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star trek aos for the fandom thing?


  1. the first character i ever fell in love with: BONES. He came on the screen and man I freakin’ melted ( @its-worse-than-that can testify for that) 
  2. a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: I never really developed a hate for anyone but if we flip flop it, I didn’t really like Uhura in the first movie and now she’s my mother thank 
  3. a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: Little naive me liked the idea of Jim and Uhura when I watched the first movie for the first time and AH HA NO 
  4. my ultimate favorite character™: BONES IS BEST BABE
  5. prettiest character: Sulu honestly jfc
  6. my most hated character: ADMIRAL MARCUS CAN EFFING SUCK IT 
  7. my OTP: McKirk 
  8. my NOTP: I just… I can’t get behind Sulu/Chekov as a romantic ship
  9. favorite episode: IMMA CHANGE THIS TO FAVORITE MOVIE which is hands down Beyond
  10. saddest death: Ambassador Spock 
  11. favorite season: Okay so I am going to use TOS for this one (and the next one) so in that case: Season 2
  12. least favorite season: I’m not done watching Season 3 yet so I guess 3
  13. character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: A lot of people seem to like Khan and I just?? He can suck my ass
  14. my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: JAMES T. KIRK
  15. my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: It’s a honest to god tie between Sulu and Chekov
  16. my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: I don’t really have one… hm 
  17. my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship: Spones. I’m slowly getting swallowed by it though so THIS MAY NOT LAST LONG 

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“Baek’s hair” and “choke me”, one of the coolest blogs to ever cool idk man I like you a lot, prettiest posts of the prettiest babes

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