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CAUGHT OUT; Luke Hemmings Imagine..

Summary: Y/N and Luke have been friends with benefits for a while but what happens when someone catches them out?!

Words; 1.7k 

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Part 1 

“Hey Y/N” i heard from behind me

i was just getting out of my car when i heard a voice

It was Luke

“Hi Luke” i said back to him

I couldn’t help but think about last night, the way his hands were on me and the feel of his lips..

but i have to remember we are at school..

“I want to show you something after school” he said

Really? Again..

can’t he go without sex for one day?

My leg’s still hurt

“ don’t you have practice?” i asked

I hope he has plans, i don’t think my body can deal with another orgasm..

he smiled and leaned against his truck and said “ I don’t have practice today?”

i could feel my heart beat faster and faster

maybe he just wants to hang out..

Ha Luke hemmings just wants to hang out..that’s a new one

“and what do you want to show me exactly? i’ve already seen your penis?” i smugly said  to him

his smile got bigger and then he said “you will just have to wait and see after school”

and then he was gone

oh my god

i heard the bell go of in school..


I couldn’t help but think of Luke all during break..

i wouldn’t know what you call me and him.. we aren’t exactly friends but we aren’t together

he is sitting with his popular friends.. the footballers and the cheerleaders while i am over here sitting with my girl friends..

i don’t know how it started really..

i was asked to help him study in maths.. of course i denied it but the teacher said he really needed help so i gave in and told her i would do it and before this happened i never really liked Luke, yes hes hot but it’s my friend Hannah who likes him more than me and she couldn’t believe that i got to spend a whole hour after school with him..

It wasn’t until our third study session it happened.

He was pissed of because teachers had been giving him a hard time and he took it out on me which is wasn’t getting away with, i wasn’t the source of his problem and i wasn’t making him my problem

but after he said sorry for the way he talked something changed..

the feeling in the air.. the tension between us and then next thing i remember was our clothes on the ground and Luke pressing me up against the book shelf in the library

that was 3 weeks ago.

we can’t keep away from each other, no matter how hard we try..

our study sessions lead to us in bed or in the back of his car with our clothes off.

nobody knows this.

it wouldn’t matter if someone found out, we are both teenagers having sex there is nothing wrong with that but i’m a private person but i know if my friends found out they wouldn’t be my friends and i will be labelled just another girl on Luke’s list.

When the final bell went i was so happy

i met Hannah by the locker once i got out of my last class

“Did you see Luke today, he looked so hot” she said just as i opened my locker

i rolled my eyes at her, this obsession she has is getting out of hand.

if she likes him so much why can’t she talk to him?

she has nearly every class with him

she is the one person i would hate to find out about me and Luke.

“Did you try to talk to him today?” i asked her

she laughed and said “ Of course i didn’t”

i shook my head at her, she needs to get over this and him

“Oh my god, here he comes” she whispered and then she was silent

i didn’t know what she meant but it didn’t take me long to figure out he was behind me

“Ready for this study session Y/N” i heard Luke say

Hannah had already left, she can’t stand to be any where near him she’s scared in case she says something stupid.. which she probably would

i turned around to look at him, most people had gone home now

so the hall was pretty empty..

“Yes” i repiled with then i closed my locker

i wonder what he want’s to show me

he smirked and then started walking down the hall to the exit

once we got to his car he told me to get in

so it involves us going somewhere…

i got in the car and put my seatbelt on but Luke didn’t start the car just yet

which i found weird

he turned to look at me.. why does he look nervous..

“You know me,Cal and Mickey and Ash have been thinking of starting a band?” he said

i nodded my head and then he continued

“Well we sort have been working on this EP for a while and i want your opinion” Luke said

i was surprised about this

he wants my opinion

i couldn’t help but smile at him

“Okay.. play it” i said to him

he turned his car on and put this CD into the player..

the song started to play and then i heard Cal’s voice

“Back in high school we used to take it slow

Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos

Had a job downtown working the servo

Had me waiting in line couldn’t even let go

‘Cause I never wanna be that guy

Who doesn’t even get a taste

No more having to chase

To win that prize

You’re just a little bit out of my limit

it’s been two years now you haven’t even seen the best of me

And in my mind now I’ve been over this a thousand times

But it’s almost over

Let’s start over

we have been driving for a while”..

(Out of my limit by 5sos)

the song stopped and Luke was quiet

wow i didn’t know he could sing that good and i didn’t know Calum had a voice like that!

they sound so good together

i couldn’t help but feel the butterflys in my stomach

i want to hear it again

“Well…” he said

i looked up at him, he looked nervous

“I loved it” i said to him

he smiled and then he leaned forward and smashed his lips against mine

Our lips pressed together and the kiss started getting deeper, his tounge waited at your lips for permission and i gave it to him.

he pulled me over to his side of the car so you would sit on his lap.

he bit your bottom lip, slipping his tongue into your mouth as he gripped your hips, slowly grinding his hips into yours.

i felt him grow from underneath me so i pulled away

“Luke we are in the school parking lot?” I said to him trying to catch my breath

“I need you” He grinned mischievously before attaching his lips against my neck.

i deep moaned left my mouth and i knew i needed him as well

“Get in the back” Luke said seriously..

i smirked at him and then i climbed into the back, very unlady like

Luke followed behind just as my back pressed against the seat,he smirked as he moved me so i was laying down my head pressed into the door.

it was uncomfortable but when i felt Luke’s lips against my neck it was forgotten about

As you wrapped your arms around his neck,Luke gripped your hips moving you so you were in his lap barely breaking the kiss as he did so.

We broke the kiss off and i pulled his top over his head, my hands moved up his defined torso and onto his shoulders.

he is in such good shape.

You pulled him closer to you, sucking on his neck just above his collar bone, grazing it lightly with your teeth.

I could feel Luke growing even harder against your thigh as he took off your top, throwing it onto the front seat before undoing your jeans.

He pulled them down your legs, leaving kisses on your skin as he did so, before you kicked them off of your ankles.

He took off his own jeans, before doing the same with his boxers.

he is big.

i always forget how big he is..

He moved so i was laying down again,His impressive erection seemed to beg for you as he quickly pulled down your pants, teasing your entrance with the tip of his cock.

“Are you ready baby?” he asked looking into my eyes

I couldn’t be more ready, i’m glad there is no foreplay because i am soaking enough and i need him now.

“Yeah..fuck me please..”

Luke smirked at me and then his lips reconnected with my neck and he started sucking hard..

he pushed my legs apart with his hands and then he broke away from my neck

he leaned over and grabbed his jeans and lifted out a silver foil packet, he opened it with his mouth and then he rolled it on himself

“ ready?” he said smirking at me

i nodded my head

He positioned himself at my entrance and thrusted into me

“Fuck…” i moaned

His thumbs lightly pressed into your hips as his wet kisses moved to your breasts, his thrusts becoming harder as he sucked and kissed all over your chest.

As your fingers tugged at his hair, he groaned, reaching down to rub your clit with his thumb.

“Are you close Y/N?” Luke  asked

i couldn’t speak

i have lost my voice

i nodded my head and he smirked

he thrusted harshily into me and i came.

i came so hard.

“Oh my god..” i moaned arching my back of the seat feeling my orgasm take over my body

“Fuck..i’m gonna cum” Luke said

i felt him fill the condom inside me, i clenched around his cock as he released into me letting my orgasm take over my body

Luke pulled out, i tried not the feel sad with the lose of contact as he sat up..

i couldn’t move, i knew i would be sore for a few days

he leaned back on the seat as my legs draped over his naked ones

“Fuck that was good..” Luke said once he got his breath back

i was about to speak when there was a knock at the window

me and Luke both turned to look to see who it was


It was Hannah and Mrs Brandon the Principal

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Love. Love, you know what love is? Love is an illusion created by lawyer types like yourself to perpetuate another illusion called marriage to create the reality of divorce and then the illusionary need for divorce lawyers.
—  Kevin, St. Elmo’s Fire (‘85)

Request by: @saracons87
Imagine being Bella’s twin sister and Jasper ends up being your mate

Song you can listen to while reading: turning page- sleeping at last. (My favourite song ever!)
Well first let me introduce you.
I am y/n Swan, I have a twin sister. Bella swan, we’re very different
We lived in Phoenix for a very long time, she loved it here. She loves the heat, the sun. And me? I hate it. I love rain, snow and cold weather.
She is so clumsy and shy, I am not that shy, just very awkward with people and also very sarcastic so people often think I am mean. Bella loves my sarcasm.
But beside that. We’re very alike. And we’re very close. We tell each other everything and have no secrets.

Right now we’re in the car on your way to the airport, we’re leaving Phoenix and replacing our home with Forks. On your way to Charlie. Our parents got a divorce when we were very little and Renee left with us to Phoenix.

“Girls you don’t have to do this!”
“Mom, we will be fine.” I said
and looked at Bella and smiled at her. “Bella?” “Mom, I want to go.”
She was always bad at lying but she had told this lie so much no, that it seems to almost believable, almost.
“Okay, but call me when you want to go back. And I will come and get you.” “We will.”
Renee grabbed us both and gave us a hug. “I will miss you both, call me, and I want texts.”
“Of course mom.” Bella said.
With that being said, we left to catch our flight.

The flight went smooth. And good, you and Your sister came to the hall and saw Charlie waving at you.
“Hey, how was the flight.” And gave you a hug. “Smooth.” “Ow good, hey bells” “hey cha-Dad” he gave her a hug as well and smiled, “lets go.” And he took the Bella her suitcase, he knows how she is. We walked to his police car. And we put our suitcases in the back of it. I got to sit in the front seat while Bella needed to sit in the back with a suitcase next to her.
We came to our old home, Charlie never moved away her. It’s cute you thought.
“Y/n I gave you my room.” “Dad you didn’t need to.” “Yes I do, it’s fine.” “Were do you sleep?” “I sleep in the washing room downstairs I put a bed there with a desk and a chair. It’s enough for me.”
We put our stuff upstairs and we both went to our room and trying to settle down. I made my bed with the my own bed covers, put
My some fairy lights round my room, some posters and a tapestry
I put some plants in my room, made trying to make it cozy with stuff, like throw pillows and blankets and a fluffy rug.
The day went by, and the next morning school was starting.

We both got into Bella her car. I was still saving enough money for my motor, Charlie would hate it. But I didn’t care. I already had a license for it. Just Not enough money.
We arrived at our new school, I saw that Bella was relieved when she noticed she wasn’t the only one with an old car, the newest.
We walked to the receptionist and got our papers.
“Doesn’t seem like we will see us often y/n.” “No, I will see at lunch?” “Yeah of course.”

I had history with this insanely handsome boy or man because I looked older than he should be, especially in high school, more like college. But he seemed a little off, like not human. I quickly threw that thought out of my head.

When I walked into the cafeteria, I saw that Bella was already sitting with a few girls. They seemed friendly. Bella saw me and waved. I walked up to her. “Hey Bells, how were your first classes?”
“It was fine, this is my sister y/n.”
They all said there names I didn’t listen because I didn’t care. I was looking at this handsome boy or man across the room, Bella followed my look. And asked who they were. The Cullen’s and the Hale twins apparently not very talkative beside there family.

The few weeks flew by and Bella fell so hard for that Cullen guy. She was going to his house this weekend, to meet his family.
Jasper still looked at me everyday, didn’t talk to me, just looked. I haven’t talked to any Cullen. No I wasn’t jealous of Bella, super happy actually. Just, Jasper was starting to creep me out a bit.
I told Bella and she said that I shouldn’t pay attention to it, so I did.
Bella was in a relationship with Edward Cullen. And I had my first talk with Jasper Hale.
“Hi, I am Jasper Hale, nice to meet you and talk to you.”
“Hey I am y/n swan. So apparently our siblings are dating.”
“Yeah, I met Bella the other weekend, she told me what you thought about me, so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself properly.”
“Yeah, I am sorry for that.” In my head I am cursing against Bella.
“No, I need to be sorry for that.”
“I forgive you.” And smiled at him
“I never do this like this, but would you give me the honour to let me take you out.”
“Uhmm, yeah sure.” I was blushing so hard right now.
“Okay, can I pick you up at Friday evening at 7?”
“Yeah of course.” Charlie wouldn’t be home before 12 because he needed to do some overworking this week. So that would be perfect
“Ow and before I forget to ask, I don’t have a car myself I only have a motorcycle so are you scared, if so I can borrow my dad his car.”
“No! I mean, I am not scared, I am actually saving for my own.”
“Really? That is so cool. Do you already have a license?”
“Yeah, I will buy one when I am 18, my dad wouldn’t allow it before.”

