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I want to know why people who think that sex work is bad think that sex work, the act of exchanging sex for something of concrete value, is so much worse than casual hookups, people having sex to procreate, drunk sex, breakup sex, sex you have because you want to feel closer, and all the other weird reasons people have sex–sex to just get losing your virginity over with!–so much worse than all these reasons and ways of having sex.

Talking to other sex workers and people in harm reduction, we keep encountering the idea that sex work is more “high risk” than any other kind of sex except gay sex.

This is demonstrably untrue, however. When sex workers are given the tools to have safer sex, we have exponentially lower rates of sti infection that the surrounding population of civilians of pretty much any age.

Sex workers need protections from civilians, not the other way around.

I understand that a lot of people think sex should ONLY be had in the context of a loving and committed monogamous romantic relationship, but relationships end. At a certain point (say, 2017) divorce rates and breakup rates and hookup culture all combine to make the censure of sex work seem truly hypocritical and ludicrous. So many people are having so many kinds of meaningless sex for stupid reasons, but it’s adult women, trying to leverage the one thing society agrees that we have of value, that need to be protected from themselves.

But take it to the logical legislative conclusions.

Can we really be sure that drunk co-eds can be trusted to make good decisions about who to have sex with? what if in two weeks they find out the person they were sleeping with was LYING to them and sleeping with other people? what if he was doing it without condoms? That’s pretty fucking rude and unethical, shouldn’t we protect young women from this all too common scenario? CAN we? what does that look like?

What about a couple having sex to get pregnant when neither of them is really feeling it but they both want a baby?

Under Oregon law, a stay at home housewife having sex with her husband who pays her bills and mortgage, is trafficked.

And it’s frankly shameful that people criminalise adults under the guise of concern trolling about sexually exploited children when they aren’t lobbying even close to as hard to a total reboot of the child welfare system–Texas’s CPS system recently made international headlines after human rights abuses so bad they make Minnesota’s or Oregon’s look fine. (I’m being bitterly hilarious, the abuses of different cps systems are never fine).
People are willing to support misogynist and racist abuses overseas and at home (TPP, H&M, Goodwill) and they’re willing to close their eyes to child abuse in the the very system made to protect them, but they love to jerk off to the idea of exploited people and being the magical white saviours of fragile exploited women and children. it’s this ONE SPECIFIC CONTEXT they love to circle jerk about.

They don’t give a damn about other kinds of slavery, they don’t publicise instances of it, they don’t organise against it, they don’t support sex workers trying to organise to aid vulnerable people. they genuinely JUST care about this one aspect of sexuality, regardless of how interconnected all misogynist and racist abuses are and the realities of survival under global capitalism.

I think it’s amazing. Just amazing. In one hundred years, nothing has changed except to become worse for poor people around the world, but the middle class is still more concerned about legislating adult women’s sexuality than real change that would protect vulnerable people.


Request:  Hi! I LOVE your writings! Can you do 2? In a scenario where you and Archie are both virgins and you made a pact to take each others virginity if you’re still virgins by graduation and then Archie tells you he loves you? lollll thanks <3

2.  “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

Pairings: ArchiexReader

Warnings: NSFW, fluff/smut

Word count: 3,466  I got carried away again


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You were worried. Archie was worried. High school graduation was looming and there was that pact you’d made upon entering the prison like halls. Sure it wasn’t the normal best friend thing, but you and Archie had always been a little different. When you’d first entered high school you’d started hearing all the stories. There were wild parties and virginity losing and you just couldn’t seem to get into that crowd. One night of feeling especially left out you’d ended up at Archie’s. You didn’t knock that wasn’t necessary and opening the door, you heard the TV.

You remembered it clearly, Archie sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips, watching some lame ass reality show. He’d turned to look at you, with no surprise, and gestured for you to join him.

Archie had always been able to read you like a book and he had known something was wrong. Well, it didn’t take much prodding and before long he knew that you felt like you were missing out on the high school experience.

That night a pact was made. “Y/N, I promise that before we graduate we will go to at least one party, and if we are both still virgins by the time we graduate I propose we just get it over with together.” The memory made you smile and you had no idea what had made you agree to maybe have sex with your best friend. It might have had to do with the tiny crush you had on him. Or maybe it was the fact that you thought you might be a virgin forever.

