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STF superstar Lindsay Brown, creator of the tie-dye cupcake fundraising craze and president of the She’s the First*{Notre Dame} chapter — out of 35,000 entries, she WON Seventeen‘s “Pretty Amazing” Reader Model Cover Contest!

Thank you to the contest judges — Ann Shoket, Jared Eng, and Emma Roberts, and all the Seventeen readers who voted — for recognizing that Lindsay’s story can inspire millions of girls to take action for education equality worldwide.

Why is this cover so exciting?! Well…

  • It’s academic! Lindsay will receive a $20,000 scholarship (very well-deserved given that she’s spent so much of her own money traveling to Nepal…she also plans to go to Kenya over winter break, to implement her girls’ empowerment soccer program!). 
  • It’s bigger than one person. The girls Lindsay sponsors in Nepal — especially 13-year-old Hima — are going to flip out when they see their stories in the magazine, too! If this doesn’t prove to them that crazy dreams can come true, we don’t know what does! Lindsay also represents what it means to be a She’s the First*{Campus} leader, before a huge national audience of college-bound teens. 
  • It’s actionable. Most of all, any American girl who picks up Seventeen and says, “I want to be like Lindsay Brown!” can do just that, right now. None of us needs to wait to be the change we wish to see. Sign ups for our Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake-Off movement in November have begun! We congratulate you, Lindsay, and celebrate the work of you and your fellow She’s the First*{Campus} presidents across the U.S. do–there’s 35 of you now! 

We also would like to recognize the founder of our Nepal partner school, Maggie Doyne…because without her, there would be no “Pretty Amazing” story, there would be no Hima to inspire this “girl effect.” We are humbled that we get to write the happy ending with all of you.

Inspirations are a Girl's best friend

Celebrities these days should serve as role models. They should inspire women to be great and do something with their lives. Here some women who have traits or talents I admire. 


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 Dakota Fanning -she manages to stay out of trouble and is considered to be Hollywood Elite. Her acting chops are oscar worthy, and she does not waste her talent. 

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Selena Gomez- Disney Star yes. But, this brunette beauty will survive this phase and will move into the big leagues. She also leads a unicef campaign and is just plain amazing. ‘Nuf said

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Ann He- Probably not on your radar, but she is on mine. She is a fashion photographer, only 16, and a candidate for Seventeen’s pretty amazing contest.

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Beyonce- Talented, gorgeous, and has a real body. She is beyond amazing in anything she does and her recent get moving campaign got me moving to the beat.

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Taylor Swift- She sings about heartbreak and romance. Some people have a problem with her. On the other hand, they don’t have any music awards or a ton of cash. Taylor Swift’s success is unprecedented. Her albums have gone platinum, and she is one of the few artists who have made a song that I don’t not like. 

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Ann Shoket- Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine. Her work stays fresh and one day I aspire to be like her. 

If you have a list of people who inspire you, tell me. I would love to hear from you!