My date with Jasper went fine, we went to the movies, he picked it, the hall was pretty much empty. It was a okay movie, not special.
We walked home and he had his motorbike in one hand and my hand in his other. “Would you like a walk through the woods?”
“Yeah sure!” He seemed nervous.
We walked through the woods together and we went really high up. After awhile we sat down and we talked. A lot. I got to know everything. What he was. His history. Bella and Edward what they were. And the connection I had felt to jasper wasn’t just something. Apparently we were mates.
“Oh my god…” i stand up. He stays where he is. “Are you scared?” “A little bit, like you don’t know!” I mean he senses feelings. “ I don’t know what it is, but I can’t feel yours, Alice can’t see you future or anything, like you doesn’t exist and Edward can’t read your mind, just like by Bella.”
“I just think I need to…. settle the information down for a bit.” And I sat next to him.

2 years later.
I was now 19 married to Jasper Hale. My sister Bella was married to Edward Cullen. She had a lovely daughter Renesmee.
And yes I made the same mistake as my sister we were pregnant at the same time. Actually went a lot better. We got twins. A little boy and a precious little girl.
Liam and Daisy.
We choose to life a little while away from the Cullen’s and just us four. Like a family.

I am so sorry I just didn’t had any inspiration for this. I still hope you like it! I don’t like the ending. Maybe I will rewrite it later idk. We will see.

I Am An Alpha Ch 18: The Things We Can’t Avoid

“That was absolutely amazing!” I’m grinning ear to ear as Luhan helps me out of his car. I don’t even care about the massive building behind me at the moment, I just rush up to Kris who had driven in another car and basically beg, “Hyung can I ride with you next time?”

He chuckles, “Of course little wolf but you are offending Luhan hyung.”

I look over my shoulder at Luhan, who is not pouting as he holds the door open for Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Jongdae to climb out of the back seat.

“Sorry Hyung but Kris hyung drives faster!”

Luhan scoffs, “I would have driven faster if I didn’t have Kyungsoo in the back growling in my ear anytime I went slightly above the speed limit. Kid is such a worry wart, he has her sitting in the front seat with his one arm resting on her shoulders and his other hand holding the door closed even though I already locked the doors.”

“You already poisoned her this morning, I wasn’t going to let her fall out of a moving car too,” Kyungsoo snaps.

“How was your first car ride?” Yixing asks me coming to stand by my side.

“It was so much fun, I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole like with out riding in one.”

“Enough car talk, lets get her inside the building, it’s freezing out here,” Suho decides, taking my hand and leading me past his brothers. I stare at our interlocked hands and realize this is the first time we’ve touched. Warm tingles spread from my fingertips to my toes, I find myself smiling at our connection, gripping his large hand tighter. I take a moment to do a mental checklist of who I’ve at least touched or  I’ve had some kind of moment with, Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun are the only ones who don’t come to mind. With that in my head I pull Suho’s arm a bit so I can wrap our arms together, bringing our whole bodies closer together.


He raises his brows, “Yes?”

“We have never really talked,” I note.

He nods, “You haven’t been with us very long, I don’t want to overwhelm you and scare you away.”

“Don’t you want to be close to me though?” My hold on him loosens a bit, something he quickly notices and brings his free hand up to keep me from letting go completely.

“Of course I do! I just don’t want to be like Jongin and almost attack you.”

“You seem pretty in control of yourself,” I muse, “Maybe you’re just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

That makes him laugh, a beautiful smile spreads across his face and I’m awe struck at such and amazing sight. My cheeks get a pink hue across them, my heart flutters. God they are beautiful.

“How do you feel about being out in public for the first time?” Suho asks, I blink a few times before glancing around. I basically jump into his arms, clinging to him for dear life, where the hell did all of these people come from? Lost in my own thought I didn’t even notice our change in back drop, from a parking garage, Luhan explained to me what they are, to a massive building filled with more people than I’ve ever seen in one place. “Are you okay?” He worries rubbing my back softly.

“So many people!” My eyes are as wide as can be as I try to take in as much a possible. There are so many different smells, human, wolf, something else, my mind is set into overdrive as I try to figure everything out. Someone bumps into us, out of habit I growl at the stranger, earning a confused look from the man.  My heart is beating quickly in my chest making it hard for me to breath. Suho’s hand runs up my neck and tangles in my hair, pushing me towards the crook of his neck. I hesitantly obey, afraid to take my eyes off of the on lookers who are slowly starting to stare.

“What’s wrong?” Kris is quickly standing over us.

“I think there might be too many things going on for her. We need to get her out of here before she lashes out or something.”

“The Executive lounge is on the top floor, should we take her there?” Jongdae suggests.

They must all agree because the next thing I know we are moving. I feel like we are blur, rushing through the corridors or halls or whatever they are called. I wait for more strange smells to find their way to me but all I can smell right now is Suho. It’s much different than from what I was expecting, something more like Minseok’s or Yixing’s, but he smells like a rainy day.

“Insoo,” Suho calls softly, running his fingers up and down my back. I hesitantly release him and realize that we are sitting down, my thighs straddling his hips. Concern is carved into his handsome face.

“I’m sorry Insoo I didn’t think this through,” Kris is kneeling next to us. “I should have known it would be too much, going from the woods to a shopping mall is a massive step. I’m an idiot.”

“Hyung it’s okay, I should have thought about it more. I haven’t been in public before, I should have told you that.”

“This wasn’t our greatest idea,” Luhan admits, “We should have definitely taken baby steps.”

“What should we do now though?” Tao questions.

Kris sighs, “You and Sehun go get her a few pairs of shoes to start out with. Kyungsoo and Jongin, you guys are on pajamas. Chan and Baek you guys are on actual clothes, jeans and shirts should be good to start. Jongdae and Yixing, other necessities like toothbrush, hair ties, and other things girls need. Luhan and Minseok hyung you guys are the most mature so you guys buy her underwear. I’m going to check in on a few things here in the offices, while Suho you stay here and watch over her, okay?”

“Yes Alpha,” Everyone responds together.

“Great, go.”

The ten men rush to the door dogs rushing for food, barely able to squeeze through the doorway. I finally look around our new setting, it’s a decent sized room with two couches and a TV. One wall I realize is completely made of glass looking over the very busy area I’m assuming we were moments ago, how in the world did they get up here so fast.

“Little wolf,” Kris is standing next to me, stroking my head.

I look back at him, “Hm?”

“I’m going to do some work, you will be fine here with Suho right? Cause if not I can stay and let him go.”

Suho nods, though I can tell he doesn’t want to, “I won’t take offense, you are much more comfortable with Kris and this is a very stressful situation for you, I’ll understand.”

Without hesitation I say, “I want Suho to stay, you can do your work.”

“Are you sure?” Kris asks once more.

Suho glares at him, “She said it’s fine, now go.”

I can see how hesitant the older is to just leave but I give him one last smile and wave as he closes the door. A chuckle escapes my lips at his sad child like face.

“You two are so close already,” Suho notes as he places his hands on my hips. “I’m so jealous.”

“Well Hyung what could I do to make you feel closer to me?”

He hums for a minute, “Well there is one thing.”

I cock my head.

“Call me Oppa,” He requests quietly.

“Oppa?” The word sounds foreign on my lips but I notice Suho perking up.

“I just want you to call me it once, please?”

“Suho oppa!” I smile at him, enjoying the way his eyes light up.

“It’s just so cute when you do it,” He is grinning ear to ear.

“Do you not like that I call you hyung?”

He shakes his head quickly, “I’m happy with whatever you call me as long as I can hear your voice. But it was nice to hear at least once from you…”

“I’m sorry, I would do it but in all honesty I never consider it because the only people I’ve ever called oppa are my brothers. They were murdered the night of the raid and ever sense it just doesn’t sound right,” I admit quietly.

Any kind of happy emotion falls from his face, “I am so sorry! If I had known I would have never asked for such a thing, I’m such an idiot! I’m so sorry.”

I wrap my arms around him and pull him into a tight hug, “How could you have known? It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“There is so much about you that we don’t know, so many painful stories.”

“Lots of them aren’t painful anymore, because I wouldn’t be where I am now with the family I have.”

He nods.

Our nice moment is ruined by my stomach gurgling and a sudden pain spreading through my midsection. I clutch my stomach for a minute, waiting for the pain to pass but it only dulls slightly.

“Are you okay?” Suho worries.

I shake my head, “It must be Luhan’s breakfast settling in.”

“Ah fuck, they told me about that, here you sit here,” He scoots me off his lap and on to the couch as he rushes to the door. “I’ll be back with something to calm your stomach, don’t move!” Just like that he is gone. I try to sit there patiently but the groaning in my stomach is telling me to find someplace to empty the contents of my stomach. It slowly makes its way up my throat and suddenly I’m on my feet rushing out of the room for a way outside or to anywhere that they can’t see me. I rush out of nice area they had taken me into, ending up in a pretty empty hall. I see a sign for restrooms cross some kind of bridge or arch or something and run to it. A bad vibe hangs over my shoulder for a moment  as I run down the hall but stops when I reach the restroom door that I bust into. Inside I find the first toilet and throw up everything I’ve eaten the last three days. It only takes a few heaves to actually empty my stomach, I just dry heave for a few more minutes because my body gives me no other option.

“Are you okay?” A soft voice wonders from behind me.

I spit one last time before wiping my mouth off with a piece of toilet paper, “Do I sound like I’m okay?” It comes out more aggressive than I meant to but I’m upset by my now empty stomach.

“I guess not, sorry,” The small voice apologizes.

I close my eyes for a minute with a sigh, “No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. I’m okay, thank you for asking.” Namjoon’s manners lesson finally becomes useful.

“I think you ran into the wrong bathroom,” Another voice pipes in. I turn around confused, two little omega girls are staring at me with wide eyes. We are about the same height but that is the only thing we have in common. They have long flowing hair that is blonde and some kind of red. Both are wearing pastel colored dresses and cute little heeled shoes, cute outfits that match their baby faces. Their hands are intertwined, a little fear in their eyes, like I would attack them but looking down I understand why. Under Minseok’s clothes my small figure is covered, my hood is up and I’m wearing shoes much to big for me, I do look a bit boyish.

I’m about to correct them when the taller of the two takes a step closer to me, “Oppa, can you help us?” I blink at her for a moment, me, Oppa?

The other nods, “There is this scary alpha creeping in the hall and we can’t leave.”

“I know you are an omega too but maybe you can scare him off since you are a boy. Oppa please!”

“That must have been the bad vibe I got when I rushed in,” I realize.

“He hasn’t come in because he likes toying with us,” The shorter sniffles.

“It’s okay don’t cry, I’ll see what I can do and pray that my mates don’t see me,” I cringe at the thought of what they would do if they saw me fighting again. “Speaking of which,” I pause, “You both smell of other alphas, where are your mates?”

“We told them we could at least go to the bathroom on our own but of course we can’t even do that,” The taller looks down at her shoes ashamed.

“Don’t worry,” I pat her head, “I’ll protect you from the big bag alpha.” Even though I’m smiling at these sweet little omega my heart pings as I think of my past. “You guys wait here, I’ll see if I can get rid of him, okay?”

They nod before giving a quiet fighting.

With a sigh I walk to the exit and down the hall from where I came I see the alpha that they were talking about. The hallway reeks of his pheromones, letting those girls inside know that he’s out here and he’s waiting for them. A snarl rumbles in my chest at the old tricks he’s playing. Soldiers used to do this to omegas that were trying to hide in the villages we were raiding. The alpha pushes away from the wall he was leaning on and swaggers my way, his head cocked to the side in amusement.

“Was that a growl I heard from you, Omega?” He muses.

“It was,” I snap, “What the hell are you doing slinking around mated omegas?”

“I don’t think that is any of your business. I’m not looking for any little boys to fuck so scram,” He gestures for me to pass.

“I’m not going anywhere without those little omegas so fuck off.”

He laughs, “I’d watch that mouth of yours, unless you want me to find it something else to do.”

“Don’t you have something better you could be doing?”

“Not anymore,” He wraps his arm around my shoulders, “I found exactly what I want to be doing. I’ve never knotted a male omega, I guess there is a first time for everything.” I cringe at his words, placing my hand over his, I lift it over my head and twist it behind his back, sending him to his knees. He cries out as the bones in his arms crack, “You are breaking my arm!”

“I am.”

“Stop! Stop! Please!”

I sigh, “You act so tough but can’t even handle some broken bones. If you going to pretend to be the big bad wolf at least know how to act like one, you whiny bitch. Are you done harassing girls?”

