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Scott McCall Imagine- Alpha Affliction

“I could have killed you” you heard from across the school. “But you didn’t- not like you could anyway” you scoffed. “For once, could you just admit that you screwed up?” he sighed. “For once, could you just except that you’ve been beaten?” you returned. “Who the hell are you talking to Y/L/N?” coach asked, breaking you out of your werewolf hearing. “Christ, no need to shout” you whined, holding your head due to how loud he sounded. “Language! Don’t make me give you detention on a Monday morning” he yelled, already walking off to go and scold Greenburg, for something petty most likely. You opened your locker door and grabbed your books, you smirked into it after sensing someone familiar. You slammed it shut and the person standing behind it barely waited a second before beginning to grill you. “What on earth were you thinking? I’ll tell you what, you wasn't” he lectured. “Stiles, I’ve literally just gone through this with McCall” you rolled your eyes. “We both know he has a soft spot for you, but I’m telling you, stop messing with his head!” he warned, using unneeded hand gestures. “No one got hurt!” you stated. “But they could have” he issued. “But they didn't” you growled, letting your eyes flicker red for a brief second. There may have been a slight run in with yours and Scott’s pack, that turned a bit sour last night, but it turned out alright in the end. “Someone’s going to get hurt if you carry on the way you are with Scott” he told. “Are you threatening me Stilinski?” you asked, smirking with amusement. “No, but I am warning you, the worst thing you could do is break his heart. You know what happened to him in the past, if you’re looking for a weak spot, pick anything but that” he said, before walking off down the hallway. You stood there for a second and dropped your head, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

But things weren’t always like this. You didn’t ask to be an alpha and by no means did you intentionally kill someone for it. You used to be happy, you belonged to your older sister’s pack- a peaceful pack. When the Darach showered up, she needed to get your pack out of the way,  because your sister was too close to revealing Jennifer Blake for what she was. Most of you died, but you managed to survive. You had to stand and watch as the members of the pack you grew up in, screamed in agony at the wolfs bane, that made its way around their bloodstreams. You knelt beside your sister, it was the only time you had seen her cry. You took as much of her pain as you could, but there was no hope. You closed your eyes and allowed your sobs to be muffled by your hand that covered your mouth. “Please- It hurts” she begged. “I cant” you said, shaking your head as tears fell from your cheeks. “Please” she begged once more. You couldn’t watch her struggle for breath, when she had been so powerful in life. The one person you didn’t want to lose- was now begging for you to end her life. You cradled her motionless body in your arms, feeling the pain she felt. “I’m sorry” you whispered, before taking her life in one brisk movement. You screamed and sobbed for hours afterwards, until the remaining pack members had to pry you off of her body. You hated your red eyes, but hated the blue that hid under them even more. You lost you sister- your best friend that day. But you couldn’t grieve forever, with your remaining strength you held the pack together until it grew in size and power. However, what happened that day changed you. Your personality included, you could tell people missed the old you, in fact you did too but some things are unavoidable in life, and this was one of them.

