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Rumors || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff

The sound of the television was all that could be heard around your apartment, resonating off the walls and back into your ears. Your breath came in steady as you watched the show that was playing, and your eyes scanned as it cut to commercial. A smile came over your face as you recognized the commercial to a new drama that was going to be released, the one your boyfriend had been filming for the past couple of months.

You hadn’t seen any commercials before this, so you were excited to see what it was finally about. Despite dating Taehyung, and knowing he was doing the show, he never told you a single thing about it. He had said he wanted to keep it a surprise so that you could see it for yourself. The first thing you noticed about the advertisement was the girl on screen, and how close she and Taehyung were.

The two looked like they were happy to see each other, and then the scene flipped to Taehyung walking down the street alone, the words of somebody’s name being said in his deep voice. You couldn’t tell what the show was about yet but you had an implication of what you were going to be seeing. The commercial ended with the name of the drama, and you blinked slowly.

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for the anon that requested #2 from the prompt list

so sorry, tumblr was deleting everything so i needed to do it on here instead of answering your ask
“please don’t cry, i can’t stand to see you cry.”
you couldn’t do it, as hard as you tried you just couldn’t do it.

no matter how many times shawn told you not to read what people say on the internet, today you gave in.

you didn’t usually read the comments, or the mentions on twitter with your name in it, but today you felt like you had to.

after a few hours of scrolling through what seemed like endless comments on instagram and twitter, you couldn’t bring yourself to look away from the laptop screen. you believed every single thing that was being said about you.

they were right, you didn’t deserve shawn, you weren’t good enough for him. you weren’t pretty enough, or skinny enough either.

luckily shawn wasn’t going to be home for a few more hours, because if he caught you reading this you didn’t know what was going to happen.

you hadn’t looked away from your laptop screen in a few hours, you’ve answered no calls or texts, you didn’t even get up to make yourself any food even though you were very hungry.

you unlocked your phone while reading some tweets about the recent event you attended with shawn. you had multiple missed calls and a few texts from shawn.

“shit.” you whispered, reading the texts from shawn.

shawn <3
hey, studio hours got changed. coming home a few hours early today!

shawn <3
y/n? you haven’t answered anything all day, are you okay?

shawn <3
baby, it’s been 4 hours now. i’m coming home.

the last message was sent about an hour ago, meaning shawn would be home any minute now.

“y/n, i’m home!” you heard your boyfriend call from the front door followed by footsteps coming up the stairs.

there was no way you could get rid of all the tabs of social medias you have open, or even get out of the one page you were on before shawn’s tall frame appeared in the doorway of your bedroom.

“y/n, is there something wrong?” he asked.

you quickly shut your laptop, pushing it away from you before wiping your eyes just in case of any remaining tears.

“yeah i’m fine, sorry i just saw all your texts now. i fell asleep.” you flashed a quick fake smile to let shawn know you were okay.

“that’s bullshit y/n, i see right through you.”

you sighed as he came and sat next to you on your bed, pulling your laptop closer to him and opening it up.

tears filled your eyes as the endless tabs of hate were once again visible on the screen.

“i told you not to read this shit y/n,” he sighed after a few minutes of reading the comments.

“sorry,” you sniffled, “i couldn’t help it.”

shawn noticed you starting to cry again and pulled you onto his lap.

“hey,” he cooed, “please don’t cry. i can’t stand to see you cry.”

he let you cry for however long you needed. he didn’t say anything, but him being there was enough for you.

“y/n please don’t believe what they say, they’re just jealous. i don’t want any of them, i want you and only you.”

“but you should want them shawn! all your friends are so much prettier and skinner than me, they’re probably nicer too.”

you knew sometimes you weren’t the nicest person in the world, and people noticed that. you were sure it was starting to annoy shawn too.

“y/n, you are the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen in my life. inside and out. you need to believe me, i don’t want anybody else in the world but you.”

you nodded, finally looking at him. his eyes were staring to tear up too.

“why are you crying?” you asked, cupping his cheek. “i can’t stand to see you cry either.”

he shook his head, “i’m okay, just sad that you believe all these lies about you. one day, i’ll make you see they aren’t true.”

you nodded, pressing your lips on
his for a quick second before pulling away and resting your head in the crook of his neck.

“but first,” he said, opening your laptop again. “we’re gonna make a
few changes with your social media accounts.”

you could do better // brett talbot

pairings: brett talbot x reader

warnings: Low Self Esteem (?)

a/n: I am suffering from major writers block and being extremely busy with school and dance so sorry for the lack of imagines ;

You and Lydia were sitting on the bleachers watching the guys practice,

It was your free period and Brett loved it when you came to watch him practice.

He would always try to show off in front of you,

Sending winks and smirks your way that cause your cheeks to blush and your heart to race.

You looked at him in adoring eyes,

But for a while now you have been having a thought in the back of your head;

You kept thinking why he was with you,

Why he even likes you,

You didn’t understand.

You knew he could find another girl who was prettier than you and probably smarter and more social.

You were quite shy and if it weren’t for Lydia you would have probably been a total outcast by now.

“Y/N” Lydia snaps her fingers in front of your face to grab your attention.

“Hm?” You ask trying to play it off.

“What’s wrong? I can tell something’s on your mind.”

“N-Nothing, I’m just really tired.”

“Sure” She said sarcastically.

“Really, I am exhausted.” You said with a slight chuckle.

“Okay, I’m sure.”

“Fine, don’t believe me.”

“Y/N I know something is wrong, You can tell me anything you know that right?”

“Yeah, Yeah I know.”