Well the first part of the pact was underway. Currently at one of Cheryl’s parties you were both under and overwhelmed with your surroundings. The sheer number of bodies, the smell of sweat, cologne and the flowing alcohol marked it as what you thought was a typical party. You laughed to yourself over the red cups littering every surface not believing that people actually used them.

It was two weeks before graduation and all the graduates had been invited. You and Archie had never been part of any crowd preferring to stick together with the rest of your friends, but jumped at this opportunity. You were finally able to check at least one high school experience off the list. You were definitely out of your element and seeing as Archie hadn’t left your side all night, he seemed to be out of his.

Before the party, Archie had come over to hang out. He’d rocked up in his typical jeans, white tee and his varsity jacket for good measure. You had to admit your best friend was looking good. Especially compared to the matching sweatpants and sweatshirt look you were pulling.

At his arrival Archie had been dragged upstairs to your room. Clothes were everywhere. A shirt decorated your lampshade, your bed was barely visible and you could barely open the door for the clothes in the way. Known for being tidy, Archie definitely looked surprised entering the disaster zone.

“I take it you’re having a little trouble.” There was a slight look of fear in his eyes as he wondered what his role in all this would be.

“Well I think I’ve narrowed it down to two.” While speaking you whipped the sweatshirt and sweatpants off and picked up a black dress.

The dress was simple, but short and tight an exposed zipper running down the entire back.

You didn’t notice Archie’s hard swallow or him lick his lips, in response to you standing in nothing but your underwear. You wouldn’t have thought anything of it. There were pictures of the two of you, naked in the bathtub, for goodness sakes.

“Archie, some help?” Archie seemed zoned out. You stood in front of him and waved your hand. “Help, please?”

He shook his head and seemed to bring himself back to the present. You turned so the zipper was facing him and felt his fingers shake as they took hold of it. His warm fingers met the warmth of your back and you stiffened. This couldn’t end soon enough or last long enough. It seemed like seconds and hours passed before he was done, and you spun around to face him.

“Well?” Archie’s eyes scanned the dress. “Definitely this one.” His voice was slightly strangled. “You’re sure? You don’t even want to see the other option?” Archie shook his head, if he was going to have to see you in your underwear again he thought he would lose the small amount of control he had.

With your dress on you’d moved to the ensuite bathroom to start your makeup. Archie had followed you and seated himself on the counter.

“Hey you know how this party completes the first part of the pact?” He asked as you were rooting through doors pulling out different odds and ends. “Uh huh,” you said not really paying much attention.

“Well you’re still a virgin, right?” Archie was nothing if not blunt. You looked up at him and blushed. “It’s okay, I am too.” He smiled not meaning to embarrass you. “It’s just you know what that means?” He asked and you did and you kind of regretted the foolish pact.

He sensed that you were not fully behind the idea. “We don’t have to,” he assured you allowing you to back out. “No I made a promise, I just don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Archie hopped off the counter and was about to leave you to finish your makeup, when he turned and said over his shoulder, “Who knows maybe it will bring us closer together.”

After discussing the time and location of the act, Archie had mentioned something about condoms. He was sure he could snag a couple from Jughead or Reggie. You’d been adamant that no, he was going to have to go buy the best he could find.

You argued that you were pretty sure condoms were something not to be cheap about. Archie was not impressed, “you mean I’m going to have to go to the store, out in public, and buy some?”

“Don’t worry I’ll go with you.” You were much more concerned with being safe, than the embarrassment that might come with buying condoms.

“But, but everyone will know.” Archie’s face was showing extreme concern as he stuttered, trying to get the words out. “Know what?” You asked not allowing him to escape easily. “Thatweregoingtohavesex” it came out in a rush and you barely understood it. “Archie how old are you? No one cares. Do you want to do this or not?” That shut him up pretty quickly.

That’s how you found yourself meandering around the aisles of the drugstore on the Southside. Archie finally caved, but only if you promised not to make him go locally.  So now the two of you were standing in front of the boxes, you’d only ever given a passing glance at previously.

