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The One With The Tiny Shirt

Summary:  Washing baby while singing your heart out to one of your favorite songs without knowing Dean is watching you. Who knew things can get pretty hot on Baby’s dash?

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Words: 900+

Warnings: Implied Smut. 

A/N: My entry for @sis-tafics & @eyes-of-a-disney-princess Birthday’s Challenge! This was such a fun one to write & I hope y’all like it! Happy Birthdays! <333 PSD; This is not beta’d. 

Prompt: The One With The Tiny Shirt 


Washing cars wasn’t a task you did often but when you did, it had to be done while listening to some music classics. There was no cases on the radar, leaving you and the boys to stay in the Bunker. It’s been a week and you were starting to feel caged up and bored. Dean always found the way to kill the time though, either was going to a bar or not leaving his bed at all. You loved spending time with him but there was nothing better to do when you weren’t doing him. Dean wasn’t fond of your love for Bon Jovi but it was just because he didn’t understand your love for the iconic band.

You had a love and hate relationship with arguments about how Led Zeppelin was a thousand ways better than Bon Jovi. It was fun and Dean always had some good points about his favorite band. Led Zeppelin was great but Bon Jovi was and would forever be your favorite. The reason that created so much love for the band was because it was your first concert ever. Your mother being a completely Bon Jovi fan,  took you to a concert and it was like you were in a whole new world. So much freedom and carefree in one place blew your mind away.

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so these guys with tattoos and piercings and shit (the kind that my grandma would walk quickly away from for no reason) walked into target and the entire time they were in otc they kept asking each other a million questions about what kind of pain meds a pregnant woman could take and they tried asking me and one guy smacked the other on the shoulder and said “see i told you. even she says to be careful with advil and shit. fuck ur money and that cheap shit I’m pretty sure ur girl and the baby are more important dumbass” and honestly it was cutest shit

Red Velvet Reaction: They find out they’re pregnant

Red Velvet Prompt: Rv reaction to finding out they are pregnant? :O

Not gonna include Yeri as I don’t want to imply any sexual things on her.

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She’d be pretty happy about it. She does think that it might be time to have a child. And even though it was an accident she wasn’t going to be upset. Although the weird cravings will come quite quickly.

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Seulgi would be half happy half worried. She’s definitely fit enough to keep up with the pregnancy (and keep a good figure) All the other mothers / soon to be mothers would be so envious of her. 

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Wendy, as the worrier she is, would be pretty worried about the environment that her child would be born into. Child proofing everything months before the baby was going to be born. And also preparing herself so the baby would be safe.

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Joy would be pretty concerned as she is super young. She would start to have doubts about her parenting skills and would be insecure. “What if my child hates me. Oh God Y/N What if they start to hate me!”

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what do you except from freddie's birthday? i think the biggest teller will be if louis posts on social media. if he doesn't post something for his baby's own first birthday that'll be pretty damn telling but idk what else could possibly happen, besides B and her family doing the most of course

I honestly have no idea what to expect. The family will most definitely be super extra on social media. But Louis??? Who knows tbh. Let’s see if he goes to Vegas to begin with. It wouldn’t really surprise me if he kept silence (telling, but not surprising) since he said nothing on pre Christmas or about the miraculous first steps on Christmas morning

  • Cleo: Magnus! You're alive! I was so worried...
  • Magnus: I was worried about you to, Cleiona, I love you...
  • Cleo: I love you too...
  • Cleo: hey, do yo remember the curse your father told you I'm under?
  • Magnus: I do. That curse is the reason we haven't touched each other since the cabin...
  • Cleo: Well, that was a lie told by your grandmother, the reason my mother died was because she poisoned her drink...
  • Cleo: She tried to do that to me as well...
  • Magnus: ...
  • Magnus: so we can have sex?
  • Cleo: Yes...
  • Magnus: * picking her up and taking her to the closest bedroom *
  • Jonas: hey guys we're back!
  • Lucia: I had a baby!
  • Felix: I'm pretty sure that the kid will have a cousin soon...
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pretty fuuuuuuuur

( yeee that’s my baby. )

( Her name is Fluffy and she likes boxes, chasing after her own tail, nyooming around the house at high speeds for no reason, laying around like a melted puddle of fur, and in general being a major dork. )

( She’s around 20+ years old? We don’t know how old she is exactly because she was a stray, but she was old enough to be pregnant with kittens because s uRPRISE SHE HAD BABIES LIKE?? A WEEK AFTER WE TOOK HER HOME *wheeze* )

( One of her kittens stayed with my grandfather and he’s like 10x her size. This kitty is a tiny little thing. <3 )