You look back to the field to see the guys packing up and walking towards the locker rooms.

You and Lydia walk back to the school as you feel a pair of strong arms snake around your waist as Brett leans his head on your shoulder giving you a kiss on your cheek.

“Heyyyy” You said in a soft voice as you turned around to face him.

“And hello to you too.” He said before pressing his soft lips against yours in a short but loving kiss.

“I’m glad you came to see me practice.” He smiled down at you.

“And I enjoyed watching you.” You said as he bit his lower lip.

“Wanna come over to study? We do have a big test in two days.”

“I’d love to.”

“I’ll meet you after school, wait next to your locker I’ll meet you there.”

“Okay” You giggled as you leaned in to press yet another kiss on his lips.

A couple seconds later and the bell causes you two to break apart from each other in frustration.

“Meet you later.” He said kissing the top of your head before you two parted ways to your classes.

Three periods later and your day was finally over.

You were at your locker putting back the books from your previous lesson and taking out your books to study with Brett.

As your eyes wandered around the hall your sight landed on Brett,

He was talking to another girl,

Her name was Emily and she was quite a good friend of yours.

You didn’t think to much of it considering you knew they were partnered for a project they had in Biology but another thought came to your mind;

You watched the two talking,

He was the popular jock,

everyone wanted to either be him or with him,

She was blonde and tall,

She looked amazing.

You felt a sadness run through your body,

You knew he could easily find someone better than you,

That he could leave you in a second,

That it would crush your heart.

You went back to putting your books back in your locker as you felt Brett coming your way.

“Hey.” He said kissing the top of your head and then leaning back on the locker next to yours.

“Hey.” You smiled at him trying to conceal the feelings that lingered in your mind from the thoughts of him leaving you.

Brett sensed something was off,

He noticed the scent of sadness washing over you.

“Is everything okay?” He said in a soothing voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You said faking a smile as you closed your locker.

Brett held your hand in his as you two walked over to his car before driving over to his place.

You sat on his bed staring at the multiple equations laid before your eyes,

Brett sat next to his desk trying just like you to try to understand what the hell these numbers are saying.

You started writing down an equation but started scribbling over it because of a wrong answer, You laid down your notebook and groaned in frustration,

Your actions caught Bretts attention as his head whipped your way.

He got up and moved your books aside and sat infront of you,

You fumbled with your fingers as your head looked down avoiding eye contact with Brett.

“You okay? You’ve been really quiet ever since we got here.”

“Yeah I told you I was fine” You looked to the side before looking  back down at your hands.

“Talk to me, I know somethings wrong.” He said holding your hand in his as his thumb lightly stroked your hand in a slightly calming way.

“Well-“ You started.

“I saw you with Emily today and it made me think,

I’m scared that one day you won’t love me anymore,

That one day you will see through my flaws,

Actually see through them and decide that you don’t like it after all,

And that me laughing too loudly and sometimes fumbling with words will start to become something you won’t find appealing anymore.

But thats not all, I’m terrified of the day that you’ll leave,

Just like everyone else did when they finally realised what kind of a mess I am.

They say if you love something let it go but please Brett don’t let me go.”

“I just don’t see what you see in me, Why do you even bother to be with me?”

You took a deep breath,

Brett was listening to you intensely,

Hearing every word you had to say and you could tell by the look in his eyes it broke his heart hearing this from you.

His eyes were admiring and loving but you could see a sadness in them.

He held up his hand to your cheek stroking it lightly before moving to your chin to lift your head so you could face him.

“Y/N, it breaks my heart hearing these words, knowing this is how you feel.

To be honest I’ve never seen a girl like you before,

I’ve never laid eyes on anyone as gorgeous as you I mean your body, the way you look makes me weak.

But thats not why I fell for you,

I fell in love with you because of the person that you are,

Your loving and passionate heart,

The way you smile, God Y/N looking at your smile makes my day.

You might be shy and quiet but you’re passionate and funny, You make sure no one ever feels alone or sad,

Y/N, I love you and I will never leave you.

There is no one better than you, You complete me,

You are my both my strength and my weakness.”

You looked into the green eyes you adored and felt a smile creep upon your lips.

You wrapped you hands around his neck as he pulled you closer to I’m by your waist,

Your head resting in the crook of his neck as he held you tight.

“I love you..” You whispered faintly.

“I love you too” He said placing a kiss on the top of your head.

“And I always will.”

how to tell seventeen apart
  • S. Coups: the one that everyone walks away from bc of his grossness
  • Jeonghan: has prettier hair than you
  • Joshua: cat eyes and is probably saying really gro$s stuff in English
  • Jun: the sexy one who is probably clinging onto the other Chinese member
  • Hoshi: the really loud one always trying to get in front of a camera
  • Wonwoo: the one that looks emo and is emo
  • Woozi: the short and cute one, probably cringing or giving death stares
  • DK: the one either singing beautifully or screaming there is no in-between
  • Mingyu: the tall one that looks like a lost puppy unless he's next to the emo one
  • The8: the cute one constantly being attacked with aegyo by the sexy one
  • Seungkwan: cheek bones and complaining
  • Vernon: appears to be an angel, but is actually a meme (don't let his looks deceive you)
  • Dino: who fucking knows with this kid anymore puberty is hitting him like a storm
“We Don’t Talk Anymore” || Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Word Count: 3k

Genre: Angst

Seoul was a busy place full of busy people. It seemed that no matter what road you took or corner you turned, there was always somebody with somewhere to go.

