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No problem! Who could refuse really cute Davekats in pose E anyway :) what about pose c for body and faces a3 for any partner of choosing and b6 for Roxy! (I absolutely adore the way you draw her but totally get if you're not in the mood too!)

how could I say no to #1 babe in all of Homestuck


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sana and eva are bi and together and aren’t afraid as long as they have each other // not my pictures

Prompt 10: Dream

Thrawn-centric drabbles written for the Star Wars Fictober Challenge. All completed prompts can be found bundled up in my fic The Contemplative Man.

  • Characters: Thrawn
  • Rating: G
  • Word Count: 644

On how the Chimaera got its lovely emblem.

Thrawn did not put much stock in dreams. They were by-products of neurochemistry, the mind consolidating information gathered throughout the day while one slept. A non-sense experience of the mind which possessed no discernable rhyme or reason. The nights Thrawn remembered his dreams were rare, given he slept little and couldn’t be bothered to recall what might have lingered at the edge of his consciousness upon waking.

But Thrawn had to admit. Sometimes he did remember. And sometimes, of that small pool of dreams, they proved to be quite useful.

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really it just strikes me sometimes that Kirk doesn’t really look very masculine in a stereotypical sense, like not like in the way that Riker seems to be y'know the whole ~ I am facial hair I am chest hair  I will straddle chairs and step over them I am man~ way like no no no Kirk is more like all delicate cheekbones and long fluttering lashes and soft tones and neatly crossed legs and soft middles and very wide eyes. Like Kirk is pretty, flat out pretty. In a sort of universal way that seems to transcend gender really. He’s not just masculine and not just feminine, something beyond both to the sense where you can just acknowledge this beings face is aesthetically pleasing but he can still destroy you with words or win in any fist fight 

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Soo i have been shipping evilde for quite a while now but since vilde is lowkey cancelled since Friday I became interested in Evana. Please tell me why you ship it/reasons to ship it. This is sooo interesting and new and I'm so hyped about it. If there's a post or something that kind of sums up all the Evana content in the seasons so far it would be amazing if you could reblog it or something. Thanks already!! 💖

Hi, Anon!!!

Oh boyyyyyyyyyy, here we go.

  • Evana = easily, the most beautiful, prettiest sounding, sonically pleasing ship name you will EVER hear in your life tbh?
  • They’re an interracial wlw couple of 2 bisexual girls. And one of them is Muslim. This is HUGE? GROUND BREAKING???
  • They both know what social exclusion, isolation, loneliness, and losing your friends feels like.
  • Eva’s been practically the ONLY girl this season that’s somewhat noticed Sana’s discomfort/loneliness, and felt guilty about it.
  • In the bus meeting, Eva was the only girl to wear a colour close to black, that Sana was wearing, whilst everyone else wore white. That’s pretty telling how similar their struggles have been in terms on insecurities that come from friendships going wrong.
  • Sana literally told Eva to dump her boyfriend, and then straight away after that told her she’s the prettiest girl from the entire girl squad, and this was literally in the same week that she met Eva for the first time, ever.
  • They both are the most fucking domestic. Oh my god. Kitchen girlfriends tbh. Dancing in kitchens, or sitting on the countertops and watching the other make breakfast.
  • Eva would support the HELL out of Sana during her basketball matches.
  • Sana literally saved Eva from getting into trouble when Isak left drugs at Eva’s house.
  • They both have the most BOMB fashion sense, and their jackets? WOW. WOW WOW WOW.
  • They’re so beautiful? They just look … SO beautiful together??
  • Eva was so fucking IMPRESSED by Sana and her comeback in turning down a guy when he offered her to sit on his face?? Like Eva??? CHILL.
  • Eva was probably one of the FIRST girls who really understood a HUGE insecurity that Sana has, when she said “Sometimes, you just have to learn to trust people.”
  • Urm, they’re forever judging people together.
  • If they’re explored more, god, Eva could be SUCH a GREAT friend to Sana. SUCH a GOOD friend.
  • Eva was the FIRST person Sana texted when she suspected something was wrong with Sara’s behaviour last week.