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I want to know why people who think that sex work is bad think that sex work, the act of exchanging sex for something of concrete value, is so much worse than casual hookups, people having sex to procreate, drunk sex, breakup sex, sex you have because you want to feel closer, and all the other weird reasons people have sex–sex to just get losing your virginity over with!–so much worse than all these reasons and ways of having sex.

Talking to other sex workers and people in harm reduction, we keep encountering the idea that sex work is more “high risk” than any other kind of sex except gay sex.

This is demonstrably untrue, however. When sex workers are given the tools to have safer sex, we have exponentially lower rates of sti infection that the surrounding population of civilians of pretty much any age.

Sex workers need protections from civilians, not the other way around.

I understand that a lot of people think sex should ONLY be had in the context of a loving and committed monogamous romantic relationship, but relationships end. At a certain point (say, 2017) divorce rates and breakup rates and hookup culture all combine to make the censure of sex work seem truly hypocritical and ludicrous. So many people are having so many kinds of meaningless sex for stupid reasons, but it’s adult women, trying to leverage the one thing society agrees that we have of value, that need to be protected from themselves.

But take it to the logical legislative conclusions.

Can we really be sure that drunk co-eds can be trusted to make good decisions about who to have sex with? what if in two weeks they find out the person they were sleeping with was LYING to them and sleeping with other people? what if he was doing it without condoms? That’s pretty fucking rude and unethical, shouldn’t we protect young women from this all too common scenario? CAN we? what does that look like?

What about a couple having sex to get pregnant when neither of them is really feeling it but they both want a baby?

Under Oregon law, a stay at home housewife having sex with her husband who pays her bills and mortgage, is trafficked.

And it’s frankly shameful that people criminalise adults under the guise of concern trolling about sexually exploited children when they aren’t lobbying even close to as hard to a total reboot of the child welfare system–Texas’s CPS system recently made international headlines after human rights abuses so bad they make Minnesota’s or Oregon’s look fine. (I’m being bitterly hilarious, the abuses of different cps systems are never fine).
People are willing to support misogynist and racist abuses overseas and at home (TPP, H&M, Goodwill) and they’re willing to close their eyes to child abuse in the the very system made to protect them, but they love to jerk off to the idea of exploited people and being the magical white saviours of fragile exploited women and children. it’s this ONE SPECIFIC CONTEXT they love to circle jerk about.

They don’t give a damn about other kinds of slavery, they don’t publicise instances of it, they don’t organise against it, they don’t support sex workers trying to organise to aid vulnerable people. they genuinely JUST care about this one aspect of sexuality, regardless of how interconnected all misogynist and racist abuses are and the realities of survival under global capitalism.

I think it’s amazing. Just amazing. In one hundred years, nothing has changed except to become worse for poor people around the world, but the middle class is still more concerned about legislating adult women’s sexuality than real change that would protect vulnerable people.

animalia paradoxa

Prompt: Admiration
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 4569
Tags: Fluff, Light Angst, Established Relationship, Hunter Husbands, Case Fic, Minor Instance of Body Horror, Mild Sexual Content

SummaryDean has a long and complicated history with the concept of Cas and hunting. It freaks him out and turns him on in equal measure. Cas is tactical and quick, no doubt one of the best hunters Dean’s ever seen. It’s no surprise; once upon time Cas ruled over heaven and commanded garrisons. But now he’s wearing second-hand flannel and holey socks like the rest of them. And while Dean admires his hunting skills, that doesn’t stop him worrying. (Read on AO3)

Dean can hardly keep his focus on the drive back, eyes darting from the road to the passenger seat. Anxious for the touch of Cas’ skin against his.

He and Cas have been doing this thing for a couple months, ever since their little prison break. Turns out 6 weeks of isolation really makes you take stock of all the shit you never said to certain trench-coat toting angels. Go figure. It was difficult at first, knowing that Cas had traded in his wings in return for their release. God knows Dean’s fit to bursting with guilt over that one. But if he ever needed a sign to let him know that Cas felt the same way, him giving up Heaven for them was the neon billboard Dean had been looking for. It was the easiest thing in the world to finally tell Cas he wanted more.

Things between them haven’t been all smooth sailing, but with the Men of Letters off their backs, Sam a free man, and Cas by his side every night, the past couple of months probably constitute the best of Dean’s life.