It was normal by now to you, being the odd one out. The one who didn’t exactly fit. Everybody else had become puzzle pieces that all fit perfectly together and you just happened to be a little bit bigger than the rest.

It kept you awake at night, questioning why you were still here. Wondering why the urge to leave wasn’t as strong as you wanted it to be.

Of course you knew in the end it was almost always directly related to him. There wasn’t a moment anymore where he wasn’t on your mind. There wasn’t a moment where you could think freely about anything else.

It had been a couple months since you had last talked to Jin. Maybe longer, you didn’t know. Your brain just took day after day in as a blur because you didn’t want to think about how much pain you were really in.

He had been gone for so long, and he’d been ignoring you for a while. You weren’t quite sure what had started it at first, but now you couldn’t do anything without pulling out your phone and looking for a reply. Waiting for that moment where he would finally acknowledge you again.

Three months.

Three months without him and here you were, still waiting in the cold, dark, empty abyss that was your apartment. There was nothing here that didn’t remind you of him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of his stuff. It was as if one day he would just come back and things would still be the same.

You pulled out your phone and looked at the last message you had received all those months ago. It was a goodnight text from him.

After that you had texted him constantly, but it seemed that the longer you waited, the less you texted. That didn’t change the fact that you still waited up at night for the sound of the door opening and closing as he came home. But you knew it would never come.

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theakumas asked → Psycho Pass + Favorite villain Antagonist
↳ Makishima Shougo

Don't leave me

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Warnings: Drowning, fights, feels.

Request: Could you write an imagine where during Dead in the Water the reader dives in the water to save Lucas, and gets dragged down in stead, and Dean saves her, and when she’s not breathing he’s crying and begging her to come back while Sam does CPR. It eventually works and Dean is a mess, and the reader is coughing and Dean hugs her and keeps telling her home much he loves her.

Notes: Finally ready! Sorry for taking so much time to write this, but my vacation is over and i’m not feeling exactly fine so…

This story passes in Dead in the Water 1x03, sorry for putting so much of the episode in the story.

It’s small but i hope you guys like it, the other requests will be out in a few days.

And guys… talk to me.

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“Stop yelling!” You screamed.

“I’m not fucking yelling (Y/N)” He shouted angry. “I’m just trying to make you understand that i didn’t flirt with that girl! Because i fucking love you” 

“Do you?” You anwered sarcastically, lowering your voice trying to prevent the tears from falling. You met Dean two years ago in a hunt and since then you were girlfriend and boyfriend. But since his father went missing and you two went to Stanford to get his little brother Sammy, you two were fighting over every little thing. You didn’t believe in his “I love you” anymore, you didn’t believe in anything. You sighed readying yourself to say what you were thinking for the last days. “I’m so done of this. After this hunt, i’m gone.”  

But before he could open his mouth to answer you, Sam opened the door looking at you two a little confused. 

“Guys, we need to go…” He said making Dean - who stared straight into your eyes with a underable expression - shake his head and follow his brother outside the room. 

You let a single tear drop from your eye and followed the guys to the Impala. You were working on a case of some suspicious drowning, including the drowning of the husband of Andrea, the girl you said Dean was flirting with. She was beautiful, you had to admit, probably prettier than you. The fights with Dean made your self-esteem become pretty low. Because of this, you didn’t blame the girl, actually a little part of you didn’t even blame Dean for flirting. You’re fucked up. If you were Dean, you wouldn’t stand your self anymore too.


You let a silent tear fall when you thought about how your relationship was going, this was not right. You loved Dean with all your heart, you really did. But with all the fights, all the distrust of both parts, you just couldn’t stand it anymore. And it hurt so much. 

“(Y/N)? Is everything okay?” Sam’s preoccupied voice interrupted your thoughts, making you look at him. You and Sam were in the Impala waiting for Dean to finish packing because the Sheriff of the town kicked you out. It’s sucked but it happened in some cases.  

“Yeah Sammy.” You said giving him a small smile trying to stop crying, but of course he didn’t believe you. He sighed shaking his head in denial.

“Look (Y/N), i know my brother can be an ass sometimes but… i know he loves you and…”

“He doesn’t Sam.” You interruped him with a very broken heart. “Maybe one day he did but… we’re not the same anymore. He doesn’t care like he used to, but i do… and that’s why i’m gonna leave.” 

“There’s nothing i could say to make you change your mind?” Sam asked with a sad voice and you shaked your head in denial. “In this case, i’m gonna miss you… we didn’t have many regular woman in our life and i’m happy to say that you’re one of them.” He said smiling offering you his hand and you took it finally after days, smiling a little bit. 

“Thank you Sam, i’m gonna miss you too.” You said and he smiled but before you could continued this conversation, Dean enter the car with a serious face, you were still mad at him but you knew that something was bugging him.

“What’s wrong Dean?” Sam asked and Dean accelerated the car to the opposite direction of the city’s exit.  

“We’re going to Andrea’s.” He said and Sam’s eyebrowns frowed.

“Andrea’s? Why?” Sam cried and you sighed knowing exactly what this was about. 

“I’m not leaving this city until i make sure Lucas is okay.”  

When you finally arrived, you guys found Andrea drowning in the bathtub, and Lucas desesperate. After Sam took her out of the bathtub, you stayed in the house talking to Andrea and trying to understand what the heck was going on.
In the morning Lucas found the dead kid’s bicycle and you understood what happened. The sheriff and Bill Carlton killed one kid drowing him into the lake, and now this kid was haunting their families. 

“LUCAS!” The sheriff screamed and you saw the little one on the edge of the lake. Shit. You and all the others started running and when he was pulled into the lake by the kid’s spirit, you were the first one to jump to get him. You got Lucas’ hand and boost him towards the surface feeling the spirit grab your feet.  

