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Lyatt Appreciation Week 2017

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Day Six: Parallels

Being Objectified By Men in History- I straight up appreciate that this show is all about letting us know that Wyatt is the pretty boy everyone likes- but I really appreciated that he was straight up objectified by those dudes in the 50s, amazing, and being offended by it. Lucy calling out the guy in the 60s for it was just perfect.


no hope for the weary (if you let them win without a fight)

[five times laura comes out + one time she doesn’t. i know carmilla is definitely not a coming out story—nor should it be—but. yknow. they’re fun. laura-centric. hollstein, so much good hollstein. ALSO POC PUNK TRANS VAMP IS HERE. imagine-some-gays thanks friend, as always.]


no hope for the weary (if you let them win without a fight)


if one heart can mend another/ only then can we begin/ so won’t you hold on a little longer/ don’t let them get away
—lykke li, ‘no rest for the wicked’



You don’t go all that often anymore, but today you have something really important to say, so you go pick up some yellow chrysanthemums—her favorites—and take the bus. 

The cemetery is beautiful, and strangely, you’ve always thought that, and you walk to her grave. You’re fourteen and she died five years ago, but sometimes her absence hits you so incredibly hard, mostly because you have so many things to tell her. Sometimes you do, you come and talk to her, even though you definitely don’t believe in any gods or afterlives; it’s comforting nonetheless.

You trace the engraving on the headstone—Julia Hollis, Loving Wife and Mother, 1967-2004—and then sit with your back against it.

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