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Can we please imagine Tony waking up in a hospital after publicly suffering a heart attack, to find a drawing of a (biologically correct!) human heart covered in colourful bandaids, with a ‘get well soon Mr Stark’ scrawled over it, on his bedside table? Because I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Bonus points if the artist was a younger Peter Parker, who, after asking what was wrong with his favourite hero, was told that Mr Stark’s heart was hurt very badly.

so how bout Lance, Hunk, and Keith as kids??

  • Hunk was a chubby kid so a lot of other kids picked on him and bullied him for his size. Lance was the thin, lanky kid who always always defended Hunk, even if it got him pushed around
    • this boy SMALLER and YOUNGER than Hunk would just jump in front of him, arms flailing, and yell things about how they shouldn’t be mean to Hunk
    • Lance was a Pal™ and gave Hunk all the confidence he needed
    • Hunk gets teary-eyed every time Lance springs to his defense and hugs him so hard he can’t breathe
      • Lance, with labored breath: “SEE. BIG HEART.”
  • Keith is the kid who says “FUCK” and Lance is the kid who’s like 😱 😱 😱 😱 
  • Hunk bakes cookies for the first time and they honestly taste like sand but LaNCE SWALLOWS THEM DOWN AND TELLS HUNK HE’S GONNA BE A WORLD FAMOUS CHEF/BAKER (look at him now boys)
  • Lance used to throw small, wadded up pieces of paper at Keith’s head and found it 100% amusing that the little pieces would stick in Keith’s fluffy hair
    • Keith gets reALLY MAD when he finds out about the paper thing and Lance becomes genuinely afraid that Keith hates him so Hunk gives him a pep talk so Lance can muster up enough courage to apologize for it
  • Lance tries to tell Hunk jokes in the middle of class but Hunk has very very loud laughter so that always ends badly
    • Lance starts sobbing because he feels so frEAKIN bad and Keith is standing there like “oh no oh no oh no i’M GONNA GET IN TROUBLE I ACCIDENTALLY HURT HUNK I’M GONA GET IN TROUBL–”
  • the kids all have to play kickball for P.E. and when it’s Hunk’s turn, he goes to kick the ball, misses, and fALLS DOWN
    • Lance immediately runs over like “you ok buddy?? you good??” Hunk just gives him a thumbs up from the ground
  • one day, the kids pick on Hunk when Lance is home sick so Keith steps up and actually whACKS THE BULLIES WITH HIS PLASTIC SWORD AND TELLS THEM TO BUZZ OFF
    • of course they tattle on him so Keith gets sent to the principal’s office where his precious plastic sword is confiscated for the day
    • it’s pretty obvious Keith is really upset, and Hunk feels like it’s his fault so he goes to the playground, gets two sticks (one short and one long), and ties them together into a makeshift sword which he gives to Keith as thanks
      • to this day, Keith has that little wooden sword in his room :’)
    • he helps Hunk bake and cook since he isn’t allowed in the kitchen without someone else
    • he plays swords with Keith and lets Keith beat him up (though he’s honestly gotten some pretty painful bruises from Keith’s plastic sword…the strength of a child can be terrifying)
    • he often entertains Lance by allowing him to “style” his hair
      • aka put so much gel in it that it looks like a grease bomb :’)
hoe tip

hickies man. there are the devils work. last week i got some good dick, and he gave me so many hickies that people literally though i was attacked. my bruises were all over my neck and chest from choking and regular bruising and they were huge. i am here to help y'all out with hiding your hickies

1. before you do anything else (same night even), ice them. stick a cold spoon in the freezer and then place them on the bruise until the spoon thaws. if your hickies are huge like mine, i used an ice pack and also filled a metal water bottle until it was cold for something a little more heavy duty. 