“Yes!” He seethes as he tries to pull away form me with no luck.

“I swear to go if I see you doing this again I’ll rip your knot right off, got it?”

He nods frantically.

“Good,” I push him to the ground, expecting him to run away but flips on to his feet and crouches down ready to attack.

I sigh, ready for him to jump at me but when two more alphas join us in the hall the man freezes. It’s two alphas I don’t know but their scents are familiar enough for me to assume that they are the two omegas mates.

“Shit,” The alpha snarls as he pushes past the other two and escapes down the hall. I look to the new comers with an awkward smile, not really sure how to interact with people. They just look confused about whatever could have happened in front of them.

“Oppa!” The two girls rush out of the restroom and I assume they are running to their mates but they basically tackle me to the ground. “Thank you!”

“Rose, Lisa, what the hell is going on?” One of the alphas asks.

“Mino oppa!” The blonde pops up and beams at her mate.

“Who is this? Get off of him, you shouldn’t jump on strange wolves,” The other scolds, pulling the red head off me. Blondie is pulled up next, I sit up leaning back on my hands, not really expecting the jealous looking alphas to let their mates touch me again.

“This is the Oppa that saved us from the scary alpha,” Red responds, pouting at her mate.

“We are the ones that scared him away,” Mino clarifies.

I roll my eyes but Blondie defends me, “He had him screaming before you showed up.”

Mino is going to snap back before a horrifying growl echoes through the hall. We all sink down as the pheromones of twelve pissed alphas surrounds us. The four wolves near me are on their knees with their heads down. I scan the four before looking to my mates, trying to figure out who they are mad at.

Kris is in the front, looking like he is about ready to murder someone. I smile at him awkwardly, “Hey Kris hyung.”

Smut: Rough Ron Weasley

You definitely weren’t expecting to see Ron before dinner. As seventh year students, you had more classes, more tightened schedules and way less time to see each other. It was pretty difficult, especially because you had a lot of screaming hormones inside your teenage bodies.
So, you were very surprised to see him after your Potions class. He held your waist and stole a short but deep kiss.
-What are you doing here? - you asked.
He looked at you a bit surprised.
-Maybe you should start with “hey love, great to see you”.
You rolled your eyes.
-Hey love, great to see you. Bureaucracy done, what are you doing here?
-I found a break. There’s something I want to show you.
You raised an eyebrow.
-Now? I have Arithmancy in ten minutes.
-It’s important. Come with me.
He held your waist and took you to a hall upstairs. It was pretty empty, only the two of you there. He double-checked if someone was coming, and then opened a door, inviting you inside. Damn moment you just got in there, without thinking.
Next thing you know, he’s pressing you to the wall, his strong body holding your small one thighly. His lips found yours and you’re not very proud to say there was no resistance.
-Where are we? - you asked, between one kiss and another.
-Broom cupboard, relax. - his hands caressed your shoulders.
-But I have Arithm…
-You’re the best in Arithmancy in this school. You’ll live.
You rolled your eyes, but it was too dark for him to see it, so he just kissed you again, his tongue quickly gaining space and his lips gently sucking your lower lip. Your hands went to his shirt, and you scratched his back, feeling him tremble. You scratched again, a little hard, as you knew he liked, and he moaned softly. He pressed you to the wall a little harder with his hips, and you felt his hard cock through his jeans.
-How horny were you to take me off from class?
His lips were already in your neck, leaving hickeys as he sucked your skin a little hard, leaving a bite on a specially sensitive spot.
-You want me to say it or to show it?
Again, he pressed you strongly against the wall behind you. His hip smashed yours and you felt his short nails scratching your back under your shirt. You scratched his belly, getting a small space between the bodies for your hands to work in his pants.
As you opened the ziper of his jeans, he opened the buttons of your shirt. Luckily, your bra opened in the front, and his hands went up to your boobs and squeezed them with some pressure. He bent down to lick your right nipple, and despite he spent one moment just teasing you with his tongue, as your nipple got harder and harder between his lips, he suddenly sucked it violently. That would absolutely leave a mark. Not that you cared.
Your immediate reaction was to lower your hand, tightening his cock through the underwear (as his pants were already in his foot).
He moaned and left another hard hickey on your boob, a little left from the nipple he was sucking before. His free hand went straight to your ass and he pulled you against him. He searched for your panties under your short skirt, pulling them aside and fingering you. Two fingers and very fast, with the strenght needed to make you moan. His fingers were pretty harsh inside you, and you could feel your muscles tighten from his moves.
One of his hands searched for your thigh and he lifted it to his waist, using his free hand to pull his cock out of the underwear.
He got inside you strongly, hitting you deep. You bit his shoulder not to moan too loud, then sucked the skin on his neck. Your hands again found his back, and you scratched again as he lifted your other leg.
Holding you, he threw you to the wall, sinking his cock inside you and removing just to do it again and again. He filled you, and from that position, he was hitting a special spot that made you tremble.
-Stronger, love. - you moaned.
He was quick to obey you, his hip shocking on yours violently. His mouth found the nipple he hadn’t marked yet and he held it between his lips, sucking intensely and continuously, his tongue delighting you. You scratched his back hard once again, a small cry coming from your lips.
-Please. - you asked.
He didn’t bother to take his mouth off your nipple. He knew exactly what you wanted, and you could feel your body thrown against the wall behind you everytime he got inside you. Your body was trembling and you tried to open your legs a little more just for the pleasure.
At this time, your foot were sort of holding his back so he felt safe enough to drop one of your thighs just long enough to slap it. Then once again, a bit stronger.
-Cum for me. - he ordered.
-Fas…ter… - you whispered.
He furiously led his mouth to your neck, leaving violent hickeys there, as he speed up the rhythm. Unable to hold himself from delight, you felt him come, but he didn’t dare stop or even slow down for the next seconds while you came. His hands were buried into your thighs and he had never fucked you so well, so the orgasm was intense.
He placed you in the floor again, but your legs were trembling so much he had to hold you. He was, himself, still very affected by the orgasm.
In silent, you both got dressed again and he checked if you could go out. Five minutes later, he let you in front of the Arithmancy classroom. You were fifteen minutes later, but the teacher liked you anyway.
He kissed your forehead and held your waist once again, whispering to you:
-You’re lovely. And amazingly hot. And you fuck so well you almost killed me.
You smiled as he walked away.

—— Classical Mischief

Ask me anything: imagines, oneshots, blurbs, smuts, whatever you want. Take any ship from HP.

BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Getting Drunk and Asking if They’re Gay

“Blame it on the booze, got you feeling loose. Blame it on patron, got you in the zone. Blame it on the vodka, blame it on the Henny, blame it on the blue top got you feeling dizzy. Blame it on the alcohol baby.” - ‘Blame It’ by Jamie Foxx.

Jin: It’d all start with Namjoon suggesting that they’d go out to celebrate their wins of the year at a nightclub. That was the first mistake on Jin’s part by agreeing to go. The second was that he allowed J-Hope to challenge everyone to a drinking game, which he politely declined to join in on. After the fourth or fifth shot, the members and their girlfriends were batshit drunk, including his own. Now, only after an hour of being there: Jimin and Jungkook were grinding on the dancefloor with their girls, Suga was sleeping in his girlfriends lap while she laughed loudly with V’s girlfriend as said member was dancing on the table next to them, J-Hope and his girlfriend had disappeared to a place Jin didn’t really want to know about, and Rap Monster and his girl were furiously making out in a not-so-secluded corner of the club. Jin sighed in exhaustion as he tried to get his own girlfriend to stop poking his side.

“Hey, oppa!” Jin’s girlfriend sang.

“Y/N, for the last time, you’re older than me, so I’m not your ‘oppa’.” Jin tried to explain but Y/N didn’t seem to care.

“Jinnie oppa, are you attracted to other guys?” she asked, making Jin choke on his sparkling water. He stared at her in shock with his eyes blown wide.

“It’s totally cool if you are! I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to.” Y/N said seriously before bursting out in giggles.

“You’re more drunk than I thought Y/N, I’ve been your boyfriend for three years now. C’mon, we’re all going home”

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Suga: Suga would come home late, having been at the recording studio trying to finish a song he was working on. Having no success by the time the clock read 2 a.m. he decided to call it a night and try to finish it tomorrow. All he really wanted was to crawl into bed and cuddle up with his sleeping girlfriend. So, when he came home and heard loud sobs coming from the other end of the apartment, his fatigue vanished. He quickly kicked off his shoes and ran into your shared room.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” he asked, his voice laced with concern as he saw you sitting up in bed with the lights on and an empty bottle laying next to you.

“Y-Yoongi?” you’d hiccup, staring at him with bloodshot eyes. He’d approach you and instantly smell the booze in your breath, realizing that you were just being the sad, emotional drunk you turned into when you drank too much and that you weren’t hurt in any actual way. He’d sigh in relief and sit down next to you, pulling you into his arms anyways.

“Babe, why are you crying?”

“D-Don’t call me that!” you’d wail, causing Suga to look at you in shock.

“Why not?” he’d ask you, confused that you weren’t comforted by the term of affection.

“B-Because you can’t like me like that! Y-You’re g-gay!” you’d cry, hiding your face in his chest. Suga would be overcome with laughter, making you look up at him with a hurt face.

“I-It’s not funny!” you’d yell, clearly hurt by his laughter.

“Baby, you’re so drunk you don’t know what you’re saying. I love you. I’m not gay, and we’ve been together for almost two years now.” Suga would tell you, laughing again as you’re face turned from hurt to surprised.

“W-We have?” you’d hiccup, making Suga nod and kiss your forehead.

“Yup, now let’s put your drunk self to bed. I really want to cuddle you to sleep tonight.”

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J-Hope: J-Hope had lost a bet. A bet made by V. He knew he shouldn’t have taken it once he knew the punishment, but his pride was on the line! He couldn’t just step down without a fight!! He should’ve known that V would ultimately beat him during the Warhead challenge, since the younger had an affiliation for sour candy. But no one could tell him that he didn’t fight valiantly! So, now here he was at a gay bar with V and his girlfriend (he had asked her to come for emotional support). He was now regretting his choice to bring the love of his life with him, because now she was slightly drunk along with Taehyung, the two of them giggling loudly in his ears.

“Go on hyung! Just get it over with!” Taehyung encouraged after another fit of giggles. Hoseok sighed and quickly took the shot of vodka he had ordered, the burn giving him liquid courage as he strutted out onto the dance floor.

If V wanted a show, a show he would get. J-Hope, without a care in the world, joined in the dancing with a few of the other men on the dance floor as his form of punishment. His hips swayed and dropped to the beat, his hands moving across his body in a sensual manner and he kept chanting in his head; ‘Just pretend you’re dancing with Y/N’. But when his ass was groped for the third time that night, he decided that he had fulfilled his punishment ten-fold and rejoined his drunk patrons, who were howling like wolves.

“Hyung, that was amazing, I’m sooo glad I got that on video.” J-Hope groaned and hid his head in his girlfriend’s neck out of embarrassment.

“Hobi~” Y/N purred, removing her pouting boyfriend from her neck so that she could look at him fully.

“You’re not gay, are you?” she asked in the most serious tone of voice that it caused Hoseok’s eyes to bug out of his head.

“Jagiya…I want to scold you but you look too attractive right now. I’m your boyfriend, aren’t I? Or do we need to leave so I can show you how much I love you?”

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Rap Monster: All he wanted was to have a romantic date. Namjoon knew how much his girlfriend was missing him since his bands’ promotions had started up again, limiting their already limited amount of time they could spend together. But when the promotions for their new album finally came from a high boil to a low simmer, Rap Monster was more than ecstatic to spend more time with his girlfriend besides the kisses they shared in the morning when he left and in the night when he came home passed the point of exhaustion. So when he finally got to take his girlfriend out to an elegant restaurant for a dinner date a few nights later, everything seemed to be going perfectly. That is until the wine was brought out.

It was a deep red color, laced with the infusions of raspberries to create a tangy and lingering flavor. It was sparkling, bubbly, and so aroma infused that the smell of it seemed to surround the couple in an intoxicating perfume in their secluded booth in the back of the dining hall. Pretty soon the bottle was empty, having drinking it during both the main course and dessert because it just tasted so good with everything.

Namjoon stared at his girlfriend as she talked with him drunkenly, staring at the faint blush in her cheeks and just how beautiful she looked in her little black dress. It made his tummy warm with affection and lust in his tipsy state. Maybe it was the alcohol taking control, but he leaned over during her speech and kissed her cheek. The kiss was soft and lingering, like the wings of a butterfly. When Namjoon heard her giggling he took that as incentive to continue, moving down to place sensual kisses on her neck, occasionally giving her small love bites. When he placed his hand high on her thigh, that’s when she pulled away from her boyfriend.

