prettiest boy on the planet

Evak + the Boys

Just a little drabble of Evak and the boys hanging together and Even being sooooo whipped for Isak that it’s almost unbearable. I hope you enjoy!

Looking around the room now Isak wondered why he was ever worried in the first place.

The boy squad plus Even all together, laughing, drinking, swapping stories and being carefree. Isak had his back pressed against Even’s chest as they sat on Jonas’s couch together, arms tangled and faces graced with smiles of content. They were talking about girls and relationships, and of course Magnus would have to sprinkle little comments about how amazing Vilde was but nobody could muster it up in themselves to mind.

“I just, I mean, she’s like a fucking goddess. Honestly, the prettiest girl ever,” Magnus exclaimed. Even and Jonas laughed at his pure enthusiasm while Mahdi and Isak both rolled their eyes, though they couldn’t help but feel proud of their friend for making it with Vilde in the first place.

“Yeah, she’s pretty pretty,” Jonas agreed. Magnus shook his head with vigor before Mahdi chimed in.

“But, bro, is she really the prettiest girl ever? Like, there has to be someone who you could say was either equally as pretty or maybe even prettier.”

“I mean, yeah,” Magnus conceded, “there are probably plenty of girls who are just as pretty as Vilde but, you know, Vilde is mine so she just automatically tops everyone else.”

A chorus of both disgusted and happy “awe”s rang throughout the room. 

“Magnus is right about that one,” Even piped up. Isak turned his head up and to the side so he could look at his boyfriend, an eyebrow raised in curiosity.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Just that, like, when you’re with someone suddenly they become the most attractive person ever and they only get better looking as you fall for them more.”

“Know that from experience?” Jonas asked coyly, smirking at Isak resting in Even’s arms.

“Of course,” Even laughed. “That was mostly with Sonja though,” he finished. Isak’s eyes grew wide as he furrowed his eyebrows at his boyfriend, offended he would even say her name after everything.

“What?” he asked incredulously.

Even just smiled. “Yeah, just Sonja. Because I didn’t need to even look at you for more than a moment the first time I saw you to know that you are the prettiest boy on the planet, or certainly the prettiest I’ve ever seen.”

Isak flushed bright red, mouth dissolving into a smile as he pressed his face into Even’s chest out of embarrassment and undeniable love for the boy looking down at him.

“Holy fucking shit man. Fucking hell,” Magnus exclaimed pressing a hand to his forehead. “That’s so fucking cute man, what the fuck.”

“You two, honestly sicken me,” Jonas laughed at his best friend, secretly delighted that he had found someone so absolutely perfect for him.

“Man, this ugly fucker is the prettiest boy in the world? Fuck, we all must be repulsive then,” Mahdi teased.

Even couldn’t contain his laughter as he watched his boyfriend flip Mahdi the bird for the comment, but he knew they were only joking. Because absolutely no one, and he meant no one, could deny the beauty of the boy in his arms. Hell, if they did, Even would make sure that person realize how wrong they were.

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I just read your bio and I honestly can't blame you for falling for kookie. lmao, I used to be a yoongi Stan but then, you know,, jungkook happened

ahhhhhh seriously i didn’t even look at jungkook twice when i started stanning bts and now he’s got me dying just a bit whenever i see him smile. 

but! i’m actually jimin biased! always have been, even before i liked the whole group; i accidentally saw bs&t last year and well, that kinda speaks for itself doesn’t it-. 

honestly, i love all of them so much at this point idk if saying i’m jimin biased is even accurate anymore (no it definitely is, i’m lying, he’s got my heart and soul and there’s nothing i can do about it).

but boy does jungkookie have me too. the way i like him is different, though. he’s such a boy, you know? i dunno how to explain it, it’s just different. weirdly enough what got me to fall into this pit of overwhelming adoration really was go go. he just looks too adorable when they perform it and i can’t function when i see it. it was basically the straw cuteness that broke the camel’s my back heart. and i’m not even gonna begin to talk about how sweet his personality is and how much he’s grown because this is already getting too long. just know that i love all of him to bits.

now have some gifs that never fail to make my insides turn to mush.