2. then, maybe a couple of days later, you can start treating the hickies with heat (warm baths etc.) but don’t do this too soon

3. this ones my special trick! take a coin or some kinda scrape-y tool, and run it over the bruise pretty lightly. do this maybe three times a day, and i guarantee you the hickies will look soooo much better. (This one works because a bruise is really just a collection of blood beneath the skin, so if you beret up the blood, it heals quicker). (i used this one on the huge one on my neck, and it actually went away faster then the one like an eight of the size on my chest that i didn’t use the trick on)

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Inktober Day 5: Sad

I’m okay

Under the Bridge | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x reader
fluff, smut, slight angst, Hybrid!AU
blood, violence (only really at the beginning), some swears, badass MC, SMUT that would probably be considered graphic?? idk

Requested by japanesewonderflan:
I HAVE A REQUEST!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Can you do a hybrid au! For either Jungkook or Jimin and you just found or bought them and they teach you about the life of a hybrid and what it’s like and then you start to understand but one-day you come home to them in heat????? 😄😄 If you don’t want to do the smut part, that’s fine too, I’m down for just fluff if you’re only comfortable with that. From your love 💙💜💚

Originally posted by sugutie

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The Boy’s Locker Room: ReggiexReader! Oneshot

heeeeyy everybody! feedback would be appreciated on this one, and if you’d like to be added to the taglist for upcoming fics, lemme know :)

Summary: (Y/N) and Reggie have some fun in the locker rooms!

Warnings: this oneshot is NSFW and contains SMUT

Originally posted by ron-weasleys

(GIF not mine and I’m very aware this is a 13RW gif, but it fits with the fic, and I lowkey love Zach Dempsey)

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Hawkins’ sweetheart  (Billy Hargrove imagine)

► Summary: When the reader comes back to Hawkins she doesn’t expect that Billy Hargrove, the new boy in town, is going to suppose such an important piece on her messed up life.

Series masterlist

(You can find more of my stories on my MASTERLIST)

► Pair: Billy Hargrove x reader

► Warnings: Some swearing

Author’s notes: So this is supposed to be the first part of a mini series I already have on my mind (And my notebook) so if you like this part and want the rest of them make me know! English is not my first language so sorry if there’s any grammar or spelling mistake. (Special gratitude to @oldvoicesinmyhead for helping me with my writer’s block with this story)

Feel free to contact me HERE or send me a message with anything you need!

Constructive criticism is always welcome

“You sure you want to go back to school this soon?” You looked at the woman on the driver’s seat and smile. You knew she was only worried about you. Visiting your mother was always hard for you, a true roller coaster that left you exhausted and besides there was the planes you had to take to get to Washington.
“Totally sure Kelly… I’ve missed being a normal teen. God! I’ve even missed this town” She chuckled and her eyes went to you for a few seconds before locking them on the road again. “I mean it, you don’t have to worry, besides I’m looking forward to meet my friends and Steve, I’ve really missed that little dumbass.”

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I’ve fallen in love

(A/N): I haven’t written for Loki in ages! 

Request:Loki x reader where you’re Natasha’s little sister and when Loki is sent to Earth to be watched over by the Avengers you and him end up falling in love with each other and you hid from everyone please

Warnings: none

Originally posted by i-am-a-poseur

     “(Y/N), no,” Nat stated as she folded her arms over her chest, glaring at you menacingly. “It’s not a good idea, he took down our entire team, you have no chance-” 

    “Well forgive me for doing my job Nat,” You sigh as you turn to her, sighing exasperatedly. “I was assigned Loki and nothing you do or say is going to change that. It’s only for a 2 or 3 months at most plus I’ve handled stuff worse than him,” 

    “Remember what he did to Barton?” She asks, her voice low and dark, a tone that would intimidate anyone, anyone but you. You’d grown up listening to that voice, that dark tone that was intimidating to all but to you it was just Nat. 

    “I know Nat but he had the tesseract back then, now he’s just-” 

   “Now he’s just the god of mischief (Y/N), this should be a walk in the park for you,” You smile a bit, assembling the last of your shield uniform before turning on your heel, giving Nat a quick little smirk. 

    “It will be,” 

    The god of mischief sat before you, shackled and chained like some animal. Despite the mask over his mouth you most definitely could see he was smirking, you could see it in those devious eyes of his. 

     “Be careful (Y/N),” Fury whispers to you in passing, handing you a simple remote with all the controls to his elaborate cage. You give him a small smile and nod, quickly putting your hard facade back on to face Loki. 

    “Let’s get one thing clear,” You state, mocking Nat’s rather intimidating tone. “I’m not here to mess around, I’ve got a job to do and that’s all, I will go anything and everything to complete this job do you understand?” Loki’s eyes squint at you, no doubt an amused little smile upon his face before he nods, slowly and almost thoughtfully. 