Namjoon stared at her with wide eyes, his mouth hung open in shock, causing Y/N to giggle.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked.

“I just don’t want you to make a mistake with a woman.” she said, only making Namjoon even more confused.


“Aren’t you gay Joonie?” she asked, making Namjoon look at her with shock.

“We’ve been together since forever Y/N, I think you need to go home and rest. Besides, I think I’d like to shower you with more affection in the privacy of our own home.”

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Jimin: There were only two words needed for Jimin to explain why his girlfriend was on his back, giggling like there was no tomorrow at one in the morning. Beer pong. He shouldn’t have let Y/N go up against Hoseok, but the two were just so competitive that by the time he had found out, the two were already two glasses in the game and neither were planning to forfeit anytime soon. Y/N had emerged victorious after a long battle, but Jimin knew that she would regret it when she would wake up with a killer hangover in the morning. Jimin didn’t mind carrying Y/N on his back the short way to their apartment, in fact, he quite liked the warmth of his girlfriend pressing into his back. It made him feel strong and protective of what was his. He smiled, and Y/N pinched his cheeks, giggling into Jimin’s ear.

“Aww, Jiminie is so cute~” Y/N cooed, poking his cheeks repeatedly. Jimin just laughed as Y/N sighed behind him, resting her head on his shoulders.

“Its a shame I can’t be like this with you all the time.” Y/N said. Jimin could hear the put in her voice and quickly looked back at her only to find her putting cutely, making him giggle out of love for his girlfriend.

“And why is that jagiya?” he asked in a teasing manner.

“Because we can’t be together Jiminie. You’re gay.” she whispered the last part in Jimin’s ear, making him turn to look at her sad expression in shock.

“Aish, you must be more drunk than I thought.” he mumbled.

“You’re just so cute Jiminie, any guy would be lucky to have you do this for him. I wish I was a guy.” Y/N pouted, making Jimin shake his head, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“Hey, let me tell you a secret Y/N.”


“We’ve been dating for two years. And I love you so much. Trust me, this man of yours is only gay for you.” Jimin giggled when Y/N gasped loudly in his ear.

“I love you tooo!” Y/N giggled, and Jimin couldn’t help but laugh along with her. He couldn’t wait to tell Y/N about what she said when she was drunk this time.

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V: Taehyung and his girlfriend would be at home one night, probably during a movie/TV marathon that night when one of them would suggest to bring out the alcohol to drink with the fried chicken that had just arrived. One glass turned to two, and two glasses turned into countless more until the two of them were drunk and pink in the face.

“Jagi.” Taehyung called, scooting closer to his girl that was cuddled with one of the couch pillows, whispering to it about cats and house plants. She would look up from her in-depth conversation and glare at the intruder.

“TaeTae, can’t you see I’m having a deep conversation with Billy here? Don’t interrupt!” she’d whine, kicking her feet around angrily. Taehyung would glare back at her and grab the pillow out of her hands, throwing it somewhere else in the room.

“BILLY!!!” Y/N cried. Taehyung had other ideas than comforting his girlfriend about the loss of her intelligent converser though. He’d grab ahold of his girlfriends cheeks, leaning in to kiss the living daylights out of her. V would feel his girlfriend resist, and he’d groan in frustration, pulling away from the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” he’d grumble, pouting slightly that his girlfriend wasn’t as needy as he was for kisses

“I-I thought you were gay TaeTae, why are you kissing me? Last time checked I didn’t have a ding dong.” she’d say, checking down the front of her pants just to make sure.

Taehyung sighed, about to explain to his girlfriend that he wasn’t gay when he thought about the time he had to act out that romantic sit-up scene with J-Hope; remembering how close they were for that challenge.

“Ah…am I not gay?” he’d mumble in his drunken state as the memories flashed back to him. He’d shake his head to his girlfriend, not trusting his drunken thoughts to answer for him, instead leaning back in for more kisses, which his girlfriend was now eager to receive after his answer of denial.

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Jungkook: “How could you come back here?!”

That was what Jungkook was met with when he finally came home from the studio for the night. He quickly ducked when he saw an object fly towards him. It smashed against the wall with a loud shattering sound and, upon closer examination, he saw that it was a table clock. Jungkook stood back up and stared further in the apartment with wide eyes.

“Yah! Y/N what was that for?” Jungkook asked as he moved past the foyer and into the apartment, finding his girlfriend on the couch cradling a bottle of rum. There were empty Coca-Cola cans littered all over the floor; the telltale signs that someone had been mixing up rum and coke cocktails.

“You should know!” Y/N yelled, throwing a magazine to the ground as she poured herself another dose of rum. Jungkook groaned in exasperation. He loved his girlfriend to death. However, when she became her angry drunk self, Jungkook honestly felt very intimidated by her.

Jungkook first, grabbed the bottle of rum out of his girlfriends hands, ignoring her yelling protests to put it away. When he came back and saw her about to drink the glass she poured, Jungkook took it from her and drank it himself, turning in on himself a little at her glares directed towards him. It burned his throat without the coke to mellow out the intense flavor of the rum, but if Jungkook was going to be the amazing boyfriend that he is and figure out what was wrong, he needed a little liquid courage.

Jungkook picked up the magazine threw on the ground and had to stifle his chuckles otherwise he’d have to face the wrath of his girlfriend.

“Sweetie, this is just a picture of me and Yugyeom.” Jungkook chuckled as he read the article about the two of them being really close friends.

“I’m not falling for your tricks maknae! Our relationship has been a lie hasn’t it?You’re gay for Yugyeom aren’t you?” Y/N accused, making Jungkook give her a patient half smile.

“Jagi, I’m not gay. I love you, and only you, otherwise I wouldn’t have stuck around this long.”

“Not…gay?” Y/N asked, cocking her head to the side like a puppy would, making Jungkook’s heart swell.

“I think its time we put you to bed baby.” Jungkook said, taking Y/N’s hands into his own, leading her into their room to tuck her into bed for the night.

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AN ~ for a request on AO3 - Post-Framework Poly FitzSkimmons. Also inspired by the song Mars by Sleeping at Last which is giving me hard core post-FW feels right now

read on AO3 (~1300wd)

So we found our way back home,
Let our cuts and bruises heal.
While a brand-new war began,
One that no one else could feel.

We laid our names to rest

They let Fitz out of medical early, but he hasn’t seen hide or hair of Daisy or Jemma since the Zephyr landed. He paces for a while, because he feels restless, like he’s been sleeping for years, but when that doesn’t solve the problem – when it doesn’t make Jemma or Daisy somehow appear before him – his frenetic energy dissipates and he lingers, still on his feet, but rocking more so than pacing. He waits.

Fortunately, by this stage, he doesn’t have to wait long before Daisy escapes the med bay and breathes a visible sigh of relief. Then she sees him, and opens her arms, and all but stumbles toward him down the hall.

He sweeps her up into his arms, more grateful to see her than he can put into words, and his whole soul (except for that dark, twisting shadowed land he sees in the distance) fills with warmth. It’s so wonderful to know her, after all this time, and after all the times he can still remember, like bad dreams, when he had looked at her with coldness and disgust and hatred instead of love. She shakes in his arms and he can’t tell if it’s based on her quaking or just pure exhaustion and overexertion, but either way, he longs to draw it away from her as if he could drain the poison from her veins.

It’s the best he can do to pull her back to arms length, and cradle her face in his hands. He runs the pad of his thumb along her cheekbone, where in the Framework, she’d had a cut dripping crusted blood down her face. Here, now, her skin is unblemished, but for the horrifically deep grey bags under her eyes. And Daisy smiles.

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Green & Yellow : part 2

Summary : TMR AU in Hogwarts. Reader is in Slytherin, Newt is in Hufflepuff. The reader has a huge crush on Newt but is too embarrassed to do anything about it, but one evening she offers to help him with his homework. read part 1

Character pairing: Newt x Reader 

Warnings: None 

 Disclaimer: don’t own anything, just the story line I guess, not the characters or Hogwarts or anything harry potter related stuff  mentioned here.

You quickly washed your face, brushed your hair, and put on a little tinted lip balm. Your eyes lingered on your little make up kit, which didn’t really have much. “For Merlin’s sake, we’re going to study” you said to your self as you grabbed your notes and the left the room. You walked to the library, your tummy bubbling with anticipation, and sure enough you found him standing by the entrance. You were about to call out to him but then you saw him talking to pretty blonde girl from your class. Her name was Sonya, she was in Hufflepuff, and was considered quite a beauty in her house. Pessimistic thoughts started swirling in your mind “what if he likes her, should I interrupt? Would that be rude? Are they a thing?” But your train of thoughts were broken when you heard Newt call out to you. 

“Y/n! What are you standing there for love? I’ve been waiting for you! Come on let’s go” he walked towards you leaving Sonya. She looked at you curiously, but said nothing and left. 

“Um sorry, I just wasn’t sure if I should have interrupted or not.” You replied sheepishly.

 "Well you bloody well should’ve, since you’re the one I’ve been waiting for not her.“. Something about the way he said that made your heart flutter a bit. He seemed to realize it too, and he blushed and looked away. 

“So uh, shall we?” He asked, you nodded and the two of you walked in.

Newt led you to a slightly secluded area of the library which were meant for study sessions. The two of you took a seat and y'all immediately began. You discussed the topics with Newt, and explained whatever difficulties he had. In the beginning it was a little awkward but soon the two of you got comfortable around each other and it became kind of fun.

 "You’re smiling y/n” Newt commented 

“yea well, I was just thinking about how much easier it is teaching you than it is teaching Minho. ” Newt gave half a smile 

“ Oh that Shank must be a handful, I’ve tried to help him too with a few subjects but all he does is mock me and throw sass at me” you laughed as you fully understood what Newt had gone through 

“I know right! He’s smart! He’s just lazy and feels like he has better things to do in life, you’re so much easier to help. You’re sweet and you listen.” Newt grinned,

 "Well you’re a great teacher as well, speaking of which, could you explain this paragraph over here? “ you took the book from him and started going through it. When you looked up to explain it to him you realized Newt had been gazing at you. You blushed 

“what is it?“ 

“Nothing love, just thinking the expressions you make are so cartoon like, they’re very cute.”

 "Cartoons?You mean the moving drawings they show on television in the muggle world?“

 Newt nodded "Yep, I loved watching them as a kid. Still do when I go back visiting. You should come with me some day, I mean, when Minho comes over, you’ll like them.” You smiled at him, 

“ I think that’d be lovely. Then you guys can come over to my place too, it is literally bang opposite Minho’s place anyway" 

"Wait a minute” Newt replied shocked, his chocolate orbs going wide “You mean to say you’re the one who lives in the mansion across Minho’s house?” You laughed 

“Yea, that’s me. So you have been to Minho’s before?” Newt nodded 

“Well yea, one Christmas week when my family had gone for a wedding to another city and Tommy’s mom was busy too, we crashed at Minho’s” he continued “wow you’re parents are quite rich!” You shook your head 

“ Oh not really, we just have a lot of ancestral wealth”

Yes your family blood line was a well known one. It was one of the purest lines from your region, but your parents had never felt such things were important. You had been brought up to value discipline, hard work, and a certain amount of pride of course. Sometimes you wondered why you were in Slytherin. You hadn’t gotten a very good impression of the house after hearing what happened during the battle against the Dark Lord. You knew half the school considered Slytherins to be no-good snotty, selfish, over smart bratts. To some extent it was true, but to be fair every house had their no good losers, it’s just that in Slytherin there were a few more. In the beginning you felt that you had been sorted into Slytherin only because of your blood line, but then you met people like Brenda who try to be hard core and non-chalant but they were all softies inside. 

“Y/n? Are you listening to me?” You broke out of your trance 

“Yea sorry! What were you saying?”

 Newt laughed “ Tired? We’ve been here for a long time" 

You looked at your pocket watch ” Holy shit, you’re right! I didn’t even realize! Time just flew by with you!“ Newt smirked "I’ll take that as a compliment love” You slapped his shoulder “oh shut up!” The two of you sighed.

 ” Hey y/n”

 "Yes Newt?“

 "I’m almost done with this. I just need to try out a few spells and write the conclusion, and I can’t do it here anyway so I’ll do it tomorrow morning, but for now do you want to grab a bite to eat?”

 You looked around the library, it was empty 

“ But where Newt? I’m pretty sure the Hall is closed now. We pretty much missed dinner!” Newt got up assembling his sheets “Not to worry love, the ivy trio has their ways, so are you coming or not”  after thinking for a second you gathered your stuff as well “Yea sure, why not?”

