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“He is tired of life. He has madness in his soul.”

Alexander Siddig as Mr. Shaitana, “Cards on the Table” - Agatha Christie’s Poirot [2006]

Stolen glances and pink cheeks

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders era)

Pairing: Reader x Young Remus Lupin

Warnings: none just fluff

Request: maybe a lil remmy one where he’s totally in love with y/n and is always teased for it? and he’s so shy and cute around her and then one day they kiss or something and the other boys find them and tease them?? iDK ITS WEIRD BUT ILY

Word Count: 1.1k

The Marauders sat in the library, an unusual sight but Remus made them go there if they wanted his help with this assignment. They all were at the table, researching for their project they had waited until the last minute for, except Remus who had finished last week.

The way studying with the marauders goes is Remus is usually hard at work, Sirius is usually ogling a girl across the room, James has managed to find Lily in a room with at least a hundred people in it and he just stares at her instead of the pages of his book and Peter is staring at nothing, just lost in his own mind.

Today was a bit different though, while the rest of the marauders were into their old habits Remus had picked up one quite like James. Although Remus didn’t tell anybody he had developed an ever-growing crush on a girl, and since it’s Remus he doesn’t think he deserves you, but maybe he deserves to look at you just for a minute.

But he didn’t plan to get lost starring at the way you griped the corner of your book you were reading, the way you chewed on your lip as you concentrated and broke your focus when your hair fell in your face to brush it back behind your ear and look up.

You tucked your hair behind your ear, too into your book to put it down and fix your messy half bun that was on top of your head. You looked up for a moment though, to check on reality, you noticed the library was more full than usual, you remembered the assignment due tomorrow that you had finished a couple days ago. You noticed some people you’d never seen before and your eyes scanned the room until your eyes locked with another’s, Remus Lupin. You had to admit to yourself that he was really cute, nice, sweet, funny and maybe you liked him, just a little.

You looked at him while he looked at you and you smiled causing him to give a small smile back and look away, both of your faces shaded pink from the small interaction, you brushed it off and dived back into your book.

Remus looked down into his book but not before Sirius could notice his pink cheeks, “Moony what’s got you all bothered?” this got the attention of the other marauders. James butted in “Remus here probably was looking at a pretty girl” Peter laughed “it’s probably Y/N, he stares at her all the time” Remus’ cheeks turned red “I was not, I was just, its hot in here and I” Sirius cut him off “no need to lie to us moony, I can see Y/N is sitting right across from us, oh she’s a pretty one Remus, go talk to her”

Remus closed his book “Go talk to her? Are you mad I can’t just do that Pad foot I’m not, well I’m not you!”

James was quick to tease Remus, “You can turn into a werewolf every month but you can’t talk to a girl? “Remus glared at James “that’s exactly why I can’t talk to her” Sirius stood up and walked behind Remus “excuses, excuses Moony” Sirius pulled Remus’ chair out from the table and pushed him out of his seat. As they both stood Sirius whispered to Remus “now do I have to hold your hand and walk you over there or are you going to do it yourself?”

Remus gulped “well you’re not giving me much of a choice.”and before he could argue any further Sirius gave him a little push and the marauders al sat at the table watching anxiously behind their books.

You had just finished a chapter when you noticed Remus walking towards you, you lowered your book placing your hand between the closed pages as to not lose your spot. Remus simply walked up and sat beside you without even looking at you. You turned to him “hello Remus, what brings you over here?”you tried to sound as calm as possible. Remus looked up at you “what, what brings me here, oh I just, well Sirius told, uh you, you bring me here.” You smiled at his awkward statement “I bring you here?” Remus looked over to his table and then back to you as he breathed in deeply he replied “yeah I came here to talk to you, but it’s not going very well already.” You placed your hand over his “I think it’s going just fine” Remus smiled and looked at your hand on his. “Y/N can I take you somewhere, like on a date, would you go with me?” he stuttered nervously. “Remus I’d love to”.

