing, creating music helps a Pisces Lilith out of their depressive episodes. In their darkest state, they can be psychotic and completely out of touch with reality.. leading to a downward spiral of self destruction. In their superior level, they can heal anyone with their calming energy.

Did i ever show you all  my parent’s wedding goblets?

Pretty cool, right?

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The Drake, Hastings, & DiLaurentis Family Connections

Spencer & Alison:

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First Cousins through their mothers Mary Drake & Jessica DiLaurentis, but they are genetically Half Sisters because their mothers are identical twins.

Spencer & Jason:

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First Cousins through their mothers Mary Drake & Jessica DiLaurentis + Half Siblings through their father Peter Hastings. They are also genetically Full Blood Siblings since Mary & Jessica are identical twins, and they already share the same father.

Spencer & Melissa:

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Half Sisters through their father Peter Hastings.  

Melissa & Jason:

Half Siblings through their father Peter Hastings.  

Alison & Jason:

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Half Siblings through their mother Jessica DiLaurentis.  

Charlotte & Spencer:

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Half sisters through their mother Mary Drake. Episode 7x11 confirmed that Peter Hastings is Spencer’s biological father, but we have yet to discover who Charlotte’s father is (subject to change).  

Charlotte & Alison:

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First Cousins through their mothers Mary Drake & Jessica DiLaurentis but genetically Half Sisters because their mothers are identical twins.

Charlotte & Jason:

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First Cousins through their mothers Mary Drake & Jessica DiLaurentis but genetically Half Siblings because their mothers are identical twins.

Imagine watching your boyfriend Tom talking about you in an interview (Tom Holland x Fem!Reader)

warning: fluffy!! fluff fluff fluff, language

word count: 869

a/n: here’s a cute little imagine I wrote for u guys, i hope u guys like it xx Also, I’m trying something new with this so I’m so excited for u guys to read it!!

You opened your laptop, hoping to find some type of cure for your boredom. Tom’s only been gone for a week and you already missed him terribly. I mean, it’s kind of natural for you to want your boyfriend with you at all times. Or most of the time. Right?

You sighed, opening up YouTube and immediately letting out a little laugh as one of Tom’s interviews popped up in your recommendations. It was titled ‘Tom Holland talks relationships, romance, and more!’ Your eyebrows quirked up as you read it, curiosity getting the better of you as you clicked on it. As the video loaded, you briefly read the description and saw that it was pretty recent, only uploaded two days ago. A thirty-second ad popped up, causing you to roll your eyes in impatience.

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BNHA S2 2nd Cour Visuals

YonkouProd from Twitter mentioned the 2nd ED for Hero Aca is Medieval-themed. (tweet #1, tweet #2)

Something about Swordsman Deku and Prince Todoroki’s blue outfit… you know what that means?

They’re based on the Volume 14 Fantasy theme!

Disclaimer: Yonkou has been very accurate with their spoilers and because of that they have a big following.They probably have connections. I pretty much trust his spoilers, but in the end they’re still just rumors unless we get new caps from the HeroAca twitter account itself, so use your best judgement. 🌟

On another news, reminder that the break is over and

There’ll be a new episode on July 8! The start of 2nd cour!

Screencaps of the NEW OP by amazarashi from HeroAca’s twitter:


while applying for this one job it really struck me how much a monopoly on the means of production affects the ideologies that pervade our everyday values.

like, these statements are presented for me to agree or disagree with. they are statements that may be construed as cynical, and within the corporations potential-employee filtering system they conclude that cynical recognition of unfair or harmful things in life leads people to assume that they are free to perpetuate unfairness or harm (in the workplace, specifically) because its how the world is. (its also a way of saying, “we dont do that here”, as if thats at all true.) they are asking me to dispel these myths in order to become a better candidate for employment.