 You paced up and down the corridor keeping an eye out for Newt, hoping he’d appear soon. The corridor was empty and the few paintings gave you odd glances. “Where the hell are you Newt?” you sighed remembering what he had told you fifteen minutes ago  *flash back*

“Wait for me at the left corridor on the seventh floor love, and don’t attract any attention.”

“Okay but you are you going?”

“Don’t worry about that, just go,I’ll meet you soon. Oh and take my scarf and homework along with you please.”

*flash back end*

You held on to his scarf and his study homework along with yours was in your bag. 

“I bet he’s doing some rule breaking” you thought as you shamelessly sniffed his scarf, taking in his scent, it smelled like cinnamon.

 “Y/N!” heard a voice call out. It was Newt, he was running towards you with holding his bag which appeared to be full. 

“Newt, why are you running? or should I say who are you running from?” 

He walked up and down three times not saying anything to you and then suddenly a door appeared. “Is that-” you gasped but Newt pulled you in before you could finish and as he shut the door you could have sworn you heard something similar to an elf yell out “COME BACK THIEF!” 

The room was dark at first and you couldn’t see much, but then Newt walked ahead and waved his wand and a dozen lamps lit up the room.”It’s beautiful!” you gasped. The room was small but it had a carpet a small round ivory table in the center with a few chairs. The table had been arranged with plates,glasses and cutlery and even napkins and in the center was a decorated candle lit up. You walked around surveying the room 

“I-is this the room of requirement?” 

“Yep” said Newt as he placed food on to the plates and bowls from his bag.

”This is the first time I’ve been here! I always tried but I could never find it!” you were thrilled. You had always prayed that you wouldn’t graduate from Hogwarts without ever finding the room.

 “Are you serious? me and the shanks always make use of the room, has saved our arses from that bloody Jansen way too many times.”

 You looked at the food he had placed on the table, he was now pouring some grape juice into the glasses. 

“Did you steal them from the kitchens?” 

 “I wouldn’t go as far to say ‘steal’ love, considering the fact the food is meant for us. We just didn’t eat it at the right time.” He pulled a chair and gestured to you “Shall we milady?” you giggled at his antics but sat down happily. He sat opposite you and the two of you began your meal. 

 “This is great!” you exclaimed “I thought it would be cold food, but it’s still warm! and I have never managed to get myself such a good piece of chicken before!” Newt munched on his food happily “

“Do you think a gentleman like me would serve cold food to a kind lady who dedicated her time to help me finish my work? I’m offended Y/N”. You laughed and then took a sip from your glass, as soon as you did you almost spat it out. “I-is this wine?” 

Newt took a sip of this “Of course it is, what’s the point of taking things from the kitchen, if you don’t grab the goodies? What did you think it was? grape juice?” 

You coughed in embarrassment but continued to take small sips from your glass. Suddenly you became very aware about your situation, you were secretly having a candle night dinner with Newt. The only way this could get any more romantic was if y’all had some music, and as if he Newt read your thoughts he brought out a small device and started playing some slow jazz music. 

“Is that a cell phone?” you asked as you glanced at it curiously. Newt grinned proudly “Yep, and a bloody model. I see someone still remembers her muggle studies.” You nodded

 “Can I have a look at it?” Newt gave it to you and you looked at in awe “Where are the buttons? I see only one.”

 “It’s a touch screen phone, so just touch the screen and no, don’t try calling people y/n we’re out of range”.

 You found the device very interesting and continued exploring the options 

“This can do quite a bit, I’m impressed!” Newt nodded as he stuffed his face with garlic bread 

“Yea, they’re pretty neat, In the muggle world every teenager is hooked on it” The two of you continued talking about the cellphone for a while and then Newt told you about other devices in the muggle world and you listened with full interest. He then started talking about his family, his parents, his younger sister and his dog. 

“My sister thought it was some sort of neat trick when I made him float, she was commenting about how the two of us could join the circus! but then my mom walked in and told me to put the floating dog down, she was not very impressed.”

 The two of you were now sitting on a small sofa together as y’all ate caramel custard for dessert. “So wait” you said 

“Your mother is a muggle, but she wasn’t surprised to see that?”

 Newt shook his head “ She knew about the wizarding world because dad’s elder brother was a wizard too. My dad had told her, you know just in case something like this happened.” 

“Was she happy about it?” you asked

 “Well, she wasn’t sad, but she wasn’t thrilled either. She was very worried, but my dad and sister were happy and excited for me so, she didn’t say much. I guess she always hoped I’d end up pursuing a career in Science, hence the name”

 You had almost forgotten, his real name was Isaac Newton, but ever since he came to Hogwarts he had told everyone to call him Newt. Only the teachers addressed him as Mr Newton. 

“Who was Isaac Newton?” you asked “A great physicist, but forget about that, are you done with dessert?” You looked at your empty bowl “Oh, yes long back! Thank you so much! I loved it and I am so full!” Newt took your bowl and his and placed it on the table. 

 Newt then changed the song on his phone to something a little more upbeat and walked to you with a childish grin. 

“Shall we dance?” You scoffed 

“What? Are you serious?”

 “Quite serious! do you not dance?” he asked and your face went red 

“I do, I mean not this kind of dancing though, just the more wild, jumping all over the place type. I’m not good at dancing with a partner”

 Newt grabbed your hand and pulled you up.”Come on, its easy if I can do it, so can you.”  and with that the two of you began swaying to the beat.

You tried your best to follow Newt steps, but both of you were horribly clumsy, Newt because of his limp and you were a clutz in general. You still enjoyed it though, he spun you around and sometimes you twirled him around just for laughs, he showed you dance steps that were popular currently among the muggles and you followed him finding it rather fun. Soon the song changed though and it turned into a slow love song. You bit your lip nervously and looked into his eyes, his chocolate brown orbs gazed into your (y/e/c) ones and he smiled. He slowly and cautiously placed one hand on your waist giving you time to step away if you wanted to but you relaxed into his touch, you placed one hand on his shoulder and on your other hand his long slender fingers entwined with yours. You didn’t really have small hands, but they were still completely enveloped by his. Then Newt started swaying to the rhythm and you followed. By the time the song reached the chorus  you found yourself leaning into the crook of his neck while his arms were completely draped around you while yours held on to his back. You could feel your heart beat increase and you could’ve sworn you felt his too. His warm breath fell on you ear and all you could think of was of how comfortable you felt right then.

“Do you remember the first time we danced like this?” he whispered into your ear.

You leaned back a little confused “Not really, wait was it in our third year, during our project?”

Newt shook his head “It was actually a little before our project, we had all gone to Hogs head and someone started playing music over there, so all the shanks started dancing.”

You still couldn’t remember so he continued “I was sitting there in a corner alone, watching everyone fooling around and that’s when you came upto me asking me to dance.”

“I did?”

“Yep” he nodded “ And at first I told you no, but then you said you’d dance with me and lead me, and that although you weren’t very good at dancing with a partner you were sure I would have more fun than just sitting there alone.”

“And we danced?” you asked

“Well, yes, you were very persuasive”

“I hope I didn’t injure you” you joked.

“No, in fact I think you healed me a little” Newt replied with his jaw clenched, that’s when you remembered it. It was right after his accident, right after Newt had got his limp.

“Oh Newt” you said feeling ashamed about not remembering at first.

“No it’s alright, thank you y/n”

He looked into your eyes and time stopped, the song was reaching its end and Newt’s face was inching closer. You were suddenly very aware about how handsome his face looked against the light and you found yourself leaning in. Your lips were a hair length away from touching when suddenly a loud buzzing sound made the two of jump back. 

“What is that?” you asked, your face flushed because of what almost happened. New went to his phone “Sorry, its my bugging alarm”

“Alarm? at this hour? for what reason?”

“To warn me that Jansen will be making his rounds now.”

Jansen was the school’s caretaker, he went on rounds after bed time to make sure the students were tucked in.

“Newt, what time is it?”

“A half past midnight love”


“What? what’s wrong?”

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong Mr Newton , if we’re found sneaking around the corridors now by Mr Jansen we’re screwed! I don’t want detention, not only that if anyone finds out-” you bit your tongue from continuing.

“If anyone finds out what?” 

“Nothing, I mean if Professor Slughorn finds out I’ll be uninvited from his tea parties”

Newt chuckled “And that’s a bad thing because?”

“Oh shut up you shuckface” you said as you whacked his shoulder.

“Using our slang against me love? now I’m intimidated Okay, lets go then” Newt gathered his stuff and so did you. The two of you exited the room and began sneaking down towards the common rooms.

“You know y/n, you should hang out with Minho, Thomas and I more, It’d be nice to have one more level headed person around, plus you’re a lot of fun”

You blushed “Oh , I don’t know it might be awkward.”

“Why you know Minho, and now you know me, maybe not as well as Minho, but still, you could get to know me better”

“I’d like that Newt, but it’s kinda weird, I mean only Teresa can hang out with you, y’all are like the next generation heads of houses”

“That’s a load of crap, the only reason Teresa hangs out with us, is because she and Tommy have some strange complicated romance thing going on”

“Yea well, so she hangs out with y’all because Thomas has feelings for her, that makes a lot of difference you know”

“How is it any different?” Newt replied his voice a little raised.

“Is any one there”

“Bloody hell” Newt cursed ”It’s Rat man” 

“Rat man?” you questioned

“Yea that’s what we call Jansen, lets go now before he finds us” Newt grabbed your hand and ran. Y’all ran towards the dungeon and once you reached it you stopped.

“I’ll manage from here, you should head back”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, now go before you get into trouble!” Newt nodded and pulled you into a quick hug

“Thanks for everything, and I had a lot of fun really. If you’d like, and if you’re free maybe tomorrow we could uhm, hang out together? grab a few butter beers, alone? when everyone heads to Hogsmeade?”

You were internally screaming, if you hadn’t known any better, Newt was asking you on a date. You stood shocked, your mind still processing his request, you didn’t realize that his face was leaning towards yours again, but when you did you thought you saw a shadow pass by the entrance you quickly pushed him away, afraid that someone would notice you. 

“Sorry” said Newt awkwardly,he was clearly hut and you internally smacked your head at your stupidity.

“No, it’s just-” but Newt turned around to leave you quickly caught hold of his hand though and whispered into his ear “ Tomorrow, noon, I’ll meet you at Honeydukes. Don’t forget to finish you assignment and submit it before you come and  don’t ditch okay?” and you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and ran to your common room entrance. Newt stood frozen for a moment and then slowly smiled his cheeks glowing red. He brushed his fingers against his cheek you kissed him on and mumbled “ I’ll be there love, even if a griever chases me”

A/N: Heyyy hope y’all liked it! liked it enough to read part 3 at least? :P

Never on Time

Title: Never on time

Summary: If there was one thing everyone could count on, it was the fact that you’d never be on time for anything. Unfortunately for you, this leads to quite the trouble at school. Thankfully, you’ve befriended a teleporter. 

Pairing: Kurt/Nightcrawler x Reader

Word Count: 2124

Warnings: Light language. 

A/N: I know. I shouldn’t be writing this. But I’m glad to be writing anything at this point! Also, I want to thank @imagine-marvel-12 for inspiring me to write this little ficlet with Kurt. I’m prolly the last Kurt lover to find her their blog, but if somehow you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. 

Part 2 | Part 3Masterlist

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A Pink Note

Request: Can you do a Jungkook confession? He’s a secret admirer, but you know him, just not as close friends, if you know what I mean. There are rumors that he likes you but you don’t believe them. Also, BTS are foreign exchange students (their English would be the same level as they are in real life), and your the same age as him. Thank you I hope this isn’t too much trouble

Thank you so much for requesting Jungkook cuz the last time I got a Jungkook request was 7 months ago… NOW SEND SOME HOSEOK PEOPLE! AND JIN!

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

You had gotten to school early for the first time in your life. The hallways were empty and quiet and you felt awkward just sitting on the floor so you went ahead and walked over to your locker. You opened it to slowly get out what you needed for the school day when a small piece of pink paper glided out and landed on the tiled floor. You bent down to pick it up and read the handwritten words on the front.

To: (Y/N)

Looking over your shoulder and up and down the hallway, you wondered what this was exactly. You unfolded the pink slip and smiled at the cute little doodles on the edge of the paper. You read the note, eager to know what it was and who it was from.

