pretty but bad

I really treasure how Erik, Bitter Adult Virgin™ , blackmails his crush into putting on a sexy dress and singing a sex jam so that he can have an excuse to touch her boobies on stage, but then Christine’s so good of an actress that his delicate baby brain can’t handle it and he’s literally shaking while he’s trying to act cool, then his plan immediately goes to shit, and the best thing he can think to do is just repeat her actual boyfriend’s proposal, and then is absolutely shocked when she’s not into it.

The thing about Godless is it had decent male characters. Roy Goode was alright, and I liked Truckee and Whitey.


The trailer promised lots of ladies. The trailer made it seem like THEIR story. The trailer made Mary Agnes seem like a much bigger character, and Roy Goode a much lesser one.

So I don’t hate the dudes (except the one-armed bandit’s crew and bill) but I wish they hadn’t taken up so much screen time.

Also the whole “widow raising her child on a ranch and injuring/rescuing a gunslinger with a troubled past who inevitably helps them with their horses, bangs the widow, and saves the day” has been done sooooo many times. I was over that plot before it started.

I interviewed such a genuinely nice guy today. He was very nervous but he was well presented, had done his research and is clearly very smart.

But mostly he came across as just a genuinely nice and thoughtful young man

i don’t know if any of you realized or even wondered for a SECOND how real my playlist-making fixation is (bc why would you, I’m the only one who does that) but I just crunched the numbers and I’m at 114 total playlists, 68 that I consider “active projects,” and 49 distinct fanmixes (of which only 5 are “done” and public), and I need to be stopped or otherwise restrained. 

The best part is that I actually go through that entire menu nest whenever I add a new song to a TRC mix, because I can never remember that Spotify has a handy-dandy drag-n-drop feature! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

when you finish watching a tv show and you can finally search the tumblr tag for it without fearing spoilers

do my eyes deceive me or are those….

matching space-themed backpacks?


“Like a centipede.”

redraw of one of my fav scenes from the new star episodes! and like,,, they rlly, they rlly actually made me love tom somehow??? which is,,, rlly fucking bizarre??? but whatever, just take my redraw

Slytherin: Are you okay?

Ravenclaw: Nope.

Slytherin: Okay, I’ll bite, why?

Ravenclaw: I just like to be prepared, you know? Set yourself up for the worst and then anything otherwise and you’re pleasantly surprised.

Slytherin: You’re never pleasantly surprised by anything.

Ravenclaw: Well, no, because if something good is happening, then something really bad must be about to happen.

Slytherin: And people think I’m the depressing one.