pretty beading

Aliens and beards
  • aliens not recognising their crewmate after his beard had been shaven off (honestly, neither can the humans, but the alien-freakout is highly entertaining)
  • aliens watching in confusion as comparing beards suddenly evolves into a full-out competition of beard-beauty (though having suspicions as to how the arrival of certain females of the species might have attributed to that)
  • furred aliens (especially those who can grow their fur long-ish, but well-groomed fur is the basic requirement, right?) joining in for fun, and to tease the competing males (one of the new competitors is an older female with rich fur around her neck, proof of her maternity and genetically encoded Care for her young)
  • furless aliens feeling a bit left out, but pacified as they are asked to act as judges, having a more objective point of view without their instinctual pull towards certain types of fur
  • (also they pick up supplies on the next station, faux fur and wigs and glitter and pretty beads and clams and… everythng. Next competition is in a week, and it shall be fabulous.)

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Visited, or Visitors? (a weird college story)

So this is my own Weird College Shit story and requires some set up. I had my first year of college in 2009-10, and I spent it at a tiny school in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farms. The nearest major city was about three hours drive away. The small town I lived in was literally built around the college. My apartment was to the east of school grounds, and my high school best friend (we’ll call her Elise) was in the dorms on the opposite side of campus.

Elise was heavily involved in the drama department. I was in the improv troupe, but my depression and social anxiety meant I was more of an outlier than a “true” drama kid at the college. (They tended to devote all their time and energy to whatever play was happening at the given time and I just… couldn’t.) As a result, while Elise was invited to every drama department-hosted get together in existence, I only found out when she asked if I wanted to go along.

It was Halloween and while most of the college students were at a huge party being held at an apartment as far from campus as possible in this Nowheresville of a town, one of the seniors in the drama department had rented out the black box theatre for the night. Dress code was 1920s and 1940s, and they’d hired a few members of the school’s junior jazz band for live music.

Elise forgot to tell me until the day of the party. As a result, while her hair and make up were perfect and she was dressed in a pretty, beaded and fringed dress from a play she’d done in junior high, along with a faux fur coat borrowed from the props department for the occasion, I had nothing era-appropriate. I ended up going in my clubbing clothes - a mini black dress, a leather jacket, skull-print stockings, and my knee-high, PVC bitch boots. (The heavy jewelry and black lipstick was just a required addition at that point.)

Please keep in mind that neither of us had anything to drink that night, so everything that happened hereafter was while we were both stone cold sober.

We arrived late, only to find we weren’t really welcome. Everyone was acting… off. (We found out later that one of Elise’s “friends” had been spreading ugly rumors about her, jealous that Elise had gotten a part for which they had both tried out.) When we approached folks to say hello, they were polite but talked over any of our attempts to join in their conversations. It was awkward and uncomfortable, and at the time we had no clue why, which was aggravating. Despite the party going to till 2 AM, the pair of us decided to call it a night after half an hour, heading back to Elise’s around 11 PM.

Despite never talking about it,  the deal whenever we went somewhere late was always that I would get Elise back to her dorm room, then call her as soon as I got to my apartment. (Neither of us had a car, and of us two I was the paranoid one who carried a knife and pepper spray, and had no problem telling people who were creeping me out to fuck off or being willing to actually dial the local police dispatch number if my instincts started screaming.)

We were walking through the middle of the deserted campus on the way to Elise’s, when we passed the bell tower. (Just to clarify, the “tower” is actually three open blocks built of bricks, the first one five-by-five across, and the same in height. Each block was progressively smaller, stacked on top of one another with four clocks set into the sides of the top block, all showing the same time.) What caught my attention was the three people sitting in the open space underneath. They seemed about our age, but I didn’t recognize any of them. Two guys and one girl, all wearing beanies, light coats, and flip flops despite the cold. (It was low-30s Fahrenheit, or 0-2° C.)

One of them had a bongo drum. He was keeping a beat, while the other two traded lines of improvised poetry.