Hi! A person told me that sending a note to a girl was right so that is what I did. I really like you and I couldn’t keep it from you anymore! I’ve never seen someone so pretty before and am very nervous to be doing this. I’m kind of hoping you like me back :P

You couldn’t help but giggle at the awkward but cute note you had received. You had never gotten confessed to and this was just wonderful to you. It did frustrate you, however, not knowing who had sent this note. You searched the front and back for a name and you couldn’t find one unfortunately.

Closing your locker, you rushed to meet your friend who should’ve been at school right about now. You ran to her with the slip in your hand and thrust it into her face. She jumped at your sudden action and waved it away after realizing it was  too close to her eyes for her to read.

“I have something to tell you!” she told you excitedly, forgetting the note you had put into her face.

“No! Me first!” you exclaimed, waving the not in her face once again.

“What?” she whined, obviously having something she really wanted to tell you.

“I have an admirer,” you squealed, as she pushed the paper back more so she could read it.

“No way,” she beamed and snatched it out of your hands. “I know who wrote this…”

“Who?!” you exclaimed, eager to know who liked you.

“That exchange student from Korea! Jungkook!” she said happily and your smile dropped.

“Stop joking around,” you frowned and took your love letter away from her.

“No! I’m serious! All seven of those exchange students are super popular and one of my other friends is friends with them. He said that Jungkook talks about you a lot,” she explained to you. “Plus, he’s always staring at you. It’s kind of a thing all the crushing girls know. They don’t really like you right now,” she giggled.

“I’ve barely spoken to him… I mean, he is cute but he wouldn’t like someone like me so stop saying that,” you sighed, folding your note and shoving it into your back pocket.

“Oh stop,” she chuckled. The bell rang soon after that and she gave you the most annoying grin ever.

“What?” you asked her, utterly confused.

“He’s in our math class! Let’s go and confirm this,” she told you, rushing towards first period. You reluctantly followed her and only then realized you had forgotten your math book.

“I’ll meet you in class! I forgot my textbook!” you told her and went back. You were always late to that class and your teacher never cared so you took your time. The late bell rang by the time you reached your locker and you stopped once you saw someone slipping something into your locker. He must have noticed your presence because he looked up only to see you staring at him. “Jungkook?” you asked, not believing your eyes.

“Yeah…” he scratched the back of his head, already debating whether to lie or tell the truth. He was also freaking out about what he could and couldn’t say. Although his English had improved since being here, it still wasn’t amazing. He was afraid to mess up.

“What are you doing at my locker?” you asked, not knowing what else to say. The halls were pretty much empty at this point and you could tell he was nervous.

“Uh…” he pondered on what to say and how to say it.

You reached into your pocket, understanding his struggle. You pulled out the folded pink slip and his eyes became wide.

“Seriously?!” you asked in shock. It was hard for you to wrap your head around this.

“Is it bad?” he asked with the cutest accent you had heard.

“No! Oh gosh no! It’s awesome,” you grinned and put out your hand, palm up. He gave you a questioning look and you giggled at his reaction. “I want to see the next note,” you explained.

He blushed at that but gave you the note anyways. You held it closely and felt butterflies. “I’ll read it soon. Math?” you suggested going to class.

He frowned at you mentioning math and you thought of something else instead. “Ditch?” you suggested.

“I can get in trouble,” he replied, unsure.

“You won’t. All the exchange students do it at some point,” you told him. “And I want to get to know you!”

“Ok,” he nodded. You led him out of the school with ease and spent the rest of the day hearing his cute accent and was happy to go to school early for once.

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Well this was definitely a fine predicament for the small gem, wondering the corridors shirtless.

It hadn’t exactly been a choice, it was more that the gem had lost a bet with Yellow Pearl, and was forced to wonder the halls of Yellow Diamond’s court with no top. (She had been allowed to keep on her pair of yellow shorts, however.) At least the place was pretty much empty.

But of course, someone had to come down the hall.

And of course it had to be a Jasper.

She crossed her arms over her chest turning her back to the Quartz soldier. With any luck the bigger gem would just stroll past her without even noticing the Pearl.

How You Met Astro | Rocky Version

Author’s Note: ALL GIFS ARE NOT MINE, AND CREDIT GOES TO THEIR OWNERS. hey fellow arohas, guess who’s back with another astro writing scenario~ I’m doing a series of ways that you meet astro, so i’ll be posting more soon, and updating with links to the rest of the series. Pleas don’t forget to send me messages and asks feedback 🤗
| MJ | Eunwoo | MoonBin | Rocky | Sanha

A boy with rhythm, Rocky was always in the dance studio. Whenever he’d take his daily walk from the boys’ apartment to the little building a block or two down, he always heard catchy music blasting past the studio in an alleyway nearby. Almost every time he went to the building, he heard an amazing taste in music that he wasn’t familiar with playing, unless it was raining or snowing, which he found peculiar. He never got the chance to find out what it was since he never passed that direction on his way to the studio, except for that one dreary morning.

When he entered the hallway of the building, he heard music fill a room around the corner. Strange, he thought, it was supposed to be pretty empty today.

He looked down the hall, and there he saw you passionately groove in an unused room, your book bag and jacket set aside as you threw in some of your own tutting choreo, and moved with an aggressive krump style to the snare and bass. He’d never seen you before, ever - but he was so lucky he had seen you then, instantly frozen in awe of your talent and not to mention, you were pretty attractive (😉).
It must be a trainee, he grew excited watching your each and every step, glide, and wave. She’s gotta be a trainee…
Suddenly he saw a strange trick he loved. There was a build up in the bass, and you spun, slightly kicking out your feet and punching your hands in front of you to the beat as you turned. It mesmerized Rocky, the way you incorporated a smooth spin to hit uneven drum beats. You did some quick footwork and lifted a hand to your chest to do a heart-pop, as you slid a few feet across the floor and stopped with the music a fiercely confident look on your face and in your pose, with a sassy hand on your hip. Surely that had his heart popping as well.

There was a brief silence, except for your heavy breathing as you walked to the shelf ahead of the two of you, and revealed a camera which recorded your progress. Rocky watched you as you pulled off your hoodie and peered at the screen of your camera, his eyes gazing at your perfect face as you proudly watched yourself, his gaze tracing your body. Hormones, he shook his head, stifling a laugh. In the background of the video, you saw a figure standing in the doorway: tall, skinny but toned, with fluffed brown-auburn hair. Freaked out, you turned your head to see Rocky standing there, straight-faced and deep in thought as he admired you from across the room.

You were wide-eyed and speechless, and stuttered, “I-I’m sorry am I using your room? I can explain, I didn’t mean to-”

“Where did you learn to do all of that?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“I…I taught myself,” you responded softly as he kept stepping toward you.

He then stopped in his tracks.
“You taught yourself to do that?”

“I taught myself to do a lot of things,” you explained. “I never got the chance to take formal lessons for dance - or anything else I do with music and my art really, so I just learned alone-”

Upon hearing this, he was impressed. You were talented and clearly your hard efforts of being taught independently paid off, and you didn’t just dance, you were interested in creative activity like him.

“How’d you get in here?” he wondered.
“This is a private studio, you know.”

Embarrassed, you replied, “A really young lady who usually passes by me saw me dancing in my usual spot. She stopped me and told me there was rain coming, so she offered to open up the building for me. I usually practice in the alleyway between the corner store and my aunts house-”

“So it’s you who’s always playing music outside! And that must have been Min Ji noona who let you in.”


“You practice in that alleyway a lot don’t you? I’ve heard your music playing almost everyday,” he beamed, glad to know the unknown source of melodies and beats in the street was you this whole time. He was hovering over you now, taking in the features of your face. He loved what he saw.

You smiled and nodded, “Yeah, I had no place to practice, so my aunt set up a place for me, she got some mirrors and convinced the store owner to move his dumpster, and we set up a picnic tent and made it look a little nicer.”

“Well, I could convince some of the staff here to let you practice here more often. You already got one of them to let you in. Here,” he grabbed your things and nodded his head toward the door, “We’ll meet the staff outside, and I’ll call over my friends, I’m sure they’d love to see that routine.”

You followed next to him, who still seemed interested in you, newfound star in his eyes.
“So,” he stared into you as you went to the lobby, “tell me more about what you do.”

Too Much Pressure (2/3)

Part 1
Part 3

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 5908 (inc. Part 1) 

Prompt: Dan and reader who is also a YouTuber are at Vidcon (or some convention) and they keep having to spend time apart, the reader is under a lot of stress and its starts to affect their moods, they get angry at each other and decide to sleep in separate rooms but dan can’t keep away from her and it gets all smutty, thanks!

Rubbing your face furiously as you walk, you were determined to stop more tears forming in your eyes.  Hundreds of people were about to see your face, close up on a giant screen and you were known for your upbeat, sarcastic ways. They would all know something was wrong, and they’d most likely link it to your relationship, the last thing you wanted right now was an online shitstorm. In a moment of guilt, you almost run straight back to your hotel room, back into Dan’s arms. Back to that kiss. But your legs carry you forward, so determined to keep you moving you almost miss the elevators. Part of you hoped Dan would come rushing out of the room, meet you at the elevator just like in Pretty Woman, and beg you to stay with him. Tell you he can’t bare to let you leave this way, but as the familiar ‘ding’ of the elevator sounds, you grasp your bottom lip, your fingers where his were just moments ago, and step inside. Next stop, main stage.

As the doors slid open at the ground floor, you are instantly gathered into a warm, pink, flowery hug. Louise.

“I could hear you guys as soon as I left my room”, she mumbled so as not to inform the mixture of convention staff and youtubers milling around of your business. “It’ll be okay. He’s crazy about you”, she squeezes you tight as you sniff against her shoulder. For a non-hugging person, she really knew how to give great ones.

“I’m crazy about him too,” you reply, “But we’ve never shouted at each other like that Lou, I don’t know how to face him later. I don’t want to go back up there is that selfish?” You ask, leaning back so you can see her face. She was always honest with you, sometimes she even put you in your place, but if anyone knew about relationships, it was her.

“Maybe a little selfish,” she says, letting you go and pulling out her make up bag. “If you want my opinion, you should have stayed with him. I’m sure I would have been able to ask myself these interview questions”, she laughs, holding up mascara and a mini blusher.  "But you can stay in my room tonight if you want, and we’ll deal with this situation tomorrow. Right now I’m going to fix your face.“

Her quick make over and hair spruce instantly made you feel better, and after she showed you your reflection in her little compact mirror, you couldn’t even tell yourself that you’d been crying a few minutes ago. The only tell tale signs now, were the ache in your chest and the twisted knot in your stomach, but that could be the nerves too. The sooner this bloody stage thing was over, the better.

A few minutes later, you were standing at the side of the stage next to some of the crew. Louise was in front of you and you could hear her vlogging away on her camera, as jolly as ever. You begin to fiddle with the hem of your shirt, twisting the material in your fingers. The roar of the viewers in front of the stage was almost overwhelming and you wished more than anything for Dan’s soft fingers to intertwine with yours at that very moment. If you hadn’t have argued, he’d be with you now. Telling you it’ll all be okay.

'Text him’ a little voice in your head said, 'Text him you love him, text him anything!’ You obey as you pull out your phone with shaking fingers. He’d want you to text him right? Right? He’s waiting for you to text him. That’s why he hasn’t text you. Surely that’s… That’s what you need to do.

Then, as if she’d read your mind, Louise’s perfectly manicured hand rests on the top of your phone. You look up to see her watching you with concerned eyes and you shuffle on your feet, slightly embarrassed.

"I just w-”

“No Y/N, all the talking you guys need to do has to be face to face. Don’t submit him to texts.” She says in a tone that almost reminds you of your mother, but you know she’s right. Her fingers grip around the top of your phone and she casually prises it from your hand, and places it down her dress and into her bra. Crap.

“You’re not having it back until you see him.”

“What if he texts me!” You exclaim. Trying your hardest not to grin at Louise, who is standing with a hand on her hip, and her other hand stretched out with a finger pointing at you. A weird shaped phone bulge on her boob.

“Well you won’t be reading it, besides he knows better than that. Try to forget about this now, we have to wow the crowd with our beauty and brains and charm!” She squeals, gripping your hands and clenching her teeth in excitement.

“Give em’ the old razzle dazzle?” You reply, as you know it will make her laugh.

“Exactly!” she giggles. The music suddenly blares and with a turn of her head she strides towards the stage, blonde hair swinging around her back.

Whatever you felt right now, you needed to push it aside for Louise. She deserved a great show. The viewers did too. You were going to go out there and be the best damn interviewer/host VidCon had ever seen! Hopefully…As the roar of the crowd settled slightly, you could hear Louise doing her little introduction.

