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I don’t think I’ll ever write a story where Wayhaught has kids, but we can all agree we know EXACTLY how Nicole Haught would be if Waverly was ever pregnant, right?

Because she would absolutely be the type who talks to Waverly’s stomach every night once she starts showing; who reads to their unborn baby; who pulls her pillow down the bed to lie looking at Waverly’s belly in wonder whenever the baby kicks or moves. 

Nicole already thinks Waverly is the prettiest girl in the world, but a pregnant Waverly? Nicole wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off of her. On the nights Waverly fears she’s become fat and unattractive, Nicole would take her time, all night long, to show her exactly how beautiful she thinks she is, and just how much Nicole wants her. 

Like, we all know this is true, right?

bazkaban  asked:

Headcanons about Lily Luna being gay?

Aw, yes, yes, yes.

  • At first she’s not sure about the way she feels towards boys
  • She never really thought about them
  • She is used to be around boys, she has two older brothers
  • But did she ever felt attracted to one of the guys at Hogwarts?
  • Nope. 
  • Then, on the second year she laid her eyes on a pretty blonde girl 
  • They quickly bounded
  • She thought she was the prettiest girl she ever saw
  • The way she smiled
  • The way they would talk until very late in the night
  • During the summer before fourth year, Lily realized she had deep feelings towards her friend
  • She went to see her mum to talk about it
  • And Ginny smiled at her daughter and told her it was totally normal to develop feelings for someone you’re really attached too
  • And encouraged her to tell her friend how she felt
  • So Lily wrote a beautiful letter to her 
  • Told her she was missing her very much, that she had thought about her all summer
  • And that she felt maybe something more than friendship?
  • ‘I just hope that if you don’t feel the same way, you will still remain my friend.’
  • ‘I can’t see a life that you’re not part of’
  • The little blonde friend didn’t answer
  • No response. 
  • Lily felt crushed
  • And the day before going back to Hogwarts, she went to see Ginny again
  • Told her she didn’t want to go anymore
  • The next day, while she stood on Platform 9 ¾, she was so stressed out
  • And then she saw the golden locks of her friend bouncing in the wind
  • She turned and smiled to Lily
  • Before jumping into her arms 
  • And she kissed her
  • ‘Sorry, I couldn’t write back, but I feel the same way.’
  • Ginny was behind them and squeezed Harry’s hand
  • They left Kings Cross with a wide smile across their faces


reasons why monsta x is ACTUALLY the best group to stan ever
  • they ruin their own self images, so u don’t have to worry about the fact that ur embarrassing because i can promise u, they are worse
  • they’re honestly basically in love with like all of their fans. like why would u need a man when u have shownu promising to marry u n stuff. or when minhyuk says you’re the prettiest girl (or boy, hey, mx don’t care) they’ve ever seen !!!!
  • they’re really including of all of their fans. like some other groups only care about girl fans, or about korean fans, or about some other specific type of fan ??? but like monsta x ???? they literally love everyone ?????????? like even ppl who aren’t their fans ????? like they’re the type to see u on the street decked out in some svt merch and still be like “wow she’s so pretty aw i like her sweater i love woozi” ????
  • they’re all super talented. like shownu’s dancing, kihyun’s voice, jooheon’s rap, hyungwon’s modeling,,,, like what can’t this group do ??
  • they all really love each other. they’re not like those groups where u KNOW that they all hate each other on the low. they may want u to think they hate each other sometimes (looking @ u,,, kihyun) but we all know they’re lying
  • honestly the monbebe fandom is so nice ??? so peaceful ?? drama ??? what is that ??/ we don’t know ??? the only drama we have is when other fans of other groups do something against us. but like other than that ???? where the drama @ ???
  • okay,, guys,, WONHO. THAT BOY. HE IS AN ANGEL. LOVE SHIN HOSEOK WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART EVEN IF U AREN’T A MONBEBE. this boy loves EVERYONE. like he LITERALLY SUPPORTS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. he has like 485975973287589375 pieces of “for a cause” clothing and jewelry. like he has this necklace against child abuse (i think it was) ??? he panted his pinky green for this charity type thing. like WHEN HAS YOUR FAVE EVER ?? like honestly i can’t think of anything wonho doesn’t support ?? gay marriage ? hell he’d marry a guy if he can cook 4 him. causes against domestic and child violence ?? sign him up !! he wants the world to be a happy and good place. wow. such an angel. wow i love hoseok. love hoseok trust me he will never hurt u.
  • they haven’t done anything dumb yet. like problematic. ya know what i mean. like they’re probably gonna do something that starts a scandal one day,, but like they try REALLY hard to make sure they don’t say things that could hurt ANY of their fans. like they don’t talk about race or get offended when they hear people think they’re gay or anything. the only thing they get offended at is cucumbers apparently ???? like honestly they’re angels ?? they care about us so much they try so hard to not screw up n hurt us. get u a man who ?? (or 7 of them,, i support that too ??)
  • they’re literally ?? so dumb ?? and so funny ?? like they argued over which greek goddess is goddess of victory,, LITERALLY for like 20 mins. they have no lives. their lives revolve around doing dumb things to make us laugh ?? like ?? they stopped caring about their image before they debuted ?? who cares ?? they don’t ?? lets ruin it ourselves ??
  • changkyun’s VERY strong urge to see wonho naked. why. i’m sure a lot of mbb won’t complain. but why changkyun. why are u trying tto give us a naked hoseok every single time we see u ??? what is ur motive ??
  • kihyun is really violent. like i don’t understand how someone who dresses in a hamster onsie regularly can be so angry ?? where does he store it ?? why is he so sinister ?? (or should i say why does he just do stuff to people and then laugh for like 2 months over it bc that’s all he really does. he gave minhyuk a cucumber once actually. he still laughs over it. like yoo kihyun are u 5 ??? why are u hurting minhyuk like this ?)
  • changkyun’s really bad puns. those r another reason to stan. trust me u hate it at first but eventually u can’t go a day without listening to him make some weird and oddly funny pun about a name or smth.
  • shownu. dad. honestly a real dad. like. throwback to every member calling him dad and reminding him to not forget the room key. honest dad figure. i wish hyunwoo was my dad.
  • minhyuk is really happy nd cute and honestly u could probably smile for like 3 hours just after looking at a picture of him smiling. he’s literally the definition of sunshine. we need more people like lee mihyuk in this world.
  • i ran out of thing to think of and it’s 2am but honestly stan monsta x ? like it’s so worth it ? they’re so caring and funny and loving and talented and like ??? the fandom is so including and amazing ?? like there isn’t even tension between k-fans and intl-fans ?? we literally all just love each other ?? like stanning monsta x is such an AMAZING thing like it cleanses ur soul from all the bad things in this world. i swear. it’s like actually confirmed. monsta x is so pure and wow. just stan those cute 7 little boys who dress up in animal onsies and dance to girl group songs just to make their fans smile and laugh