prettiest among all

Boyfriend series: Jeno

Dating Jeno would include:
-lots of outing
-dates at amusement parks
-dates at rock beach
-pickup lines
-“Are you a magician? Because whenever I see you everyone else disappears.”
“Who taught you that?”
“Mark Leeee.”
-him playing with your hair
-him being friends with your younger siblings
-adopting a pet together
-lots of gifts
-him writing a song for you
-him showing you off
-him making you feel special
-“I have the prettiest girl among all the hyungs.”
-road trips to your hometown
-watching adventure time together
-baking cookies together
-him learning to cook for you
-“It’s a bit burnt…”
“What is this?”
“You don’t make pasta in the oven.”
“Oh it’s erm.. lasangna.. yes.. lasagna.”
-him buying teddy bears for you in all different sizes
-naming teddy bears together
-“This one’s Drake.”
“We already named one Drake.”
“Okay then this one is Drake the second.”
-him working hard for you
-him helping you with your homework
-never-ending late night conversations
-billion forehead kisses everyday
-lots of back hugs