the reason this struck me is because, like, these are pretty established facts? connections and networks, especially historically & structurally founded networks, get people places. many people demonize vulnerability. in the private sector (and the public sector!), honesty and integrity are almost never celebrated. but the bourgeois reality functions on the myths that their industry is lawful, honest, helpful, benevolent, and good. the ruling class cant just own the means of production, they have to instill an irrational and empirically & materially unfounded ideology in the workers in order for their authority to seem justified, natural, and inevitable.

another thing that struck me about this is that its an interesting way of manufacturing the beliefs of an individual. the ruling class recognizes that in order for their economic system to remain afloat they have to have some kind of consent or recognition from its subjects, and the way they circumvent that is by giving you no other choice but to recognize and thus give power to the logics that justify their existence, or else youll never find employment. 

this questionnaire exhibits just how hard they try to make us believe that the only thing we can associate with capitalism is goodness and fairness. this just reminded me so much of libertarians / ancaps that believe business is a true meritocracy, when all theyre doing is regurgitating corporate propaganda thats used to rid the workers of the idea that their oppressors & exploiters are oppressive & exploitative.

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but BUT what if Zed left Shen for Kayn because he's younger and has a .. bIGGer weapon ??? Kink mom i need answers fast (love ur art btw thnx)


aight here we go, to me zed and shen can’t be separated. sure zed did some fucked up things to shen but shen’s a fucked up person. 

Zed hates the fact Shen’s the eye of twilight, he hates how his best friend/brother had to become neutral in order to achieve balance. But he still loves Shen, and wants to make him his own/bring him back to what he was before. 

tldr; Zed’s obsessed with Shen and if he can’t have him, no one can. 

If ZedxKayn were to happen, it’d be one sided. Kayn can love zed allll he wants but Zed ain’t giving him the same attention. From the lore just released Kayn looks fucking stupid, this stupid child did the same stupid thing Zed did. Which was seek out an external source of power besides his own. P sure Zed ain’t too happy bout that, p sure Zed also ain’t too happy that his best student thinks he’s better than him. 

Anyway, I’ma keep my more weenie version and Kayn and say that Kayn respects Zed and respects Zed’s ideas and love interests, he wouldn’t dare get in the way. 

Shen’s dick is bigger than Zed’s anyway. 

and besides, pretty sure THIS 

is much more valuable in zed’s eyes than this

also thanks i also love my art 

I was watching “We Know The Way” from Moana. That song sort of fills you up with the weight of history and shared culture in a way that almost reminds me of how I felt when I saw The Prince of Egypt and heard Hebrew being sung as the Israelites were leaving slavery behind during “When You Believe”… There’s something really powerful about that.

Huzzah for representation~

OK KO! Episodes 17-20

Know Your Mom

It was time for another good Carol episode! This one came together for us very quickly, and ended up being a very simple and sweet story about KO and Carol’s relationship. It was originally written with Rad and Enid as KO’s sounding boards, but we thought it would be fun to bring in Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton for a little change of pace. I love the way Ryann and Parker expanded their appearance into a funny running gag that ended up helping to further cement their personalities moving forward.

In the outline we handed out, the Kactus Krew were not given a lot of specifics. We had figured they would have an old school mob/organized crime type theme (but cactus). When we saw the first pitch with Succulentus portrayed as a nu-metal character, I was shocked. I remember being literally on the floor laughing,  a visceral physical reaction to how unexpected this take on the episode was. It was another situation where I was so unsure- can we do this? It is too insane? Is it “on-show”? All we knew for sure is that we all laughed, so we decided to go with our gut reaction and support it 100%.

Jonathan Davis coming in to do the voice was another amazing development. He was the nicest guy in the world, and such a pleasure to work with! This especially felt great after my parents wouldn’t let me see KoRn in concert when I was in 7th grade. Take that, mom and dad! 

We’re Captured

We aren’t the first show to do a play on the sitcom “double-booking” trope with a villain, but we knew it would be super funny with our heroes and Lord Boxman. This was an incredibly enjoyable episode to write the story for. I remember hanging out in the writer’s room with Ian, Dave and Erin just cracking ourselves up with how silly the episode starts and it just continues to escalate in ridiculousness from there. This was around the time we were first conceiving of TKO, so it was a helpful reminder that the show was in no way backing down from comedy.

