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right so kinda weird that I have to say this but

please don’t send me weird things about rape in my ask box. Like theres so many reasons why you SHOULDN’T do that, and I honestly can’t tell if you were trying to harass me last night, or were just being strange, but I mean…come on dude. I have it pretty plastered on my blog now that I’m a CSA survivor, just…dont go there man. 

like there were several last night, can’t tell if it was all one person or not, but even so. like harass me about my body and all that i guess if you have to…but dude come on. 

  • Fyodor: Hey, Fitzgerald. What have you been up to?
  • Fitzgerald: Not much. Just, you know, building a career. Being successful and having a really full and wonderful life. I-I’m very blessed. I’m sure you’ve seen around town I’m a pretty successful businessman now. I’m plastered all over the bus stops.
  • Fyodor: I thought you were missing. I saw your picture on the bus stop and I thought you were missing.
A Drink Too Many- Malec AU

I was inspired to write this be a prompt idea that I saw ages ago, but I can’t remember where it was for…

Rated T, language, adult themes.

First meeting, all human, bartender!Magnus, customer!Alec

The bar had a tense but weary air to it, much like how Alec was feeling himself. It was a Tuesday night and the customers were either businessmen, middle-aged and single, or both. Men with their ties and top-buttons undone sat at every other table, alone, gulping down a pint whilst clicking away at their laptops or making mumbling small-talk with the person next to them. Each and every one of the customers wore a bored-looking, tired expression, not dissimilar to the one that Alec wore.

Alec was both a businessman and single, but not middle-aged. He was clearly the youngest in the room, in his mid-twenties. He was also wet, cold, tired and in desperate need of a pint to take the edge off his busy thoughts. It had been a long, long day. Dark too, given it was nearing the end of autumn. The foreboding sense of the coming of a bitter winter seemed to put New York in a gloomy state of equilibrium, neither too cold nor too wet, just damp and nippy.

The bar that Alec had picked out through the darkness was one that he was unfamiliar with, but chose despite of this because of the rain and because midnight was rapidly approaching. Once he had entered and surveyed the room, Alec headed to the deserted bar, briefcase and jacket in-hand. As he perched himself atop one of the stools, he noticed the faint sound of Fleetwood Mac droning in the background, floating out of the jukebox in the corner like a typical 80s style bar. He rolled his eyes.

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Just A Little Bit of Your Heart (Part Two)

This is part numero dos! If you haven’t, have a read at the one that started it all..
Just A Little Bit of Your Heart


“Harry!!” The squeak of his name cuts through his thoughts as she steps into their now shared house, her voice full of excitement.

He puts the notepad down on the coffee table, scooting over to make room for her on the couch; his arms wide open for her to settle into.

“Hey, kitten. How was your day?” He kisses her temple as he pulls her onto his lap, an arm around her waist, bringing the other to tuck her hair behind her ear.

“It was great, nothing too crazy at work. But that’s not what I wanna talk about.” She smiles the sweetest smile at him, setting her palm on his chest, “guess what??”

And he can’t help but smile at how content and giddy she is at what she’s gonna tell him. So he hmm’s for her to go on.

“Was out with your mum looking at dresses..-” Harry eyes go wide and he sits up a little straighter, both of his hands now at her hips as she moves to straddle him, placing both her hands on either of his shoulders.

She closes her eyes and inhales before opening, “I think I found the dress.”

“You what??”

Y/N bites her lip as she nods a ‘yes’, nervous because this is a big step.


Harry sits up abruptly, waking from a dream he really wishes hadn’t been disturbed. He’s not exactly sure where he is, but if his surrounding is anything to go by, it’s definitely not his room.

This room has a more feminine touch, with walls a shade of coral, and pictures of a girl he can barely recall. He rubs his eyes, trying to adjust his eyesight because he really doesn’t know where he is, or with who for that matter. All he knows is that he’s got a killer of a headache and the dreadful feeling to throw up.

“Here, this’ll help.” He’s being handed a cup of water and two blue gel tablets, and he takes them eagerly, downing both in one gulp.

She takes the cup from his hands and sets it on the night stand. And Harry rubs his eyes again, not for the same reason this time though.

“How’re you feeling?” She asks.

Why can’t he remember who she is?

He’s guessing she can sense how confused he is because she scoots a bit farther from where he’s laying on her couch.

“Don’t worry, nothing happened.” She assures, and he lets out a sigh of relief. “You were pretty plastered. Wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t remember anything!”

Harry thinks he must look like a complete idiot, not knowing where he is, who he’s with, and to not remember last night really tops it all off.