Archie was all for grabbing anything and running, and couldn’t get over the fact you wanted to stand there and read the backs of the boxes.

“Where do we even start?” You were definitely feeling overwhelmed. You decided a good compromise was that you’d choose one box and Archie would choose one box and go from there.

“I’m thinking we need something pretty basic, to start off with.” You said with all seriousness. The more time you spent in the aisle the more at ease Archie seemed, he even smiled.

“I mean I know the first time isn’t going to be the best thing ever but I don’t know if that means we should overcompensate with a flavour or something ribbed.” You were pouring over the information on the back. “I mean are they flavoured, because I’m supposed to stick your penis in my mouth? I’m pretty sure my vagina doesn’t care what flavour they are.”

Nothing you said could shock Archie but at the mention of his penis in your mouth his cheeks grew red. “Can we please leave my penis out of it?” He asked just wanting the whole thing to be over. “I’m not sure how that would work.” You smirked.

You finally made your decision and Archie was fine with it, not wanting to choose himself. You made your way to the cashier and put them on the conveyer belt. Archie started piling magazines and candy bars over them.

“What are you doing?”

“Uh, nothing.” He resigned and started to put things back. The cashier swiped and bagged the box without so much as a blink and you paid.

Walking out the doors you heard Archie call out in an almost sing song voice, “Hey that wasn’t too bad.”

Tonight was the night. Your parents had cleared out that morning taking your brother to a weekend baseball tournament. It didn’t take much convincing for them to leave you alone. You’d told them you had a lot of homework and wanted to spend the weekend with Betty and Veronica.

You weren’t lying, having spent the better part of the day writing an essay and you were going to spend time with Betty and Veronica tomorrow. You’d just gotten off the phone with Archie, telling him to shower, go to the bathroom and be over in an hour.

Taking your own advice, you hopped in the shower, hoping it would ease your nerves. ‘It’s just Archie.’ ‘You want this.’ And ‘you can do this!’ were some of the thoughts racing through your brain.

Shower complete, you sat on your bed wondering what was appropriate to wear for a deflowering.  You contemplated asking Archie like you usually would, but thought better of it. You glanced at the black shopping bag, forgotten in your closet. You might have mentioned to your cousin Molly what was taking place this weekend. Molly might have gone and bought you ‘something special’, her words not yours.

You’d taken one look at the classic black lingerie, noted that Molly had good taste and chucked the bag into your closet. You didn’t know if Archie would appreciate the effort or think you were trying too hard. Resigned to not waste Molly’s gift, you slipped the bra and thong out of the bag and slipped them on. Then pulled on your classic sweats, at least Archie would be surprised when you finally got the clothing removal stage.

The doorbell rang, interrupting your thoughts. You were surprised, thinking it couldn’t be Archie, as he hadn’t rung the doorbell in years. As you made your way down the stairs, you were confused as you spied Archie’s tall figure out the window.

“The door wasn’t locked, y’know.” You said opening the door. “I just, I thought this was different. I didn’t want to scare you or anything.” Smiling you couldn’t remember the last time Archie had scared you or looked so nervous.

“Deep breath, Archiekins. It’s just me.” Archie smiled shyly and waited for you to lead him up the stairs. “You don’t want a snack? Water?” You asked trying to be a good host and not stalling at all. “Nope, let’s do this before I lose what courage I have.”

You got to your room and wished you were the type of person to light candles or play music or anything to make your room seem less like your room. You had so many memories in this room with Archie. You just had to remind yourself that you were simply adding another one. Archie had his backpack from which he pulled a CD.

“Here. I made this. For tonight. “ You took it from him and read what he scrawled with a sharpie, ‘First Sexy Time Mix.’ You laughed and knew that this was exactly right; this was exactly what was meant to happen. Suddenly you weren’t nervous, however, you weren’t sure if you could say the same for Archie.

“Okay before anything happens, can we just wash hands?” You asked. “I mean I’m assuming your fingers will be inside of me at some point, or at least they better be.” Archie just shook his head, he was used to your frankness and knew there was no point arguing.

While washing his hands, Archie asked, “Is there going to be blood, do we need a towel or something?” You thought on it, not a hundred percent sure. “Maybe just incase.” Suddenly you were spewing information about how like in medieval times they used to sew sacks of like animal blood inside of them so they would bleed proving they were virgins.

