prettiest girl in the land

Pretty Girl ; Draco Malfoy

inspired by “pretty girl” by maggie lindemann 

“For a Hufflepuff, (Y/N), you’re pretty strong.”

She huffed and shut her Everything, Everything book with a snap. She then looked up to see those grey eyes she hated, and that irritable smirk he formed.

“And what is your point, Malfoy?”

The boy with his blonde hair slicked back let out a chuckle, though he was rather nervous- he was trying not to show it. “My point is-”

He leaned forward and her breath hitched, “You’re different. And I like that.”

She returned to her book and Draco’s arrogant smirk fell from his face; did he fucked up everything?

“Wait, no, (Y/N)-”

“What are you trying to say exactly?” She rolled her eyes, “I don’t have time for you. If this is for you to say something about my-” she looked at her book, “Muggle novels then I had enough. If this is about my shoes-” she looked at her shoes, “Those are called Adidas. If you please, Malfoy-” she looked back at him, “I have a book about a sick kid falling in love to read.”

He stood awkwardly in front of her as he tried numerous times to think of something to charm her- surely there was, something?

“Nice cover. The book, I mean.”

“Why are you still here?” she asked, a tone annoyance laced in her voice. “I thought I’ve made it clear that I have no mood whatsoever to talk to you.”

“Look-” he closed his eyes, “I know, that you hate me-”

“Thank you.”

“Yes, right, but, please, hear me out-” he took a deep breath, “Would you like to go on a date with me?”

He heard her laugh and felt his whole confidence came crashing down - what was he thinking?

“Who do you think I am, Malfoy?” she looked at him. “Some other girls? Do you think-” she gulped, “Do you think I’m that cheap?”

“No! Merlin, (Y/N), it’s not like that!”

“Is this some stupid dare you and your obnoxious Slytherins discussed? To date a Hufflepuff girl only to break her heart later? I’m not surprised. Even a Gryffindor have done the same thing.”

Draco stared into her eyes, “Who did that to you? Who broke your heart?”

“Like you care, Draco!” she expressed, “It’s Cormac McLaggen, if you’re wondering!- That stupid son of a bitch of a Gryffindor!”

“I’m-” he took a step nearer towards her, “I’m not Cormac, love. I’ll never be him. I’m just… I thought… you’re the prettiest girl my eyes have ever land on, (Y/N). I want to go out with you because… because I thought; being with someone as nice as you could change me to become a better person.”

“You do?”

“I just-” he stared at the floor, afraid to look into the pair of (E/C) orbs. “I like you, (Y/N). And I would so damn like to bring you out to The Three Broomsticks.” 

It took her a few minutes to finally gave him her beautiful smile that gave him the butterflies, the one that got him weak.

“I’ll wait in front of the Hufflepuff common room. Tomorrow, at 6.”

“Tomorrow? Aren’t we waiting until the next trip?”

“I like some adventure,” she shrugged, “Don’t you?”

“Once again, (Y/F/N), you surprised me.”

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Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Nine

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5408
Warnings: none

Loki wasn’t sure he’d ever laughed so hard as he had seated on the sofa, photo album over his knees with Ellie on one side and Lauren on the other - her face a beautiful shade of pink - as her Gran thoroughly embarrassed her. They’d finished an entire pitcher of her Gran’s sweet tea, and Lauren had gotten up to make another, when he came across a picture of Lauren seated on a swing hanging from the branch of a large tree.

It gave him pause for she was utterly adorable. Hair done up in tails above each ear, her smile was so wide he could see she was missing her two front teeth. She appeared no more than six or seven, her feet and lower legs a filthy mess of dirt and mud.

“Ah,” Ellie grinned, her voice soft when she noticed which image held his attention. “She’d helped me with the garden that day, weedin’ and waterin’. Spent the entire day here rather than going to some frou-frou party Hoyt’s club was throwin’. It was a lovely day. She was so happy.”

The smile she wore shifted into a sadder one, and Loki touched the delicate skin of the back of her hand. “I do not understand how this… conflict within your family arose,” he said softly, Lauren working only a room away. “She is,” he shook his head, “lovely and sweet, yet they treat her so harshly.”

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SasuSaku Fest 2017
Day 2- Insecurity
The Love He Deserves
Summary: Her shift at the hospital has just ended and they’re both having a nice dinner for two. Everything is going just fine until a figure from his past appears and shows Sakura that, unlike she had always imagined, her love for him was nothing. Not anymore.
A/N: Okay, this one theme was too intense for me! I had lots of ideas that would fit it perfectly, and I ended up choosing this one mainly because of personal experience (if you could call it that way). There are tons of stories featuring a funny, jealous Sasuke, and I’m sure insecure, jealous Sakura will make the perfect balance! I hope you like it, and please, tell me what you think!

“ I cannot believe it! Uchiha Sasuke, is that you!?”

A sudden, loud voice crossed the entire room, drawing everyone’s attention to the source of such sound. The chatting ceased, food was left aside and eyes turned from every table of the ramen shop just to acknowledge the one who had blurted out the raven haired boy’s name like that. It sounded inconvenient and troublesome, and by the way his lips twitched, Haruno Sakura could tell that whoever that person was, her teammate, Uchiha Sasuke, wasn’t pleased to have his dinner interrupted at all.

Perks of being a war celebrity, she thought, with an amused smile on her face.