“I’ll see you later” you said to one of your pack members, before you went your separate ways. You checked the time on your phone, it was half nine and you had only just left school. Long story short, you had been on alpha duty all day, trying to prevent your pack from killing Scott’s. You even had to stay and wait for Lacrosse practice to finish, because of a few of them being on the same team as the others. You put your phone in your back pocket and crossed your arms to try and preserve a little more heat because you had a long walk home and only a thin leather jacket on, wolf heat or not it was absolutely freezing out. You walked for about ten minutes until you let out a loud sigh in frustration. “Are you still not done following me Scott?” you shouted, proceeding to walk. All of a sudden you felt someone next to you. “How did you know?” he asked, in both curiously and embarrassment. You simply glowed your eyes red at him, surely he knew you’d be able to smell his scent and hear his heartbeat, considering you’re a werewolf and all. “Oh right” he mumbled as your eyes faded back to their usual colour. “So are you going to tell me why you’re stalking me?” you asked, tilting your head. “I wouldn’t call it stalking” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m pretty sure that’s what the Sheriffs Department would call it, oh wait it doesn’t actually matter, I’m sure your father in law will let you off with it” you said incredibly sarcastically. “How many times do I have to tell you? Stiles is not my overprotective boyfriend!” he raised his voice, meaning it echoed through the empty streets. You stared at him, trying to keep a straight face after hearing him sound like a seven year old boy. It didn’t last long until you both burst out laughing at the same time. “Woah, has the ice queen melted?” he asked, referring to how he’d only ever seen you scoff and smirk bitchily after becoming an alpha. “Not quite” you said shortly, as both of your laughs came to a stop. “No seriously though, why are you following me?” you questioned, killing the somewhat friendly mood in seconds. “And there she is” he mumbled. You simply raised your eyebrows, waiting for an answer. “Stiles thinks you’re up to something and I came to find out what” he accidently told. “Figures it would be him, he hates me” you whined. “Why would you think that?” he asked, putting his hands in his jacket pockets. You just gave him a blank expression, followed by an eye roll, Stiles made his dislike pretty obvious. “I’m sure if he got to know you more, he’d change his mind” he tried to convince. “I’ve known you all for most of my life; you, Stiles, Lydia and I’ve met you all across the years, Kira, Malia, Liam - Allison” your voice cracked on the final name. “ I mean the new you, you’ve changed and it’s something that needs to be accepted, rather than ignored” he tried to sympathise. “Don’t try to understand Scott, you have no idea what it’s like” you claimed, stopping still. “My first love died in my arms, because I dragged everyone into the supernatural world. I did that, me!” he also stopped and raised his voice, in built up emotion rather than anger. “I had to kill my own sister Scott, it isn’t a competition of who’s life is the shittest!” you matched his volume. “But look at yourself, you’re too busy hating the world for what its done to you, that you didn’t realise, and still don’t realise that all we’ve ever tried to do is help you” he ranted. “I have no one Scott. All I had was her and when she died, she took a part of me, a part I’ll never get back- and no one was truly there for me when I was hurting, I still am hurting.  So forgive me, for not being the optimistic idiot I used to be” you retort. “You pushed us away, we tried to help you but you wouldn’t let us. Look, I’m sorry about your sister and I wished we could of helped you- but you cant carry on like this”  he said, a lot softer. “Carry on like what?” your volume remained loud and aggressive. “You cant carry on being a temperamental physco- like a ticking time-bomb” he regretted saying it, the second he finished speaking. “Watch me” you replied laconically. You proceeded to walk off, before Scott saw the tears that welled up in your eyes.

“I’m going to kill him” you growled, eyes glowing red. “Who?” one of your pack members asked, slightly amused. You weren’t the only one to change that day, your peaceful pack became one of challenge, confrontation and one to be feared. You weren’t psychotic murderers, but by no means were you all innocent. You paced back and forth, In the apartment building that you shared with most of your pack. “Scott McCall” you claimed, through gritted teeth. “Do it” another spoke, biting into an apple. “No one is killing anyone” another stated rationally. “What did he even do?” someone asked. You stopped still for a second and actually thought about it, putting your anger aside. You thought about the past, you remembered everything that had faded from your memory, due to your hatred and hurt clouding your vision. Scott watched one of his closest friends change into a dark and manipulative Alpha. He knew you were just trying to protect and build a pack, but he knew that you were losing yourself along the way. You remember ignoring Stiles’ calls, skipping lunches with Lydia, pretending not to see Allison in the street and you remembered telling Scott that you never wanted to speak to him again. Telling Stiles that you weren’t interested in his dumb plans anymore, telling Lydia that you didn’t care about her pointless guy stories, telling Allison that you needed time for yourself. You did push them away. You were hurting, but you were also hurting them. It was too late to apologise to Allison, to tell her that you needed her, to say goodbye- but it wasn’t too late for the others. “Omg” you mumbled, at your sudden realisation. “What?” one of your member’s asked. “Excuse me” you simply replied, pushing past them and through the front door.

