Microreview Round Seven: BOOKSHELVES

I was tagged by @shadowtearling, thank you! 

  • What genres or types of books dominate your shelf? YA series for sure! And a lot of classics. 
  • What do you wish you had more of? Space. I am already running out of shelf space and I just bought more shelves in April…I don’t have a problem! 
  • Smallest book? Probably on of the comic book volumes I own, they tend to be pretty short. 
  • Largest book? Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey. That sucker is huge. 
  • Oldest book? Newest book? Oldest book is probably my vintage Pride and Prejudice or vintage Jane Eyre. Newest book is The Wrath and the Dawn
  • Does anything live there besides books? Funko Pops, candles, and mugs, mostly. 

A current photos of my shelf for your viewing pleasure. 

I am going to tag @princessofbookaholics, @howlsmovinglibrary, @thepaige-turner, and @lizziethereader


I have developed a love for tea in the past few months and although I usually just grab some camomile-lavender or other herbal teas at the grocery store, I have recently discovered the delight of tea shops! One of my good friends got me bunch of loose leaf teas for the holidays and now I’m hooked. But hey, according to this lovely book, February is just the month for visiting tea shops 🌿

Now to stop babbling on about tea and get back to my French reading….

Ps. If you’re also a tea drinker, I would love to hear your favourites/recommendations! ☕️