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the way his smile grows into existence gives me life.

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up close and cute af.

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just. look at him giggle. who even does that. he giggles.

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and again. seriously what is he.

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this one may or may not be saved on my phone. because of. reasons.

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and finally, the killer.

Honestly, though, soulmates Taehyung and Yoongi who are torn apart by distance because Taehyung lives in California as a model and Yoongi in Daegu as an underground rapper but it’s okay because they meet up in each other’s dreams and have all the dates they want. No one is sure when it started happening, soulmates being able to hop into each other’s dreams and speak as if they were awake, but Taehyung is so fucking happy it’s possible. The younger feels so blessed to fall asleep one night at the age of twenty and have the prettiest boy on the planet, with fair skin and messy black hair hiding sleepy kitten like eyes, waiting for him.

“ ‘m Yoongi, guess we’re soulmates.”

“My name’s Taehyung, nice to finally meet my other half.”

“You sure took forever to fall asleep.”

The younger giggles at the pouty huff that leaves Yoongi’s mouth in response. He’s not sure what time it really is in Daegu, never really been good at time zones no matter how long he’s been with Yoongi, but Taehyung does remember having fallen asleep around two in the morning in his own time.

“I have a hard time falling asleep without you.”

Taehyung chuckles.

It’s almost as if Yoongi’s saying there was a point in his life when Taehyung would lie in bed beside him even though they both know that’s not the case at all. The only time they’ve even kissed is in their shared dreams. The only time they’ve made love in the same bed was when Yoongi had fallen asleep after a gig and he just so happen to stumble onto Taehyung having a wet dream about him. Still, Taehyung is happy with what he can get.

“One day you won’t have to fall asleep without me.”

what the raven cycle is about

by tumblr user maghrebabe (shameless self promo) who has never read the raven cycle

so there’s this girl named blue who’s definitely NOT A PSYCHIC, and is sometimes named jane??? idk. she’s in love with dick mclongname gansey the 88837th™  (dresses like a fusion between a geek and a frat boy) who is in gay love with adam (the prettiest bisexual on the planet) who’s in gay love with ronan (moody angry gay teen™ who owns a really fancy car) and dick is also going to turn into a tree somehow but it’s better than noah who is dead and a ghost maybe but nobody noticed he’s dead apparently although they go to the same class (#relatable). there is joseph (josef??? idk) kavinsi who’s a little bitch boy and had something gay to do with ronan and the whole fandom hate him what did he do??? and also want diego barrueco to play him which is a good choice although i dont know who joe kavinjerk is. adam, ronan, gansey and noah are really needy and need blue to babysit them all the time so she calls ‘em ‘her raven boys’ and she was a bit in love with them all at that moment. blue/jane has a cousin named orla and im not gonna tell u what orla means in hebrew and there was this scene w orla where she wore a bikini on a boat (why were they on a boat???) and adam and dick were like !!!!!!!! damn!!! and blue was like ew no das my cousin and ronan laughed bc he’s a homosexual. one of them is a welsh king??? (i bet it’s dick he sounds like he’d be welsh) but ronan means something in irish so people think it’s ronan i guess. dick’s parents are abusive and left him (i think) there’s a meme about the adventures of dick and jane (a.k.a gansey the 39th and blue). and there’s maggie s., the author, and she fucks with you all the time and i think the last book just came out and yall are dead (just like noah<3). everyone is white but yall strongly ignore canon and make ronan and blue poc (N ICE) and there is good fanart everywhere and ronan has 2 sibling and one of them is named matthew which apparently looks like me for a lot of people (wild imao). so it’s a good book series but i’ll turn into a tree if i read them and the fandom is huge.

