prettiest cats

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This might just be me but for some reason I love to imagine Millie as a brown cat. It might just be my bias against her being a fuckin exact clone of Silverstream and that the colors of Blossomfall and Briarlight could be sacredly saved.

omg yea i feel you. tbh i feel like the main difference between silver and millie is that silver is extremely pretty, like she’s described as being prob the prettiest cat in the whole series (even fireheart says so LOL). so while their pelt colors are similar i can imagine that their facial structure is quite different


My four little kittens :3 Nika (black and white) is very clingy, Mary (white and orange) is very very shy, Sir Shitter (the other white one xD) is always hungry and Baby (less white, more tabby) is the prettiest cat i’ve ever seen.

Greetings to all the cats around the world! I love you!

Daily Drabble 11-19-15

Best Laid Plans Chapter 3


Keiji’s wrist had been itching all day, and frankly, he didn’t have time for it. The damn thing was set to end sometime during his first high school volleyball practice, so anyone on the team was a potential soulmate. It wasn’t an idea he cherished.

He cherished the thought of telling his mother he was destined to be with a teammate even less. She had a long-standing dream that he would meet his soulmate at a law firm, or in a library, or a concert hall, or a theatre, or a-

Not a high school gym.

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