“Lucas! Oh my god” Andrea cried and with Sam’s help, they got Lucas out of the lake. 

“(Y/N)?” Dean asked when he saw that Lucas came out of the water but you didn’t, he started to panic. “(Y/N)!” He screamed trowing himself into the water to search for you. He could feel his whole body shaking with the fear of losing you. He couldn’t lose you. 

His mind wans’t processing things but his hands were moving like crazy in the water trying to find you. Until his hands finally met something that seemed to be your waist. He pulled you out, and Sam helped him lay you down on the pier.  

“(Y/N)?” Dean asked looking at your non breathing body, starting to fear the worst. 

“(Y/N) Wake up damn it!” He screamed shaking your body and before he knew, he felt tears in his cheeks. 

“Move Dean!” Sam screamed trowing himself on the top of you so he could do CPR. Dean was sobbing when he took your cold hand watching Sam pressing your chest and breathing into your mouth. 

“Wake up (Y/N), you can’t leave me!” Dean begged crying hard. “I never want you to leave… come back to me babe.” 

Sam tried a few more times before starting to feel his own eyes fill with tears as he looked up at his brother, shaking his head in denial. Dean’s eyes widened and he shook his head not wanting to believe. 

“No Sam…”He started and Sam wiped his face of tears.  

“She’s gone Dean.”

“NO DAMN IT!” Dean screamed starting to do CPR in you again. He refused to let you go. When Sam was about to pull his brother away from your body, you started coughing water.

“(Y/N) oh god” Dean said crying in relief when you opened your eyes confused. He helped you sit to cough some more water and after you finally stopped, he hugged you still feeling the tears fall. 

“I love you so much sweetheart.” He cried still hugging you. “Please don’t leave me, please…”

“De-dean…” You started still feeling a little dizzy. 

“Shh… c’mom let’s get you inside.” He said but before anything else, he touched his lips on yours so gently that it was almost like you weren’t kissing. “I love you (Y/N), don’t ever doubt that. Don’t leave me, please, we can make this work, don’t leave me.” 

“I’m not going anymore Dean” You said a little surprised, confused but extremely happy to hear that as you wiped his tears. “Even if i want to, i love you too much for that.”

He sighed in relief kissing your forehead before getting up and carrying you in his arms into the house. And even though words weren’t spoken, you knew that the fights would be over for a very long time from now on.

The Life and Times of Sirius Black: Hogwarts Edition

First Year Sirius Black after managing to get sorted into Gryffindor. 

First Year Sirius Black finally getting to be himself

Second Year Sirius Black discovers smoking and does it to cope with stress at home

Second Year Sirius Black getting caught and scolded by Lily Evans for smoking in the halls. 

“Do you know it causes lung cancer?!”

“Wizards don’t get cancer!”

Third Year Sirius Black scheming with the Marauders (Thats James sitting next to him)

“Lads, I say we flood the Astronomy Tower”

Third Year Sirius Black convincing Remus to go through with a prank 

“Remus, Moony, Moons– I swear it will work. I will give a weeks work of chocolates if you help us!”

Fourth Year Sirius Black hating his parents more than ever

Fourth Year Sirius Black  spending the summer at the Potters house

Fifth Year Sirius Black finally able to drop Divination after OWL’s

 Fifth Year Sirius Black cheering for a Gryffindor Quidditch Cup win

Sixth Year Sirius Black dealing with his demons

“Do you think I like being a Black?! You don’t think this stupid family name haunts me?!”

Sixth Year Sirius Black having enough of his parents and the abuse

“You’re coming to live with me Sirius. No questions asked.”

“…Thanks Prongs” 

Seventh Year Sirius Black claiming he’s “Punk Rock”

“Sirius why are you wearing leather and nail polish” 

“Because I’m punk rock AF Peter!”

Seventh Year Sirius Black starting to grow his hair longer

“What the hell, you look prettier than ever!” 

“Why Evans, thats probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me”

