prettiest among all

Boyfriend series: Jeno

Dating Jeno would include:
-lots of outing
-dates at amusement parks
-dates at rock beach
-pickup lines
-“Are you a magician? Because whenever I see you everyone else disappears.”
“Who taught you that?”
“Mark Leeee.”
-him playing with your hair
-him being friends with your younger siblings
-adopting a pet together
-lots of gifts
-him writing a song for you
-him showing you off
-him making you feel special
-“I have the prettiest girl among all the hyungs.”
-road trips to your hometown
-watching adventure time together
-baking cookies together
-him learning to cook for you
-“It’s a bit burnt…”
“What is this?”
“You don’t make pasta in the oven.”
“Oh it’s erm.. lasangna.. yes.. lasagna.”
-him buying teddy bears for you in all different sizes
-naming teddy bears together
-“This one’s Drake.”
“We already named one Drake.”
“Okay then this one is Drake the second.”
-him working hard for you
-him helping you with your homework
-never-ending late night conversations
-billion forehead kisses everyday
-lots of back hugs

Headcanon: the KBTBB boys comforting you when you're feeling insecure.

I thought of this headcanon when I was feeling a little down a week ago~ I was wishing how nice it would be to have someone hold me, tell me that I was anything but horrendous and then suddenly.. Bam! Headcanon idea! 

And also, what’s better than to have the KBTBB boys babying and comfort us right? <3


Eisuke: He’d sighed and shook his head, saddened with the fact that until now, you still hadn’t notice how beautiful you truly were. Why couldn’t you see that, among all the women that the both of you had either met or encountered, you were the one that shined the most? That even if a million, flawed-free girls were to stand in front of him, he’d still search for you, even if it takes him a thousand years?

Pulling you close, he’d kiss your eyes, nose, hair, cheeks and everywhere else you found ugly or imperfect. He’d look you straight in the eyes and tell you that you are the most purest, gorgeous and kindest lady he has ever met in his entire life and if anyone were to say otherwise, well, they better be ready to go to hell.

Soryu: Soryu would be heartbroken because, how could the love of his life think she was anything but amazing? Why did you think so lowly of yourself? That was something he couldn’t comprehend; Mainly because he thought the complete opposite. To him, you were the star in the night sky, the shining angel in his dark life.

He’d gently cup your cheeks, confident eyes looking into yours as he reassures you that you were not ugly, but stunning. That if anyone told you that you were unattractive, stupid or horrible, they were simply jealous and downright wrong. You were the epitome of the shining sun and nobody, not even him, could ever change that. 

Baba: Baba would gasp in shock, eyes widening when you told him you felt that you were ugly. He’d felt his heart stopped for a second before it started to throb in pain. Why, oh why would you say something so horrid? And not to mention, untrue? In his eyes, you were more than pretty. You were gorgeous, breathtaking, stunning and simply magnificent. There was not an ounce of ugliness in you and if someone told you that, it just meant they didn’t know how to appreciate beautiful things.

Wrapping you in his arms, Baba would kiss your forehead while speaking soothingly. Asking you why you thought of such silly things and that no matter what you or anyone else said, there was no denying you were one of the most gorgeous, if not, the only gorgeous woman in the world ever to him.

Ota: Ota eyebrows would raise in surprise, jaw dropping a little that his muse and koro thought she was.. hideous and overweight? How was that even possible? He studied you from head to toe, all the while wondering how in the world did such a thought even formed in your head. In what way were you hideous or overweight? Because in his (and definitely others) eyes, you were perfect. From head to toe, you were a masterpiece.

He’d first flick your forehead in a disappointed manner, even scolding you for thinking so lowly of yourself but then he would embrace you tightly. Whispering sweet words of comfort and reassurance, letting you know that from all the paintings and models he had seen, you were the most prettiest and perfect among them all.

Mamoru: Mamoru would be astonished to hear the words “ugly”, “childish” and “chubby” coming from your mouth, especially when none of those things had ever crossed his mind. You, ugly? How could that even be possible. Childish? But that was one of your lovable traits and lastly, chubby? He didn’t think you were chubby(more like curvaciously sexy) and even if you were, so what? You were still you. The angelic, sweetest and most lovable you. That was something that could never change and he’ll be damned if anyone else says or think otherwise.

Kneeling in front of you and holding your trembling hands, he’d stare right into your eyes and tell you he loved you the way you are. From your hair to your eyes to your toes and to even your freaking nails, he loved you. Every living part of you, he loved and if ever anyone tried to tell you you were gross, he’d whack the living shit out of them.

140514   Taemin in musical Goong

The musical has finished now… it was funny and awesome!!! Taemin looked really gorgeous !! a bit nervous at first but happy smile at last ^^ some of casts spoke in Japanese time to time !! so we enjoyed a lot ♡

< kiss scene >

There was a kiss scene but not with a girl XD. really funny one, so don’t worry Taemint !! Audiences were screaming and laughing so hard XD

< singing >

His voice was shaking sometimes but he was singing with some confidence. I could feel his love for singing !!!  I don’t know anything about singing technique, but maybe he used different way of singing compare to usual SHINee performances…His voice reached me beautifully although I was sitting far away from the stage^^

< dancing >

Taemin ruled the stage when he was dancing !!! so attractive, sharp and sexy. I was impressed by his beautiful move… OMG  and his muscles !!!

and he sang and danced Replay a bit !!!

< bed scene >

sometimes funny but sexy scene. A white outfit really suits Taemin. When Taemin peeked girl’s underwear, audiences laughed so hard… so cute. His figure lying on the bed was just beautiful. The way Taemin strip/take off his shirt was so so sexy !!! and his arms !!! Taemin has muscles everyone !!! XD and his round hips was so cute ^^

< fighting scene >

so cool !! Angry Taemin was so sexy … doesn’t look so strong tho ^^

< outfits >

wedding costume was really beautiful like a doll!!! … and historical costume looked gorgeous !! His hairstyle fits costumes well… But my fav was black addidas training pants with 3 blue lines and white shirt …simple and beautiful ^^ and reminds me of Minho ♡

< curtain call >

Taemin was clapping and singing so happily… He looked comfortable with other casts … oh uri maknae is loved by everyone you know ^^  and this is just my opinion, but Taemin was the prettiest person among all casts ♡♡♡  After curtain call, only Taemin came out and talked to us in Japanese !!! and he did flying kiss !!

Taeminnie… thank you so much for your hard work and great performances tonight !!! I can recall your bright smile and beautiful voice still now…^^ love you ♡♡♡

* sorry for my poor English and thanks for reading ♡♡♡  by fukumin99