"Aloha Sprinklerinos!” she says excitedly into the mic. "Wow there’s a lot of you! As you know I much prefer these sort of set ups, because it means more of you get a chance to see me and chat with me, and let’s face it we can have a good old girly gossip. Apologies to any boys out there, don’t worry we can gossip too!”

Laughter ripples through the crowd.

“Okay so today’s thingmabob is basically a casual interview with one of my loveliest friends, and I’m going to get you lot involved with every single question. Sound fun?”

The viewers cheer as one of the stage crew holds a microphone in front of you, and you automatically reach out for it. Here goes.

“Okay guys, please welcome to the stage one of my most favourite people, Y/N  Y/L/N!!”

Music booms through the event hall, signaling your queue to walk. Wobbling legs carry you right on to the stage and to your surprise; you get a cheer as huge as Louise’s. Confidence instantly flows through you as you look out at the crowd, all smiling up at you and you grin back. Dan was right, now you were on the stage, you felt at ease. You almost don’t even know why you felt so tense in the first place. As you take your seat on the stool next to your bubbly blonde friend, and hold your microphone to your lips, something makes you glance back at the side of the stage.

Your breath instantly hitches in your throat as you see a super tall guy, wearing (of course) black skinny jeans and a black jumper, stood awkwardly amongst flitting stage crew. A messy but gorgeous mop of curls on his head and a beautiful, lopsided gentle smile dancing on his lips.

He was right there.

The next half an hour was a complete blur. There were questions, answers, stories, cringing, jokes, laughter, hugs and kisses blown but the entire time, all you could focus on was Dan. However not once did you turn your attention to the side of the stage, where you had seen him right at the start. Who knows how long he stayed, whether he was still there. Are you even 100% sure it was him? Oh God it had to be him. It’s not like he blends in. At this point the hall had pretty much emptied and Vidcon staff were busy sweeping and cleaning for the next event in just a few minutes time. Louise was still sat with you on the stage, however neither of you were facing the wings. You could hear her chatting away to you but who knows how long she’d been doing this for…

“..not even like I PLANNED to say that but it made for a funny story. Ooh and the questions they asked about my cats were great too, you know most people you meet are dog people but really all m… Y/N?”

You snapped your head up and gave Louise an apologetic look. “Sorry, my mind wandered for a bit. I was listening I just… I don’t know I zoned out… for a second. You were talking about your cats?” You nod encouragingly.

Louise sighs and stands up, flicking her blonde hair from her shoulder.

“I guess you saw him standing there too then?” she says.

“Is he still there?” you ask as you stand up too, still not brave enough to turn round.

“I can’t see him. Although I don’t know why you’d be scared of the alternative Y/N, he’s your boyfriend. He loves you, you love him, you argued, you’ll make up, but the only way you’ll do that is if you actually go and SPEAK to him.” Louise says gently, as she places her hand on yours, which is once again twisting the fabric of your shirt.

“I know, I’m going to, it’s just… I don’t know I’m so nervous Lou. It wasn’t like your average relationshippy fight. He’s never seen me that way before and I’ve never seen him cry. I made him cry Lou!” your voice cracks at the end although you are fighting with everything you have not to cry. You’ve still got to make it through the crowds of viewers outside after all.

“Come on”, Louise replies, taking your arm. We’ll go meet the lovely people outside; they’ll make you smile. Or Jack, we’ll go find Jack!” As she tugs you off the stage, you think back to what Dan said earlier. About the amount of time you spend with your cheeky filmmaker friend. You know if Dan see’s you laughing and joking around with Jack right now, it’ll probably crush him. But you allow yourself to be dragged along anyway.

The green room was incredible, and you can’t quite believe how little time you’d spent in there! It seemed all your favourite people had gathered together, squished down in huge beanbags and passing round sweets as you laughed at the little things that had happened to you that day. Well, all your favourite people minus one. Sure enough however, you found yourself squashed up next to Jack, who was trying to take a selfie on his phone.

“Your hair looks fine Jack, you’ve been holding that phone up for a good 10 minutes now, take the picture already!” you laugh as he turns to face you.

“Of course my hair looks fine, my hair looks great! I’m just making sure the background looks good”, he winks, making you laugh again. “Come on, in you get”, he orders as he leans into you, capturing you in the frame of the phone screen. You do your best to give an honest smile as he does his signature silly face and he taps the center button.

“Stunning.” He grins. “Me, not you.”

You lightly punch his arm, “Can you send me that one? I like it.”

“Yeah okay, or I can just put it on Instagram and you can screen shot it?” he replies casually.

“No!” You snap, not so casually. Your mind instantly jumps to Dan. Jack looks up at you quizzically; his thumb paused hovering above the Instagram app.

“I mean nah, I don’t think its Instagram worthy. Look at my hair!” you joke. Trying to lighten your approach. “We’ll take another one later when I’m not all folded over on this beanbag.”

“Okay, I’ll hold you to that.” He states, lightly letting his phone fall to his lap. He then turns to Louise, sitting on his other side and slots into her conversation, which from what you can hear, is not surprisingly about cats.

Minutes sat on those beanbags soon turn to hours, and as everyone starts to stand up and stretch, you realize you’ve spent a good portion of your day avoiding your responsibilities. Well, avoiding Dan. What had he been doing all day? You knew there was a very small chance he’d come to the green room. Any spare time he had was spent with Phil, playing Mario Kart. Which actually, was a painful realization. You couldn’t even spare enough time to be with your boyfriend. Except actually, maybe you could.

“Louise?” you call as you notice her wandering around the sofas. She pads over to you and you try to clamber up from your beanbag, which you were truly engulfed in since Jack stood up. She extends a hand out to you and you take it, allowing her to pull you towards her.

“What’s up?”

“I’m gonna go find Dan.” You say confidently, although inside you can’t really say you felt the same. Louise says nothing, but instead raises her eyebrows. She then lifts up her hand and reaches down her dress, pulling out your phone.

“I know I said I was going to give you this after you spoke to him, but we’re going to go for dinner now, and I expect you’ll want to stay in the hotel?” she hints. “Its been buzzing a few times, I don’t know who’s been texting you. Probably Dom though, you were meant to meet with him an hour ago,” she laughs. You reach out to take your phone, which is very warm, and hurriedly press the button to bring the screen to life. Sure enough, 3 missed calls from your manager, a text from Dodie, around a dozen twitter and instagram notifications which you don’t really bother reading and right at the bottom, almost 3 hours ago, right when the stage event ended, a call from Dan.

You had no idea how long you’d been staring at your phone, you just know it was broken by Louise’s voice.

“Well?” She inquires. “Oh don’t worry about Dom I text him earlier that you’ll have to meet him tomorrow. He won’t mind…” she pauses to let you answer her.

“I think he waited for me after your even Lou. I think he stayed back at the end but… behind the stage. And we left through the doors at the front. I need to go find him.”

“Good plan.” Louise smiles. She then leans forward and plants a pink lipstick-ed kiss on your cheek. “Text me if you need me.” And with that, once again she turns away from you. Blonde hair swinging around her back.

The elevator dings, and the doors slide open. 4th floor, where you were staying. Once again your legs carry you down the long hall, where you pass Phil’s room, then Louise’s room, until you are stood outside the large wooden door of number 407 and it is only once you stop walking that you realize how fast your heart is beating in your chest, and how you can feel the hairs on your neck standing on end. You realize that to most people the nerves you felt right now would seem ridiculous, exaggerated even. But you just loved him so much, that honestly, this argument had almost killed you. The 3 and a half hours you had spent away from him had given you time to calm yourself, time to relax a little, but also time to really truly miss him, his scent, his touch, the feel of his skin on yours. The argument earlier almost felt… necessary, because you realized how selfish you had been these past few months and how far you had actually pushed him away. Now, all of a sudden, all you wanted was to see his face. With that, you reached into your pocket and pulled out your room key, slid it into the lock and with shaking fingers, pushed your way into the room.

Dan was sat on the bed, with his legs crossed and his back leaning up against the headboard. He had his phone in his hand, which he was tapping against the palm of his other hand and you could see his brow was wrinkled. He still had his hobbit hair all messy and he had changed out of his skinny jeans and jumper into a pair of black sweats and his Yeezus t-shirt. Even like this, he was still the hottest boy in the world to you, and seeing him right there and then gave you butterflies. But he didn’t lift his head to look at you.

“Um.. Hi there.” You say, and then curse yourself for being so lame. “I mean uh… Dan? Are you okay? No you’re probably not okay look… I need to talk to you, properly, I need to… I don’t know, apologise again.” You walk a little closer to the bed, still realizing he hadn’t yet looked up at you. “Dan? I know you are probably upset with the way I left things. I know you tried earlier to make me stay, and I should have stayed. God I wish I’d stayed here with you I really do.” Already, you could feel hot tears leaking into your eyes. It was like there was no stopping them. “I don’t want to make this about me though Dan I want to make this about you okay? I love you and I know I’ve treated you like you don’t matter but you DO matter, you’re the one that matters the most to me in the entire world.” You move to stand at the foot of the bed, facing him, and you gently throw your phone and room key onto the duvet in front of you.

“Dan please, I just w-”

“You saw me at the side of the stage Y/N. I know you saw me. I came down to support you. To show you how much I cared. I smiled right at you and you turned away.” He says plainly, still staring down at his phone.

“W-what? Yeah, I know. I saw you but I…”

“I rang you afterwards. I waited for 20 minutes behind the stage until there was no one else around and even though you’d seen me, you didn’t come and find me.” He says again. With each word you feel your stomach twisting. This really wasn’t how you imagined this reunion to go.

“I know Dan, but I thought maybe you’d gone. Louise said she couldn’t see you so I-”

“So you just left, and didn’t bother to even TRY and find me,” he shouts. This time, his head snaps up from staring down at his lap and you instantly see the redness of his cheeks. Was he angry? Upset? Both? How had this situation gotten worse!

“Dan please I’m sorry! I thought about coming to find you, I did! I thought you’d still be upset and I couldn’t bare to see you so upset and its happening again now and I…” you lift your hand up to your forehead as you feel your stomach heaving, and your breath picking up pace. “I just left with Louise.”

“You told me you had loads of video’s to film.” He says, again, oddly calm. You turn to look in the direction his eyes have wandered, and see a full camera and lights set up next to the window of the hotel room. He’d been waiting in the hotel room all day, waiting for you to return to him. “Clearly you had better things to be doing. Better people to be hanging out with for 3 whole hours?”

“N-no Dan it’s not like that!” You stop to see Dan lift up his phone, and turn it to face the screen your way.

“Then what is it like?” he says stiffly. Staring at you as your eyes focus on the phone. Your stomach drops instantly. It’s the photo of you and Jack on the beanbag. Jack had uploaded it anyway.


~to be continued
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College :) @tweetulpentuin

48. What do you mean we’re under a tornado warning?

João walked down the halls, humming softly. It was pretty empty, and he couldn’t help but wonder where everyone else was. He wasn’t THAT late was he? Then again, he wasn’t even particularly sure when the classes started, he wasn’t from this country, he was practically brand new.
“Hello?” He called down the hall, sighing when the only reply was his own voice echoing back to him.
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The Hate’s Mutual


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Well I’m back with another fic for you guys because I felt really pressured to write again after I released my first story(the Ashton one) and if you haven’t already read it but want to then here is the link. A lot more people than I expected actually enjoyed it so I just thought I’d try keeping my reputation that way by writing another.

I’m sorry its so long! I got really into it.

Rating- NSFW (WARNING! this shit gets pretty rough so be advised!)

Pairing- Calum Hood/Reader(y/n)

Summary- You and Calum have hated each other for as long as you can remember, but there’s definitely no denying the sexual tension between the two of you; and there’s no stopping the events to come when the two of you are assigned to be partners for a project.

Word count- 5,505


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Lucy was reading a request from the guild board while seated a table, a few books piled next to her. She was trying to decide whether or not she wanted to take the request. Then of course, if she did take it, who would she ask to join her? Her eyes scanned the guild hall, it was pretty empty in here today. Everyone seemed as though they were pretty busy lately, leaving he with limited choice on who she could ask. 

Further down at the table she was seated at she noticed a man she didn’t recognize at first. She’d seen him around before, but didn’t know his name or much about him. Clearly he was a member of the guild, she wondered if maybe he would like to join her on the job? Nonetheless, Lucy scooted herself down to him, a smile on her face as she placed herself across from him. “Hi!” She started holding out her hand. “You must be pretty new around here if I don’t know who you are!” She teased, a bright smile on her face. “Just teasing, I’m Lucy and it’s great to meet you!”