  • congrats! you got yourself a pretty long-haired angel for a boyfriend!
  • probably even prettier than you or any of the girls you know,,
  • but hey, jeonghan would always assure you saying,
  • “whatever you say, you are the most beautiful person i ever lay my eyes on, y/n. i didn’t even drool as much when i look at myself in the mirror.”
  • “so basically, you drool at yourself in the mirror, too…”
  • “i can’t help it. god blessed me with this look. i gotta appreciate the masterpiece.”
  • “i’m done…”
  • let’s just say that, he’s a bit of a narcissist, but who is he to blame? he’s naturally gorgeous!
  • but when he says that you are the most beautiful person on earth, he meant it. it’s the truth. he admits that you are much more beautiful than him, despite his usually self-loving trait.
  • “you are beautiful, y/n.”
  • “stop forcing yourself to say it, jeonghan.”
  • “i’m not forcing myself. i’m being genuine. you are beautiful.”
  • “okay, i heard you the first time.”
  • “you still wouldn’t believe me, would you?”
  • “no. because i know i’m not as beautiful as a certain person i know.”
  • wrinkling his nose cutely, he pinches your cheeks and gravitates closer so that you two are eye-to-eye.
  • “baby, believe me when i say this. if you could see yourself just for a day, you’d see how everyone else sees you, and how i see you. and my god, you are fucking beautiful.”
  • and he just naturally dives his lips to press into yours, pulling you closer by your hips and murmuring compliments on how perfect you are to him.
  • yeap, he has a sweet mouth. figuratively and literally.
  • “you taste like cherry today.” he’d say and fricking liCKS HIS LIPS TO DECIPHER THE TASTE.
  • and you’re like, “do you really have to say that?”  (。-_- 。)
  • jeonghan loves sleeping. so if he’s nowhere to be found, you’d probably just discover him at the back of the school, lying down under the big tree.
  • “this guy should find another hobby other than sleeping.” you chuckle and crouch down next to the sleeping angel, gently brushing his long brown fringe from tickling his face.
  • and somehow, in his sleeping state, jeonghan managed to catch your hand in the gentlest way possible but never letting go. he’s like pressing the back of your hand against his cheek and smacks his lips like a baby.
  • chuckling, you lift up his head and places it on your lap where jeonghan seems to be falling into a deeper slumber as you stroke his hair.
  • normal days:
  • “y/n, whose baby are you?” ( ̄▽ ̄ )
  • (눈_눈)
  • “y/n, whose baby are youuu?” ~( ̄▽ ̄~)
  • ( ̄□ ̄)
  • “y/n, whose baby–”
  • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  • days when you are close with the other guys:
  • “y/n, whose baby girl are you?” (꒪◡꒪ )
  • (ಠ__ಠ)
  • can be the most annoying, possessive boyfriend, but can also be the most caring mother figure.
  • “have you eaten well the past week? you look skinnier than the last time.” he’d worriedly coo while playing around with your cheeks.
  • “i’ve been eating a ton of junk food for the past week. i think you need glasses, jeonghan.”
  • “no, really. you look skinny. cOME ON, MOMMY WILL BUY YOU HAMBURGER, FRIES AND SOME CHOCOLATE SHAKE.” and literally drags you away to some fast food restaurant.
  • and he WILL feed you.
  • “jeonghan, i have hands. i can feed myself…”
  • “but i wanna feed you! ahhh.”
  • “no – mMPH.”
  • and then during physical ed, he’d come around with water bottles in his arms and runs over to you with a large grin on his face.
  • and you’re like, “why do you have a shit ton of water with you?”
  • and he responds by placing one of the bottles in your hand and beams, “gotta take care of all my babies ♥”
  • “all?”
  • and the next thing you know, he’s handing out the other twelve bottles to the boys.
  • seungkwan: “tHANKS, MOMMY.”
  • “why am i not surprised…”
  • would take you to dates where he would have the opportunity to lie his head on your lap and snore away.
  • “let’s have a picnic!”
  • “you just wanna sleep on me…”
  • “go awheii.”
  • at prom dance, you’d rush to his home with hairdryer, hair gel and comb just so you could fix his hair and make him more charming than beautiful.
  • so while you’re applying gel with his hair, jeonghan is like burying his face in your stomach with his arms wrapped around your hips.
  • “did i tell you that you look beautiful tonight?”
  • “for the twenty-sixth time, yeap. now, straighten up. your hair will be ruined.”
  • “but i’m scared. what if the other guys think you look beautiful too and start hitting on you?”
  • “they won’t–”
  • but jeonghan manage to calm his nerves from smacking the daylight out of seokmin for flirting with you. and he has a great dance with you.
  • at the climax, he leans his forehead on yours and sighs in contentment. “i wish time would just stop so i can hold you longer like this.”
  • “then don’t ever let me go.” you smile and peck his lips.
  • jeonghan’s face brightens and he presses his lips fully on yours again. it would be a full-blown make-out if not because of seungcheol.
  • and everyone laughs, leaving you two embarrassed and plotting revenge on the guy.
  • at the rarest times, during late nights, jeonghan would come over to your apartment with a pack of ramyeon and cider.
  • “i strangely couldn’t sleep tonight. let’s eat!”
  • and while you cook, he slithers his arms around you from behind and digs his chin into your shoulder and you’re just like, “you have a craving for ramyeon at the strangest times.”
  • “well, you might have to get used to this because you’re going to encounter it more.”
  • “why so?”
  • “because i’m gonna marry you, baby.”
  • you: ☆ヽ(o_ _)o
  • “y/n, dON’T FAINT ON ME!”

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Older Brother! Jeonghan ☼

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OKAY BUT JUN AND MINGHAO IN THE BACKGROUND, anyways enjoy older brother Jeonghan.

  • like, you’re probably really pretty, but you + Jeonghan, DAAAAAAAMN
  • like in school, everyone knows you two as the pretty flower siblings or something
  • Jeonghan probably is like, “I’m prettier than you,”
  • but he’s actually like, “my sibling is the prettiest thing ever, but not prettier than me,”
  • you two probably bicker a little, but don’t worry, it’s out of love (ノ´ з `)ノ
  • you guys would probably share hair products too
  • can’t find the hair straightener, Jeonghannie has it, can’t find the hair dryer, Jeonghan has it
  • he would also know everything about you whether or not you’ve told him
  • he just knows
  • like if you kinda liked someone, the second you realise it Jeonghan knows
  • like, ‘Hey (y/n) do you like, ______?’
  • he would tease you a little
  • but because he’s SVT’s mom, he’s your mum,
  • like your actual mom is nice and all, but he’s like,
  • ‘even though we’re siblings, I’m your mother,’
  • (y/n) nugu aegi?
  • need help? Jeonghan will help, unless he’s tired,
  • can’t choose an outfit? Jeonghan’s already planned and bought it
  • I also don’t think he would be protective, but he’d want you to date the right person
  • like going on a date? he’ll help you get ready, do your hair, do your make-up, help you choose an outfit, GOD BLESS OLDER BROTHER! JEONGHAN
  • like bc he’s a senior, he knows everything about prom
  • he knows the best way to get there, who you should go with, he knows everything as well as he knows Joshua
  • like take him outfit shopping because, honest but great opinions like you chose some ugly (sorry reader) tux/dress and he was like,
  • ‘the only person you’re impressing is mum and dad and how the hell are you going to dance? get back in there and choose a better outfit,’
  • he’d probably take you and your friends there in his probably, nice car,
  • you probably went with friends because he thinks that whoever your date is won’t be pretty enough and would ruin the photo or a somewhat reasonable excuse
  • because Jeonghan knows everything about you he also knows when you’re sad.
  • he’ll try to cheer you up by talking it out but if you just can’t do it he’ll watch movies with you
  • you guys would also eat a shit ton
  • I also think he’d tease you about growing up, like he teases Dino
  • like when you get your first significant other
  • ‘Awh, (y/n) and ______ are so cute!’
  • tl;dr Jeonghan and you are the prettiest siblings out there. He’d make you the coolest and best looking kid and would be a proud mom.

