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How to Start an Online Magic Business

Many people want to start magical businesses of their own or offer their magic services for payment. This post covers some basic business skills/general things on how to start your business!

Know the prerequisites for a basic business.

Basically know that even if your business is a spiritual journey for YOU, it is still just a regular business to everyone else. Brush up on basic business skills, don’t be a jackass to your clients. Have the confidence to be able to handle criticism and negative reviews. Be able to communicate quickly and effectively. I have a more detailed post here.

Know what you want to offer for money.

Business can take the fun out of things you consider just a hobby. Are you certain that you want to provide that service professionally? Would you be okay if that service didn’t feel so fun anymore? Many people do readings for fun/the spiritual feels/pleasure….would it be okay if one day, your readings stopped feeling super spiritual or fun to do?

Know your target market and general client base.

Your target market is who you want to sell to. Your client base is just the general types of people who buy your products/services. Knowing both of these is super important to figuring out what to offer, how you should present yourself, and other important business things. And yes, you can have multiple target markets, and a wide client base.

To figure these out, think: What type of people usually buy magic services? Other magical people who believe in magic/spirits. What’s the general demographic of magic-practitioners on tumblr? 15-30 years of age, a large deal beginners….Do you see the sort of deductive reasoning that finding your target market and figuring out your client base is?

Know what exactly makes you different from other sellers.

Is it experience? The types of readings you offer? The quality of your readings? The deck you use? Is it you, yourself? Knowing what makes you different from other sellers/those providing services is going to be your selling point, what makes people want to buy from you specifically. You want to be different so that people actually remember and recognize you/your service.

Market yourself.

Make posts about your shop, and asks your friends to reblog/share it (the worst you could get is a ‘no’). Use 3 billion tags, and even make your own special tags for yourself. Talk with people one on one. Answer questions about your shop/services. Have an FAQ, and info page.  Have an “about” page with actual content about you; don’t have it be something like “Kelly, 17” with nothing else there. People want to know who the actual person behind the business is. Have multiple places about you; a tumblr + facebook + twitter is pretty common. This gives you different forms of content and different client bases.

Get familiar with paypal and/or other forms of payment.

Paypal is the most commonly used one, and it’s easy to use, especially since most people use it, and you don’t need a Paypal account to pay through Paypal. However, quite a few people do not like Paypal due to bad reviews- BUT most of these worries can be countered if you use the invoices. Please just learn to use the invoices, it will save you a billion headaches.

Know how to price.

The goal is to be able to price at minimum wage, at least. However, you won’t be able to earn at minimum wage if you don’t have any clients yet. You may need to do a few free or discounted readings to build up your reputation, which bites but does help in the long-run. This sort of ties in to knowing your client base; are most people on tumblr willing to pay $30 for a tarot reading? Probably not. Make sure your services are worth the price; if you, personally, would not pay for the quality of services you offer, maybe your prices need an adjustment. Or, if you personally believe that you would pay for all of your services because they are so wonderful and perfect, maybe you should ask a very honest friend who also does magic if they would pay for your services.

Make an email specific to your magic business.

Just trust me on this one…Plus it can also double as your Paypal email if you use that for payment.

Encourage and be able to take customer feedback/complaints.

How are people going to know if your service is good if they never hear anything about it? You should have a section/page about reviews, both good and bad. Would you believe it if a product had 100% 5-star reviews? Probably not. You need to have the confidence to be able to take bad reviews with pride before you can start a magic business, because they will happen occasionally. You are the one with the power to stop bad reviews, by actually improving on whatever the customer complained about. Also, how are you supposed to know how to improve if you never get reviews or nobody says anything bad ever? Yes bad reviews will hurt, but you must have the maturity to say “yes, that is something I should improve on” if you want to start a magic business and have it grow to a decent size.

If you do get a bad review, saying something like “sorry it didn’t go as planned, let me contact you so that we can settle this!” would go a long way to show future customers that you care.

Git gud.

People pay for things they cannot do for themselves. If it’s something they can or are willing to do themselves, what’s the point of paying for your service/product? If you charge $10 a tarot reading it better be more than three fucking sentences! If you conjure a spirit for a price it damn better be a non-malicious spirit! Make sure your prices justify the service. You can’t expect people to actually spend money on shit services. Git gud.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you know of any list of active Jonghyun fansites that also includes links to those fansites' twitter, homepage, etc.? I'd really like to try to order from them sometime, but I don't know where to find them. I feel like I stopped seeing any news about new fansite goods back in 2014, and he's done so much since then! In a related question, what's the best way to try to find/buy older fansite goods if you missed the order period? Thanks so much for any information!

this list isn’t going to include either: fansites that are inactive or fansites that are centered around ot5 as i already made a masterpost last week that lists off all of those! (you can find it here.) also: a lot of newer fansites are only located directly on twitter. it used to be pretty common for them to have “official” tistory sites but that trend has seemed to die down over the last few years.

408romantic (twitter)
abnormal temperature (site, twitter)
agape (site, twitter)
almightyblings (site, twitter)
blingbumk (twitter, weibo)
blingx2j (twitter, youtube)
bluezy (twitter)
bluffjjong (twitter, youtube)
cherryzi (sitetwitter, youtube)
close to you (twitter)
dans ma bulle (site, twitter)
dear. tender boy (sitetwitter)
decalcomanee (twitter)
delight (twitter, youtube)
four season (twitter)
hello hyun (twitter, weibo)
hwaya9048 (instagram, twitter)
ideal boy (sitetwitter, youtube)
illp_jontaem (instagram, twitter)
ijonghyun (sitetwitter, weibo, youtube)
i’m sorry (sitetwitter, weibo)
ipipie (instagram, twitter)
j-cure (twitter)
j for you (twitter)
just_holic (twitter)
king (site, twitter) (site, twitter)
little crazy (twitter)
love belt (twitter)
maruko (twitter, youtube)
miracle (twitter)
mr.mrs (twitter, weibo)
must romantic (twitter, youtube)
now jonghyun (twitter)
only you (instagram, twitter)
p.408 (site, twitter, youtube)
peony (site, twitter, youtube)
perfect reason (site, twitter, youtube)
perfect score (twitter)
see-through heart (sitetwitter)
sleepless nite (twitter)
sunflowers0408 (facebook, site, twitter, youtube)
sweet poison (instagram, site, twitter)
tomato (twitter)
touchdown (twitter)

as for fan goods: his only fansite doing goods right now is ideal boy. click here for a link to more details on the goods but keep in mind that the deadline for payment is november 24th!

I thought this was pretty common sense but since I’ve seen discussion about it over on Twitter I’ll say this right now.

PLEASE ask artists before taking photos of their work in the Artist Alley at conventions. Treat artists with the same amount of respect you would a cosplayer whose photo you want to take. Make it a consensual experience. More often than not the artist will be ok with photos taken, but some aren’t and that’s really important to know!