I slowed down enough to figure out what they were saying. Elise was shivering, but I was wearing more layers than her so I didn’t feel the chill as strongly. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d plopped myself down beside the trio and pulled Elise onto my lap, wrapping my arms around her to keep her warm.

I nodded to the last person to speak - the girl. The three of them were staring at us, but eventually she repeated the last line she’d said, and I responded with a new line.

We went back and forth, from me to the girl to me to the boy, and around again. Bongo Guy started to up the speed of his beat pattern with each turn. I can’t repeat a single line from the entire time now, and only have a distant memory of feeling lightheaded and high. (A few days later when I asked Elise about it, she told me our words were about the moon and old gods and eternity vs the human life span. She said she’d been surprised and caught up in the whole thing until she didn’t care that she was freezing her ass off.)

This went on until the bell above us started to chime the time - 12 AM. I was suddenly aware of how bad Elise was trembling from the night air, and the cold I’d been ignoring came creeping up my body. I finished a pair of rhyming lines as I stood and helped Elise to her feet, then gave the trio a little bow. (I was in a traveling Shakespeare troupe in high school. You don’t finish a verse of poetry without a bow. It’s Just Not Done.) I wished them “a lovely All Hallow’s” and goodnight. They nodded and stayed seated.

I got Elise to her dorm then headed for my apartment. On the way, I passed by the bell tower again. The three people were no longer there.

No names were exchanged that night, and in the two semesters Elise and I were at the school, neither of us saw them on campus or in the town before we left the school.

My favorite part about the whole thing is that from my perspective, these three modern beatniks were strange and possibly magic. But from their point of view, what did me and Elise seem like? Two girls you don’t recognize (one wearing a flapper dress, and one looking like she just walked out of a 90s goth club) invite themselves into your poetry circle on Halloween, three days before a full moon. One of them matches you, line for line, for nearly an hour. And as soon as the clock strikes Midnight, they leave. You never see them again.


For those of you considering picking up a hobby, here is my personal experience with various crafty hobbies I’ve tried and their assorted costs:

Drawing ink/pencil: highly variable $-$$$. To start out with it can be quite cheap, if you’re just starting with school supplies and notebook paper. I’ve found even the higher-end paper products aren’t nearly the biggest drain, however, as when you start using the specifically artistic pens and pencils. I’d recommend sticking with basic supplies while you’re still developing your drawing skills, including using sharpies when you’re doing sketches (although these are getting a bit more expensive, too, they last quite a while even with heavy use). I also got a lot of use out of the 6-pack of varying sized Micron pens. For pencils, wooden is much preferred over mechanical, and if you can’t afford a full pack, I’ve personally gotten by fairly well just with 2B and 6B. As for colored pencils, quite honestly I’ve seen little difference in quality between expensive and cheap beyond color-choice. For charcoal, the charcoal pencils have struck me as something of a gimmick–you can do about as well just with a stick. Also, don’t neglect white charcoal; it really makes a difference and gives you a lot more options with your drawings. This is a pretty approachable craft to learn, however, even if you’re broke to begin with.

Drawing digital: highly variable $-$$$. Tablets aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be, and there are a lot of free programs online. My experience here has been limited by my own funds, but I will say this is still an accessible hobby. For the most part, because my digital equipment is lower-end (also just due to talent), I’ve found it most useful for touching up my hand-drawn artwork after the fact by cleaning up the digital image, fixing mistakes I didn’t notice before, etc. It’s also a medium in its own right, but you’d have to get better advice elsewhere on what products would really be worth it.

Sewing: high cost $$$. Sewing machines themselves are a costly investment and pretty necessary if you’re actually making a garment, but even hand-sewing racks up, quickly. Thread, pins, and needles are fairly low-cost, but the fabric is getting ever more expensive. A proper pair of scissors can also be a bit costly; kitchen scissors are all right and will get the job done, but you will weary of their ineffectiveness. I also recommend a seam-ripper. I’ve gotten by without any of those special measuring mats or rotary cutters, but each project has its unique costs (snaps, buttons, zippers, batting, etc.). This craft is also a bit difficult to learn by yourself. Youtube tutorials can go a ways, but it’s really better to learn from someone else. If you have access to a sewing machine and a teacher already, this is a pretty useful skill to learn if you can take the time.