You stretched out your knuckles, as though you were going to knock on the door but then quickly moved your hand away again. You had been pacing back and forth, outside of Scott’s house for about ten minutes. You just didn’t quite know what you were going to say, or why you were even there. You then decided to live by the 5 second life rule, so you quickly knocked on the door and waited nervously for what was next. When you didn’t receive a response, you figured it was late and he may have been asleep or with his Pack. You placed your weight on the door, to focus your hearing on his house, just to check if he was ignoring you. That was when the door swung open and you fell into his house. “Ouch” you mumbled, not expecting it. You looked, expecting to see Scott with a confused expression on his face, when you were met with nothing. Why would Scott, a true alpha leave his door unlocked? You stood up and brushed yourself off, before slowly walking around his house. You figured you might as well wait for him, considering you were already there and all. You reminisced, looking at the house that was once familiar to you. You stood in the doorframe of his kitchen, when you heard a heartbeat approach the front door. They stopped, before hesitantly pushing the door open. You were met by Scott, his eyes glowing red and his fangs retracted. You simply switched the light switch beside you on, and smirked to yourself. “What the hell Y/n?” he asked in surprise, his face returning to normal. “Hey Scotty” you smiled, it was what you used to call him when you were younger. He looked at you hesitantly, not sure if you were plotting your revenge from your altercation earlier. “God Scott, don’t look so on edge” you sighed. He threw his motorbike key on the side of the couch and took his jacket off. “What can I help you with?” he asked, uncertain. “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry” you said reluctantly, but honestly. Scott flashed a non-intentional smile- he was smug. Who would have thought that you would have been the one to back down from your stupid feud. “I accept your apology” he simply returned. “What? Just like that?” you asked, not sure as to what the catch was. “Y/n, I’ve always been here for you and I always will. I was just waiting for you to finally realise that” he spoke softly, taking a step closer to you. You stood up, no longer leaning your weight against the doorframe. “I shouldn’t have treated you all like shit, especially not you” you dropped your head. Scott delicately brought your head back up. “It’s okay to be hurt Y/n, but you need your friends. Lydia, Stiles-” he began to list off. “And you” you finished for him, staring into his kind brown eyes. “Yeah-” he simply whispered, and with that he leant down and pressed his lips to yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him tightly against you. You were now leaning the back on the doorframe, as he deepened the kiss. You were that lost in the moment, that neither of you heard the front door open. “Finally” Lydia accidently praised out loud, immediately covering her mouth afterwards. You and Scott slowly broke away, smiling at one another. You then both proceeded to turn to look at the full living room, both giving a small laugh of embarrassment. “That was hot” Malia approved. You looked at them all awkwardly, it was the first time you had been together with everyone like this. Malia and Kira were smiling, you didn’t know them that well but you knew you would instantly get along with them. As much as you neglected Lydia, she still stood there with pride and a beaming smile at the thought of her two best friends together. Liam looked more awkward than you, but you could already tell that he was sweet and someone you wanted to protect at all costs. You then glanced to the back of them, seeing Stiles with a straight look on his face. Your smile dropped as he approached the two of you slowly. “We’re having our weekly Pack Pizza Party, would you be interested in joining us?” he asked excitedly, with a genuine smile on his face. You relaxed and returned it, pulling him into a long awaited hug. “Ill take that as a yes” he laughed brightly, issuing to Lydia who was about to call and order them. She didn’t even have to ask for your order, it was as if you had never left them. Your friends then continued to start setting up the movie, drinks, blankets and snacks for you all. You walked over to Scott, with a sweet smile formed on your lips. He put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you close to him. “I missed this” you breathed. “We missed you” he replied, kissing you on your forehead. Although some of the members had changed, the friendship and love that kept you all together was still the same. You wanted to protect your pack, but it was time to put yourself first for once too. No more fighting, no more rivalry. It was time to focus on the new chapter in your life, which had a much brighter outcome.

Bump Into You (Mycroft X Reader)





SUMMARY: You’re Molly’s best friend and have finally helped her get over Sherlock and her douchebag ex and finally found her a nice guy. Tonight he’s going to propose so you help Molly get ready then send her off for her big night. But when you bump into someone strangely familiar you decided to just go for it. It is only dinner!

A/N: Guys, I’mm sorry this sis so shit I’m so stressed and busy with college work I haven’t had time to write anything properly any anything I have started is getting done very slowly. So I will post those eventually, for now, you’ll have to deal with this. SORRY

Molly held up the dress she had picked out and grinned as she checked herself out in the mirror. I was so happy that this match had actually worked. Molly finally had a boyfriend and after tonight a possible fiancée not that she knew about that, though.

I’d been friends with Molly since university. We shared a flat during the first year and became firm friends since. She was shy and quiet while I was generally quite loud and outgoing, not to say I didn’t have my quiet moments I just was better at speaking to people I didn’t know. I’d set Molly and James up, had Sherlock double-check my assumptions on him to see if he wasn’t a complete pyscho like the rest of Molly’s choices had been in the past and the rest, as they say, is history.

James had called me yesterday asking whether I thought it was a good time to propose and of course I agreed. The pair were practically inseparable, so loved up it was almost sickening. But I was happy. My best friend had got her happy ending. And as much as she protested I did not need my own to be happy.

I had an amazing job, an amazing flat and an amazing set of friends and a dog named Richard. I didn’t need anyone else.

Molly got dressed and we chatted while she got ready. She did her hair fairly plainly and her make-up was a slight glammed up look of her usual. She looked gorgeous.

