pretty badass picture of their stage


Pottermons Part Deux! 

I hate waiting, so I decided to get these all out pretty fast. I think this will be the last group of tamers from the Potter universe, (I’m worried if I do more I’m going to get sucked down into an endless barrage of characters) but I doubt it’ll be the last digimon group ever. So. There’s that. 

Okay. Explanation time! (You can feel free to delete as much of this text as you want, btw, just credit me!)

  • Draco’s design is probably my overall favorite of the bunch. I really, really didn’t want to just give him a snake (there are so many people associated with snakes and draco is not explicitly one in my mind (besides being a slytherin of course, but I certainly didn’t give all the Gryffindor’s lions)). I’ve always associate Draco much more with money and power and ferrets (because he got turned into a ferret that one time in the fourth book). So I did that. The champion is a ferret-naga (???), and the ultimate stage is a white death eater-esque woman with some snake elements and a kickass impractical blade thingy. 
  • Neville, of course, has a plant frog. I remembered he had a cactus thing that was a big deal to him, so I looked up a picture (It’s a mimbulus mimbletonia) and based it on that. The final stage is a Frog Knight due to Neville being much more of a badass in the last books. 
  • I wasn’t sure if I was going to do Ginny (I didn’t know what I would do for her), but I figured she was a pretty important part of the group, so I didn’t want to split her out of it. She has a pygmy puff themed horse (her Patronus is a horse). Bright purple seemed like the obvious choice here (I’m not sure what happened tbh)
  • Hagrid has so much creature imagery in the books it felt like a shame to just ignore him. There was quite a bit to choose from, but I finally ended up with a Fang/Aragog hybrid. The final forms are spider dragons because I felt like Hagrid really deserved a dragon of his own. (This is probably my second favorite line of the group). In his last form, the two side heads aren’t sentient, they function more like arms that bite. 

Anyway. That’s the gist of it! I hope you all enjoy this batch too. On to figuring out what fictional universe I can get my hands on next. 

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