I switched from Mom to Mum so don’t mind that, have a nice day.

- Admin Jola🌱

I’m so scared for the day you find someone new and you talk to her about me as badly as you talked about your ex girlfriends. I would make you tell me embarrassing things they did. Make you tell me things you remember hating about her. I’m scared for the times she’s feeling insecure and asks you to tell her all the reasons you love her more than you loved me. Or how she’s prettier than me. You’ll probably mention my frizzy hair that you always ran your fingers through and called beautiful. You’ll say my lashes weren’t as long as you liked even though you’d kiss my eyelids ever so lightly. Or how you love her beautiful body that seems to be better than the one you used to touch everyday, running your hands up and down my arms and legs and kissing my tummy and loved when I asked to wear just your shirt. You loved it because when Id get up to drink the water we always had or got up to fix my makeup/hair or got up to turn on/off the lights you always got a glimpse of my body. I’m scared for the day you say, “baby girl you’re mine. Don’t worry about that dumb slut she means nothing to me. She’s a piece of shit and I love you so much more than I ever loved her. You’re beautiful come here and hug me.” That’s exactly what you told me and I’m so scared
—  My journal entry
This is Luhan

This is Luhan.

This is also Luhan.

Luhan is tres manly.

No really.

100% manly.


You should love LuHan. He’s probably prettier than you.

75% fairy.

25% iron man fanboy.

He’s an awkward baby puff-ball.

But we love him anyway.

Please support baby xiao lu. He deserves it.

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sorry for not disregarding the post but I've got dermatillomania it's been a bad few days idk why I'm telling you this they're different things but you are probably prettier than my bloody face rn

i mean i feel ya dude the disorders are pretty similar :// im sorry you can message me and talk if you want :(( it sucks a lot of people dont understand impulsive disorders :)) but i wish you the best of luck!


Type: angst

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


It had become regular procedure for you to wait after school for Jimin to walk with you. He loved to talk along the way, and the more he did, the more you came out of your shell. You felt that you two were becoming close. For the first time, someone from school was paying you some positive attention.

Unfortunately, there was some bitterness to your new relationship. He was your only friend, but you were starting to realize you weren’t his. Over just a few days, he had made more friends than you had made in your whole life. You tried to convince yourself that you were glad that he was settling in nicely. After all, people picked on you less because you were friends with him.

But though you were glad, you couldn’t control the negativity that weighed on you. Finally you had someone; but he wasn’t just yours. You weren’t as important to him as he was to you.

You felt a twang of jealousy every time he talked to another girl at school. They were all prettier and smarter than you and Jimin probably saw that. It made you feel like you were just a pity project to him. 

Eventually, he started coming late to meet you after school. You’d wait for ten, even twenty minutes sometimes before he’d walk out of the building with a group of people. He’d always say goodbye to them and hurry over to you, but you knew he’d rather hang out with them.

One day you decided to just not wait. You wanted to test him and see if he actually cared about walking with you anymore. You left school and headed home right away. You’d hoped Jimin would hurry to catch up with you when he saw you’d already left, but he didn’t. The next day you actually waited, but he never showed up.


You walked out of school and glanced around the courtyard. Maybe something had come up and Jimin had just been too busy to let you know he wouldn’t be walking with you yesterday. Maybe it was all just a misunderstanding. Maybe he was still your friend.

You stopped. You spotted him at the edge of the courtyard talking and laughing with a girl. Your heart skipped a beat and you silently wished she was just a friend. But as you watched, he moved closer to her and leaned down, kissing her gently.

Something inside you shattered. You stopped breathing for a second as you watched them. You couldn’t process exactly what was happening, but you understood that you’d be walking home alone that day. Feeling tears well up in your eyes, you kept your head down and ran off of campus.

You’d made it a little ways down the street before your composure broke and you let out a sob. You sat on the sidewalk in the shade of a tall fence and cried. You didn’t know why you were so upset; it wasn’t like you cared about Jimin in that way.

Or did you? He’d noticed you, and treated you kindly when no one else did. He spent time with you when no one else would. He was the only smile among the sneers you usually got every day. And he had the most wonderful smile…

You couldn’t get a hold of yourself, even when you heard footsteps hurrying toward you. You thought maybe it was Jimin, running to catch up with you after he saw you leave. You had a small ounce of hope that it was him, but a lot of dread in your gut. You didn’t want to explain to him why you were crying and then get rejected right to your face.

“Are you okay?” a voice that was not Jimin’s asked. Keeping your head down, you stuck your arms out and shoved Min Yoongi away.