I walked her to the restaurant that she was meeting James, cursing when I realised how far it actually was and how bad my shoes were at long distances. Either way, it gave me time to give Molly her ‘pre-date pep talk’ not that she really needed it anymore, she practically lived with the guy nowadays but it had become a bit of a tradition between us. She gave the same speech to me before any date I went on too so it was equal.

I dropped her off and waved, pretending to act like a proud mother crying as she sent her children off to school for the first time. This made Molly laugh and I knew everything was going to be okay. My Molly was growing up!

I began walking back, deciding to go the different way home through Central London, my favourite part of the city. It took a lot longer and I really should take a taxi but it was such a nice evening and I loved walking beside the Thames at this time of day. The water always looked so pretty, reflecting the burning colours in the sky, much nicer than the murky grey visible during the day.

I strolled along, humming a song I’d heard on the radio earlier having a really nice time when suddenly someone crashed into me. They knocked me back so I fell onto the pavement, tripping on my feet.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” They apologised, helping me up.

“Oh crap I’m sorry,” I apologised at the same time, as I bent down to pick up the man’s umbrella. A strange thing to be calling round in the middle of summer but whatever.

“It’s no problem, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” The man shrugged.

“No, you weren’t really,” I laughed, “I’m sorry but I feel like we’ve met before. Do you know Sherlock Holmes?”

“Sherlock? Yes… who are you?”

“Y/n. Y/n l/n. I used to live upstairs from him a while ago. I swear I saw you there before,”

“You’re the girl with the assassin for a brother,”

“Yep!” I laughed, trying to hide my embarrassment. “Unfortunately so,”

“Well, Y/n. You were right in thinking we’d met before,” The man nodded with a smirk planted on his lips. “Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s brother,”

I was taken back for a moment. This was Mycroft? The big, bad, drug searching, the British government, eating all the cakes Mycroft. Sherlock had certainly painted a seriously warped picture of his brother for me. The man that stood before me now was nothing like how I’d imagined. Though, to be fair I had imagined someone that looked like the fat controller mixed with Sheldon from The Bing Bang Theory.

The real Mycroft was very well dressed, obviously intelligent and had an air of high class and mystery about him. If I didn’t know any better I would have just taken him for some stick up the ass bank CEO.

“You’re Mycroft?” I asked, amazed and in disbelief. Mycroft laughed and seemed surprised that I was so amazed.

“Yes, that’s my name,”

“I’m sorry, it’s just Sherlock has told me a lot about you and well-“

“He is a drama queen,” Mycroft rolled his eyes, I laughed in agreement.

“Well, how about you tell me about yourself over dinner tonight,” I sudden flurry of confidence suddenly coming from nowhere, “Seeing as Sherlock has over dramatised everything about you that I can visibly see,”

“Sure,” Mycroft shrugged, “I have nothing else to do tonight I suppose,”

“You had dinner with my brother!” 

“Yes, I’ve had dinner with your brother lots of times now, Sherlock. Is it really that bad that someone might be interested in him?” 

“Yes! Especially if that person if you!” 

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Prompt 1: Koi no Yokan

Written by: @born-potty

A/N: I had to. Hope you enjoy.

All of his life, Gray had struggled against the notion of Fate. Or Destiny. Or any crap like that. Like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. I still needta watch John Wick 2. Dammit.

Loke had been unable to stop gushing about it. Apparently the sequel had outdone the original. He had his doubts, though. The first one had been really good, but sequels tended to not live up to the originals. Not all the time anyway.

Gray loosened his tie and yawned. It was the wrong time to do so since the train came to a lurching halt. Gulping down the yawn, he immediately reached up and grabbed the overhead handle to stop himself from slamming into other people in the already crowded train.

But it didn’t stop someone else from crashing into him.

The evening rush hour was always worse than the morning. On their way to work, people smelled so nice and fresh. On their way back, they smelled of defeat and sweat and disappointment. Nobody had a single damn to give anymore, so Gray expected people to bump into him.

He honestly never expected a cute redhead to bump into him.

The woman placed both of her palms on his chest to stop herself from hugging him. With one hand holding the handle and the other guarding his wallet, Gray had no means to push her away or even stabilise her. Not that she needed it, of course. No sooner had the train halted that she’d straightened with a muttered apology, brushing away the few stray strands of crimson hair which had come loose from her ponytail and tucking them behind her ear.

Is this the gods’ way of making it up to me after I attended an all-boy’s highschool?