    With a shaky sigh you press a button that releases the hold of every chain that contains Loki as you attempt to hold your intimidating facade. It wasn’t easy though when the god suddenly rose to his full height, much taller than you would have expected. 

    “So,” He drawls, that ever present smirk upon his face. “Where to first? Some jail, asylum, perhaps one of Shields secret bases?” You merely put on a smirk of your own, giving him a coy little smile. 

    “Oh no, I’ve got something better,” 

    “I have to live with you?” Loki looked about your apartment disgustedly, wrinkling his nose up at the puppy that was jumping up his legs, begging for attention. 

    “I figure it’s a better punishment than all those places,” You merely shrug, taking a sip of water from a mug. “Plus, this way I can keep an eye on you until shield decides what to do with you,” 

    “I am not some pawn for you to pass about your world-” 

    “You stepped into our boundaries Loki,” You set your glass down, staring at him menacingly. “You became our pawn the minute you thought of taking over earth,” To this he smiles, almost like a reflex. 

    “This pawn doesn’t want to play,” He muttered, his voice dark and evil, holding a more sadistic tone than you thought possible. Although his words have tremors of fear sparking up and down your spine you ignore it, instead puffing out your chest a little bit and standing taller, giving you a more confident stance. 

    “Too bad buddy, you’re already in the game,” 

    Living with Loki was…as expected, hard, infuriating, and most nights it ended with you locking yourself in your bedroom to cry pure tears of frustration. He was beyond annoying, constantly pestering you, annoying the living shit out of you, and only the gods knew that he was a need attention seeking monster. He was constantly doing shit to get your attention, perhaps a little threat here, maybe an almost escape incident there, suddenly appearing in your room at the most ungodly times. And all together it was just infuriating. 

    You had hoped that the two of you could get along, after all it didn’t hurt to have faith, but as the weeks ticked by, dwindling down until just one month had passed in his 2-3 month sentence. It was a bit horrible to say but you couldn’t wait until the god awful god had to take his leave. But you had stuck it out, given him a chance, you’d been kind to him, gave him a roof over his head and food in his stomach and yet it still wasn’t enough to appease him. 

    This week had been particularly bad, he’d been more than obnoxious, always getting into something, whether that be your closet, knocking over a picture on the wall, or simply throwing an insult or two your way. You’d been able to tolerate it all week but today was your breaking point. 

    You’d had an awful day at work, a mission went awry, you were pretty bruised up, and when you got back you had to deal with piles upon piles of paperwork so yeah, you were a little stressed when you walked through your apartment door. 

    “There’s my favorite human,” Loki sneers from his perch atop the couch, giving you a greasy smile as he flicks the TV off. 

    “Not today Loki, please,” You beg softly, throwing your bag onto your couch in exasperation. 

    “But I’m bored,” He whines, putting on a mock pout. “Play with me,” 

    “I don’t want to,” You grumble as you walk into your hallway, grabbing a towel before attempting to enter your bathroom, however, before you could Loki appeared before you, that damn smirk upon his face. 

     “Someone in a bad mood?”

    “Yes, now get out of my way so I can shower, please,” 

    “Oh, I like it when you beg,” He taunts, an evil little twinkle in his eye. “Do it again,” You grit your teeth as you attempt to not rip his throat out, instead gripping your towel a bit tighter. 

    “Get out of my way Loki,” 

    “And If I don’t?” For some reason that was your breaking point, those few words, that damn smirk, the fact that you couldn’t even try to shower without him pestering you. 

    Everything over the last few weeks builds up, creating a flurry of emotion behind your eyes and before you know it you’re crying, full blown out crying.  You pathetically wipe at your eyes, trying not to sob as you officially give up. You were done with your job, with Loki, with life in general. Without another word to Loki you turn on your heel and march to your room, locking the door behind you. With a defeated sob you collapse on your bed, sobbing into your pillows. 

    The world seemed quiet around you for only a few moments, the only sound being your quiet sobs. God, you just wanted to have one good day once, was that so much to ask? You sob a bit louder, your entire body heaving with the effort when suddenly there came a timid knock at your door. You couldn’t even cry in peace with Loki around. 

    “Go away,” You yell at him, burying your face into your pillow afterwards. 