Remus stood up and smiled brightly and you stood up too “alright well I better get back to my friends, imp helping them with the assignment for potions”as Remus turned to walk away you grabbed his hand pulling back as you placed a kiss to his cheek, this startled Remus but also gave him the bit of courage he needed to then pull you towards him as he kissed you on the lips gently, your noses brushed and your breath caught in your throat as your book fell from your hand and onto the floor in this moment of bliss. The moment ended by the noisy Marauders at the table yelling Remus’ name and cheering, it’s like those boys didn’t understand the concept of a library. You pulled away and smiled at Remus “yeah, it sounds like you better get back to them. Remus looked at you and then to your book lying on the floor, he quickly picked it up and tried to apologize “Y/N your book I’m sorr-” “It’s okay Rem, I’m gonna have to re-read that last chapter anyways”

For the rest of the time you sat in the library reading you would look up every once in while just to see Remus and smile at him, or catch him reading something in the book to his friends. The feelings growing in your chest were assuring you that you may like him more than just a little bit.

idk what it was about marco’s last POV book in the series but he went full tilt with suddenly thinking of ax’s andalite form as beautiful. he went from “andalites are scary and kinda gross but at least ax is a babe as a human” to “AX’S FUR GLEAMED IN THE FIRELIGHT, HE IS SO GRACEFUL AND ELEGANT, HE LEAPT THROUGH THE AIR IN A BEAUTIFUL ARC, HIS ANDALITE FORM FRAMED AGAINST THE MORNING SUN” slow the xeno train the hell down kiddo

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jaydick and 38 please?

/slowly works through prompts

Also this one got…sappy. And I love it.

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

There was a night when Jason was fourteen and Dick was in town that he made a stupid mistake and fell asleep during patrol. Luckily, Nightwing was there to catch him when he fell off the building’s ledge, though at the time Jason felt like he’d much rather just die right then and there to spare him the embarrassment of waking up in Nightwing’s arms.

He scrambles out of the hold as quickly as he can, blushing like mad because Nightwing of all people was staring straight down at him so close he had to be careful their noses didn’t bump when he sat up to move away.

“You know, little wing, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” Nightwing is saying with a very Dick voice and a very Dick smile and it doesn’t help any of the emotions toiling and turning around inside Jason, things he has to deal with on a daily basis and it only gets harder when Dick decides to randomly visit like he does.

“S-sorry,” Jason’s saying, face turned away long enough that he can get his red cheeks under control and the heat leaves his face. “I just—haven’t been sleeping well lately.”

Nightwing hums and sits next to him and if he notices the blushing he luckily doesn’t say anything. “B know about this lack of sleep?”

Jason snorts, rolling his eyes behind the lenses of his mask. “B knows about everything. I just…haven’t really told him. Officially, I mean.”

“Ah,” Nightwing says like he’s all knowing and, in Jason’s book he’s pretty close. He’s the golden boy. The hero. The one he looks up to and thinks about far too much when the lights are off. “Gotcha. I feel that. What’s the problem? I was always too wired when bedtime came. Still wanted to punch someone.” There’s a Dick-smile at the end of that, which makes Jason smile for just a second before he remembers why he isn’t sleeping.

“I—nightmares, actually. Like just…blood and stuff. Killer Croc’s in a lot of them. The Joker.”

The smile on Nightwing’s face drops too. “Oh,” he says and looks right at Jason, puts a hand on his shoulder and pulls him a little closer to him so Jason’s arm pushes against Dick’s side. His face is a little more serious this time and Jason’s sort of disappointed he can see his eyes—wants to know how they look right now, the deep blue of them, all knowing and wet. Dick’s head falls and now he’s resting it against the top of Jason’s, his hair soft where it brushes against the teen’s forehead. “Yeah…I got those too. Still get them, actually. But, wanna know a secret I try to remember?”

Jason blinks, looks up at him. “What?”

“Ground yourself. I keep mints by my bed to kick me back into place.” Dick squeezes his arm, rubbing his cheek against Jason’s head. “Gotta’ remember they’re just dreams. They can’t hurt you.”

“Yeah,” Jason leans into him, breathes in the scent of Nightwing and Dick. “I know.”

Jason’s bleeding. He knows he’s bleeding, but he doesn’t really care. It’s somewhere in his gut or close by, because all his body wants to do is curl in on itself with every step he takes. He doesn’t care. He’s gotta finish this job before he has time to sleep.