She wore a business suit, the top two buttons of her white dress shirt now open. Her bangs were clipped to the right side of her head, and brown eyes now downcast behind her glasses.

Gray smiled. He knew he was about to say something very weird. The stars had aligned to make him bump into someone who wasn’t a hairy, overweight man with a dandruff problem. No way in hell could his poor social skills not muck this up.

“I see you just fell for me.”

She looked up. The doors of the train closed and it started moving again. Gray gulped. With the doors, his opportunity of hightailing it had also just closed.

I should not be allowed to talk to people.

“I beg your pardon, but I fell on you. There is a difference.”

There was an edge of sarcasm to her voice, but she mostly just sounded tired. Gray was happy that she hadn’t kneed him in the nuts. Anything he got was better than what he’d anticipated.

“Right. Of course. Sorry,” he said quickly and turned towards the window. What was I thinking about again? I lost my train of thought on a train. Ahh, I crack myself up.

He watched the lights flash by outside as evening settled over the city. The voice-lady announced the next stop and he sighed. His stop was still a long way off. About a half hour more of dangling. Just what he needed.

“Thank you, though.”

Wait, what? He blinked down at the redhead, who offered a small smile. “For holding me. Thank you.”

“I, uh, I didn’t-”

“I know. But you were more gracious than the others.”

You say that like you’re a connoisseur of bumping into people or something.

“Yes, well, neither do people greet each other with lame puns.”

“Yet you did.”

“What can I say?” Gray shrugged nonchalantly. “I felt something was missing in my life, so I took a course in weirdness after highschool.”

That made her grin. “It seems to have served you well.”

He couldn’t help his chuckle. “You’re the first one to say that to me, Miss.”

“Aren’t you lucky, then?”

“Very. I would shuffle my feet like a country bumpkin, but as you can see, I’m a bit short on space at the moment.”

Bringing up a hand to cover her mouth, she laughed. Gray liked the sound of that. It was nice. Soft and sonorous. Like church bells ringing on a lazy summer afternoon. Wait, no, too poetic.

The train-voice announced the oncoming station and Gray let go of the handle. “You hold it.”

She looked hesitant. “Are you sure?”

“Sure I’m sure. I’m used to it.”

And he was. When the train slowed down, Gray leant forward on the balls of his feet, against the momentum, and lowered himself down on his heels when the train stopped. The woman had taken his hanging handle with a grateful smile.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

As people disembarked, he looked around for empty seats but frowned upon not finding any. The train started again and he leant back against the momentum this time. Like a pro, Fullbuster. Full points.

“I’m Erza, by the way. Erza Scarlet.” She must’ve seen his grin, because she rolled her eyes. “Yes, like my hair.”

Still smiling, he said, “Gray Fullbuster. Gray… like my life, I guess.”

The corners of her lips twitched, but she fought back the smile. “Fullbuster? That’s… odd.”

“I know. Evidently, when I get busted, it’s always in full. No half-assing.” He sighed dramatically. “Such is my lamentable legacy.”

“But hey, if you get busted a lot, you cannot say your life is gray.”

“Ah, but I don’t. I always get away with it. I’m just that good.” He pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and put in his breast pocket. “But I’m thinking I might start a law firm or a private investation agency.”


“Yeah. Scarlet and Gray, Discreet Investigations. I can see it now. It’d be pretty colourful.”

“Heh. Thank you for putting me first.”

“I’m a gentleman at heart, you know.”

“Oh? I see chivalry is not as dead as I thought.”

He smiled at that. “You know the chivalric code started out as a treatise on how to kill people, right?”

“Do you mean how the chivalry is derived from the Old French chevalerie horse-soldiery and was translated as cavalry in later times?” She tilted her head and smiled brightly. “Why no, Gray, I did not know that.”

Gray nodded, impressed. “Well, ya know what they say. Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right.”

Her eyes sparkled as he said it. “Would that I had twelve clerks so learned in all wisdom and so perfectly trained as is Gray Fullbuster.”

He laughed aloud. “The Maker of heaven and earth has not many like to that man and do you expect to have twelve?”

“Why Gray,” she said with a smirk, “I do believe you just became my new favourite person.”

“What, I can just become your favourite person by quoting some Charlemagne?” He tutted. “You have low standards, Erza.”

They went back and forth like that for a time, their topics ranging from Beowulf (“Talk about plot armour, huh?”), to the Ramayana (“He knew how to uphold what was right, King Rama.”), to the Trojan War (“Pshh. Helen. What a bitch.”), to Troy (“It is unfortunate how Heinrich Schliemann destroyed what he was looking for. Imagine excavating Troy with today’s technology!”), to the German school of fencing (“Liechtenauer’s still pretty easy, though.”) and finally to medieval Italian armour.