    “(Y/N) one way or another I’m coming in there, you can either get up and let me in properly or I shall simply do it myself,” You grumble something as you realize just how screwed you are here, there was no hiding from Loki at this point, he was either coming in, or you were letting him in. With another defeated sob you unlock the door, collapsing back onto your bed. Not even a moment later the door swings open and Loki hesitantly creeps in. 

    “What do you want?” You ask bitterly, attempting to glare at him angrily. 

    “I’ve never seen you cry before,’ he states softly, cocking his head to one side to give you what you believed to be a sympathetic gesture. 

    “Well,” You sniffle, wiping away at your tears. “I wasn’t really expecting you to see me crying and-” As you go to wipe away at your freely falling tears one of Loki’s surprisingly gentle hands grip your wrist, pulling it away from your face. Instead, with his gentle and warm hands, he wipes the tears away for you. 

    “Do you care to explain why you are crying?” His tone is much softer now, a tone you’d never think you’d hear coming from Loki himself. 

    “Why are you being so kind all of a sudden?” Your tone has lost it’s bitterness, instead replaced by that hopelessness you were feeling. 

   “Well,” Loki gives you a form of a smile. “I didn’t think I’d ever say this but I can’t stand to see you upset, especially at my own hands, I just wish to amend my wrongs. Now, do you wish to tell me why you are crying?” He asks once again, his eyes swimming with some form of emotion. 

   As you stare up into his face you can’t help but realize just how beautiful he looks right now, a concerned expression on his face, his eyes swimming with worry, his face much softer than you’d ever seen it and as you do stare up at his face you can’t help when the words just start spilling from your mouth. 

    “I’ve had a rough day at work,” You admit, “And I’m tired all the time and-” You stop, realizing your next words were about him. 

    “And you are tired of me?” He asks, his tone holding some kind of edge to it. 

    “It doesn’t help when you’re constantly pestering me-” 

    “(Y/N), I am so sorry,” The god stares at you earnestly, his words soft and smooth. “I never wished to make you feel this way-”

   “Really? Then what were your intentions?” Loki looks into your eyes, almost biting his lip in thought as he does. Then he sighs softly, closing his eyes for only a moment before opening them once again. 

    “I did not know how to handle my situation when I realized that I had fallen for a mortal, much less a mortal who had ‘imprisoned me’,” He admits quietly, those beautiful blue eyes filled with what could only be shame. “I only realize when it’s too late that I should have gone about this differently,” 

    “Who says it’s too late?” The words fly from your mouth with no filter, thoroughly shocking you and Loki. 

    “Well, you cannot possibly mean-” 

   “Perhaps I could find it in my heart to forgive you,” You give him a soft smile, one that made your eyes crinkle with the utmost joy. Loki smiles at you, not the crude and rude one he usually sports but an actual, authentic smile. 

   “I would greatly appreciate it,” The two of you smile at each other for only a moment more, just staring at each other with these half sad half adoring smiles before one of you reacts. 

   “May I-” You stare at his lips, those beautiful lips that you had to admit you’d been dying to kiss. 

   “Be my guest,” He whispers, staring at your lips with just as much hunger as you were his. Without a moment to spare you lean forward, capturing his lips within your own. It wasn’t the slowest, most kindest kiss you’d ever had but you loved it more than words could describe. 

    The feeling of his hands tangled in your hair, his lips pressing against your earnestly, the warmth of his chest pressed against your own made the moment all too perfect. But eventually the moment had to end, you did have to breath after all. Your lips part and you’re left gasping, your forehead gently pressed against his own as you do so. 

   “We mustn’t tell a soul about this,” Loki murmurs, breathing just slightly heavier than usual. You nod your head, smiling softly as you still attempt to regain your breath. 


webbed - p.p smut

my first request!!!

request; ‘can i pls request a peter parker smut where the reader is really turned on by the “spider man side” of him and they talk about it and peter decides to fulfill her fantasies and he ties her hands with his spider webs idk i just find this so incredibly hot thank u kjsks ♡’

warnings; smut!!! also I just wanna say that both Peter and reader are 18 in this scenario :) also there’s swearing (full credit to whoever made this gif i can’t remember their user I’m so sorry :( )