“M’Isabel. A friend of Y/N’s,” and that’s why he couldn’t put a finger on who she was, until now. He remembers her being at one of Y/N’s birthdays, but he never really talked to her, or got her name for that matter. “Y/N and I were out for drinks last night at a pub when you showed up. I knew you too were really close, but when I asked her why she didn’t say hi to you and she didn’t say anything, I didn’t push it.”

Harry remembers that. He’d heard she was gonna be there to celebrate a friend’s graduation, and taken the fact she’s been distant with him since that night three weeks ago, he figured maybe this time he’ll be able to talk to her. He’s tried lots of times before last night, but keeps failing miserably. When he tries to at work, she always seems to be at meetings. When he tries to at her place, she’s never there (although her car parked out front would state otherwise). One time he saw her at the park feeding the squirrels, and he almost got the chance that time, but then he got swarmed by fans. He’s almost starting to give up.

“She must hate me.” He buries his face in his hands. Harry can’t stand the thought of her hating him.

“I don’t think she does. She was pretty tipsy herself, but she kept an eye on you. And when she saw that you weren’t going easy on the alcohol, she asked me to take you home. My house though. Told her I’d just moved into a new flat and I hadn’t told her where yet. So she said to bring you to mine. Something about that if I took you to yours she might not be able to contain herself.” Isabel gives him a shrug and a raise of the eyebrows.

“She did?” It’s hard for him to believe that after shutting him out, she’s still taking care of him.

“Yeah. Not hard to believe, she’s practically in love with you!” And Isabel doesn’t really realize what this means to them, thinks it’s been more than obvious to everyone.

Everyone except Harry, who’d been trying to make sense of why she left with a look he hadn’t seen on her before. A look that made him feel like a total asshole because he realized he’d caused it, but he didn’t really know why.

Until now.


It’s been weeks since Isabel told Harry that. And he doesn’t seem to be doing much of trying to talk to Y/N thus far. It’s just, it sort of caught him off guard if he’s being honest. There he was, thinking she had left that night because she didn’t like him, when in reality, it’s the complete opposite.

He’s trying to wrap his head around it.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and like every other Sunday, Harry was over at Y/N’s for their weekly brunch where they prepare a meal together and act like proper adults. Only this time, he doesn’t know whether it was the new floral dress she had on or the way the sun kept highlighting her face to accentuate her smile, it felt different. A good different, like butterflies in his tummy different.

But he never said anything. Never did anything about it, until he kissed her. And she ran away.

So yeah, Harry’s still trying to figure out how he never noticed the way Y/N looked at him before. How he didn’t notice how she felt about him. Everyone else did, why didn’t he?

Now here he is. Sat alone at the yogurt place they would always go to, a spoon full of yogurt, but a Harry with no appetite for any. A hand running through his hair to un-dampen it from when the rain soaked it a couple of minutes ago.

“You forgot your phone miss.”

“Oh, thank you.” He faintly hears her voice, the stirring of the now liquidy substance coming to a halt.

He sees her for the first time since the bar. The shirt she’s wearing clinging to her body because she probably got stuck in the rain on her way here. They lock eyes when she passes him on her way to the exit, her features making a dramatic change as the corner of her lips pull down and she tries to scurry out.

And he feels those butterflies in his tummy. Now he realizes the answer is real simple.

He doesn’t hesitate when he stands up to go after her.

“I know,” he tells her after he pulls her to the side, into an alley and pushes her against the wall, arms at either side of her face, his voice a tad loud so that she’s able to hear him above the pelting of the rain on the busy street. Drops of water leaving them drenched.

“Dunno what you’re talking about,” she keeps her gaze from his face, “sorry but I-I have to uhh…feed m-my cat,” she stutters, trying to duck under his arm only for him to grab her hand and turn her right back around.

“Don’t have a cat, love,” he offers a light laugh.

Still doesn’t look at him.

Harry sighs, “I know that you sent Isabel to look after me.”

“She told you??” She asks, defeated, looking at Harry with an embarrassed look and just like that she’s got her head hung low.

Harry cups her face, making her look at him as he presses a kiss to the corner of her lips, “got a bit of yogurt.”

She stands there, taken aback, his eyes fixated on hers.

“I love you,” Harry blurts out, confident in what he’s saying, “Didn’t kiss you that night ‘cos I wanted to forget. I kissed you ‘cos I remembered that I’ve been feeling this way for a while now, kitten. Been wanting to kiss you longer.”


“Can’t have you not taking care of me. Want you….need you to. And m’not gonna let you leave this time.”