“I rather like it,” Erza stated.

“Better than the German version?”

“Gothic armour is beautiful, but there is just something about the asymmetrical pauldrons of Italian armour that just speaks to me.”

“Fair enough.” Gray listened to the train-lady call out the name of his approaching stop. He smiled. “Well, that’s my stop coming up.”

Erza nodded. “I see. It was good talking to you, Gray.”

“Likewise.” He felt the train starting to slow down. “Listen, I know this is random and weird, but could I ask for your number? It’s not every day that I meet someone who speaks my language.”

She smiled mischievously. “Are you lowering your standards, Gray?”

“Hey, I have no dignity.”

“I leave it to Fate. If we are meant to meet again, we shall.” The train stopped. “Go. You’ll miss your stop.”

Gray didn’t believe in Fate. Or Destiny. Or any of that crap. Like Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight. He liked to make his own luck.

He remembered how Ultear had written to him from Japan that very morning saying that she’d met some guy with a tattoo on his face and they’d been going out. Said that she’d felt something hit her in the feels when they’d first met. Said it was what J. K. Rowling felt when she’d first conceptualised Harry Potter on that damn train ride.

It’s this incredibly elated feeling you get when you’ve just met someone with whom you might eventually fall in love with, she’d written. The Japanese have a phrase for that, you know. Koi no Yokan. Not exactly Fate or Destiny. But Inevitability, I suppose. Hitsuzen, if you remember Cardcaptor Sakura.

That damn cousin of his would never let him live down the fact that he’d watched – and enjoyed – what was essentially a girl’s show.

Gray didn’t claim to understand all that Japanese jiggery-pokery, but he thought that it was what he felt as he stared at the smiling redhead before him. As if he’d met someone wonderful and they were about to embark on some wondrous affair. A kind of excitement and light-headedness that he couldn’t quite decipher.

While he didn’t believe in the Fate crap, this Koi no Yokan business didn’t sound all that bad.

So Gray smiled back at Erza as the doors closed and the train lurched forward.

“Y’know what,” he said and brought out his phone. “It’s not my stop after all. Now, how about that number?”

the best part about being a monster is not caring what happens to myself

Summary: In which Phil has synesthesia - an ability to “see” sounds and “smell” colours. However Dan has a secret, which is an eating disorder.
Genre: fluff & angst
Word count: 6.7k
TWs: swearing, vomiting, eating disorder
A/N: Huge shout out to @ohmygoyouguys​ !!! This fic wouldn’t exist if it was’t for her!

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  • A Random Woman in the supermarket, talking to my niece: aren’t you pretty! do you have a little boyfriend?
  • me, internally: she is two and a half, she likes bugs and making mud pies and colouring in my tattoos with felt tip pen. please go away.
  • nibling, wielding a baguette like a scimitar: YES.
  • Random Woman, looking at me like awwww how Cute: what's your boyfriends name??
  • nibling: IRON MAN
  • Random Woman: ...what was that sweetheart?
  • nibling: I LOVE ROBOTS

heyits--wags  asked:

I LOVE THIS FUN FACTS THING AHH. My name is Kait, my favorite color is yellow, my friends sometimes call me Sunshine, my favorite smell is lavender and I want to get lavender tattooed on my ankle for my birthday (22 in november), I'm from North Carolina in the US, majoring in middle school science/ history education, my favorite song right now is Hello My Old Heart by the Oh Hellos, and I really love making mixed CDs for friends and pretty much anyone who will take one, and I have synesthesia!


Yellow is amazing. Lavender is amazing. Tattoos are amazing. I once drove through North Carolina to get from Alberta to Ontario!

Also synesthesia is fascinating, which variety do you have??))

“I will make you a promise. Every year, Tessa, on one day, I will meet you on that bridge. I will come from the Silent City and I will meet you, and we will be together, if only for an hour. But you must tell no one.”

An hour every year,” Tessa whispered. “It is not much.” She recollected herself then, and took a deep breath. “But you will live. You will live. That is what is important. I will not be visiting your grave.”


I’m in Copenhagen and there was an aesthetic af sunrise

amell-on  asked:

I love the noses and the shoulder shapes and the vibrance in the coloring and oh boy good art

Oh man thanks… I sometimes worry that I’m drawin too much shoulder cause I have crazy broad shoulders myself, and used to be pretty self-conscious/insecure about it?? On the flip side I’m kinda glad people notice, because teenage me would have prob cried if she’d seen art with broad shouldered women….. and colouring is so much fun, I love it <3

(What’s the most noticeable thing about my art style?)