When Peter finally told you his big secret, everything made sense; his sudden disappearances, his wounds, the fact he’d wince sometimes when you touched him where he was hurt, his newfound ability in PE. You were upset at first, mostly at the thought of your boyfriend being hurt or in danger, but 3 years on and you’ve come to terms with it. You’ve also had a secret for the past 3 years; you’d totally been turned on whenever seeing Peter in action as the local, friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. His tight suit emphasised his assets in all the right places; the traces of his abs to the curve of his biceps, and even his ass looked damn good in that suit. However, you’d kept it secret from Peter out of pure embarrassment, being turned on by a superhero spider? It all sounded absurd but god when he was fighting off bad guys and you could see his muscles flex, and the way he had become so skilled with his web shooters over the past few years, as well as his super strength, it all made sense.

One day you decided to bring this up to Peter. He’d just climbed through your window with a bunch of injuries after a night of saving cats and handling robberies. You’d taken his mask off to kiss him and tend to his wounds, he had a pretty nasty bruise on his jaw.

“Peter, oh my god!” You’d exclaimed as you took off his mask.

“Shh, baby, I’m okay,” he reassures you, bringing you in for a kiss.

You’d both sat down on your bed, Peter still in his spidey suit when you finally admitted to him;

“I have a really embarrassing secret.”

He smiles at you, as an encouragement for you to continue, whilst raising his eyebrow and tilting his head to the side out of curiosity.

“I uh - god this is awfully embarrassing - I think you look super hot in your suit.”

“What’s so embarrassing about that, babe?” He chuckles, confused as to why you’d be embarrassed.

“There’s more,” you let out a slight chuckle, “Peter, I get really turned on when you’re in action in that suit. I’ve always been curious as to what those webs would be like tying me down.” You feel your face heat up at your confession, unable to make eye contact with your boyfriend.

He’s silent for a moment, before he gently lifts your face up by your chin, meeting his eyes.

“Angel, don’t be embarrassed by that. Besides, it’s a huge ego boost knowing my girlfriend loves the normal, nerdy side of me and the web-shooting, hero side of me.” He smiles at you.

You let out a chuckle and lean in to give him a sweet kiss.

Months later, the conversation you’d had with Peter hadn’t changed much about your relationship - which you were grateful for. You felt less embarrassed by your confession than before, and Peter was completely loving and supportive of your kink. What you didn’t expect, however, is what Peter had planned for you that night. Aunt May wasn’t home so he’d invited you round for pizza and a movie, maybe a little make out session if you weren’t too tired from studying. He’d practically sprinted home, in order to tidy the apartment up before you arrived in the evening. He made sure he’d changed his bedsheets, tidied his room, placed some blankets on the floor for you to watch a movie. He focused mainly on his bed, and putting his web shooters on before you’d arrived so you weren’t suspicious of his antics.

You arrived with a takeaway pizza and some DVDs for you to watch in Peter’s room. He opened the door with a goofy smile on his face, making your heart skip a beat.

“Hey there, I brought pizza.” You say as you enter the apartment, Peter closing the door behind you.

“Awesome, babe, let’s head on over to my room.” He tells you, following closely behind you. He wraps his arms around your waist as you walk into his room, kicking the door behind him. He presses a light kiss to your neck, causing you to sigh contentedly.

“Pete, I thought we were gonna watch a movie.” You let out a small, breathy chuckle as Peter continued leaving soft kisses on your neck.

“The movie can wait, darlin’.” He nips at your earlobe while saying this, as his hands travel to rest on your hips.

You move forward to put the pizza box down on Peter’s desk, turning around in his embrace to kiss his lips softly.

The kiss soon becomes heated, as Peter’s hands move down to your ass, while yours curl up into his already messy hair. You moan into the kiss as Peter pushes his body against you, his arousal evident. Peter lifts you up by your ass, you wrapping your legs around his waist, and goes to his bed. He lays you down on your back, still kissing you hard, your hands resting on his cheeks now as he hovers over you. His hands grab your arms, gently, pulling your hands away from his face. He places your hands above your head, you can feel the headboard of his bed against your wrists, Peter deepening the kiss further, his tongue working wonders against yours. He continues distracting you with kisses while his hands move away from yours, he sits up for a second telling you “close your eyes, babe.” You’re sceptic at first, wondering why, but you trust Peter with every fibre of your being, so close your eyes.

