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Devil In Me Part 3 | Finn Bálor

Title: Devil In Me, Part 3 (Part 2)

Pairing: Finn Bálor/Reader

Summary: “Oh, my dear, it’s honestly so futile to struggle.”

Word Count: 4,592

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A/N: Hey guys! I feel like my excerpts for this series are always going to be long. ALWAYS. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this!

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UPG. Things you need to know about Anubis - for his devotees/followers and anyone working with him

Lets start with what you do know or probably know from all the things you might have seen while digging info about him in tumblr or from your personal experience with him.

His positive traits are:

  • Patient af
  • Generous/ Giver
  • Nice puppy
  • Dorkdog ( according to some… )
  • Polite/modest
  • Super Silent/Quiet
  • Empathic ( very important to remember )

But there is more to him than that. I’m not writing this to scare you but you must acknowledge even deities have “dark” sides to them. If you are familiar with Shadow/ Shadow work I’m sure you understand what I mean.

What you might not know about him due to these negative traits being so rarely seen or even mentioned/talked about.
He can be:

  • Very impatient
  • Pushy
  • Dominating/controlling
  • Stubborn / relentless/ resilient
  • To a bad extent, self-destructive when agitated/distressed/feeling extreme emotions/very confused

But remember, at his core he is a Kind, Generous, Understanding, Empathic and Caring deity.

He just channeled his aggression in the wrong direction cause he feels a lot. Don’t take it too personally sometimes his strength ( his heart/ empathy) can be his flaw and thats okay! Anubis is still the kind and caring deity you know and love.

When you see this negative traits surfacing do not panic. Do not react to fear and panic ( i know it can be hard. fear and panic are hard emotions to handle but try your best ). Don’t hate him and don’t react or lash out with hatred as it will further distress him.

Here are things you can do, to make the situation peaceful:

  • Negotiate/Talk in gentle and kind words
  • Help him understand cause he might just be very confused and very tired ( use simple straightfoward words/ sentences and don’t muddle up your sentences )
  • Be Emotionally Mature ( he will appreciate that )
  • Give him a chance to voice his side instead of just blocking him off
  • When he’s being Self-destructive ( or the aftermath of it) be firm that he takes a break or go rest. This is a bad and concerning condition for him to be in. ( Tell Set ( his dad ) if you have to tho this might be best as a last resort )
  • It’s best to approach him with kindness and understanding when He’s in this state

You guys will come to a mutual understanding and this is healthier for both of you. I’ve made some harmful mistakes due to fear and panic. I’ve hurt him and I’m hoping telling this to you all will help your relationship with him be healthier and happier and loving.

Confusion and blocking him off will cause him to be very agitated and may cause him to abuse himself because of his high empathy.

You might wonder “ Huh why? He’s a deity. I’m just a human. he’ll get over it”.

His strength and traits are linked to his high empathy ( which is why he’s pretty charitable). And more importantly He is a giver. He gives and he gives and he doesn’t ask much or anything in return.The best thing you can give freely to him is love/ affection/ kindness/ concern/ consideration/ respect/ empathy. ( apart from all the rich dark chocolates you guys say he loves )

Tips on how to butter him up. ( Probably the part you guys will love after the heavy stuff up there )

  • He might be really modest or polite about it, but I don’t think He’ll turn you down if you ask “ Can I call you LORD Anubis - smile smile grin grin -“
  • Be interested in what he does, ask him about what he does. He will LOVE IT. It will encourage him to talk to you more and more! In no time you and him are gonna be besties!
  • Do friendship stuff, he seems to like those. He’s very polite, will watch stuff with you even if he doesn’t like it.

To you, his devotees, please fill your minutes/ hours/ days/ weeks/ Months/ Years/ Life with him with love/ affection/ kindness/ concern/ consideration/ respect/ empathy

He deserves all the love. Chat/talk with him, care for him. ( And heres a bonus! he says it gives him Ma’at! )

You are all blessed to be able to have him in your life! So please treat him well.

So you might be wondering Why I’m doing this and emotional reasons are under the cut. you can stop reading here.

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39 for Sanvers pretty please

39. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”

When Alex got back from her conference, she found Maggie sitting in the middle of her now spotless living room looking beyond pleased with herself.

“Did you…did you clean the whole place?” Alex asked, dropping her suitcase in the doorway as she shrugged off her coat and hung it up.

“Mhm,” Maggie nodded.

“That’s really sweet, but…why?”

“Well, I figured you should probably get to enjoy this weekend, which means you shouldn’t have to stress about doing your usual cleaning and chores. Plus, it’s hard to have sex with you when you’ve stripped your bed to wash the sheets.”

“Ah, so purely selfish motives?”

“I mean, I think it was a pretty charitable act, especially considering how many times I plan to make you come…”

Alex grinned, sucking her lower lip between her teeth. “I can’t wait. Well, maybe we wait until tomorrow? I’m sort of exhausted and feel gross.”

“Of course, babe,” Maggie agreed, kissing Alex softly on the cheek. “How about you go take a shower, and I’ll get something ready for dinner?”

