prettiest eyelashes ;~~;

my dad has the prettiest eyelashes ever and i’m ANGRY and his only consolation was to say “well, you have the prettiest eyelashes i’ve ever seen on a woman” and i’m like thanks dad thanks for reminding me about the legions of undeserving, ungrateful men with lashes like deities 

me: *sees a pic of hansol*

me: i-

everyone: we get it, you love hansol. everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and take 10 minutes to appreciate his existence, we know. he’s the inspiration for the sun and the reason sunsets are considered beautiful. hansol has the cutest nose and the prettiest eyelashes we get it. we already know you think he has more structure in his cheekbones than you do have in your entire life. he’s the reason for good things being good. we get it. ji hansol, born monday, november 21st in the year 1994 in city of busan, south korea, who went to busan information high school, that ji hansol is the human form of an angel. WE GET IT

i cant believe my fave has beautiful fluffy dyed hair and adorable nerd glasses a nose piercing the most natural beard contour the prettiest lips the longest eyelashes in the whole world i cant believe how lucky… i am to be witnessing an art movement