Dick’s somewhere in his ear or near him because his ears are ringing with the leftover sounds of gunshots, but the warehouse is big and his line of vision is tunneling. There’s the fucker drug dealer in front of him and that’s all that matters. He’s still bleeding though.

It’s a sloppy shot, but he’ll blame it later on the double vision he’s got, but it doesn’t matter in the long run as he pulls the trigger three times and the duplicate bodies in front of him crumble to the floor. There’s at least ten seconds without any movement, but Jason’s still got a bundle of rage inside of him, so he shoots the guy again just because.

Then, he falls to the floor. Or, doesn’t fall to the floor because his landing is much softer then the hard concrete he was standing on. There’s warmth surrounding him, but he’s so cold, and it’s the last thought he has before he passes out.

He wakes up and there’s deep blue eyes staring at him. They’re big and red rimmed and wet. There’s a small smile attached to them and a soft laugh that makes Jason’s heart beat a little faster, even if he doesn’t want it to.

“What?” He says, slurs, and can’t manage anything else.

“You fainted…straight into my arms.” Dick sniffles a little and it would be adorable if Jason wasn’t having trouble focusing still.  “You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

The phrase sounds familiar and Jason both wants to laugh too and groan. He does the latter, mostly because laughing hurts a hell of a lot right now.

“Fucked up, didn’t I?” Jason manages to say after a while, to which Dick actually laughs a little at and presses his face into Jason’s chest which hurts in a way that Jason should probably want to stop, but doesn’t.

“Yeah, little wing,” Dick pulls back and Jason’s just now noticing that his hand is in Jason’s hair, running through it and thumbing gently at his temples, brushing down his cheeks. “Yeah, you did.”

Dick leans down and kisses Jason gently , just a soft brush of lips mostly, not wanting to steal his breath away when he’s hooked up to an IV and still not quite awake. Jason still tries to kiss him back as best he can.

“But I’ll be mad at you later.” Dick whispers. “Right now you need to sleep.”

“You’ll be here?”  Jason reaches for him and Dick takes his hand, squeezing it so Jason knows he’s there, solid and true.

“I’ll be here, whatever you need. I’ll keep the nightmares away.”

Jason manages a smile as he closes his eyes, squeezes Dick’s hand back as best he can.

Jason dreams of nothing. It’s perfect.

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I just started this show, it's very good. Is it like middle earth? Or like medieval sci-fi? If I offend I apologize. Thanks for the read. My regards. -Jen

hi jen!

it’s more like war of the roses but with dragons and ice zombies thrown in

while it’s not historically accurate (beyond even in the obvious sense of a fictional universe) it’s what a lot of us think medieval times were like (but with dragons and ice zombies thrown in)

it lacks the black and white morality central to tolkien’s universe and generally focuses much more on machinations and relationships rather than battles and objectives (also grrm does not give two shits about fictional languages, though there are a couple memorable poems/songs) 

and while the definition of sci-fi is up for debate, i personally think the inner workings of the world are explained in a mythological rather than technical manner, putting it firmly in the fantasy with a capital f category (because of the dragons and ice zombies)

i would recommend picking up the books after the first season because:

  • you get to put names to faces and the multiple characters won’t seem so daunting. the first season stays pretty close to the book allowing you to delve right in to the second one if you don’t want to experience the story a second time
  • my criticism of the show particularly in later seasons is up for debate, but i think it’s fair to say that it is missing a lot of the books’ nuance, even more so than most adaptations naturally do
  • i can think of at least 10 fairly prominent awesome characters that haven’t made it on the show. that’s not meant to scare you but give you a peek into what you’re missing out on if you don’t read them and that’s not even taking into account prophesies that were omitted and characters who are still alive in the books
  • a lot of fandom chatter on tumblr in particular is mainly book oriented, so if you want to go into theories, fanfiction etc the books are necessary for a more rounded experience but:

on the flip side, your enjoyment of the show might be severely impaired by drawing comparisons or by other book readers’ constant salt

Just One Word Book Photo Challenge: December 29, Year
While no single shelf fully expresses my year of books, this one is pretty close.
First book to make me cry this year, my ticket to a midnight release, first book I bought before it was officially released, first (and second) series I read because tumblr told me to, my first 5star of the year.