So Harry kisses her again, and when she doesn’t push him away, he figures he’ll keep kissing her until he changes her mind.

After only a couple of seconds, she’s lightly retracting from the hold his lips have on her. “I love you, too, you dolt.” She smiles, pulling him down to reconnect their lips.

So Harry got his kiss. Kiss when she’s upset and got frozen yogurt on the corner of her lip; and a kiss in the rain with the feeling of nothing but pure happiness.


Author’s Note: Couldn’t help myself!! Finished it in one sitting! 


The idea for this imagine was given to me by my good friend neymarsfantasies. I hope you love it!

—Neymar Imagine: Carnival Time—

It was carnival time again, my favorite time of the year. The streets were shut down and there were people everywhere. It was the last day of celebration, and it looked like people were already drunk, stumbling in the streets and slurring their words. I parked walking distance from where we usually stood every year, which was only a small walk from a local bar.

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Imagine- Out to Dinner with Led Zeppelin- Requested Yesterday

Imagine you’ve been dating Jimmy Page. You’re unsure about whether he’s serious about you or not. You’ve been thinking about that all day. Then he calls you and you two have a long talk. He asks you to back to England with him,he wants you to move in. You spend the night packing and get to sleep at about 4. The phone rings and wakes you up.
It’s Jimmy, he tells you it’s 5 pm and invites you to dinner at the Whisky. He says he’ll come around to get you in about an hour. You quickly shower and dress. You put on a little foundation and some eyeliner. A little mascara. You put on a gorgeous pair of heels and go down to the living room to wait. A few minutes later, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Jimmy, you link arms and he walks you to the waiting limo. He puts the door and you see the rest of the band. You get in and Robert tells you, you look lovely. Jimmy and John Bonham agree.
On the way to the whisky, the boys drink and talk about their last show, tomorrow. You lay your head on Jimmy’s shoulder and his hand snakes up your thigh. You can tell he’s feeling pretty frisky tonight buts it’s okay. He’ll pay for teasing you later. The limo stops and the driver opens the door. As you get out and walk away you see the driver checking you out from the corner of your eye. Your glad you chose such a form fitting dress for tonight. Every man seems to have trouble keeping his eyes off you.
Jimmy leads you all back to a table in a darkened corner. You make sure to let everyone else get in first leaving you on end with Jimmy directly next to you. As you all order drinks, you rest your hand on Jimmy’s thigh. As you make small talk with the band’s manger Peter Grant, your hand moves farther up his thigh. Robert asks you about your hometown. You two start talking about small town life and you slip your hand into Jimmy’s pant. You causally glance around the table to make sure no one sees what your doing. They don’t, they’re all engaged in conversation with groupies and fans. Even Robert’s attention has turned to Catherine James.
Jimmy’s breathing quickens as you begin to stroke his member. You lean over and whisper “you just wait, I’m not even halfway done.” As the night progresses, everyone drinks more and more. They’re all pretty plastered within an hour. This whole time you’ve been stroking Jimmy, just to the brink and stopping. You look around the room. Robert has tongue in Catherine’s mouth and his hand noticeably in her pants. John Bonham, Peter Grant and Richard Cole are shooting pool. John Paul Jones has disappeared, as he has a tendency to do.
This is perfect, everyone distracted and entirely wasted. You slip under the table and undo his zipper. You then him in to your mouth, sucking him eagerly. You keep a fast pace because you know he’s going to cum any second. His hands wrap themselves in your hair. He pulls it gently. You hear him hiss and feel his warm seed go down your throat. You crawl back up in your seat and wipe your mouth on a napkin. You look around to see if anyone noticed, they didn’t.
The bar has degenerated into a dull drunken roar. No ones paying attention to any thing but their own fun. You kiss Jimmy and say “Your turn.” He descends down underneath the table. You spread your legs nice and wide. He crawls between them and looks up at you. “Naughty girl, no panties.” He says with a smile. You lean back in your seat and smile spreads across your face. He licks you with long hard strokes. Soon your quivering with anticipation. He slips in one finger then another. He begins sucking your love button and moving his fingers in and out in unison. Soon your on the verge of cumming and he stops.He gets up and grabs your hand. You both walk out to the limo. On your way back to his hotel, he continues rubbing you wet, aching kitty and whispers in your ear"Darling, I always get the last laugh.“

Le Reve
     Maybe things would have been different if you knew that the glitter is simply a distraction, that the lights hide the darkness, and that the pretty face a facade…

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Fun Sized

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen, Misha
Words: 1019
Requested by Anonymous: Can you do a Jared x Reader (before he met Gen) where they’re a couple and he’s always making fun of her because she’s short and just super cute and fluffy?? Thanks :) 

Originally posted by jaredbottoms

         You wanted to make breakfast for Jared before he had to be on set. But you were having some difficulty. He was the last one to do the dishes, so the mugs for the coffee were pushed back on the highest shelf.