Oil painting: moderate to high cost $$-$$$. The costs can be fairly low if you stick with acrylics, but I don’t think much of that medium outside when you’re initially learning how to paint at all. Oil paints are pretty expensive, and you’ll need several base colors–I wouldn’t recommend trying to mix any yourself just from basic red, yellow, blue. When I started out it was in a class, and we were given 2 shades of red, 2 shades of blue, a green, 2 shades of yellow, a brown, and a violet, and even with this, getting just the right shade for the subject was a little tricky (although admittedly this was a beginner’s course). Brushes are also something you’ll want to invest in, and you’ll need several sizes. Turpentine is needed to clean the brushes, and you’ll want Gesso to prime your canvases, too. You’ll also need a flat palette, and then a razor to clean your palette. If at all possible, I recommend taking a class to learn how to do a proper oil painting and care for your equipment, and get some of your initial supplies from there.

Crocheting: low to moderate cost $-$$. I never got into knitting, but I imagine it’s much the same cost-wise. You basically only need yarn and a hook for this. Hooks come in plastic, and you can make a single size work for several weights of yarn in a pinch. The yarn is where the variability comes in. Simple acrylics won’t feel nearly as nice, but they do come pretty cheap. It’s also a very forgiving craft that you can undo and try again, over and over, so you don’t waste much. There’s plenty of online tutorials and forums, too, to help you get started.

Cross-stitch/embroidery: low cost $. Floss is fairly cheap, you can get a very wide selection of colors, and it goes quite a long way. Aida cloth is also fairly inexpensive, particularly given how long a project can take. You don’t need a frame, but they do help, and they run pretty cheap if you just get a plastic one. In terms of learning how, it’s very easy to pick up. There are also free online resources to make your own patterns. If you start adding beads and such the costs may stack up, but for the most part this is a pretty inexpensive craft.

Perler beads: moderate cost $$. You wouldn’t think plastic melting beads would cost much, but you’d be wrong. The color assortments are such that you rarely have enough to complete a project unless you buy each color you need individually, and even then you’ll want to stock up on black. Pegboards aren’t too expensive, but you’ll likely need a few even for a fairly small project. You’ll also need an iron (if you don’t have one already), masking tape, tweezers, and a needle. This is a project you can learn alone with little guidance once you learn the basics, but keeping up with the hobby will mean buying a lot of those beads, which gets expensive before very long.

ok so like. question.

could a pearl catcher’s pearl be a baroque pearl?? or 

cause there’s a Lot of sick looking baroque pearls out there

so i think most pearlcatchers would take care to make theirs at least mostly round but would some punk pearlcatchers purposefully make their pearl baroque??? so many questions

so what do you all think???

anonymous asked:

i love your writing so much i don't think i trust anyone but you and i didn't want to ask and burden you but no one can do minhyun like you so pls-please, if u can could i request a fantasy imagine for minhyun i'll be fine with anything you write as long as you do thank u