Nemesis submitted: Alright since I wanted to draw something like this after I read the last chapter of just like you but I was busy so I just did something quick tonight, after I got a bit high. Not sure about the colours though. Tell me what you think and post it if you think it’s worth it. Thank you

Oh my, oh my. ;w;  Just wow. This drawing is spectacular, I honestly feel so honored and happy that someone wants to draw what I’ve written, it’s incredible. I love this, you got it all right <3 And the colors are so vivid and intense, so pretty and purple. This is exactly how I saw them making out and making up.
I’ve heard being high makes for an amazing creativity. It feels like I’m sitting in the dark, watching them, and they’re the candle lightening it up. This is so beautiful, I will treasure it forever. Thank you. ♥


I got a river for a soul, and baby you’re a boat
Baby, you’re my only reason

lala-loony-lupin-deactivated201  asked:

Please oh please can I have either Jily or Sirius/Lily (I know that wasn't on your list but like I thought I'd ask anyway) and idk just fluffy stuff I don't even care. x

oh man oh man!

  • “But Remus, how is her hair that colour naturally?” Sirius whined for what seemed the 32nd time that week, the new girl had stuck out to him.
  • “I don’t know, love, perhaps go ask her?”
  • “James would have me by my balls if I so much as breathed in her directon.” 
  • “James also knows you’re pretty gay, baby,” Remus said not looking up from his book
  • “it’s ‘a pretty, gay baby’,” Sirius corrected with a smirk and Remus rolled his eyes   
  • not long after that Lily was braiding his hair and teaching him how properly apply eyeshaddows. 
  • “Sirius Black, where is my Naked palette?” 
  • *Sirius looks at her with pretty nude eyelids* “mmm I don’t know”
  • they competed in everything.
  • “I bet I got more As than you.”
  • “£10 says I can chug this bottle of water faster than you can.”
  • “Wanna bet on who gets more numbers tonight?”
  • “That’s unfair because you like more sexes than me, Evans, but considering I’m prettier, you’re on.”
  • Sirius lost by one number
  • he heard about it for 3 months straight
  • they occasionally brought it up whenever Sirius was being particularly cocky (everyday) and he only cried a little bit over it now
  • “Lil, I have something to tell you,” Sirius said, the worried expression on his face made her stop typing away at her laptop. 
  • “What’s up love?” 
  • “I think I like Remus.”
  • “Right…”
  • “No, I know I like Remus.”
  • “That much is obvious, I’m failing to see the problem here?”
  • “He’s straight.”
  • “I think the not-so-pg slow-dancing against a gay man the other night wasn’t very straight of him.”
  • “But he’s only been with girls,” Sirius whined.
  • “And I’m wtih James now, that doesn’t make me any less bi?” 
  • She promised she wouldn’t say anything though.
  • But every time Remus entered a room Sirius was in she would move her brows up and down at Sirius
  • and every time an innuedo was said by either of them (there were a lot) Lily cleared her throat and threw a smirk at Sirius
  • When Sirius and Remus finally got together Sirius told Lily first thing
  • and the private jokes.
  • “Orange cup, blue cup,” and they would end up in stitches
  • it was hell for anyone who didn’t get them
  • and they were best bros .
An Update in Words.

I have to admit I never thought I’d actually forget I had a blog, but lo and behold, I did.  I blame this on many reasons, really, the number one reason being my head is up in the clouds with three thousand and one other items. Items like my new job and relocating south of the border. 

I had heard it was hard to work in the U.S., but holey guacamole, I had no idea just how hard. I have got hit with visa issues, and although I was ready to move to Detroit early October, I am *STILL* waiting for my visa to go through, that is, if it even does.  

It’s been a super frustrating experience with omg-I’m-moving-in-five-days moments, to I’m-never-going-to-move. Without getting into the details of it all, there’s still hope, but also a strong chance I’ll have to wait a year (as it’s easier to move once you’ve been at a company a year).  

My fingers and toes are crossed the visa comes through for a plethora of reasons now, the main one being the job.  I’m working on two projects right now, and everyone I work with is either in Detroit or NYC, and it’s been challenging owning my role from Toronto. I want so badly to prove myself on these two projects, and although I think I’ve definitely hit the ground running, I could be even better if I was in Detroit. 