           You had hoped to have everything ready before Jared got downstairs, but you were still struggling when you heard him walking toward the kitchen.

           You were on your knees on the counter, reaching for the mugs when he walked in, “Baby, what are you doing?” Jared asked, chuckling.

           “You put the mugs up too high,” you groaned.

           Jared laughed more then, “I’m sorry, Babe,” he said. You felt his hands on your hips, “Don’t fall.”

           You grabbed the mugs and put them on the counter, “Help me down?” you asked, turning around on the counter.

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Who Are You pt. 2

Summary: What happens when the popular boy, Jongin, finally meets someone who challenges him…
Members: Jongin (Kai) x Reader (appearances by other EXO Members)
Type: Angst
Length: 1,775 Words

So I don’t know why, but I was not feeling fluffy today, so it just became a pure angst with a cliff hanger ending and I’m sorry. I hope you guys still like it <3

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1

Originally posted by kairamelo

 He stared at you from across the hall. Well, it was quickly becoming less of a stare and more of a glare. You had made his mind a complete mess for the past few days. At first, he thought that it was just the fact that he had been drinking that he thought you were something special. But it wasn’t the case. He hadn’t drank enough to have his memory altered. No, it had all happened as he remembered. You had walked into party and enchanted him within mere seconds. You had captured his attention, held it for a few minutes while you talked, and then walked away as though he was nothing. And he was. He was a bug to you. You treated him like he was anyone.

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Too Much Booze, Too Little Filter

Inspired by @those-otp-prompts‘ prompt: “Person A has been drinking just a little too much, and Person B had to tag along. Person A confesses their love to B whilst drunk, and not soon after, passes out. B practically drags A home, and takes care of them during their hangover. Person A asks B if they said anything weird. Will B tell the truth, or keep A’s confession to their self?”


“Ya really can’t hold your booze, can you, Shrimp?”

“Of course I can! See?”

Levy hiccupped and held the half-drunk pint of beer up. She giggled and pushed it closer to Gajeel’s face, and he just rolled his eyes. Levy’s giggling continued as she held the pint up to her lips and gulped more. Some missed her mouth and dribbled down her chin, and Gajeel sighed as he reached over and wiped it off her soft skin.

“That’s not what I meant,” he said, and Levy shrugged.

“You should choose your words better,” she slurred, placing her elbow on the bar and leaning against it.

“I’ll be sure to do that,” he replied, and Levy grinned.

That fact that Levy was a lightweight didn’t surprise Gajeel at all; the solid script mage was tiny. Funnily enough, when they’d gone out to the bar that night, it was Levy who volunteered to look after Gajeel, despite his insistence that he could look after himself. Now, the roles were reversed, and he had to make sure she didn’t do something in a drunken stupor that she’d regret.

“You know what, Gajeel?” Levy asked, her words melding into each other. “You wanna know something?”

“Sure,” he replied as he placed a foot on the bottom rung of Levy’s barstool. She’d started rocking it, and he didn’t really need her falling back and hitting her head.

“Shh, you can’t tell Gajeel,” she said, smacking a finger on her lips. “You have to promise.”

“Okay, Shrimp, I promise,” he replied, and she beamed at him.

“I… IloveGajeel!”  

The words came out in such a rush that Gajeel had to take a minute to rewind and replay what she’d said in his mind. I love Gajeel. He was speechless for a couple seconds. Did she really, or had the blunette simply had one too many drinks?

“Ya do?” he asked slowly, and Levy nodded vigorously.

“I do!” she cried proudly.

She tried hopping off the barstool, but her balance was completely gone, and she stumbled and started to fall to the side. Gajeel grabbed her around the waist without hesitation and pulled her close. Levy’s head rolled onto his shoulder, and she looked up at him with her warm, big eyes.

“You can’t tell him,” she said, and she put one of her fingers against his lips. “I think he loves me too, but he tries to hide it. That’s okay, though. I know.”

Gajeel didn’t know how to respond to that, so he didn’t. Instead, he stood up, slapped some money on the bar, and swept her off her feet. She squealed and he smirked.

“C’mon, Shorty, let’s get ya back home,” he said, and she nodded and closed her eyes.

Gajeel carried Levy out of the bar and she snuggled in closer as the chilly, evening air hit her skin. He should’ve made her bring a jacket, but at the same time, he knew the little mage would’ve fought him on it.