“Y/N, please stop, if the hand washing didn’t absolutely murder the mood, this just might do it.”  You stopped short, went to go put on his CD and lay down a towel, leaving Archie to come to you. He came into your room looking ready to get down to business. You stood as he entered and the tension was palpable. He was taking you in, eyes raking over a navy high school sweater and your red sweatpants that said ‘soccer’ on the bum.

As he studied you, you felt the need to look at him, his ginger hair classically in a quiff, blue jeans, and another one of his many plain white tees. You felt the need to apologize, “I wasn’t sure what to wear.” For a minute Archie didn’t say anything, you not knowing what to wear was nothing new and then he spoke. “I don’t think there is any particular clothing, required for this activity.” You knew then that Archie was finally comfortable.

“Okay, how should we start this?” You asked ever clinical taking an almost scientific approach to the whole thing. Archie closed the distance in response and tilted your face towards his. You both leaned the same way, which brought on a fit of giggles and then suddenly Archie’s lips were on yours. His mouth moved hungrily, maybe even aggressively. His tongue requested entrance and you submitted without protest. ‘I can’t fucking believe I’m kissing Archie’ was the only thought running through your head, with the occasional ‘I really like this.”

Right now you were fine with the mouth exploration, but you knew if you were going to complete your goal things would have to go further. You pushed Archie away, gasping for air. He looked shocked, but realized you were only trying to remove your sweater. Soon the sweater and your pants were on the floor and for the second time you were under Archie’s intense study.

“I never really understood the lingerie hype until this moment” he was breathless. His eyes took in your erect nipples, and your barely there underwear. Suddenly, shy you wished you’d thought to turn the lights off.

You moved to the switch, “Stop, please don’t.” Archie was struggling and seemed to forget his own clothes needed to come off. You moved away from the switch believing the appreciation in Archie’s eyes as confirmation that you looked okay. Your hands soon found the hem of his shirt and with his help slid it over his head.

Next were the pants. Thankfully, he’d left his belt at home so you undid the button and pulled at the zipper, feeling his hardness through the denim. Not without effort, you tugged the tight jeans down his legs and they pooled at his ankles. You stepped back, feeling you had earned the right to admire him. His broad shoulders led to his waist and his legs were muscular. Archie had never been the most confident, having been a chubby kid.

In your inspection you’d skipped over his nether region, covered in a classically ridiculous superhero print. That was definitely the Archie you knew.

“On the count of three.” Archie’s hands found the waist of his briefs. You nodded, swallowing. “Three, two” before Archie reached one you slammed your eyes shut, but heard the fabric swoosh down his legs.

“You can open your eyes.” You could hear the smile in his voice. “I think if I look it in the eye, I won’t be able to go through it.” You were definitely worried. “Y/N, I was in your health class, it doesn’t look all that different from the pictures.” Archie tried to reassure you. “I know. That’s what I’m afraid of.”

You could do this. You were committed. You slowly opened one eye looking at Archie’s open face. Both eyes open, you slowly made your way down, to be greeted by Archie’s not so little friend.

“That’s not exactly what I expected.” Now you’d gotten over your initial fear, you were studying it intently, it definitely could not be described as anything other than ugly. “Is that you know, normal?” You asked wanting as much info as possible. “As far as I know, it’s pretty standard.” Archie hadn’t thought you’d be so interested. “I’m having doubts that it’s going to fit.”

Archie laughed out loud at that, “Well we’re just going to have to see.”

“Do I get to see you now?” Archie was waiting patiently for you to remove the last of your clothes. You took one last glance at his erection and returned to his face.

You reached behind you and undid the clasp of the bra and heard Archie groan as the bra fell to the floor. He was done being patient, before you could reach for your underwear, Archie had pushed you on to the bed.

“Can I?” you answered before he could finish, “Do whatever you need.” He took your left breast in his mouth and your back arched in response. The sensation was unexpected; he raked his teeth over the nipple, already erect. It was the most incredible feeling painful, but with this hidden pleasure. He moved his attention to the other breast blowing air to receive a different response.