For the pinkette had her back turned to the entrance, her emerald eyes could not see the one who was now approaching their table. At that moment, her conclusions were based solely on his facial expressions, and judging by how he was looking away and trying not to be seen, Sakura could easily tell how he was feeling. He was annoyed, and in a certain way, so was she, for she knew that their dinner was about to be disturbed by one of his crazy fangirls. The dinner she had been anxiously waiting for since she had last seen him, 36h before, when she started her shift.

It was their last dinner together before he had to go back on the road.

Life could be really unfair sometimes.

But she had to understand it, after all, her teammate has become a famous person after saving the ninja world. He didn’t belong to her in any possible way, therefore, his popularity was none of her business. Neither her love for him nor the fact that they had already crossed the friendship line a couple of times gave her the right to buzz about his life, yet, not being annoyed was quite hard at times like that.

Especially at times like that.

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-Ginny rolled her eyes at Lockhart’s stupid words. Honestly how could anyone be more of a ponce?

-She was already regretting her choice of coming out with those twats. What was her mind at that moment? Ah yes! Some wild idea about socialising with her colleagues.

-Working for an all-men football team, Ginny was the only woman working for Arsenal. She was part of the technical team, assistant of the coach.

-It had been a rough day, the players were misogynistic bastards. It was the middle of an international week, so many players were with their national teams. The few that stayed back were lazing a bit.

-So that was why, everyone from the technical team were at a restaurant for some drinks and some foods.

-Ginny took a sip from her glass to avoid saying something that might get her sacked at Lockhart and his fucked up humour.

-Her gaze was wandering until it landed on the prettiest girl ever. She had long platinum blond hair, was wearing a blue flower crown, huge eyes and a gorgeous smile.

-She already felt had throat going dry when she noticed her going to their table.

-The guys at their table noticed her too and were unashamedly ogling at her. Thankfully though, she looked unfazed.

-“Hello. I’m waitress for tonight. What can I get you?” She said in a dreamy voice, which turned Ginny’s insides into mush.

-“well a refill for my drink, a basket of chips and your number” gilderoy said with a wink.

-“sure though I’m afraid the last one’s not on the menu”

-The rest of the men were the same, almost aggressively flirting with her.

-“And you pretty girl?” She asked Ginny

-The redhead was sure her cheeks matched her hair now but she managed to keep her eyes with her and muttered her order.

-She spent the rest of her meal, exchanging glances with her(Luna she was called)feeling thrills when she was caught staring at Luna or when she caught Luna watching her

-Just as they were about to leave, Ginny felt suddenly bold and asked to talk to her.

-“hi…erm…I…I was wondering…I mean I might be reading everything wrong…but I was hoping that you’d want to…go on a date with me.”

-Luna was just staring at her, with her peaceful smile and she was already losing her nerve and was about to back out when Luna reached to her wrist.

-“I would love to go on a date with you,” Luna whispered in her ear causing a shiver to run through her spine.

-The coach assistant had such a huge grin on her face that she thought her face might split. Luna slipped her number in her pocket and pecked her on her cheek, close to her mouth.

-They went on their date the next night. The first of so many others.

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Omg ok but can you imagine Owen practicing his little speech about why he likes bae with the raptor squad, & then asking them what they thought & like being all "what if she turns me down? Oh god what am I gonna do?! Sure ive been on a ton of dates & ive slept with my fair share of girls & been in a relationship before but this is the first time ive liked someone this much!" & the raptors like chitter at him & hes like "ya your right this is me we're talking about, I have no reason to worry"

“I think you’re probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever met.” 

A dead rat went hurtling through the air and landed in the open jaws of Delta. Her three sisters nipped at her in disapproval and then turned their hungry gazes back on Owen. His hand was already thrust back into the bucket he held, fishing another snack out, but his focus was hardly on the raptors below. 

“Good point. Pretty isn’t enough, she’s beautiful,” Owen sighed and chucked another rat, which was snatched out of the air by Echo, this time. “I think you’re probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met…and I’ve met a lot of girls–ah fuck. No.” Blue made a chirping noise as she bit down on the third rat of the day, leaving Charlie to pace around while growling irritably. This seemed to snap Owen back to reality. 

“Sorry, Charlie. This one is for you,” he threw the final rat and then set the bucket down.Resting against the metal bar of the bridge, he gazed at the four animals below him, violently tearing at their snacks, yet somehow managing to look completely harmless while doing it. Especially when they took occasional breaks from their chewing to peer at him curiously. 

“Yeah, I know. You can always tell when something’s off,” he laughed dryly to himself and ran his fingers through his hair. “The four of you could rip me to shreds, and yet I’m more scared of one girl than all of you combined. Dumb, right? I guess…I don’t know. I guess I’m afraid of getting hurt..the other type of hurt. The one that doesn’t put me in the hospital like you guys would. I’ve never been exposed to that possibility and–” he was cut off by Blue chirping with narrowed eyes. He was taken aback. This was possibly the most human thing any of them had ever done, and while he knew he should’ve been taking notes and filing paperwork and rejoicing at this potential new discovery, all he could do was smile.

“Yeah, that’s a good point. I don’t have anything to worry about…this is me, after all.”

And with that, he kicked the bucket of remaining rats over the side and made a mental note to tell the other workers that it had been an accident. A very blissful accident.