More than this - Stiles Stilinski {part 6}

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A/N: I know you guys had to wait for this one a little bit, but i needed to decide where i wanted this story to go and i also did some - ya know - real life stuff. BUT here is the new chapter and i hope you like it. For all of you who don’t like the not mystery anymore guy - i’m sorry. Please don’t be too disappointed and keep reading.This is also my first time writing some sexy stuff so don’t be too hard on me. (I stole a line from the one and only Isaac Lahey in this chapter, so the credits go to him for that. Love you, boo)

Warnings: making out, implied smut, swearing

He graced his fingers over my exposed hip, making me shiver. I pressed my lips onto his with passion and he took this as a cure to grab my thighs and lift me up. Licking over my bottom lip, he asked for entrance which I gladly accepted. He tasted like mint, sweet but with a little spice. His lips slowly moved down my neck and I let out a silent moan.

“Shh Babygirl, we don’t wanna get caught right?”

Suddenly, the door opened and we immediately let go of each other. I was met with the angry face of the coach.

“Well you just got caught! OUT OF MY OFFICE, RIGHT KNOW!” I stifled a laugh as we we’re quickly running out of the office.

Fortunately the halls were pretty empty and I couldn’t see one of my friends.

He gave me a chaste peck on the lips before saying “See you later, Babygirl.”

I grinned widely “Later, Raeken.”

Turns out the Student I met that day in the hallways was Theo Raeken, the new student. We weren’t officially dating, but neither were we just friends. This whole thing had started  a few weeks ago.

I was heading to the gym nearby to get rid of some anger. Malia purposely threw a volleyball at me in gym class today and it took all my will power – and Kira calming me down – to not beat the shit out of her. So now I had a lot of piled up frustration.

Entering the gym, I saw that I was in fact not alone. Theo Raeken, a new student who sits behind me in biology was there too, lifting.

Since he seemed to be really concentrated on his “task”, I just plugged my earbuds in and started the exercise without greeting him, even though I could see through the big mirror that he was watching me.

After I did some leg exercises, I went over the big punching bag that hung in the right corner of the room. Boxing was the perfect exercise to get rid of my anger. Just imagining Malia’s face got my blood boiling, and I was soon throwing punches and kicking the bag like there was no tomorrow.

All of the sudden, Theo stood next to me, arms crossed and looking very amused. Taking out my earbuds I turned to look at him.

“Got a problem?” i snarled, trying to catch my breath.

“Geez, Babygirl, what’s the matter with you?” he smirked, which I found highly attractive. I mean he was just flat out hot in every way. I was getting pretty distracted by the fact that he was shirtless and I got the odd wish to trace every single muscle of his perfectly shaped body.

Letting out a sigh, I replied “I’m just frustrated.”

Theo took a step forward, still smirking and raising an eyebrow “Sexually?” he asked in a husky tone.

My heart was beating fast, and not because of the boxing. Desperately looking for a distraction, I decided to play this game with him. Seeing how his eyes wandered over my body, I felt strangely confident and took a step forward too, so that our faces were only a few inches apart.

“Maybe. Want to help me out?”

I did get rid of my frustration that evening and ever since then, we just can’t keep our hands to ourselves. Theo makes me feel alive. Our “relationship” is filled with passion and heat. We’re like fire.  But he also makes me laugh a lot and we always have a fun time together. Sometimes we just hang out and talk. I genuinely like him. And to be honest, it’s definitely not a disadvantage that I forget about Stiles when I’m with him – at least a little bit.

I was sorting the tomatoes out of my salad while listening to Kira’s rant about her parents. It was lunch break and we were sitting at a large table in the cafeteria, waiting for the others to join our table so we could discuss our weekend plans. Lydia Martin invited us to a “small” Party at her lake house. Soon Scott came around, giving Kira a kiss before sitting down across from me. While I was watching them, I smiled to myself. They were extremely adorable together and Kira recently told me that she thinks she loves him.

“So are you coming (y/n)? To Lydia’s Party I mean.” Scott asked curiously while opening his water bottle.

“I don’t know. First of all I don’t know her as well as you guys and second, Theo already asked me if I want to go watch a movie with him.” I responded.

“Are you two dating now or something?” Kira interrupted.

Something sounds accurate. “ I shrugged and took a sip from my orange juice.

“Just ask him if he wants to come too. Lydia said we should bring all our friends. If he’s your friend – or something – just bring him.” Scott suggested, giving me a reassuring smile.

When someone suddenly pinched my nose, I jumped slightly. It was Theo, laughing loudly as he took a seat next to me. “Hello to you too.” I said to him, lightly hitting his shoulder.

“Someone definitely get’s scared too easily!” he shook his head while smiling. “I wasn’t scared! Just…surprised.” I mumbled. “No no, it’s cute.” Theo grinned, making me blush. “Stop…” I nudged him, kind of embarrassed. He laughed again, playfully biting me in my exposed shoulder. I giggled, feeling my cheeks heat up.

Hearing someone cough, I turned around to see that everyone, including Stiles, who was the one coughing, and Malia were watching us. The two had joined the table without me noticing.

I felt a little sting in my chest when I saw Stiles. It still hurt. We were in a really weird place. At first I was the one pushing him away, denying every attempt of him to get close to me. I just couldn’t stand being near him, the pain was too much. When I started hanging around with Theo more Stiles changed. He would throw mean comments at us whenever he could and he wouldn’t even dare to look at me when I was around. Sometimes I would even let myself think that he was jealous, but he and Malia are official now and he showed me more than once that he does not have feelings for me, so every time I pushed that thought away as soon as it came.

“I really want to enjoy my food over here, without you two eating each other in front of our eyes.” My former best friend spat, looking disgusted. Theo clenched his jaw, glaring at Stiles. “And I really want to enjoy my life without you making stupid comments all the time.”

“Guys, can you stop the whole Who’s the Alpha fight you got going on and just freaking eat your lunch?” Malia demanded, slamming her fist on the table.

“If Stiles could stop making such a big deal about what I do and with who I’m doing it with.” I said, looking directly at him.

“Uh, Honey, who was the one that threw up and almost killed Stiles after he kissed me?” she smirked and I clenched my fist under the table.

“I know someone else who’s going to get killed if you don’t shut you damn mouth.” Kira yelled at Malia, shooting her a death glare.

“Oh it’s on you fu-“

“GUYS. YOU ALL SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR GOD DAMN LUNCH.” Scott shouted, slamming his water bottle on the table, making everyone hold their breath.

When everyone calmed down, we briefly talked about when we were all coming to Lydia’s Party and what food we would buy.

Hearing the liberating sound of the school bell, I jumped out of my seat and headed outside. Seeing Theo leaning at his car I walked over to him, with a smile on my face. He hold the door open for me and when we were both in the car, he reached out, grabbed my cheek and pressed his lips on mine.

“Hmm..i hate to stop you but I need to ask you something first.” I mumbled against his lips, causing him to let go.

“What is it?” he looked worried.

“Oh no it’s nothing bad! I was just wondering if you really want to go with me. You know, to the Party.” I said, letting my thumb grace over his jaw.

“Of course. What makes you think I wouldn’t?”

“I don’t know I just..we aren’t, you know..official.” I fiddled with my hands as I looked down in my lap.

“Hey” he placed his finger under my chin, lifting my head so I had to look at him. “we don’t need to put a label on us to spend time with each other. We can go out and do whatever we want if it feels right. And for me it does. I really like you, (y/n).” he explained softly, before taking my hands in his.

“I really like you too.” I said as I stared at our intertwined hands.

I would be lying if I said that in the back of my mind, I didn’t think about Stiles sitting in a car with me right now, holding my hand and telling me he likes me.

[part 7 here]

“I Know You Don’t Belong To Me” (Requested)

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You knew he wasn’t yours. You didn’t own him and you probably never would. Especially since he liked Hayden. The worst part was that Hayden was nice to you so that made it really hard to hate her. But lately, you had found yourself getting annoyed with the two. Whenever you and Liam would plan something, he would always bail to go hang out with Hayden. Frankly, you were sick and tired of it.

You watched as your best friend, Liam, talked with Hayden at their lockers. You couldn’t help but feel a twinge of disappointment at the way he looked at her. He never looked at you that way. She laughed at something he said and he involuntarily leaned towards her, his bright eyes shining. 

You pretended to be interested in your own locker as they closed theirs and turned around. They said their goodbyes and Hayden walked down the hall towards you.

She sent you a huge smile. “Hi (Y/N).”

You sent her one back, although it was rather forced. “Hey.”

You brightened up as you saw Liam making his way towards you. You had been in love with him for as long as you could remember. Probably ever since he had given you a flower in the second grade. His bright blue eyes and his wide grin were only two of the things you loved about him. 

“Hey best friend,” he greeted, pulling you in for a hug. 

You hugged him back but felt a pang of sadness. That’s all you would ever be to him was his best friend.

“Are we still on for tonight? Mason’s bringing the pizza,” You said, closing your locker so your full attention would be on him. It was Friday, which meant it was your annual best friend movie night. It had been a tradition between the three of you since the sixth grade.

He bit his lip and scratched the back of his neck, nervously. That was all you needed. 

You shrugged. “I guess that’s a no. I figured.”

“Wait, I’m sorry,” he tried to explain. “It’s just I promised that I would help Hayden with her science project.”

You narrowed your eyes. “Hayden’s a genius. Why does she need help with her project?”

He opened his mouth to say something then closed it again.

“Whatever. I don’t want to know. I’ll see you later.” The final bell had rung and the halls were pretty much empty.

“(Y/N)! Wait!” He ran after you, his supernatural abilities making it easy to catch up to you. “What’s your problem?”

You stopped walking and scoffed. “What’s my problem? I’m sick of my best friend ditching me, that’s what.” 

“I’m not ditching you-”

“Yes you are,” you cut him off. “Just like you have been for the last few weeks. I thought you hated Hayden, now you’re all gung ho to hang out with her?”

“Maybe I don’t hate her anymore,” he mumbled. “I actually really like her.” 

You heart sank to the floor. There was your answer. He had just admitted it without you even asking. You turned for the door but he grabbed your arm, pulling you back to him. 

“What’s going on with you? There’s something you’re not telling me.” His eyes searched yours for an answer.

You shook your arm from his grasp. “Well, I guess your supernatural werewolf senses haven’t been helping you much. You are so blind.”

He looked at you, confused. “What are you talking about?”

You took a deep breath. You had to let all of this out. “I’m so in love with you and you don’t even see it! I’ve been in love with you since we were little kids and everyone else notices it but you! You’re so involved with getting Hayden to like you that you don’t notice that I’m crazy about you! I know you don’t belong to me but I’m tired of having to sit on the sidelines while you go have your fun. I’m tired of being hurt and I’m tired of being left behind. I’m moving on.” 

The silence between you two was deafening. He stood in front of you, shocked. He never knew you felt this way. 

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry.”

You shook your head. “Don’t be. It’s my fault anyway.”

You turned and walked out of the school. This time, he didn’t stop you. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw him fall against the lockers, leaning his forehead on the metal. 


Later that night, you laid on your bed and played Fall Out Boy through your earbuds. You had decided to skip movie night with Mason because you weren’t feeling up to it. When you explained to him why, he completely understood. 

A tapping at your window interrupted your music time. You took out your earbuds and walked over to your window. Who could this be? You pulled back the curtain to see Liam struggling to hold onto your windowsill. You opened the window. 

“Liam, what are you doing here?”

“Please, can I come in? I’m dying out here,” he pants, adjusting his fingers.

You stifle a giggle and move inside, letting him pull himself into your room. 

“What are you doing here?” You ask again. “Shouldn’t you be with Hayden?”

He shook his head. “No. Because she’s not the girl I love.”

“Liam stop-”

“I’m serious (Y/N). I love you. It just took you telling me you loved me for me to find out that I love you too.” He stepped forward, taking your hands in his. 

“You love me?” You ask, looking up at him.

He nods. “More than you’ll ever know.”

You took a step back. “I don’t want this to ruin our friendship.”

He shrugged. “Well, what if I want it to?”

He kissed you gently, pulling you towards him. 

You broke away and smiled at him. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You looked back at your bedroom door. “You should probably go. My parents will kill me if they catch you in here.”

He nodded and gave you a hug before striding over to your window. He swung his leg over the windowsill. “This would be so much easier if you lived in a one story house.”

“You’re All Mine Now” - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

note: nothing special whatsoever. Had a dream kinda like this and had to write it down. Oh and it’s 3.41am which means my brain is barely functioning, so apologies in advance for any spelling error or any stupid error.

warnings: smuuuuuut smutty smut

*credits to whoever owns the gifs above*

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