You needed something but couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was.

“Archie, I need more.” He took it in stride and moved aside your underwear to have full access to what was hidden.

“You’re so wet. I can’t believe it’s because of me.” The awe in Archie’s voice does not go unnoticed. “I know you need to be as wet as possible before we attempt it, but I don’t know when that is.” He admitted honestly.

“Use your fingers.” Was all you could breathe out, Archie took this suggestion, removing your underwear and spreading your lower lips. He inserted one finger and hesitantly started pumping. “I’m really happy I made you wash your hands.” You got out before a moan escaped. “Shut up,” Archie grinned.

You thought he was going to insert another finger, but stopped him “Archie, I want this to be good for you too.”

You really didn’t want this to be all about you. “Don’t worry, I think it’s supposed to feel pretty good for the guy anyway.”

He was intent as he stretched you with a second finger. “I just want it to not be the worst thing you’ve ever done.”

That was it; Archie cemented his role as your favourite person ever. “I think I’m ready for you.” You said wanting to feel Archie inside of you. The look on his face asked you if you were sure. All you did was nod.

You reached for the box of condoms, conveniently left on your bedside table, and passed one to Archie. He slipped it on and spread your legs, placing himself between them.

“You’re sure it’s on right?” You double-checked. “Don’t make me ask you to shut up again,” was all Archie said.

His cock met your entrance and with a look of sheer concentration, he was going as slowly as he could manage.

You gasped, with the pain outweighing the pleasure.

“Do you need me to stop?” Archie was concerned, but not fully sure if he could stop. You bit your lip, “No just give me some time.” You felt yourself adjust and the pain lessen. “Green light” you said giving him a reassuring smile.

Archie thrust forward and withdrew pushing into you with a little more speed. “Faster,” was all you could say, he started to pick up the pace thrusting in and out with ferocity.

“Um, we have an issue.” Archie had stopped cold.

“What?” You said with panic.

“I’m not going to last.” Sighing with relief you reassured Archie.  “Don’t worry, this was better than I thought.” Spurred on Archie gave several more thrusts and with a shudder, spilled into you.

He pulled out embarrassed and full of apology.

“Archie, seriously it’s fine.” He didn’t seem to believe you. “We’ll just have to try again.” At that he looked at you and grinned.

“Y/N, I’ve been in love with you my entire life, I need you to know this.”

“I love you too Archie, forever and always.”


Warnings: smut, daddy kink!!!

