prettiest cast


endless list of favorite people: toby schmitz

“I film a callback for this pirate thing which is called Black Sails, and which still only my mother has seen along with a few remaining suckers who subscribed to the flagrant swindle that is Showtime. And I film this thing on my phone by myself in a Norwegian dressing room wearing three jumpers, a pea coat and a scarf, and cropping the frame close so they can’t see how skinny I am and I get the fucking thing. I get the fucking pirate thing. Casted as the not-butch talky pirate. Every pirate show needs one of them.”

I ordered the Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri artbook as well and browsed through it, in the process spoiling all the CGs for myself lol. The illustrations were too pretty for me to resist looking XD. I’ve also come to the conclusion that if I were to choose who’s the prettiest among the main cast I’d probably choose Sakyou.

Btw the game, while fun, is definitely a bit on the troublesome and long winded side. @_@