prettiest movie in the world

Day 16: April Fools Day

Sorry that I’m a bit late with the stories, but I had no wifi for half of the week and I write my stories on my computer. And also I have at least 3 big essays every week right now. And I’m one of those who needs to get the highest grade on pretty much everything. But I really hope you will like the story, I can totally see @taylorswift and Adam/Calvin do this in real life…


*Taylor’s Pov*

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and days like this I sometimes wish I was a normal person. That I could go to the park and have a nice day, without paparazzi’s following me every step I take out side of my house. I lay in Adam’s arms, resting my head on his chest. We looked at a movie, or I didn’t care much about the movie, too be real. I cared more about him, how he made me feel totally safe. How this was one of the best feelings in the world, just laying in his arms. So I reminded myself that if I only was a normal person, I would never have met him. And he was worth it, of course my career was too, but he was the most important thing in my life right now, and I wanted it to stay like this forever.

”Hey, are you sleeping” Adam whispered in my ear while he put my hair behind my ear. ”No, I don’t” I answered pretty quiet. ”So you like the movie?” he asked me. I had no idea of what to answer, I had just lay there with my eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling I had. ”I can’t focus on the movie, when the prettiest girl in the world are in my arms” he said. I sat up next to him, to face him. ”Same, or I mean lying in the most handsome man on earth’s arms” I said. He giggled.

”I have an idea” he whispered to me. ”Why are you whispering?” I asked him as I started to giggle. ”Do you wanna fool the world?” he asked me with a big smile. ”What are you thinking about?” I asked him back. ”It’s first April, so an April fool” he said, now smiling even bigger. ”Sure, what should we fool them with?” I asked back. I liked his idea, it was funny. We could actually fool hundreds of thousands people, or maybe even millions. ”I’m not sure you will like it” he started. I looked at him with a worried face. Even though I was a bit worried, I was so exited. ”We tell them we broke up, and then let them react, then post a picture of us together being all in love later” he said. ”You kidding me? My fans will hate on you so much” I said. He started to giggle and then said ”I can take that, as long as you are mine tonight, and for the rest of my life.”

We talked about it for a long time and then had this whole plan, with a fake fight, my friends come over to comfort me and so much more. ”Let’s do this, babe” I said and kissed him.

”Just go away Adam” I screamed as I opened the door to my apartment and the paparazzi’s were there. ”I’m glad to do that. You just wanted someone to fill up your blank space” he said. I was close to start laughing, that was so not what he was to me, but this was a part of the act. ”Yeah right, like I was your *cough* Faith” I answered. ”I should have listening to Harry” he said and started walking to a car. I run after and said ”haha and I should have listening to Rita”. ”Just STAY away Tay” he screamed and jumped in to the car. I ran in to my house and the paparazzi’s asked hundreds of questions. Like ”Are you over?” ”Is this a break up” ”Don’t you love each other anymore” ”Yeah, album six will be out soon” and so on….They really thought it was real. I run up to my bedroom and when I got there I started to laugh.

I called some of my friends and they promised they would be over soon. And I knew Adam was calling Ellie, they didn’t knew it was a prank yet. But that was perfect for our plan. I went on tumblr for a bit but everyone just wrote stuff like ”Praying for Tay” ”I’m dead, this is too sad” ”I will destroy that man” ”ALBUM 6 will be ALL about a certain DJ” and so on…I felt bad, I loved my fans and they were crushed. I just hope they can laugh when we tell them that it’s just a prank.

”Taylor” Selena and Karlie run to me. They hug me really hard and then Selena asked ”are you okay?” and Karlie continued with ”what happened?”. ”We totally got you” I said as I start laughing. This was really funny. ”Wait, what?” Selena asked. ”It’s an April fool” I said. ”But you have to be in on it, okay?” I asked my friends who now started to laugh a bit. ”Yeah, sure. What can we do?” Karlie asked.

Selena took a picture when we had our hand on each others and posted it on Instagram with the text ”Best friends do everything for each other”. She started getting questions about me and Adam, but didn’t answer them, of course.

*Adam’s Pov*

I Logged in to my Instagram and looked at the people Taylor follows, and my name is not there. So I stopped follow her too, as we decided. And then I heard someone knock on the door to my studio. ”Are you okay Adam, I’m so sorry” Ellie said as she run to me and hugged me. ”Ellie”…”I’m so sorry Adam, I’m like the worst match maker ever. I just really thought you two would fit together. You didn’t cheat on her right? Because then you are so dead….” I interrupted Ellie’s talking with a laugh. ”What is wrong with you” she then said. ”I’m sorry…It’s just a prank.” She looked pissed of, Ellie was like a sister to me, so we got pissed at each other sometimes, but we still love each other. ”ADAM RICHARD WILES, YOU ARE SO DEAD” she said as she hit me on the chest.

Ellie posted a picture of us hanging out in the studio together and got thousands of questions of what the hell was going on. We laughed about it, I would never break up with Taylor because I love her too much, but I would never dare to do it anyway.

”See you soon, love” I said before I hung up. No paparazzi’s, that’s good. Maybe they come with Taylor, but then they don’t see that I’m here I thought as I walked in to the restaurant me and Taylor had decided to meet up and tell the world that it’s just a prank. I heard lot’s of camera flashes, here she comes I thought to myself, and I was right. We had a table far from the window, so the paparazzi’s couldn’t get a picture of us before we posted one.

Taylor walked against me, with Selena and Karlie. Ellie who sat next to me jumped up and hugged them all. Taylor sat down next to me and kissed me. ”I missed you today” she said. ”I missed you too, a lot” I told her and lay down one of my hands at her thigh.

We took a picture of us kissing and holding hands, and the girls standing in the background. And put it on the internet with ”We got you 😘😂❤️”.