 The only trouble is - hunting? Not exactly easy-going on new relationships. Not a lot of time for pizza dates and movie nights. The most romantic thing Dean and Cas have done so far is take a fishing trip. One that was interrupted by a splash in the water that turned out to be a Kelpie. The kiss Dean was leaning in for was swiftly halted by Cas running to the car to grab a handful of silver bullets and his .44 Mag.

Watching Cas gun down a giant water spirit with his precision shot may have been hot as hell, but the resulting blue-hued blood spatter was something of a mood-killer.

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imagine noodle goes up to 2d one day and is just like ‘D whats a condom’ and 2d’s just like ‘shit i know this just slow down give me a sec’ and he just stands there vaguely squinting as he tries to remember because it sounds important and hes pretty sure a condom is something he should know about but he cant remember and he starts sweating he straining so hard and noodles just like ‘ok sorry i asked’

Clary is a virgin in the show right? So (judging by that promo, it’s not confirmed) she’s going to lose her virginity to Simon instead of Jace? That makes me so happy… 

First Time


hii, love your scenarios, could you write a smut with wonho (mx) and you have been together for a month and you are ready to do it, since you’re virgin and he’s not … thanks <3


Thank you so much Anon for the request and for loving our scenarios <3 It really means so much (: I do apologize for not getting to your request sooner as real life had gotten a bit hectic. Without further ado, I present to you your first time with Wonho. Enjoy! 


Genre: Smut | One Shot

This day dedicated to couples came once a year. It was the day where they could freely bask in the company of one another without judgemental eyes disapproving of their displays of affection. This day that should have been filled with nothing but happiness and excitement were unfortunately absent for you. To be more precise, they were microscopic compared to the feelings of your anxious and uneasy mind, leaving you with nothing but frantic thoughts and worries.

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Truth or Dare

Prompt: During a game of thruth and dare, the reader gets dared to do something that’s sure to spark things up between her and the younger Winchester.

Character: Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: Language, the tiniest bit of dirty talk, smut (unprotected, wear a condom kids), pretty rough/dom!Sam, hair pulling, oral sex (receiving), mentions of alcohol use, a lil DeanxJo if you squint.

A/N: You can all blame @balthazars-muse for this. All because of a gifset we both needed a moment to recover from. But, this one’s also written as an early birthday present for myself, and I thought I’d treat myself and you all to a little Sam smut heheh. Excuse the unnecessary TOD plot, it’s basically just porn.

Tagging: @jensennjared @withoutaplease @aprofoundbondwithdean @winchesterenthusiast @stupid-idjits @but-deans-back-tho @spnfanficpond @bovaria @kayteonline

(gifs are not mine!)

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anonymous asked:

okay but like what if the chocobro's s/o was/got pregnant unexpectedly during the events of ffxv


Note: I’m Pro-choice friends. This will be reflected here. What a woman does with her body is her own right and choice and that includes abortion. If you disagree…. Just ignore this and keep moving, friend.

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What are the chances of Akira getting one of his omegas pregnant? If so, who would err... end up knocked up? Would it be just one or multiple of them at once?

Well in a general sense I tend to write the sexytimes pretty safe (condoms are present and talked about in the scene I have written of Ryuji and Akira’s first time together and show up with less discussion later. Ryuji and Akechi will be on birth control.)

But stepping outside of that if we’re talking about getting knocked up on accident well. It’s omega roulette, isn’t it. Who knows?

On purpose this is think the three omegas have enough parental issues to be really hesitant about children, but I think Yusuke might go for it before Ryuji or Akechi (who is rather career driven. Dangerous detective work and pregnancy/baby care don’t exactly mix).

Birthday Present

Title: Birthday Present 

Word Count: ~710

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Request: ‘Can you please do a one shot (Stilinski Triplets) where its Y/N’s birthday and she’s dating Stuart? They have a birthday make out but get caught by Sheriff Stilinski? And just like stuart, Y/N is very sassy, sarcastic and dominant?’