“Go away,” you coughed out between sobs. You covered your face with your hands so he couldn’t see how pathetic you looked. The last thing you needed right now was someone making fun of you.

“Why are you crying? What happened?” he asked firmly. You glanced at him from between your fingers and saw that his hands were clenched into fists. Your voice trembled as you spoke.

“Why would I tell you?”

“Was it Jimin?” He said the name like it tasted sour.

You took deep, shaky breaths to stop your crying. Then you picked yourself off the ground and wiped away your tears with your sleeve. You looked straight at Yoongi.

“You better leave me alone Min Yoongi.” You could feel more tears welling up. “I don’t need anybody. I don’t need you.”

He looked angry, as usual. He was always appearing at the worst times and getting angry. This time, you were angry too.

You were frustrated that you were crying over something so dumb, and embarrassed that Yoongi was seeing you cry. You wanted nothing more than to just get home and never see him or Jimin or anyone else for a million years.

You turned and ran away. You didn’t care what Min Yoongi thought of you; you just wanted to get home.

When you did get home, you locked yourself in your room. Even when your mother got home and called upstairs to ask you how your day was, you stayed quiet and locked in that little bedroom. It was the only place you felt safe from emotional torment you’d been dealing with so much lately.

And why had you been dealing with so much of it? Who in the universe decided that you would fall into so much misfortune. And what did you do to deserve it? It wasn’t fair. Nothing was fair. School wasn’t fair. Jimin wasn’t fair. 

Min Yoongi wasn’t fair.

Part 6

Hogwarts AU!JinJin
  • looking back on it, in your fifth year you never expected to find yourself hiding in the restricted section of the library
  • then again, maybe it was inevitable
  • as a Ravenclaw, you were known for your intelligence
  • and your creativity and individuality and originality and
  • anyways
  • you just pursue knowledge
  • so you can’t sleep and you just want to read up on stuff and the normal library is boring and you kinda want to go into the restricted section and feel
  • like a “bad” kid
  • you just
  • didnt expect to find somebody else in there with you
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Oh my fuc-”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…”
  • you look at him incredulously
  • i mean
  • the dude literally snuck up behind you, put his hands on your shoulders, and whispered into your ear
  • you tell him so
  • he smiles and steps in front of you so you can see him
  • hes got blond hair and blue streaks in it and wow hes really really attractive
  • his eyes are probably prettier than your face, you conclude
  • and you have a nice face lmao
  • you spot the blue in his robes and a badge and
  • crap
  • you realize that holy shit you’re starin at the sixth year Ravenclaw prefect Park Jinwoo
  • youre fucked 
  • you realize that at this point you have two choices: run or accept the consequences
  • or
  • lie
  • “um well i was sleepwalking and i just found myself here lol im not sure where i am um actually idk who i am what is this uh um haha”
  • you never were a good liar
  • to your surprise he just laughs 
  • “I’ll let you off, this time, as long as you don’t tell anyone I was here either.”
  • your eyes widen because a PREFECT is doing something wrong and you remember that even he shouldnt be in the restricted section this late at night
  • you smile
  • “Works for me.”
  • he grins and is about to say something but the big clock in the corner makes one loud ringing noise and shit you have classes at six and he does too
  • “We can walk back together?”
  • you agree and you both answer the riddle together when the knocker asks you and for some dumb reason
  • you find yourself in the restricted section at the same time the next night
  • and the next
  • but you aren’t alone
  • because for some reason every time you’re there prefect Park Jinwoo is too
  • and eventually your meetings turn into dates and his hands on your shoulders move to intertwining your fingers with his
  • and your classmates joke about you and Jinwoo’s matching eye bags but you just take them as they come 
  • because you wouldn’t have it any other way
  • and neither would he

prncsspeachy  asked:

Hi! :) (This is more of a question, but since you'd like a scenario, maybe you can write it out like one? Idk sorry) What would Rapmon do if he came in on you crying in your room bc you feel bad about your body that doesn't look like all the girls in the magazines? // Also I love your blog, keep it up!! <3

Oh yes, I can definitely make this into a scenario for you! ;)


Namjoon stealthily opened the door to your house and crept inside. He was planning on surprising you by coming earlier than expected due to his photo-shoot ending early. He smiled to himself as he imagined the look on your face when you saw him.

Unable to find you in the living room or kitchen Namjoon then heard a sound from your bedroom. He quickly walked over, pushing the door open with a joyous: “Honey, I’m home!”

The look he saw on your face as your head whipped around from where you were sitting on the floor was not the one he expected. There was surprise, alright, but there was no smile, no joy at seeing him here. Instead he was greeted by the sight of your tears, your eyes red and puffy as if though you’d been crying for a while.

You immediately tried to wipe the tears away and stop the sobs but before you managed to do much Namjoon was by your side on the floor, concern plain on his face.

“What’s wrong, jagi? Did something happen? Are you okay?”

As Namjoon flooded you with questions you couldn’t hold the tears back anymore, they began flowing freely again and you hid your face in your hands.

“I… I’m sorry… Namjoon…” You said between sobs, shoulders shaking slightly. “I know I’m not… pretty enough… for you… and I can’t… look like all those… model girls… so…”

It was then that Namjoon noticed the magazines on the floor next to you. All of them had pictures of unnaturally skinny, pretty girls who had probably been photoshopped to no end. You didn’t seem to care, though. You kept blabbering on, voice coming out muffled through your hands and your sobs, about how you weren’t as pretty as all the girls around him, how you could never have a body like theirs and how he could go get a better girlfriend if he wanted because you weren’t good enough for a star like him.