And then, of course, there are the obvious reason I want my visa to go through. I have mentally prepared myself for a change and different scenery and am just plain and simply ready. My apartment is packed up, I had a goodbye party (!!!), I have left Project Sunshine and handed the torch over… I am ready, and now living in limbo. 

If my visa doesn’t go through that will be okay too. I love my office and life and friends in Toronto. I’m close to my nieces and family and will get to stay in my apartment. So really, I type this because I just want to know. But it’s out of my hands now (it’s in the lawyer’s and U.S.A.’s immigration hands’) so I’ll wait and see and stay in limbo. 

On another note… summer ended, eh? 

I shouldn’t complain as what a fantastic summer it was. Plus, September and early October felt like summer too, so the colder air is almost welcomed. Cute scarfs and boots and jackets; yes please! I went shopping the other day and had a massive splurge… $336 later I bought a pair of Tory Burch flats. Insane, right? I know. But I had been eyeing those exact flats since I was staring at the exact fake ones in Thailand (5 years ago!) so I figured I’d… treat m'self.  BUT, they were SOOO uncomfortable and hard and I am going to return them. So yup, there’s a tangent of a story for you. 

Since we last chatted Shine On! happened.  My beloved charity committee threw a 300 person party and we raised funds for Project Sunshine Canada. $17,000 to be exact.  Not to get back to the visa thing, but to get back to the visa thing, I think Project Sunshine is why I am so frustrated with the limbo that is my life right now. I walked away from a charity committee I loved and I handed it off to two new Directors I chose, so i can’t go back on it now. The committee meant so much to me, and oh man, I just hope I gave it up for a good reason. 

Autumn is here and the beautiful leaves are in full colour. Sometimes I leave work just to go for a walk to admire them. The world is so pretty and I hope I will never stop pausing to look at it. 

As I noted above I had a going away party. Oh jeesh, did I feel loved, or did I feel LOVED?!  About thirty of my favourite people showed up and they got me cupcakes and balloons and my uber home from a friend’s house was at 9:38am the next morning to show you how my friends took me out with a bang! 

I never really blogged about it, but I had the worst of the worst of the worst 30th birthdays. Four people showed up when I had invited over forty. Think about that. For my thirtieth birthday. On the actual day of the party I got 26 texts cancelling. I ended the night in bed around 11 alone in my apartment.  That evening I promised myself I’d always go above and beyond for friends, I’d always get balloons and a cake and show up. I’d always make people feel special. I’d always support and love strongly. I’d always be there.  It’s been nearly two years later and many balloons and cards and party hats later, I like to think I’ve fulfilled that promise to myself. And I have to say that my going away party made me feel 22 again, and special, so so special. I am so thankful that people showed up. So thankful they showed up and planned and came out for me. [Show up for your friends. It’s important.]

Canadian Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, and Amazon Prime is the most magical thing in the world, because it let me order a second turkey outfit for my niece the night before Thanksgiving dinner. This is the third year in a row I’ve forced helped Lily dress up as a turkey, and my heart melted into 3,002 pieces when this year she ran around the backyard as a wild turkey. You can see a photo on my Instagram: LizClaire_. I am loving every second of this aunt role and certainly if this visa thing falls through, the silver lining will be more time with them.

I am single af. Still. But I’m in one of those whatever will be will be phases, and if I end up alone with seven cats (when I’m a dog person) so be it.  It sort of kills me though that if I ace my career and go on to be very successful people will always eye me sadly about the no-family thing. Part of me wonders if that’s God’s plan. I believe I’m still single for two reason; lol, no time to date and I’m moving. (Maybe. We’ll see.) So dating and men has been a second thought all summer long.  And… and because of my weight. My weight which has sort of been getting to me down lately (mentally, not physically. duh). Actually, I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I am eating whatever I want (oh hello wine and creamy soups and nacho chips) and not working out and feeling sort of blah in my own skin.  I probably weigh around one ninety.  I told myself when I move to Detroit I’d eat healthy and do CrossFit (I had even emailed the Royal Oak CrossFit about my impeding arrival!) so i’ve been in that “I’ll start soon…” phase for a while.  I know it’s stupid, but whatever, i work well with new starts and deadlines and, well, anywho, yup. I feel blah in my own skin so the thought of a date is LOL, no. Also, my office is ridiculous with snacks, so it’s a constant battle between me and the chocolate almonds. 

Oh wow. This is long. It’s 11pm and I should sleep, but I wanted to say hi, so hi! And I’m alive and well and in limbo. And because I love photos, I hope to do an “An update in photos post” soon.”  Night! xo