“I’m sleepy,” she mumbled after a minute.

“I’ll get ya into bed soon,” Gajeel replied, and she smiled.

When he did get her into her bed in her apartment, Levy latched on and wouldn’t let go, which is why when she woke up the next morning, she was being held in the snoring iron dragon slayer’s arms. When he sensed she was awake, his eyes opened slowly.

“Mornin’ Shrimp,” he said through a yawn. “How ya feeling?”

“Hung-over,” she whispered, winced at the banging in her head.

“I figured ya would be,” Gajeel replied, smirking as he closed his eyes. “Ya got pretty plastered last night.”

“Great,” she muttered.

Levy sat up and ran a hand through her bed head, and she glanced over her shoulder. Suddenly, she had a horrible thought. When she drank, Levy had no control over what she said and who she said it to, and Gajeel was the last person she wanted to slip up to.

“Hey?” she said cautiously.


Levy paused before asking, “Did I say anything stupid last night?”


“Are you sure?”


Levy breathed out a sigh of relief and lay back down. However, as soon as she did that, Gajeel rolled over and climbed out of bed. She let out an instinctual sound of protest, and he smirked.

“I’m just goin to get ya some food, water, and pain medication,” he stated, “I’ll be right back.”

“Oh,” Levy replied, “Thanks.”

Gajeel didn’t respond as he left the bedroom, but as soon as he was in the kitchen pouring water into a glass, he smirked to himself.

“I love you too, Shrimp.”

Rachel Harrison draws from a wide array of influences referencing art history and pop culture through a diverse play of found and handmade objects. Although some of the materials used in “Pretty Discreet” 2004 (wood, plaster, metal) recall the standard media of a sculptor’s studio, Harrison deploys them in unconventional ways, combining abstract form and color with manufactured items. 

The work blurs the lines between traditional categories of sculptural practice-assemblage, modeled sculpture, and the readymade- to present a jumble of objects and ideas that can be read as a winking commentary on artistic creation. 

Pretty in Plaster, natural pook'd

Morning guys! I realized I messed up the first set of walls (for noobs like me, please remember to use something like volatile as base; will save you lots of grief). I redid them all so the terribly made swatches you saw before won’t be uploaded just yet. The following are the actual pook’d natural walls. There are 18 colors, but a “whopping” total of 36 walls since I split the texture (so the walls won’t look like they got that same mark every single panel). You will find them under the buy/build tab bricks for $1 and colors labelled in-game.

I know the black ones are a bit difficult to see, but they are different from one another if you look hard enough. They are flashpowder, landmine, and dynamite respectively I believe.

Here is an example of how the wall panels look in-game (6 panels across, both walls in 3 different colors):

Now here is what you came for…Download here!

This is my first cc download, so please let me know if I messed anything up! My TOU: 1) No paysites/ads of any kind, 2) No claiming as yours/re-uploading, 3) Credits/tag (@avelexi, #avelexi) are nice and extremely appreciated but not necessary.

My upcoming set will be the same walls but pook’s unnaturals!

Credits are as follows:

“Pretty in Plaster” black brick set/texture by @sweetsorrowsims (graciously allowed me to “convert” her set; I only colored these bricks for ts2)

Extracted aforementioned textures @digitalangels (and dealt with my constant pestering, really Digi deserves a medal for patience!)

Color actions/curves @pooklet and @iakoasims  (God bless both for making it easier for us to recolor by creating the colors and making them easily accessible in programs like GIMP, respectively).

Thanks for all your help guys! Really hope someone can get some use out of these. Whew! *slumps over*

Edit: I don’t believe these walls work for mac users. Thought I read somewhere the dimensions have to be 256x768 in order for them to not show up as grey? I didn’t think the texture looked very nice stretched out like that so the dimensions on these are 256x512.

Coast Guard Nessie Ficlet: Done!

“Really, officer,” Niall says, but he’s laughing, and Harry is laughing, hiding in the stern, and the coast guard officer looks like he’s about to start laughing, too.

“You know you can speed even in a boat, yeah?” the man says, oh, but he’s smiling. Niall squints at him, his sunglasses respectfully on his head.

“Can’t have been speeding that much, sir,” he says. “You caught me.”

Niall’s grinning like a particularly unsubtle lightbulb, and it’s a pretty big risk, but it pays off in gold when the man kicks his head back and laughs out loud, starting deep and ending in a really dopey-sounding snort.

“Chief,” he says, “the day you can beat me in that thing, I’m not giving you a ticket.”

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