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The divine Lewis Harrison, one half of the Harrison Twins. Showing off his prime slabs of British Beef. Pumped, lean, inked and with a distinctive and easily recognisable style, Lewis would not fail to turn heads in any gym in the world.

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Quill: Everyday is an adventure with these guys.

Drax: Gamora, have you taken a name not your own? Groot, are you no longer Groot?

Groot: I am Groot.

Rocket: Someone stop him please.

Gamora: Idiots.


Poppy’s Flower Shop

This is the first build I’ve ever uploaded properly! please be kind
This shop is based off the MySims sisters Violet & Poppy. I’m planning on making a MySims save and filling it with appropriate builds/sims from the MySims series. I’ve created a few sims already, you can see everything related to this little project so far here~
(If anyone is interested and would like to download this build or any of the sims, please let me know and I’ll upload it to the gallery!)

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm wondering when I should stop worldbuilding and start planning more specifically, like character arcs, subplots, MCs and stuff. Advice?

Really, there’s no real law dictating that you have to do it all in specific blocks. It depends on the person and how they work best. Some people are sporadic, some are methodical, and some are a mix. 

1. Sporadic approach- You may not be methodical enough to sit down and plug through worldbuilding like doing a math worksheet. That’s totally cool.I only ever do anything when I’m inspired to do it- it could be worldbuilding one day, and character development the next. Wherever my ideas take me in that moment, I go. You don’t need to be afraid to jump around.

(That said, there is nothing wrong with wanting to lay a foundation for yourself first!)

2. Mixed approach- Some people are a little bit of both. If that’s the case, I recommend starting with your original inspiration for your story. For example, if you idea was “Game of Thrones but with robots”, great. What does this world look like? Take a little bit of time to consider how robots would change this fantasy universe and what adjustments need to be made to include them. Once you have a general idea, you can start to introduce some characters. If your original idea was “a dude who is literally half spider”, then you start with that guy. Who is he? Where is he from? What the hell, man?

3. Methodical approach- If you’re more methodical and you like a little more organization, I applaud you. That’s pretty awesome too. Set out a path for yourself.  I usually establish these things with my worlds- 

Location- Real or not? What is the terrain or climate like? What’s significant about it?

Population- Is it a big town? Small village? A single cave? Who populates it, as far as race/species?

Government- A medieval monarchy is gonna look different than a modern democracy. Is there any kind of police force that might interrupt the characters’ antics?

Magic/Science- How much of each? How prevalent are they?

Culture- If your setting is real, just do a little reading up on it and get a picture going. If you made up your setting, jot down the key details that make this setting special.

Generally, I find that’s enough to get started. Eventually, if there is a point along that way where you feel like you need to go back and fill some stuff in or add more intricate details, go you! Your setting has expanded over the writing process, and that’s a good thing!

Just as a general tip:

- Always check yourself to make sure that you’re not slowing yourself down obsessing over details, as that will lead to this little problem called Never Actually Writing. I know that feeling. As I think I said in a previous post, I can be a pretty avid world-builder. 

-And second general tip, always follow the urge. If you are inspired to write a random scene that’s nagging your brain, never lose that opportunity. Sometimes I find myself inspired by a particular idea that comes to me while I’m worldbuilding. That’s good. Worldbuilding is there to make your story live.

-Altogether, just check where you are occasionally. If you find yourself stalling out during your worldbuilding, it might be a sign to move on to something else for a bit. ~~~~Listen with your heart, you will understand ~~~~

I hope this helped. Ultimately, you are the one writing this thing. Find a system that works for you and make the calls when you feel ready. 

I believe in you! You know what to do!


world-builder  asked:

Here's a question: What would happen in Weirdmageddon, in Reunion Falls? Would Dipper be in the bubble? What does the inside of his bubble look like? These are the questions.

nah, mabel’s still the one inside the bubble. the rest of the group gets split up and spend the next 3 days trying to find mabel and each other. after ford is captured, dipper runs into grenda while she’s chasing after a monster that flew off with candy, and they decide to stick together. candy manages to escape her captor by biting it and finds pacifica hiding under some rubble. just before heading to the mall, grenda and dipper are ambushed by a group of bill’s lackeys, and grenda stays behind to fend them off while dipper reluctantly escapes. when he reaches the mall he finds pacifica, candy, and wendy all hiding there together.

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Here's one for all of you! What video game genres do you guys enjoy the most?

Mod Mellow:

Wow this one is actually kind of tough, for the most part I just play a ton of hand-held games, but uh, I really like chill, slice-of-life games like “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” & Fantasy-esque games like “Legend of Zelda” & “Pokemon.”

Mod Sync

Nintendo in general, but strategy games are my fave. Yes I play Fire Emblem (not Heroes though, no space). Also hardcore pokemon fan. City builders are pretty fun too.

Los Santos in The Sims 3

A couple months ago I created a new World in CAW using the Height Map of GTA V. I started terraforming, planting and placing deco and roads and it looked pretty awesome after a while. But I’m a pretty slow builder and Sims 3 can be soo frustrating sometimes. So I gave up this project. Now 7 months later I think I should try it again. So if anyone reads this: Tell me if I should try it again! ( I dont want to make this world for nobody :D )

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To all you teachers out there, you're great, keep doing what you're doing. You're pretty much the builders of every successful person out there. :)

thanks.  i think a lot of people needed this positive message this week.


New Norwegian Opera and Ballet, Oslo, Norway

This landmark building by Snøhetta, who also designed the new Library of Alexandria (2002), is the largest cultural center built in Norway in 700 years. Its sloping stone roof - made up of 36,000 fitted pieces – rises up from the fjord; allowing members of the public, residents and opera goers alike, to walk over the building, developing a relationship with the public structure.

Integral to the 1,000-room interior, which is largely lined with crafted woodwork (using the traditions of Norwegian boat builders), are a number of art commissions interwoven into the structural fabric, including a cloakroom, a collaboration with their 2007 Serpentine Pavilion collaborator Olafur Eliasson.

Photo’s: Bustler