here’s an elf!minhyun!! thanks for trusting me to write it ^^

  • you remember meeting minhyun for the first time at the market,,,,,people were selling fresh fruits, homemade jam, carved statues, and other hand crafted pretty trinkets
  • but the most people were gathered around minhyun,,,,,,who was selling the prettiest glass wind chimes you’d ever seen
  • it was the middle of summer, but pulled over his head was a cap - and even with his bangs in his face it was still obvious
  • when he looked up to smile at customers,,,,,,,that he was handsome
  • and not just ‘handsome’ but the kind of handsome you’d assume fairy tale princes were
  • with kind, dark eyes and a perfectly smooth complexion
  • all the people around him where only there to admire his face, people offered to buy his wind chimes - but only if he’d include his number or meet up for dates
  • minhyun,,,,would just smile and tell them he was flattered, but he lived far and so he couldn’t comply
  • you waited, till the crowd dwindled down to go look at the wind chimes
  • they were all pretty, obviously worked on meticulously, and one caught your eye immediately
  • the top was shaped like a butterfly and strings of pretty flower shaped glass beads hung down from it
  • “that one is my favorite too.”
  • you looked up, seeing minhyun standing across from you
  • up close you could make out the faint speckling of freckles over his nose and even though his eyes were a dark, beautiful brown
  • every now and then you could have sworn you could see a flicker of green under the sun
  • “how much?”
  • you asked, admiring the wind chime again. minhyun told you a price and you couldn’t believe it
  • “yo-you’re selling it for that cheap?”
  • with a wink, he went “there might be a discount, just for you.”
  • wrapping it up carefully, minhyun waved as you left the market. for a moment you wondered,,,it might have been your imagination but it had looked for a moment like minhyun’s fingers had been dusted with something,,,,,,shimmery,,,,,,
  • a couple of weeks later you’d found that your wind  chime would ring, even when there was no wind
  • like someone had brushed past it ,,,,,,, which was impossible it was at the top of your window
  • either way, you loved it. it looked so pretty, the glass reflecting the sun
  • and the chimes gave you such a calming feeling
  • one afternoon, you’d heard the chimes and looked out of the window to see if it was getting windy or rainy
  • to your surprise you noticed a fawn, staring at the chime in your backyard
  • quietly, to not scare it, you opened the backdoor and watched as the fawn stood there
  • taking a couple of steps toward it, you noticed that the fawn wasn’t even frightened
  • it just kept looking at the chime till slowly turning around and trotting into the woods
  • out of pure curiosity, you followed along across the moss path in the forest
  • you don’t know how long you followed the fawn for, but at some point you’d come across a clearing
  • in the middle of it, was a circle of white stones and a figure seated in the middle
  • the fawn, coming over to it, nuzzled into the person’s outstretched hand
  • you couldn’t help yourself but try to get closer,,,,,,,who was this person out in the middle of the forest?
  • until they turned around, eyes locking on yours and you saw him - minhyun
  • this time, the cap he’d been wearing was off and you could see his entire profile
  • the same pretty eyes, shy small smile,,,,,,,but his ears
  • pointed at the edge with flowers tucked neatly behind them
  • standing up, you could see a couple of woodland creatures surrounding him
  • frozen,,,,,,you try to think of something to say but all you can do is lift your hand up in a tiny wave
  • “minhyun!”
  • a voice calls out his name and minhyun looks over his shoulder, before rushing toward you
  • “quick, hide!”
  • you teeter backwards, minhyun’s arms coming around you to pull you behind a nearby tree
  • “it’s the other elves, i don’t want them to know you’re here.”
  • “elves??”
  • minhyun pulls you down, arm still holding you close as you hear other voices back from the center of the clearing
  • when it seems silent enough, minhyun lets his hold on you go,,,,,,
  • you can see a hint of red in his cheeks as he apologizes for grabbing you but you just ask again, “elves?”
  • minhyun turns and you see the ears up close, the speckled freckles, the tints of green in his eyes, his hands,,,,,,coated in silvery dust
  • you can’t believe it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “human’s aren’t supposed to know, but the cat’s out of the bag”
  • he laughs slightly at his own joke and you point to his hand
  • “is that -”
  • “fairy dust.”
  • you look at it closely and minhyun grins 
  • “i put it on all the wind chimes i make, it’s supposed to bring good luck.”
  • you look up at him,,,,,,,minhyun’s eyelashes are so long and his voice has the same calming effect like the chimes that he makes
  • he looks back at you, tilting his head a bit
  • “is everything ok?”
  • “sometimes,,,,,,,,,the wind chime i bought,,,,,,,,,sounds on its own.”
  • minhyun gives a knowing nod
  • “it means elves are nearby.”
  • you go “oh” fascinated and minhyun gives an embarrassed little chuckle
  • “i do admit though, sometimes i walk by your home to see the wind chime. it’s one of my favorites, but also,,,,,,,,,”
  • you blink and wait, but minhyun suddenly seems shyer than ever
  • “,,,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,,,i quite like seeing you too,,,,,,,”