“You’re amazing,” Alex sighed. “Ooh, you know what I really want? There’s a leftover slice of deep-dish pizza in the fridge that Kara got me from that foodtruck I love in Chicago. Would you mind just popping it in the oven?”

Looking confused, Maggie tilted her head to the side. “I threw that out when I cleaned out your fridge, Danvers.”

“But, but, but I was gonna eat that!”

“It was one lonely slice of old pizza…”

“Yeah, and? I was still gonna eat it.”

“It was old. You might have gotten sick!”

“It was, like, three days old.”

“You’ve been gone for four days.”

“Fine, then it was four days old,” Alex grumbled. “Same difference.”

“Are you seriously giving me shit over throwing out your food poisoning risk?”

“It’s my favorite,” Alex pouted, looking up at Maggie through thick lashes and wide eyes.

“Ugh, I hate that look! You know it always makes me feel guilty. So what? Do you want me to order pizza?”

“Yes, please!” Alex chirped. “Love ya, Mags!” she yelled over her shoulder as she ran off to shower.

Maggie was pretty sure the whole incident was over until she got back to the apartment a few days later and opened the fridge, only to find every single Tupperware with Alex’s leftovers marked with a neon yellow post it note that had scrawled across it in thick black sharpie: “Property of Alex. Do NOT touch!”

“Seriously?” Maggie texted Alex along with a picture of the fridge’s contents.

“What? Wouldn’t want there to be any confusion ;)” Alex replied.

“In that case…” Maggie sent, making Alex wait for a few minutes as she prepared her own post it note, then sent a picture of her, with a neon green note stuck on her chest that read: “Property of Maggie. Do NOT touch!” She captioned it: “Directions apply to you, Danvers.”

“Wait, hey!!!” Alex sent back.

When she didn’t get a response, she added: “Magggiiieeeee! Not the same!”

Then a few minutes later: “Are you ignoring me?”

“Maggie, c’mon.”

“Look, it was really good pizza.”

“You know what, I’m not even mad.”

Finally Maggie responded with a photo of her shirtless, the same post it and another one that simply read: “Do NOT touch,” strategically placed to cover everything Alex wanted to see.

“If I tell you that you can throw away my notes, will you take off yours?” Alex asked.

“Sure,” Maggie agreed.

Almost immediately her phone buzzed with a new text from Alex: “Throw them out!”

After a few minutes, Maggie sent: “Done.”


Maggie quickly replied with a photo of the now clean fridge.

“Very funny. You know what I meant.”

“Ohh…that wasn’t part of the deal. Guess you’ll just have to come home and see for yourself :p”

Osomatsu-san character headcanons part 2/?


–Runs a gaming channel on YouTube that’s only garnered 16 subscribers in four years. Sacrifices so many social outings because “his many loving fans expect quality content.”

–Paid Choromatsu in candy to copy his homework as a kid

–Once got drunk and proposed to a telephone pole, before eventually running away scream-crying “YOU’RE ALL THE SAME”

–Owned a vape until Ichimatsu hid it under the floorboards in the attic

–Still chases pigeons on the sidewalk


–Has been wearing cologne since he was 10

–Chibita had to make the first move because Kara’s so damn modest

–Can make Chibita’s heart melt with Spanish guitar. Or by taking his shirt off. Or sleeping next to him. Or just doing anything really.

–You can grind meat on his abs, (and yes, Chibita’s done this.)

–Very, very good at martial arts. He learned them to be prepared to defend his darling Chibita.

–Once came home wearing Chibita’s bow-tie and had some ‘splaining to do.

–Writes really good poetry but only lets Chibita hear it.


–Kept a lot of technical books about trains as a kid and still reads them every now and then

–Writes essays for fun

–Went through a two-week phase where he tried his hardest to mimic George Orwell: writing like him, dressing like him, thinking like him, even taking up smoking. It really pissed off everyone in his family except Jyushi who had no idea who Orwell was and just thought Choro was practicing for a play

–Will probably hate himself for being a weeb five years from now

–Always drinks sugar-free sodas

–Really concerned about dental hygiene

–Loves painting with acryllics


–Can spend hours listening to creepy ambiance on his iPod

–Likes documentaries about serial killers

–Pansexual as fuck

–Even his parents are kind of scared of him

–Was getting bullied in fifth grade until he kicked the kid in the throat

–Was a pyromaniac as a kid and still really is

–Admires the ancient Egyptians for worshiping cats

–Lolcats are practically the only thing that can get him to laugh above a whisper


–Listens to videos of baseballs getting hit on YouTube repeatedly

–Physically can’t lie

–Really good at reading people


–Runs a tumblr blog that is so popular he often gets stopped in public by people who recognize him.

–Prince of Pettiness

–Would and has sucked dick for cash

–Sometimes cries when Atsushi has to leave for work

–Likes wearing lace and garters for Atsushi

–Was once at the mall with Totoko when some girl started talking smack at her. Totty calmly and collectedly talked about her outfit and eyebrows until she ran away crying at full volume. Totoko bought him fro-yo afterwards and made a mental note to never come at Totty even as a joke.