The concept for this story was shared with the board artists after the premise stage (I think in a big writing meeting, but it could have just been during lunch or something), and Ryann immediately took an interest in Professor Venomous. She then shared with us some early design concepts and ideas for Venomous (and his minion, who we’d later call Fink), and we were able to integrate them into the final outline. As with Know Your Mom, we knew the role Venomous was going to take in this episode and the series as a whole, but he was really given life thanks to the strong and specific POV of the board artists working on the episode.

This was also a great early display of Boxman’s family dynamic with the robots. Darrell and Shannon weren’t even originally in this story, but Ryann and Parker REALLY wanted to include them. Parker pitched us the “daddy? may I wear my costume?” scene, which is something he observed in his real life. We were unsure, but we were willing to give him a chance to sell it in their pitch. I’m definitely glad we did!

One final thing to mention about We’re Captured is that our heroes lose in this episode. Isn’t that fun? 

Ryann Shannon on We’re Captured

Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears was conceived as a crucial stepping stone toward several key mid-season episodes, but it actually ended up being produced after TKO because we needed Dave and Haewon to tackle Legends of Mr. Gar first. This was the luxury of knowing that OK KO! would premiere with a month of episodes. We were working so far ahead that we could produce some episodes out of order and then make sure they aired IN order. (More on this in a future post…)

Anyway, this episode provides a ton of important character development that ties to our big “mid-season finale” episodes, Plaza Prom and TKO. Gar manages to speak a sentence to Carol, which he repeats in Plaza Prom, and we get another hint of some darkness within KO. Among many other things! The concept of hopping through a bunch of character’s linked fears in order of their plug-in connection is pretty complicated, but the board artists did an excellent job making it feel exciting and cool. Dave and Haewon were very excited to tackle something with this level of depth, and it shows in every scene. Figuring out how much to reveal in this episode was a challenge, and I’m very happy with the final result.

Special regards to our design team for their work on this episode. All the different fearscapes are so distinct and so gorgeous. I was stunned when I started seeing these designs come in. In my opinion, this was the most impressively designed episode so far! Of course, since this episode they’ve continued to top themselves many times over. :) 

Dave Alegre on Face Your Fears

Everybody Likes Rad?

I’ve alluded to this before, but we took extra care to make sure that all the episodes  leading up to TKO were very balanced in terms of subject matter. We mapped out the whole half-season in advance, with many episodes simply listed as “ENID 1”,  "CAROL 2" or “PLAZA EVENT” before we knew exactly what the stories were. We knew that Enid and Rad would have an equal number of episodes, and Everybody Likes Rad is “Rad 3”. Much like “Enid 3” (You Have to Care), this is one of the first times we allowed an episode to spend some real time without KO as a main focus.

This episode is a combination of two ideas. The first half comes from a pitch by Erin, and the second half derives from a concept Ian and I were sitting on from the previous summer. Neither “Rad’s Viral Video” nor “Rad Goes Hollywood” felt like they could sustain a whole episode, but we realized there was a story to be told about how one could lead to the other. It worked!

We ended up with something I’m really proud of. Geneva and Mira did a fantastic job making a hilarious episode that deals with sophisticated themes in a nuanced way. At every stage I was impressed at how far we were able to push this episode into unexpected tonal territory while still being 100% “the show”. I especially love the melancholy-but-warm final scenes, which have caused “volcanoing” to be a term I commonly use in conversation.

Geneva Hodgson on Everybody Likes Rad?

I’m a little bit fascinated by Sensate society such as it’s being unveiled in the second season.

Because clearly, there is a society. A remarkable one and a pretty well-organized one - I mean, between the Archipelago network and how apparently even Sensates in Nairobi has access to blockers, despite trustworthy medicine in general being shown to be hard to come by in Kenya - this society is well organized and probably has some form of - if not government, then at least people able to make decisions in emergency situations, such as ordering Puck to quarantine himself.