Requested!“I definitely need these.” Ethan wiggled his eyebrows, pulling a pack of extra large condoms off the shelf.
“You don’t want to get your girl pregnant if it falls off you ass clown.” Grayson smacked Ethan upside the head, he just wanted to grab condoms and get out. He was done hearing Ethan brag about how he had a girlfriend. “Dude just hurry up and grab a box, I’m hungry.” Grayson whined, as Ethan pulled another box off the shelf.
“Ooh, maximum pleasure.” Ethan wiggled his eyebrows again, breaking into laughter.
“Okay, good.” Grayson grabbed his brother by the t-shirt, pulling him to the cashier.
*Later that night*
Ethan walks into your shared room, a plastic bag in hands with a small smirk on him face.
“I bought something to try out.” Ethan said, walking to his side of the bed.
“What?” You asked sitting up, watching him set the bag down and open it slowly. You watched as he pulled out a large box of condoms.
“Maximum pleasure.” He wiggled his eyebrows, making you giggle. “You wanna test them out?” Ethan smirked.
“Always.” You smirked back as Ethan playfully jumped on top of you. Things quickly turned dark as his mouth attacked yours. His tongue swiped across your bottom lip asking for entrance as he slipped his tongue in your mouth, your tongues dancing together. He grounded his hips against yours as you felt his hard on through his grey sweatpants. He let out a low moan into your mouth as he hungrily took your bottom lip between his teeth, pulling lightly. You enveloped him in another kiss, tugging on his shirt for him to take it off. He swiftly removed his black t-shirt, immediately attacking your neck with kisses. He lifted another hand up to grope your breast through your loose shirt.
“Mmm, no bra. Naughty girl.” Ethan groaned into your neck.
“I thought it was pretty obvious.” You laughed as he smirked, removing your top. His mouth went straight to your breasts as his hands worked on pulling off your shorts and panties.
“So eager.” You moaned, helping him pull down your bottoms faster.
“You know it, baby.” He whispered into your chest, switching breasts. He took your nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive nub as you arched your back into his touch. You pushed him over, eagerly taking control. You lied him back as you teasingly ran your hands across his abs, down to the top of his sweats. You swiftly took off his sweatpants revealing the outline of his hard cock under the tight fabric of his black boxers. You brought your head down, licking a strip up the outline of his cock. His head flew back impatiently,
“Take it off.” He groaned.
“Not so fast, daddy.” You smirked, gripping him through his boxers. You massaged up and down his hard cock. You watched as he wiggle beneath your hands, begging for more friction. As much as you loved hearing Ethan beg, you couldn’t wait anymore. You slowly removed his boxers, revealing his hard cock dripping with pre cum. The tip was red as you took it in your mouth. Ethan let out a satisfying moan as your tongue ran along the underside you his cock. His head pushed back on the pillows as he lifted his hips to push his cock deeper in your mouth. You used an extra hand to jerk him off as your head bobbed up and down with the help of his eagerness.
“Come on baby, take it all.” He moaned, pushing your head deeper with his hands laced in your hair. You lightly gagged on his cock as he let out a loud moan.
“Just like that baby.” He whined, his hips bucking. You wrapped your lips around him, hollowing your cheeks as he forced you on his cock.
“Fuck, such a pretty mouth.” He bit his lip, letting you work him. An extra hand jerked him off as you bobbed your head up and down. You moaned on his tip as you slowly came up. You took a quick breath as Ethan regarded you, his mouth hung open in pleasure as you jerked him off, looking at him innocently. His abs clenched as you brought your tongue down to flick your tongue on the tip. He let out a low groan as he pulled your hair out of your face. Your eyes bored into his as you took him all the way in your mouth. He cursed as his hips thrusted up, his tip hitting the back of your throat repeatedly. You gagged on his cock as he groaned loudly, pulling you off his cock abruptly. You looked up at him, breathing deeply as you wiped your mouth.
“I’m pretty sure we bought condoms for a reason.” He smirked, reaching over to the bedside table to pull a condom out of the box, handing it down to you. You ripped the small package open, placing the condom on the tip as you slowly slid it down his cock, making sure there was room at the tip. His cock laid against his stomach, his chest heaving as you slowly came up to straddle his hips. You gently let your folds glide against his cock, teasing him. You grounded against him as you rubbed your clit against his cock. You whimpered as he guided your hips across his length. Ethan grunted in frustration as he flipped you over. He stood on his knees, opening your legs to position himself at your entrance. You nodded eagerly as he slowly slid inside you with ease. His head flew back as his hips met yours. He buried himself inside you as you gripped the pillow beneath your head feeling him pull out then thrust back into you roughly. You whimpered as he repeated the action, finding a moderate pace to have you moaning his name.
“You like that?” He smirked, watching you grip the sheets, “you want more?” He asked, gripping your hips.
“Yes, daddy!” You moaned.
“I’m gonna give it to you.” He groaned, snapping his hips into yours. His cock pumped in and out of you as you lifted your hips, feeling him hit that special spot inside you. You arched your back as he relentlessly bucked his hips into yours as you moaned his name. You clenched around him as his abs flexed, pushing himself deeper inside you. Ethan reached down, pinning your wrists above your head as he thrusted into you. You moaned as you writhed beneath him. Ethan began biting and sucking on your nipples as you moaned, wanting to rake your hands down his back as he fucked you.
“Who do you belong to, baby girl?” Ethan mined deeply.
“You, daddy. I’m all yours.” You whined, lifting his hips for him to hit your g-spot making you moan loudly. He caught your moan in a sloppy kiss as his skin met yours. Ethan quickly rolled you over on top of him,
“Ride me, baby, make daddy cum.” He whispered in your ear. You bit your lip, lifting your hips off of him to drop them down abruptly. Ethan moaned, feeling deeper than before. You slowly rode him, your breasts bouncing with every roll of your hips. Ethan’s hands gripped your hips tightly, leaving handprints as he guided your movements. Ethan’s mouth hung open as he watched your head cock back from pleasure. His thumb came down to slowly rub your clit as you bounced on his cock faster. You clenched around his hard cock as he moaned deeply, digging his fingertips into your hips. Your hands rested on his tense chest as you worked on his length.
“You gonna cum all over my hard cock?” Ethan asked, rubbing your clit more roughly as you moaned. You thighs threatened to squeeze together as Ethan began thrusting his hips up into yours.
“Yes daddy!” You moaned, feeling him hit your g-spot. Your nails clawed at his chest as your orgasm approached quickly. “Daddy I’m close!” You screamed as he thrusted faster, your skin slapping together.
“Come on baby, cum all over my cock.” Ethan’s thrusts never stopped as you clenched your thighs around his hips, cumming all over his cock. You moaned as he rubbed your clit, making you scream and clench around him tightly, your nails digging into his chest as his hips stilled inside you. He gripped your hips as you fell on top of him, feeling him cum inside the condom as he moaned your name loudly. He breathed deeply in your ear as he whimpered before bucking his hips a couple more times into your hips before slowly sliding out of you. You lied on top of him as you both attempted to catch your breath.
“Maximum pleasure for sure.” Ethan laughed, breathing heavily.
“I agree.” You laughed, kissing him passionately. You rested your forehead on his as you studied the shades of brown in his eyes.
“Lets go get cleaned up.” Ethan said, pulling of the condom, throwing it in the garbage.
“Beat you there.” You laughed, quickly getting off him and sprinting to the bathroom.
“Not fair!” You heard him yell from your shared bedroom. You lightly laughed to yourself, realizing how happy you were to be with him.