Next thing you know, you hear a ‘thwip’ and feel a cold, sticky substance on both your wrists. Your eyes shoot open in excitement, realising what Peter has done.

“Fuck, Peter, you’re sure?” You ask him, a small blush on your cheeks, flushed from both the heated make out session previously, and also the fact Peter remembered your little kink.

“Of course I’m sure, baby. Are you sure?” He’s hovering over you, arms either side of your body, his lips dangerously close to yours. You nod excitedly, and that’s all Peter needs to go through with this.

He leans back down to kiss you passionately, a mixture of breaths and tongues and soft lips and god you love kissing him. Peter pulls away to take his shirt off, revealing his chiselled abs which you love to marvel at. You loved Peter even before he became oddly ripped - when he was a small boy who was the smartest kid in class. But you love him still, through thick and thin, for who he is inside and out. You bite your lip at the sight of his muscular arms throwing his t shirt across the room, him leaning down to kiss your neck. His body is pressed against you, you can feel how hard he is through his jeans, your body arching up into his as he kisses your neck. His hand comes up to feel your boob over your top, squeezing and feeling them. You moan at the feeling of his soft kisses, hard bites and rough touch on your breast. He brings his other hand to your top, breaking away from your kiss for a moment.

“I’ll buy you a new one.” You’re confused by his statement at first, before you feel your t shirt being ripped off your body.

You gasp at the action, as well as the cool air hitting your hot body.

“You’re lucky that wasn’t my favourite shirt, Parker.” You tell him as he smirks up at you, his laugh is breathy and you feel his hot breath on your skin. He kisses down from your neck to your breasts, sucking marks into them, causing you to arch up into his touch and moan at the sensation - his hands come back up to grope your breasts through your lacy bra, your nipples going hard immediately at his touch. Peter has very skilled fingers, which comes in handy quite a lot. He reaches behind your back, unhooking your bra and pulling it up above your head - unable to take it all the way off due to your hands being bound to the headboard.

“God, I love your boobs.” He tells you, before reaching back down with both hands, squeezing your breasts while continuing to kiss and suck at your soft skin.

“Fuck, babe, you’re so good.” You tell him, your head thrown back now.

Peter kisses lower still, his kisses trailing from between your breasts to the hem of your jeans. He pops the button open, unzips the denim material and swiftly pulls them off your soft legs. He spreads your legs softly, allowing room for him to slot between them. He can see your wetness on your panties - his favourite pair on you, the lacy red underwear complimenting your skin.

“My my, someone’s a little excited.” He smirks up at you, as his fingers trail up your legs, your thighs, near your entrance, causing you to shiver.

“Quit teasing, baby.” You moan as his finger reaches your entrance, rubbing your clit over your underwear.

“Who would’ve guessed you’d enjoy being tied up so much? You love it, don’t you baby?” He looks up at you, as you moan at his words mixed with the teasing fingers he has on your clit.

“Shit, baby, yes I love it, I love being tied up by you, Peter.”

You feel his fingers curl around both sides of your underwear, discarding of the lace fabric. Your pussy is on full display to your boyfriend, glistening with your wetness. He growls at the sight, grasping a firm grip on your thighs before he brings his head between them.

“Oh, god!” You moan out as Peter’s tongue laps up your pussy, between your folds, tasting your wetness. Peter flattens his tongue against your pussy, licking strips up and down your folds. You’re writhing beneath him, unable to touch him, curl your fingers through his hair due to the webs holding your hands against the headboard.

“You taste so good, baby.” He tells you from between your shaking legs, his words causing you to moan again. You’ve lost the ability to form coherent sentences, the only sounds escaping your lips are moans and whimpers of pleasure as Peter’s tongue laps at your wetness. Your thighs tighten around his head as he flicks your clit with the tip of his tongue, close to orgasm already. You don’t expect him to bring a hand up, pushing his middle finger into you. Your back arches up again as you moan out, “holy shit, Peter!”

He continues flicking your clit with the tip of his tongue, his finger pumping in and out of you with ease due to your wetness. He curls his finger up, holding your body down with his left hand spread against your abdomen, still lapping at your clit. He hits your g spot instantly, causing your legs to shake, your back arching, your moans becoming louder; strings of “shit” and “fuck” and “baby” leave your mouth.