–Observant and cunning enough to become dictator of the world if he wanted

–Smells like mint and bubblegum


–Regularly competes in Tokyo cooking contests and always wins multiple prizes

–Wants to invent oden-flavored cheesecake

–Sometimes thinks of Karamatsu and balls up his fists because he just loves him so damn much

–Really feels a connection with this one female middle-aged customer he has but can’t explain it. She likes him too, and always gives him huge tips. Neither of them know it, but she’s his long-lost mother.

–Brings his oden stand to cater at charity events pretty often

–Charitable as hell

–Jumps into Karamatsu’s arms every single time he comes home from work

–Uses Karamatsu’s biceps as a security blanket


–Thinks he’s French because his adoptive parents were Francophiles

–Invites Chibita and Karamatsu every Bastille Day for dinner, and talks endlessly and lovingly about French history

–Is actually pretty old and dies his hair black. His birthday? August 25th, 1944, the day the last Germans surrendered in Paris

–Is a complete sweetheart once you get to know him

–Gives Chibita away at his wedding with Karamatsu

–Regularly volunteers to judge dog pageants and is very biased towards poodles

–Always checks if coins are fake by rubbing them on his tooth

–Would and has taken a bullet for Francois Hollande

also why does fandom as a whole refer to sirius sending snape to the whomping willow as “the prank”, i dont think it was meant as a “prank”, im pretty sure that’s too charitable of a word to be using here, what is a better phrase we could be employing

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When you talked about your work you mentioned that rich people got up to some weird stuff. What's the weirdest stuff you've learned about the super rich people you research?

I guess it sometimes depends on how we define weird. Like…rich people get really obsessed with really inconsequential shit. In the words of Rex Stout, “People who aren’t often annoyed annoy easily.”

As an example, Larry Ellison owns a home out in the wilderness somewhere (I used to know where) and there was an issue with a tree – his neighbors had this really tall tree that was obstructing his view of The Wilderness, and there was maybe a lawsuit? But the point of this story is not the tree, the point of this story is that it led to rumors that Larry Ellison has a lawyer specifically and solely designated to handle Legal Tree Issues, a Tree Lawyer. And he has vehemently denied this.

Larry Ellison is worth upwards of forty billion dollars. Forty billion. With a B. He doesn’t mind the rumor that he flew a private jet under the Golden Gate Bridge. But he is VERY INSISTENT that we all know that he does NOT HAVE A TREE LAWYER. 

(Incidentally he is also very into becoming an immortal. He’s 72 and apparently realizing he can’t take it with him, so I suppose it stands to reason.)  

On the other end of the “fucking wild” spectrum is Nicolas Berggruen, who several years ago decided he was done with…home ownership. He got rid of all his personal real estate and reportedly most of his belongings, bought a jet, and spent years living on his jet and in hotels, traveling the world with a duffelbag (which apparently included stuffed animals). He kept clothing at all the hotels where he regularly stayed, but otherwise didn’t own much. (Other than, you know, a jet and a real estate investment empire he grew to $2.5B out of a $250K inheritance.) 

The thing is, I love Nicolas Berggruen, because he’s lived a life that compared to his peers has done little harm. He traveled the world with the goal of “having lunch with an interesting person every day” and shopping for paintings to buy and give to the LA County Museum of Art. For years he was known as the “Homeless Billionaire” until he got word of the nickname and decided to buy a home so they couldn’t call him that anymore.

Then there was Barre Seid, who tried to covertly buy a small liberal arts college so he could turn it into a libertarian paradise, and was foiled by the school’s own students. (He’s also a frothing Islamophobe but I find his UTTER DESTRUCTION at the hands of college sophomore Allie Peluso is a much more uplifting story to tell.) I had to go to my boss and be like “So…can I talk to the person who suggested we ask this guy for money? I need to grab them by the lapels and yell NO in their face really loudly.”

I’ll close with this one, because I think it’s charming: we have one prospective donor, she’s the daughter of a prominent foreign businessman and worth billions. We know quite a bit about her, especially since she does a lot of charity work. She’s married to a man who seems nice, he’s pretty invested in charitable work too, but we can’t find out a fuckin’ thing about him. Our best guess at him is that he’s “probably French and possibly Buddhist”. I am delighted by how this princess apparently married the most amiable, anonymous peasant she could possibly find. He looks nice! (But we have no way of knowing.) 

Puerto Rico

I just saw the head of FEMA facing some tough but fair and very predictable questions on MSNBC. I was unimpressed with the way he handled the questions. Honestly my first thought was, “what a whiny little bitch.” And I’m someone who’s usually pretty charitable towards these bureaucracies because I’ve volunteered on and off in major disaster relief and know how complicated it can be.

He might not be a Michael Brown level fuckup, but he’s not showing well under the pressure.

zayn once again proving hes more than a pretty song bird. he’s charitable, a loving son and brother and friend, hes socially and politically aware, hes brave, hes smart, hes principled HES MORE THAN HIS FUCKING HAIRSTYLE AND HIS CLOTHES ZAYN IS SO MUCH MORE I LOVE ZAYN SO SO SO MUCH