I see your sex chair and raise you a sex couch

It was the drama departments couch and we couldn’t put it with all the other props so it just stayed on the stage in the auditorium, which was never locked. There were so many stains and nobody wanted to be one of the people who had to sit on it for a show. During practice one time one of the guys found a condom. I’m pretty sure teachers knew about it but they didn’t do anything.

What’s your size?

Summary: Stiles drops an XXL condom in class, and it suddenly seems like Danny is really interested in him. (Or, at least, a certain part of him.)

Notes: Inspired by this post. Kind of cracky. I don’t actually remember the canon circumstances in which this occurred, so this fic is totally AU. Thanks to @shealwaysreads for telling me I should write this! (On AO3)

Stiles knows he’s in trouble before the condom even hits the classroom floor. He’s no stranger to public humiliation, but it doesn’t mean he’s a fan of it, either. And it’s going to happen, because a bright gold extra extra large condom is pretty hard to miss.

So he fully expects laughter, jeers, and several variations of “Yeah right, Stilinski.”  

But it doesn’t happen.

There’s just Scott, sitting next to him and looking amused, and Coach, who picks it up, says “Congrats,” and awkwardly hands it back. Then there’s Danny, who’s wearing an expression Stiles isn’t quite sure how to interpret.

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Request: Hey my request contains spoilers for the midseason finale but would you consider a Jake Otto x pregnant reader? Basically she vomits after all the soldiers are poisoned and he sees and freaks out thinking she was also poisoned but she wasn’t, it’s just morning sickness and she tells him she thinks she’s pregnant and he leaves the makeshift hospital to get her a test cause she’s a priority to him. The test comes back positive and he’s really supportive and sweet. Thanks, love your writing!!!

Word Count: 3449
Characters: Jake Otto; Nick Clark; Troy Otto; reader (Y/N + Y/N/N); Ofelia Salazar; Alicia Clark; Madison Clark.
Note: Y/N/N = your nick name, Y/M/N = your mum’s name.