Peter brings his ring finger up to join his middle finger inside you, pumping and curling his fingers faster now. His tongue never stopping its motions on your sensitive bundle of nerves, he looks up at you with those gorgeous brown eyes, you look so hot like this. He admires the arch in your back, pushing your breasts up, your hair which is messed up from writhing around, pushing your head back, he admires the soft feeling of your flesh beneath his fingertips, the way you moan and whine for him, your legs tightening around his head - the way you’re bound to the headboard by his webs.

“Fuck, Peter, I’m so close.” You whine out as he fingers you faster, sucking on your clit now. Your moans get louder, your breathing shallower, your legs shaking more.

“Come for me, angel.” You practically scream as Peter’s fingers push up against your g spot, his tongue flicking your clit faster - you come on demand.

Peter thrusts his fingers slowly as you come down from your high, relaxing your legs back on the bed, he gently pulls them out of you.

He brings his fingers up to your mouth, “you’re so sweet, baby,” he tells you, as you open your mouth for him, inviting his fingers between your lips. You suck and lick your cum off his fingers, moaning at the sweetness. Peter watches you, his mouth agape at the extremely sexy view of his girlfriend sucking on his fingers.

“Fuck, babe, you’re so damn hot.” He tells you, you smile around his fingers and he smiles gently back at you. He pulls his fingers from your mouth, with a slight pop, and leans down to kiss you.

He reaches for a condom from his bedside table, pulling the foil wrapper out. You wrap your legs around his waist, indicating that he should hurry up. You wish you could pull his hair, feel his skin beneath your fingertips - but you’re reminded of the sticky substance tying you to the bed and your hips buck up into Peter’s, making him groan.

“Get inside me,” you moan out, sick of the anticipation.

“Where are your manners?” Peter chuckles, rolling the condom down his length.

“Please, get ins-oh!” Before you could finish your sentence, Peter thrusted into you. He unwraps your legs from his waist, placing your feet on the bed before leaning down, arms either side of your body as he thrusts into you. Your back arches up into him as you moan and whine at the feeling of his hard cock inside you.

“Shit.” You groan as the tip of his cock brushes your g spot. He groans at the feeling of your pussy around him, his hair dropping in his face as he fucks into you.

“Holy shit,” Peter whines as your pussy clenches him, indicating you’re close to orgasm. Your arch up into him, your naked bodies connecting, Peter bringing his head to the crook of your neck, which he groans into and sucks at the skin there, forming hickeys.

You wish you could touch him, run your fingers through his hair, scratch at his back, grab his ass - but you love the thrill of being bound to the headboard; especially by Peter’s webs.

“Holy shit, Pete, you’re so good,” you whine as he his your g spot over and over, his continuous rhythm never faltering. You can tell he’s close, his thrusts become deeper, his breathing heavier, his arms are shaking with holding his weight above you. You lean up to him as best as you can and press a light kiss to his lips, causing him to lean down and deepen the kiss - his thrusts are becoming sloppy, his moans are getting louder.

“Come for me, Peter,” you whisper into his ear as his head returns to the crook of your neck. He whimpers upon hearing the words, and let’s put a loud moan as he comes inside the condom, feeling your pussy clench around him. You come as he hits your g spot for the last time, your legs shaking, your back fully arched up into Peter’s own torso.

“Holy shit,” he chuckles out, still out of breath from your previous actions.

“Holy shit indeed, Parker.” You laugh with him, as he pulls out and discards of the condom. He leans down to kiss you sweetly, smiling. You kiss back just as softly, his lips moving against yours perfectly. You’re both recovering from your intense orgasms, your hearts racing. Peter collapses next to you, naked and sweaty but still so hot.

“Hey, do I have to wait for these to dissolve or can you get me out of ‘em?” You ask him, referring to the webs still holding your arms above your head.

“Oh, shit, yeah one sec.” You can only laugh at your adorable boyfriend while he gets rid of the webs attaching you to his bed, once your arms are free you roll into his side - both still naked - and cuddle into him, feeling his warm skin against your own. Peter pulls the covers over you two, grateful that aunt May isn’t due home for a few more hours, as he looks down at your sleeping form in his arms, smiling at the view he has of you.