And obviously this society is going to be very, very slow to let our heroes in.

Part of it is that obviously every sensate we’ve met so far is pretty paranoid about accidentally connecting with - well, the wrong sort of sensate. Which is a very reasonable fear to have. On a shallow level, well, do you want someone like Puck following you around? Of course not. Far more serious though and probably a recent development in response to the BPO hunting sensates - and, as we see with Wolfgang, if the BPO gets there hands on just one member of a cluster, they can extract information to get their hands on the rest.

But also - I think Sensate society works partly on introductions and partly as a vast family network. I think that usually, newborn Sensates will be guided through the process by their parent. Their parent will explain what they are, will arrange for them to start meeting trustworthy Sensates in their geographical area. Will help them integrate into Sensate society.

And, of course, the usual Sensate will have lots of Sensate relatives. Their own cluster, their parent, their parent’s cluster, older and younger cluster siblings, cousins, etc. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are Sensate clans claiming descent from particularly remarkable Sensates.

But our heroes are orphans, which is already a strike against them. Which is probably not an unheard of situation, except - well - they’re not just orphans. They’re the children of a collaborator. Their mother’s surviving cluster-sibling is trying to help them as best he can - but clearly Jonas is compromised as well.

There’s quite simply nobody to vouch for them.

I suspect that prior to BPO whoever stumbled across orphan Sensates would have been expected to either act in loco parentis or at least ping the Archipelago for somebody willing to play the part. But now? Connecting to an unknown Sensate is not something anybody’s particularly willing to do in the first place, and connecting to the cluster born to a BPO collaborator?

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do you think togashi is writing romantic subtext in killugon intentionally? it feels that way but tbh theres been other authors who write the gayest shit but unintentionally wtf... The only thing i have to support my faith so far is the lack of obvious female love interests thats been introduced haha

tbh i think he is. there’s a lot of moments that feel very deliberately written w/ subtext in mind – besides the whole “lovers’ suicide” bit i’ve written about before, you have some pretty blatant connect-the-dots moments like illumi explaining how the two people that die from a failed nanika request are lovers and literally hisoka concludes outloud that “gon and killua will both die”.

i can’t find a link to the post right now but someone once analyzed the subtext during the scene where palm is talking about love and how it happens unexpectedly and gon and killua are framed in a way that implies this could be referring to them. same with hisoka explaining to gon that “enhancers and transmuters can become intimate”.

anyway, there’s two main points i was to emphasize:

- while i’m sure that some authors do unintentionally write subtext-y material, i think togashi is perfectly aware of this, seeing as how the amount of subtext has only grown over the course of hxh as gon and killua’s relationship has developed.

- there are a lot of people who deny gay subtext in media, their reasoning being “well, it’s not like this particular author would ever canonize something gay anyway”. to that i just wanna say that togashi has written canonical gay relationships before and once proposed a sports manga where the plot was basically “everyone is gay”. sure, maybe “so-and-so would never ever write a canonical gay relationship” applies to some creators but it definitely does not apply to togashi.

I don’t buy into the argument that people would laze around all day eating cheetos and playing video games if you gave them a guaranteed minimal income. I say this based on personal experience, because my familiy connections already pretty much guarantee that I’m never going to be homeless or starving short of a major catastrophe anyways. I was once unemployed but comfortable for the better part of a year and I can honestly say that what I wanted then, more than anything else, was something useful to do. I think that most people would feel that way.

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Hey pj I don't ship you with fresh normally in general I think it's cute that your more straight with a girl you love the most normal around please say something cute about them

Though… OmniPJ really isn’t “straight”. 

Omni is genderless, while PJ is genderfluid. 

Omni can take appearances more female or male like, and PJ changes his slightly depending on how much of a girl or guy he feels. 

I’m pretty sure a genderless being and a genderfluid being are not in the ‘straight’ category o-o