prettiest thing in the universe

Yenno what’d be neat?

Okay but when they get Shiro back I really want them to be planet side and split up for a mission

And when the reconvene Lance and Hunk are the last ones back and their arms are just laden with these beautiful flowers

Lance, “Guess who brought back some space flowers for the prettiest thing in the universe!”

Cue Shiro groaning because good God Lance these flirting attempts with Allura are getting old I can guarantee you are making her uncomfortable

But jokes on him because Keith and Lance started dating while he was away

So Keith has his hands out for the flowers going, “Aww babe!”


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Cyclonus, Ultra Magnus, Drift, Fortmax and TFP Megatron react to finding that their bot(or)human s.o. has Glow in the Dark tattoos when under black lights? Possibly at a dance?

I’ll try to make it so s/o could be bot or human

Cyclonus stops and stares at you. Black light tattoos are an ancient Cybertronian tradition, and it reminds him of where he came from. Gently, he runs a digit over every inch of the tattoos.

Ultra Magnus is in awe. He tells you how beautiful you are as he carefully observes each tattoo, holding you gently in his arms. 

Drift has a couple tattoos as well! He’s interested to know what yours mean, and shares his with you in return. He thinks you’re the prettiest thing in the universe and runs his lips over the light on your body, optics shining with adoration.

Fort Max looks like he’s just seen an angel. Softly, he asks is he can touch you. He’s gentle and reverent as he runs his servos over your glowing body, telling you how lovely you are. 

Megatron is already writing poetry in his mind as he approaches, optics sweeping over you. He kisses you, then presses his lips to your ear, whispering sonnets and praises as he trails a digit over your body. 

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hi do you know of any fics where one of them is a massage therapist and the other one goes to get a massage and it turns into sex? otherwise, just really kinky stuff. thanks

sexual healing

“And how does that feel?” Harry asks.

“Guh,” Niall says eloquently.

“It’s best if you can be a bit more specific.” Harry begins to rock the plug inside of Niall, opening him up further. “Describing the sensations you are experiencing allows your therapist-healer to more effectively tailor your massage to your body’s needs.”

Harry’s a shitty New Age energy healer with unorthodox methods. Niall’s an unsuspecting first-time client. The cosmic balance of the universe might be at stake.

the prettiest little thing

Niall switches to a new ((hot)) doctor and he’s about to get his yearly physical

Chapped Lips

Harry and Niall get into a fight. Harry goes overboard, dragging Niall over to the couch

Waiting for Master

Niall is anxiously waiting for his 28 years old boyfriend, Harry Styles to return home after a very, very, very, very long day of laying in bed and just being tortured and teased

Spicing up our Se Life

Niall didn’t know exactly what he was feeling. He just wasn’t so excited anymore. It was the same thing every day, the same routine. He wanted something new. He was craving for something new. He still loved Harry, he still wanted to be by his side, and however, he needed a sparkle in their lives.

Whatever You Want (Only With You)

Harry loosens his grasp and his heart is pounding for a different reason now. There’s a tremble in his chest, rattling his ribs, as if he’s about to crack open. Niall is staring at him, hopeful, biting his lip. “You’re sure about this?”
Niall slides his wrist out of Harry’s grip and clasps their hands together. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”

or, Harry becomes Niall’s ‘dom,’ Niall becomes Harry’s ‘sub,’ and they can’t help falling in love.

let it happen (dub-con)

“Niall, I’m not gay,” Harry gasps as Niall rocks his hips into his, closing his eyes at the pressure of it.

“Nothing gay about it,” Niall tells him, and he sounds like he believes what he says, but Harry doesn’t quite understand.

“Two guys getting off together?” Harry mutters, tries his hardest not to grip Niall’s hair as he tugs one of his nipples back with his teeth, and almost loses his mind.

Or, where Harry runs out of living space options, and Niall is supposed to only be his flat mate.

Doodled a Pearl for @karishxffrxy, because literally the only thing I know how to do for people is draw.


The Thief in the Amusement Park || Storm, Megan and Tristan

“So she gave you her flower crown? Interesting…” Storm thought aloud as he set the coordinates to the park he had promised he’d take him to. Tristan was sitting on the console, Storm taking good care of him so he wouldn’t fall. The little one was wearing a black leather jacket and dark sunglasses were hooked on his shirt’s neck as they both waited for Megan to get dressed and ready. “Well Arky clearly likes flowers, just like her mummy. So perhaps we should get her lots of pretty flowers from the planet we’re going to. I think she would be very happy if you gave her those flowers yourself. You might even get a kiss on the cheek and a hug. That’d be very nice.” Storm suggested, smiling at the little boy, but his jaw dropped the minute he saw Megan arriving.

“Wow…” he whispered, smiling like a fool. “You make swords and braids seem like the prettiest things in the universe.” he aknowledged, admiring how she managed to look like the bravest warrior and the kindest angel at the same time. “Oh look! Tristan’s got my jacket and sunglasses. He’s a mini-me now.”

Dear R, 

Do you remember that day on top of the Empire State Building? Standing next to you, looking at that city full of dreams, my heart racing out of my chest. I think even then, I knew. 

Do you remember the first day? You asked me to go get food with you, and I couldn’t sleep that night, I was smiling too much. 

Do you remember when you were driving me home and you put your arm around me? You said the turn was “dangerous”. But I knew. I knew. 

Do you remember when you grabbed my hand for the first time? You said they were cold. You wanted to warm them, you said. But trust me, you warmed more than just my hands. 

Do you remember, when you said my shoulders were cold? Then you said my hands were cold. Then you said my face was cold. And then you kissed me. Oh my, oh my, oh my. You kissed me so slowly and so so sweetly. No one had ever kissed me with the kindness that you did. 

Do you remember when you called me the “prettiest damn thing in the universe”? 

Do you remember, when I came back from Europe? I was so happy to see you. I can still recall the joy that filled my chest when I turned that corner, and saw you waiting for me outside of Starbucks. I still remember the way you smiled when you saw me. 

Do you remember when you touched me for the first time? 

Do you remember, when we were tangled up in your sheets? We were laughing. Loud, and long and real.  And right then, I knew there was nowhere else in the world I would rather be than with you.

Do you remember when you whispered that you loved me into parts of my skin that no one had ever seen? Do you remember the deep, purple marks you made? Do you remember that? 

Do you remember falling apart? 

Do you remember how you distanced yourself from me? Do you remember how you barely spoke a word to me for a week? 

Do you remember the first night you slipped up? Do you remember telling me that you still thought about her? Do you remember me giving you a second chance? 

Do you remember when you told me that I was more in love with you than you were with me? Do you remember telling me that it bothered you? 

Do you remember when I called you and told you in whispers that we needed to break up? Do you remember how hard I cried? 

Do you remember how you didn’t even fight for me? Do you remember how you didn’t even ask me to stay? 

Because I do. I remember. 

And I’m going to give you hell for it. 

With all of my dying love,