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Can I get some MT/MF bro x reader fluff? The assassin prompt that I submitted kinda hurt my heart (nice job! I loved the way you wrote them, even tho the angst was real ;-; )

Mmmmmmmmmm fluff. Goooood shiiiiiit.


Big Fella (Mt Sans): First date? This bean is actually going to go for a casual first date. Hey… he doesn’t break out the wallet until the third. It sorta weeds out the golddiggers by then. So it’s going to be nice and relaxing. A picnic by a river. Some of Tiny’s famous spaghetti. Some light music in the background that no one really knows where it’s coming from. His hand drifts around your waist and pulls you closer. That damn smirk everpresent as he slowly leans in. He’s doing the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti thing. Too bad you break it off before he gets close enough. You were just a little nervous. Big Fella let’s out a genuine laugh, ‘you’re the first person to ever do that. i like you.’ He’s still holding you close, but now he’s admiring the river. You can’t help but feel like you’ve missed your chance. So, in a moment of boldness, you grab his face and lay one on him. He’s stunned. Damn…. You really are the one.

Tiny (Mt Paps): Lazy days weren’t something you usually got with Tiny. He was always busy in one way or another. He was never truly done working. Whether he was actually on the job or just at home crunching numbers, he never stopped. But today, you got him to sit down and watch a movie with you. His leg was bouncing the entire time. When you pointed it out, Tiny got a little flustered. It was a nervous tick that he tried to keep hidden. Tiny didn’t GET nervous. He couldn’t. So he immediately picks you up and dumps you in his lap. That should stop it. Now he’s fiddling with your shirt, playing with your hair, running his hands all over your body. Anything. It’s like he can’t stop moving. Just kiss his skull and whisper to him. Tell him about your day. About how much you missed him. About how great he is. The fidget slowly comes to a stop and Tiny looks mildly comfortable on the couch. He’s just holding onto you and nuzzling into your neck.

Boss Daddy (Mf Sans): BD was never good with words. His past partners knew that. PB knows that. And you’d have to be dense to not catch on. He’s not a nervous guy, but if he’s trying to tell you how he feels, Boss Daddy is going to be a stuttering mess. Of course the stuttering makes him angry. So everything he says comes out passive aggressive. Like right now. You two were walking down the street, around midnight, admiring the stars. It’s been years since you had gotten together and he still hadn’t admitted that he loves you. Yes, admitted. It was not something that he wanted to happen.  He didn’t WANT to love anyone. But now, here he was… head over heels for you. ’(y/n)…. i…. i just wanted ta tell ya… t-that i uhhh… *cough*iloveyaokay…. slow down? okay… i… love you (y/n)…. more than any damn thing.’

PB (Mf Paps): PB was taking you shopping. It wasn’t to be rude or anything. It’s how he shows affection. He takes you out and practically makes you try on everything. And when he gives you that little wave. It doesn’t mean that you look bad. It means that the outfit doesn’t do your body justice. The outfit isn’t worthy of being worn by such an amazing person. And he tells you that. But oooooo boi, the next outfit you came out in, or should I say the last. It was the one. It was perfect. PB was immediately on his feet. 'Oh, Darling, votre beauté extérieure correspond à votre beauté intérieure.’ You were beautiful before, but the outfit just added to it. He loved the outfit because you loved it. It wasn’t the fashionable choice you made, it was the smile that lit up your eyes that made him love it.


Woot woot. Guess who’s listening to AU themes and swooning over the bass lines… *fingerguns* This guyyyyy

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Can I ask Number 50 for DickKory, please?

Sure thang.

“I still love you.”

The two of them sat there, in opposite corners of the room just breathing heavily and not knowing what to say.

Silence was deafening but neither knew what or how to break through it.

They both hated times like this.

Little light filled their apartment considering it’d slipped into evening midway through their explosive argument. Broken glass covered the floor from where she’d smashed their picture frames and there was a chipped section of the wall where he’d punched it in frustration.

Their throats were dry and pained from all the screaming at each other. Neither had moved for that tempting glass of water in fear the other would bail on them.

Dick was the first to break the silence, deciding to bite the bullet and ask the question that was haunting both their minds,

“So… is this it?”

The question hung in the air like a bleak cloud hanging over their heads,

Kory sniffled, “I… suppose it is.”

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an Alison DiLaurentis mix

01. I’ve made considerable mistakes, tried to be someone else, I’ve smoothed the creases from my face, fought a war for myself / 02. you can’t take what’s mine - it’s mine, you can’t make me silent with violence / 03. you know the way you look makes everyone hungry, are you a key to heaven’s door? / 04. I am sharper than a switchblade, first and last of what god made and that’s the truth / 05. monsters, and monsters, don’t fuck with my head, monsters, and monsters, they want to be fed / 06. make me a new sensation, valley of the dead ends / 07. and I go home again - it’s time / 08. we all start with a pure heart, and each of us our own part, so blind, and with so much to lose, I’ve fallen out of favor / 09. I choose to run but the lines all fade, I’ve become someone I can’t even face, and the road it stops, so you can’t escape

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Do You Ever

Feel judged by companies you buy books from? It’s been weeks since you bought that book and Amazon/Barnes and Noble/whomever sends you that email asking you if it met your expectations and please review. That crazy computer thinks you’ve actually read that book in that short of a time span, yet that book hasn’t moved from your tbr pile. It was on sale or you thought “I’m gonna treat myself,” but here comes your supplier calling you out. That’s me going through my email right now.

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How did Speed meet everyone from KQ's apartment?

god okay I’m sorry the quality is shitty but im really tired and wanted to get this out before the pokemon AU

Here’s the short story

and softy, kc and khnum made him meet w the rest of KQ’s Gang. it was happily ever afetr