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January Blogs of the Month

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my follow forever

everyones doing this and im not doin anything so lets do this thing

fair warning i follow a lot of blogs so this might end up being kinda long

also this is in no particular order im just going thru my following list and picking people out sorry if i forget anyone i love u all

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So I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now, so it was definitely time to make a follow forever to show some love for you poops. Gosh, I kinda feel like an asshole for not doing this earlier >.<

First of all, the graphic/picture was created by me-u like? xD anyways, id like to give a huge thank you and shout out to my friend

youmeandmilktea because we’ve been friends since like 2012, and I’d cry tears of joy if i ever meet u one day. we have shared lots of stories and worries with each other 

a shoutout to kimcheed because i love you a lot too. even though we may not talk as often, i still worry bout u, and seeing u happy makes me happy. 

shoutout to bangkey cuz u are my awesome bengali dost/yaar. u let me invade your blog with my nonsense, and we have lots in common man. 

shoutouts to  rari-chan, jjonglegs, beauty-and-kpop, princesskimkibum, dakchyeo, fuck-jongin, okgyu, snowfjsh, and dvorovoi (your blog is so hella rad xD. and your selfies and snapchats are rad as well)

trying so hard to keep this short and simple, but ima prob end up writing a paragraph. I AM SO SORRY IF I FORGET U I AM A FORGETFUL ASS.

(btw i did this late at nite, so i am truly very sorry)

bold= mutuals or blogs that are my favs. EDIT: SOME MUTUALS HAVE NOTBEEN BOLDED SORRY, I MESSSED UP

does this have to be in alphabetical order, wat if i cant abc


14x17, 11mae, 11melon, 20xp, 58xp, 5203am, 6ium, 89cm

(yes all the number blogs have been bolded xD)


avocado-png, all-pretty-in-pink, alphasp00ky, a0kiji, akiyi, blackjack-vip-314, catabolize, calupico, chickysoo, domsensei deadfern dildoyeol, dolphindeschanel daiyonko 


eatwithitalians easytolovelife euku, endlessnoctis, entoropi, fabulouslybaka, fetusmaknae flowafairy fuhnction fluffyplant ferrerofather ga1axia hatauchi i-eyeline, ifyouleavex illuminvre, jaimelecouleurs jaky-chan kenshinswaifu kanaojyo kikuai konketsu kuohai   


lauomg letspeaceout97 lameneko l084 lcumo   manqas          minyoongif milkhtml   milkdew  millionyengirl  n-ul  nickjonasstillhasdiabetes nekogeisha noimnotserious noonajpg oppageisha oliviatwist  mryko 

ofheroes pretty-boy-luxx pretty-transparents qantsu qtjongdae quemily russianhalloween sensainakokoro spoopetta svvooning


taeminserection ((your url gets me every time xD. i enjoy your presence))

taterhyung   toukapng whenever-in-seoul xiuminshipsdontlie

yuraeh zic-hoe z-ephyr