prettiest eyelashes ;~~;


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constellation-tears  asked:

my bf has curly black hair and brown near black eyes and the prettiest eyelashes ??? ? and like perfect eyebrows an d the prettiest lips ever n hes hispanic and his skin is this rlly pretty caramel/earthy color and his hands are s o nice ?? plus hes like 5 inches taller than me n bigger all around so hugs are amazing ??? i love him so much tbh ??? well have been together a year and 5 months come this next month ! <333

HE SOUNDS LOVELY!!! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!!! That’s so cuteee very good luck :’^) you guys seem adorable???💗💗💗!!!!!!

Tell me about your crush or s/o!!

anonymous asked:

Do you think Lau would wear makeup ?

YES look I’m a ho for Lau breaking traditional gender roles he wears makeup and he ROCKS it he is the prettiest boy. His eyelashes are to kill for. He’s also a pro at it because he’s artistically talented and also watches the girls around the opium den do it all the time. His contour is SHARP. (Also he leaves lipstick marks when he kisses Ciel on the cheek)

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any flowershop AUs?

Color Me Dawn
Summary:  Levi wears spiked belts and works in his mother’s flower shop. And to him, Eren has the prettiest eyelashes. They flutter and stuff. They make his stomach flutter and stuff. (He thinks it’s what he ate every damn time.)

Aren’t Those Wedding Flowers?
Summary:  Eren didn’t like windowshoppers. 

If The Rain Stops
Summary: Eren’s life is not a fairy tale. He’s a normal guy who’s not well off, who never went to college, and who barely manages to scrape by with what he makes in the flower shop he owns. However, when a man with a plain black umbrella shoves himself into his life, slowly the world begins to take on color.
And as Eren tires of how stagnant the pace of his life is, Levi becomes increasingly more exasperated with how hard it is to flirt.


i cant believe my fave has beautiful fluffy dyed hair and adorable nerd glasses a nose piercing the most natural beard contour the prettiest lips the longest eyelashes in the whole world i cant believe how lucky… i am to be witnessing an art movement