@malcolm-faede i think u read this is this what the books are about

Michael and Luke. That’s how it’s always been, they’re like two peas in a pot. Never leaving each others side. Up until Luke got a girlfriend, now it’s just Michael. Michael didn’t even realize that him and Luke were drifting apart, but when Michael catches a cold and Ashton and Calum are away in Hawaii, so he turns to his other band member. Michael left Luke three text messages asking for him to come over and the blonde never responded. That hurt Michael’s feelings a lot. He has always depended on Luke to be there for him when he needs it most, and the younger boy failed him. So that night Michael laid in bed with his runny nose and headache, and he might have watched How I Met Your Mother all night because that used to be Luke’s favorite show. The thought that Luke would rather hang out with his girlfriend Arzaylea then with Michael made the green eyed boy grow more and more upset as he laid there thinking about it. So the next day Michael decides it’s his turn to be a dick, and he tells himself that he doesn’t need Luke Hemmings and that he’s going to ignore the blue eyed bastard. The downside is that Luke is extremely pretty, and when he realizes that Michael is giving him the silent treatment all he wants is his forgiveness. So that means Michael has to watch Luke pout and plead for attention, and as the days are passing Michaels starts to wonder if Luke’s eyes have always been such a beautiful shade of blue. So now Michael’s plan seems impossible, he has to ignore the prettiest boy on the planet, who also happens to be his closest friend and band member. After a week of no communication between the two, Michael starts to believe he actually succeeded with forgetting the blonde as much as he could, considering they are staying in the same flat together in LA while they are on their two week break. But Luke’s a cheater, who climbs into Michael’s bed one night to whisper in the older boys ear that he broke up with Arzaylea. Michael knows that it isn’t right to be so happy to hear those words, but who could blame him? He also knows he shouldn’t cuddle up against Luke’s side, and whisper back that he’s glad and that he’s happy he has his Lukey back. But then again Luke knows he isn’t suppose to wrap his arms around Michael’s waist and pull him closer, and he definitely knows he shouldn’t mumble into Michael’s hair that he’s glad too, but he does anyway.

Once you’ve been tagged list 6 things you and your muse have in common and 6 things you don’t. Then pass this along to some other people.  

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6 Similarities between Mun and Muse? 

  • We both had depression
  • We both have had panic attacks
  • We are both super queer
  • We don’t have great relationships w our dads
  • We have the same parka
  • We think Kieren Walker / Luke Newberry is the prettiest boy on the planet

6 Differences between Mun and Muse?

  • We’re not queer in the same ways (he’s gay, i’m ace/panro)
  • I am not a drug addict I smoked weed like once and hated it
  • I have thus far avoided killing my mother
  • I’m not a zombie
  • I can’t play guitar at all
  • I have good fashion taste

Uhh I am tagging… loudhallways idontfeelready badassxoutcasts and hmm godfrxy !!

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I just read the reactions of V/Namjoon/Jungkook's reaction to their first born and I was wondering if you could do the other boys (Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin)? You don't have to do all of them at once but I really like the 3 that you have already done so I'm hoping for you to do the rest of BTS, Thanks!

Jin with his first born:

  • Trying not to cry as he stares down at the baby
  • Handing you the baby and his Polaroid camera to the nurse to take a picture
  • Calling his parents asap
  • “You are the prettiest being on the planet”
  • Showing the boys how gorgeous his baby is
  • “I will always love you.”

Yoongi with his first born:

  • Staring at you with the baby for a moment before finally taking it in his arms
  • Smiling his perfect gummy smile as he glances up at you and hold the baby tightly in his arms
  • Letting his parents know how it all went before telling anyone else
  • “You will be the coolest baby in the world”
  • Tweeting a long series of tweets about his experience as a new father”
  • Refusing to give you the baby back and insisting you sleep

J-Hope with his first born:

  • Crying like a total sob and not being able to hold the baby
  • finally holding the baby and crying even more
  • crying during pictures with the baby
  • “Yeobo! Look, they have your ___ and my ___!” 
  • Screaming from excitement when your baby does ANYTHING
  • Taking nonstop selfies with the baby but just for him and you

Jimin with his first born: 

  • Smiling like a proud father
  • sending pictures out to everyone and anyone
  • handing you the baby reluctantly to take a picture with you and the baby
  • “You are precious and I will love you forever”
  • Singing songs to the baby every second
  • “Yeobo! I bet their first word will be ‘BTS’”

-Admin Kat <3