Main Character(s): [ Stuart Twombly ][ Reader ][ Sheriff Stilinski ]

A/N: It’s not in 3rd, but in 2nd person (”You”).
Oh, and thanks a lot for requesting! :3

—> If you want to send in a request, you can do that here! :]

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#60 Condom Run

Calum: Calum and I were sat in the car across the road from the chemist. “You go, I went last time.” Calum argued, I shook my head knowing that I didn’t want to run in and get condoms. “You’re the guy; they’re for your willy.” I replied jokingly, he laughed and then shook his head. “Nope I’m not going.” He said crossing his arms. “Ugh fine. You’re going next time. They are some fans over there go make yourself useful.” I said getting out of the car.

I ran into the chemist as quickly as I could, I spotted the brand and type that I wanted and quickly purchased it with a flushed face. The assistant behind the counter smiled at me. “Boyfriend won’t get them?”

“Yeah it was my turn.” I shrugged wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. She stared for a second… Oh no… Did she recognize me? “Aren’t you Calum Hood’s girlfriend?”

“Yeah and I am.” I smiled, her face lit up. “Oh well you’re both very lucky to have each other and have fun.” She said jokingly, I laughed nervously and left, running back to the car.

Calum grinned at me from the driver’s seat. “You are dead! The woman recognized me!” I ranted, Calum just laughed. “Shut up!” I groaned, he smiled at me. He drove off home, his hand never leaving my thigh.

Ashton: Things were getting heated between Ashton and I, his hands were running down my torso. He was on top of me, his hips rolling into mine. Before he was going to thrust into me. “Ash, wait condom.” I said pushing against his chest. He leaned over to the bedside table, he smiled awkwardly at me. “We’re out.” He groaned rolling off me. “What? How are we out?” He shrugged, he looked at the time. “I’ll get some now. The chemist is just down the street.” He said sitting up getting his boxers.

I waited for Ashton to come back with condoms, I heard him stumble through the front door. He bolted into the room, stripped off his clothes almost tripping over. “Eager are we?” I giggled from the bed. “Shut up! Fans saw me! It was so awkward but I don’t want to talk about that it’s all about you at the moment.” He said opening the box and then the wrapper of one condom. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like when the fans saw him.

Luke: Luke and I were out grocery shopping since we had nothing at home, having just got back from tour. “Babe, do we have condoms?” Luke whispered in my ear, I nudged him softly. “No we don’t. Go get some.” I shrugged. “Come with me.” He whispered quickly, I giggled at his shyness. I took his hand in mine pulling him to the aisle. I noticed a couple of girls talking behind their hands and gesturing to us. “Y/N, I’ve been spotted.”

“Just grab some and let’s go.” I snapped, he smiled nervously. He scanned the various types of condoms, finally finding the one he wanted. The girls came up to us, Luke quickly chucking the box into the basket in my hand. I giggled at his reaction. They both hugged him and asked for pictures which he gladly gave. “Are those condoms?” One inquired, Luke blushed and nodded. “We’ll let you go. Thanks Luke.” The girls said wandering off, Luke turned to me. He pulled me into a hug groaning into my shoulder. “Don’t be such a wimp.” I laughed, I kissed his cheek softly. “I won’t be a wimp when we get home.” He growled in my ear, causing shivers to run down my spine. We finished our shopping and went home.

Michael: Michael and I were usually pretty chill getting condoms… I got a bit on edge when we were in a supermarket because Michael liked to embarrass me and I did the same to him but not as much.

Today we were in the supermarket. We went into the aisle where the condoms were. He wondered off without me. “Hey Y/N, do you want ribbed? What about coloured? Flavoured?” He yelled down the other end of the aisle. I put my head down and looked at the items in front of me. “Babe?” He said coming up to me, he had several boxes in his hands. I gave him daggers as people were beginning to stare. “Michael.” I giggled as he showed me each box. An old woman wandered past us, she stopped and stared. I didn’t know what to do as I looked between my weirdo of a boyfriend and the old woman. “Oh isn’t that lovely? He wants to know what you would like. Never let him go sweetie.” She said patting Michael and I on the arm. She wandered off, Michael and I burst out laughed. I was so embarrassed. “Are you actually getting all of those?” I asked, he nodded. He leaned in to my ear. “We can try them tonight.” He whispered in my ear, I swallowed nodding. I didn’t want to get out of there faster.

A/N: Hope you like it!!!!

~ Lucy xx