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I just got accepted into the University of Tartu for grad school with funding, would you have any recs for cafes or hiking spots? I'm glad that Tartu is played off to be slow and quiet, a good city transition from the village life I am used to back home.


Taverna is a really good pizza place just by town hall square, not a cafe but one of my fav places to go with friends. They also have really good cocktails/smoothies/shakes, but the prices of those might make you cry.

Werner is a pretty popular cafe/restauant and an actual cake heaven, located pretty much between the town hall and the main uni building. Also they have really great hot cocoa in giant cups, definitely recommend that.

These are just my two favs, the entire city center is filled with cafes and food places. Just go to Rüütli street, you’ll find pretty much everything you need there.

As for the hiking bit, ehh, not my thing so if anyone else here has any recommendations, shoot.
I know of Jänese Matkarada, but I’ve never actually tried that one out so idk. People usually love the walking paths in bogs and stuff tho.


4/5 places i’ve been: cafe jax on e 84th street, manhattan

it is SO aesthetic in here!!! they give you your coffee in a mug and the backyard is so beautiful (’: it’s quiet and everyone in here is studyblr worthy. it’s also not too expensive!! 10/10 would recommend.