Thanks for the request, anon! :)

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imagine noodle goes up to 2d one day and is just like ‘D whats a condom’ and 2d’s just like ‘shit i know this just slow down give me a sec’ and he just stands there vaguely squinting as he tries to remember because it sounds important and hes pretty sure a condom is something he should know about but he cant remember and he starts sweating he straining so hard and noodles just like ‘ok sorry i asked’

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Hey there! I don't know if it's a good idea to ask you about this but I don't know who else to talk to about it. If you feel uncomfortable about this kind of thing I'm really sorry and I would totally understand if you didn't want to answer me. Well, the problem is following: I'm afraid I might be pregnant. I only had sex once and I am pretty sure that the condom didn't rip but I know a condom doesn't prevent pregnancy 100%. I'll go to the gynecologist tomorrow and see if I am actually (1)

(2) pregnant or not. I’m very afraid that I actually might be pregnant because I’m definitely not ready to have a child. So if I would actually be pregnant I would get an abortion. I don’t feel particularly bad about this in general, but I feel awful about what my parents might say (I don’t want to tell my friends and partner because I’m ashamed). I know they wouldn’t hate me for it, but I am embarrassed and I am really desperate. Also, I am very afraid of the probability of having to go

(3) through the process of an abortion on my own: where I live you have to talk to different psychologists at least 3 days before the surgery and the whole organization thing frightens me. And I feel really bad because I don’t want to tell anyone about it, not even my parents or my partner, but I kind of feel guilty because I probably should, shouldn’t I?

(4) Again, I really hope I’m not hurting you with this ask in any way. If I do, I’m deeply sorry! I was just hoping you might have some encouraging words for me and maybe some advice. If not I’d totally understand! - xoxo

hey darling i am sorry to hear you are going through this uncertainty. unfortunately this is a hard topic for me for Reasons but i asked @hudders-and-hiddles to have a look at your questions and if anyone else is up for a discussion if they could please like this post for anon. this topic just isn’t for me but ilu and i hope you’re all right! 


Official condoms from Sailor Moon  💕 🌸🌙

Eg … yes, as you hear. We did not have enough with Sailor Moon Crystal compresses, no, we’re also going to have condoms.
Sailor Moon in collaboration with the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare will campaign to raise awareness among the Japanese population (although it is more geared towards young and old girls) of STDs, various sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, As well as early detection of the Human Papilloma, AIDS, among other data related to sexuality.
In order to do this, informative leaflets will be distributed at different points of information, as this type of infection seems to be proliferating, especially syphilis that is increasing considerably in the sexually active female population in the country of the rising sun and can affect the development of Pregnancy to the fetus, causing fetal death. So, they try to capture the female interest by reminding her childhood heroine, Sailor Moon, with her typical pink colors and hearts to give her a more feminine touch.
The most striking thing is that Naoko Takeuchi has collaborated with the campaign and has elaborated a statement giving importance to the protection for sexual encounters and tests for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. The motto of the campaign would be something like “I will punish you if you do not protect yourself!”.
In parts of Japan, there will be 5000 posters, 156,000 information leaflets and 56,000 condoms. Condoms will be delivered to the municipalities free of charge, and the packaging is pink in the shape of a heart with the chibi image of Sailor Moon from the sleeve and also contains information about STIs.
We leave you the images of the campaign, such as the posters and brochures, the Japanese Ministry of Health notices and the Naoko Takeuchi statement, and the condom wrap.
It is a curious thing, but these campaigns to raise public awareness in health matters is something to be thankful :)
Truth or Dare

Prompt: During a game of thruth and dare, the reader gets dared to do something that’s sure to spark things up between her and the younger Winchester.

Character: Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3.5k
Warnings: Language, the tiniest bit of dirty talk, smut (unprotected, wear a condom kids), pretty rough/dom!Sam, hair pulling, oral sex (receiving), mentions of alcohol use, a lil DeanxJo if you squint.

A/N: You can all blame @balthazars-muse for this. All because of a gifset we both needed a moment to recover from. But, this one’s also written as an early birthday present for myself, and I thought I’d treat myself and you all to a little Sam smut heheh. Excuse the unnecessary TOD plot, it’s basically just porn.

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(gifs are not mine!)

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Big Black brother sent me a pretty full condom, told me to squirt it up in my hole, so he could say he knocked me up - i’ve got TWO syringes worth of his baby batter to take!

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okay but like what if the chocobro's s/o was/got pregnant unexpectedly during the events of ffxv


Note: I’m Pro-choice friends. This will be reflected here. What a woman does with her body is her own right and choice and that includes abortion. If you disagree…. Just ignore this and keep moving, friend.

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