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hickies man. there are the devils work. last week i got some good dick, and he gave me so many hickies that people literally though i was attacked. my bruises were all over my neck and chest from choking and regular bruising and they were huge. i am here to help y'all out with hiding your hickies

1. before you do anything else (same night even), ice them. stick a cold spoon in the freezer and then place them on the bruise until the spoon thaws. if your hickies are huge like mine, i used an ice pack and also filled a metal water bottle until it was cold for something a little more heavy duty. 

2. then, maybe a couple of days later, you can start treating the hickies with heat (warm baths etc.) but don’t do this too soon

3. this ones my special trick! take a coin or some kinda scrape-y tool, and run it over the bruise pretty lightly. do this maybe three times a day, and i guarantee you the hickies will look soooo much better. (This one works because a bruise is really just a collection of blood beneath the skin, so if you beret up the blood, it heals quicker). (i used this one on the huge one on my neck, and it actually went away faster then the one like an eight of the size on my chest that i didn’t use the trick on)

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ayeeee so after 2 hours and a numb butt i finally got my tattoo. It’s still swollen and i’ve just washed it up but i love it so much. I went through a few designs to finally get to one i can be proud of.

I didn’t just get it for monsta x but also for all the monbebes that i have become friends with and have gotten to know through mx 💕

Inktober Day 5: Sad

I’m okay

Having A Group Baby With BTS Would Involve:

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  1. So, you’re BTS’ Poly Girl
  2. And you can Kookie had a bit of a whoopsie
  3. You’re getting sick in the morning
  4. The Maknae line is right there beside you, holding your hair and patting your shoulders
  5. Namjoon comes with like 2456329836 remedies for nausia
  6. And then Yoongi is like ‘Ya know, she might be Pregnant’
  7. So he drags you to the doctor
  8. Where you have to take a test
  9. And B-I-N-G-O, you are indeed Pregnant
  10. The reactions are priceless
  11. Jin, Tae and Hobie are over the moon
  12. Nams and Yoongi silently bid their rest and peace goodbye
  13. Kookie and Jimin are not ready
  14. And then you have to undergo the process of DNA testing the fetus
  15. Which is a bitch, because it hurts
  16. Long ass needle, that is all I need to say
  17. Namjoon’s hand is pretty bruised up for at least a week
  18. The test reveals it is Kookie
  19. Poor Maknae needs a few days to wrap his head around it
  20. Taehyung and all the hyungs are like ‘if Kookie won’t, we will!’
  21. But Kookie comes around after a while
  22. Seven supportive sweeties
  23. Jin has a whole diet worked out to make sure you and the baby stay healthy and the baby can grow well
  24. The naps you and Yoongi take are wonderful
  25. Hobie’s already buying baby toys by the third month
  26. Namjoon is always ready to advice you on how to go about preparing and keep yourself and the baby healthy
  27. Jimin does a lot of reading up
  28. Taehyung asks you every day how long it still will take
  29. Kookie comes with you for the first and second and third ultrasound
  30. A lot of group cuddles
  31. These sweet babies are so cute about helping you
  32. Feetmassages from Jimin
  33. Them taking your chores around their house
  34. Kookie and Tae fawning over the baby when it kicks 
  35. Yoongi still gives you the best cuddles, rubbing your belly
  36. Jin is the best at dealing with your moodswings
  37. And then it comes the time for the baby to come into this world
  38. In the middle of the friggen day
  39. Jin drives you to the hospital
  40. Yoongi drives the others in a bit later, to make sure you have the calmth to settle in
  41. Maknae line is really nervous
  42. It is done in a pinch and only very painful at the peak of your contractions
  43. You give birth to a baby girl, completely healthy
  44. Kookie, Hobie, Tae and Jin cry
  45. The girl comes home a day later with you
  46. Yoongi and Hobie baby proof the house
  47. Jin makes sure you keep off your feet the first week
  48. Kookie is secretly a very proud appa
  49. The others are too
  50. Especially Namjoon and Yoongi
  51. Yoongi takes endless naps with his baby girl
  52. The Maknae line plays a lot with the baby
  53. Mainly peekaboo and airplain
  54. Hobie is a master burper
  55. Jin is the master nappy changer
  56. Surprisingly Nams is very gentle and never harms the baby
  57. Baby sleeps best in Namjoon’s arms
  58. Kookie takes a lot of photos of his baby girl
  59. She loves Jimin’s singing
  60. Namjoon makes sure she is always stylish

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You made it back to the Avengers facility. That was the important thing.

You stumbled into the building, tears streaming down your face. You were pretty sure you had a black eye, and there were places that you were pretty sure bruises would be forming.

“Y/N! What happened?” Bruce asked, clearly concerned as he rushed over to you. He put his arm around you to stabilize you as he led you to a couch.

“I got mugged,” you replied through your tears. The other Avengers seemed to have overheard, and were heading into the room.

“What did he look like?” Tony asked firmly.

“He didn’t get anything important. Just my backup phone and a couple bucks I had in my wallet,” you told Tony, knowing he was about to go hunt him down himself.

“He got you. Anyone who makes you cry should be ready to face the full force of the Avengers,” Tony pointed out.

Thor nodded. “I agree,” he stated. “If he were to mug you, he would mug someone else unless he faces consequences.”

“I mean, I won’t condone unnecessary bodily harm,” Steve added. “But a little fright as punishment is sometimes necessary.”

You gave a little smile. “Thank you guys, really,” you said. “But right now, I just want to stop hurting.”

“Mint bath oils,” Natasha stated. “You soak your pain away in the tub while the rest of us track down your mugger?”

“I’ll still need a description,” Tony stated.

You shook your head. “The cops will get him sooner or later,” you stated. You didn’t want the Avengers to leave.

“Fun night in, then?” Clint suggested. “Sit back, watch a movie, play games?”

You nodded with a smile. “And get a little ice so I don’t bruise too much,” you added.


Requested by Anon - From the February prompts, 18 for Peter Hale
Prompts – 18 - “I will absolutely wreck you as soon as I can force myself out of this preternaturally comfortable bed.”

Word Count –296

Characters – Peter x Reader.

You had just woken up next to Peter, cuddling since he was finally free from the pack. It wasn’t often you got to cuddle like this. You turned to face him and sent hat he was looking down, smiling at you. You returned the smile and placed a kiss on his chest.
‘Hey.’ He said to you and you moved up so you were in line with his eyes.
‘You okay?’ You asked him since he came home pretty badly bruised up. He nodded and placed a kiss on your forehead. When there was a knock at the door and you both sighed.
‘Who is it?’ You asked him, hoping he would be able to smell.
‘Stiles, I think.’ He grumbled. He got up and walked to the door.
‘What?’ He growled as he opened the door to a scared looking Stiles and Lydia.
‘Ehh… both of you are needed downstairs.’ Stiles said as Lydia gave you small wave and apologetic smile. You sighed and spoke up.
I will absolutely wreck you as soon as I can force myself out of this preternaturally comfortable bed.’ You said annoyed to Stiles and he gave a sad smile and with that Stiles and Lydia walked away. Peter started getting dressed.
‘Come on, we’re needed.’ Peter said as he pulled a t-shirt over his head.
‘But do I have to go?’ You asked him and he smirked. He walked over and kneeled his knees either side of you and placed his hands at your head.
‘Yes, you have to come because if you don’t I’ll get bored. I need some sanity in that room.’ He said as he placed kisses all over your face. You smiled and gave him a peck on the lips, before you started getting ready.

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