“______!” Namjoon said sharply once the shock of what was happening let him speak.

You stopped talking and looked up, still sobbing. Namjoon had never snapped at you before, in fact you rarely heard him sound angry at all. The surprise was big enough to make you freeze when you looked at his face and saw that he hadn’t just said that to get your attention, he looked really angry. His brows were knitted together and his mouth set in a firm frown, his dark eyes boring into yours.

“Did someone say something to make you think that?” He asked, knowing that sometimes comments online about him and his group were harsh and you were a sensitive person.

You shook your head. You’d just been looking at the magazines and… well, it was just one of those days where you didn’t feel in any way pretty and you’d started thinking that Namjoon would probably look great with one of these pretty model girls rather than you. Even if you worked out like a maniac you’d never have a body like that. Plus, he had thousands of fans who were all prettier than you probably and…

“Well, stop thinking it!” Namjoon’s stern tone brought you out of your second downwards spiral, making you jump.

“______,” His features softened a bit and he put a warm hand on your cheek, “don’t be silly. Even if those magazine models weren’t photoshopped like crazy I still wouldn’t want any of them over you. Just look at you, you’re more beautiful than all of them put together.”

You shook your head, tears streaming down onto Namjoon’s hand. “Don’t just say things you think will make me feel better.” You chided, not wanting to hear empty words just now.

“I’m not.” Namjoon stated firmly. He took your face in both hands now and had you look directly at him.

“______, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Not those girls in the magazines, you. I don’t care how skinny they are or how cute and pretty and perfectly shaped, none of them can hold a candle to you. I love your body exactly the way it is, with all its beautiful curves and its own perfect shape. I won’t ever leave you for some random model girl no matter what she looks like because I love the way you look and I can’t imagine a more perfect girl.”

You’d tried to interrupt at some point during his speech but Namjoon had simply put his thumb against your lips, silencing you. You were still crying but now it wasn’t because of the magazine girls, it was because you couldn’t believe you’d been so lucky as to get this wonderful guy to like you.

Namjoon smiled, pulling you in for a soft, tear soaked kiss.

Once he pulled away he added; “Besides, do you know what a boring personality those girls have? I’d much rather have your silly jokes and good conversations than vague idiots who can’t talk about anything other than fashion and makeup.”

You laughed at his final comment, feeling infinitely better. How he had managed it you weren’t sure but you truly felt okay with your body for the moment. Who would want to be a pretty, skinny girl if you couldn’t have Namjoon at the same time?

-Admin T


Genre: fluffy yay ♡

Characters: Taehyung x Reader 

Summary: There are many ways of confessing to someone. As for Taehyung… Let’s just say he did it his own way. 

Words: 1142

y/n = your name

Originally posted by taehyubi

You were seated on your comfy sofa, watching the newest Korean drama series, W. As the series went up to its climax, you readily stuffed a handful of popcorn in your mouth, anticipating the female lead and male lead to share their 3rd on-screen kiss when suddenly your roommate shouted across the house while running into the living room, “Y/N- ah!”

You jolted in your seat, sending all the popcorn flying in all directions. All the anticipation building up inside of you came crashing down at that very moment. Just as you were about to tell him off for ruining the on-screen romantic moment, he appeared in front of you with pleading eyes.

“What the hell, Tae?”

“Sorry… I just needed your help.”

You pinched the bride of your nose and replied, “Couldn’t you wait till after the show?”

“It’s urgent! Please I really need your help now.”

You couldn’t stay mad at Taehyung, especially not when he’s staring down at you with those bright sparkly eyes of his, glinting in the faint moonlight that shone through the window pane.

“Fine. What do you need help with?” you relented.

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck as he gave you a huge grin and said, “Could you help me run some lines? Please — The shoot is tomorrow and I really need to practice with someone.”

You immediately patted the empty seat next to you. Without hesitation, Taehyung scrambled to his seat as fast as he could, not wanting to anger you further.

He handed you the script as he gave you a brief explaination on the storyline, “The story is about a guy and a girl who are roommates and they fall in love with each other. This is their confession scene.”

Huh, how relatable. Damn did you have a huge crush on Taehyung. Ever since you met him at the college café two years ago, you had fallen head over heels for him. There was something about him, maybe it was his irresistible charm, his goofball-like behavior or maybe his sweet, kind nature that made you fall for him and man, did you fall hard.

You flipped through the script to get a rough guideline of the storyline and the lines you needed to say. However, what caught your eye was that the female and male characters name were quite similar to yours and Taehyung’s, but, you just shrugged it off as you thought it was just a pure coincidence with the scriptwriter.

You had been script reading with Taehyung for quite a while and the script was finally reaching it’s climax.

“There’s something that’s constantly been on my mind 24/7. ” Taehyung recited, “And I’m afraid if I don’t do it soon I’ll go crazy.”



You had completely forgotten what the next line was so you looked down at the script in your hands. As you read the next line, your mouth gaped in utter shock.

They kiss.

Before you could ask him what to do about the kiss scene, Taehyung gently cupped your face in his hands. With his face inches away from yours, he leaned in and before you knew it his lips were on yours, kissing you feverently. How much have you dreamed about kissing those sweet lips of his? He tasted of cotton candy with a slight hint of mint and oh god did you love it. Fireworks were going off at the back of your head, celebrating this ever so romantic moment. You were seeing stars, how brightly they were shining down at you, twinkling in the dark sky. Within seconds, your lips were moving against his, instinctively.

You whined at the sudden loss of contact when Taehyung broke away the kiss only to say three words that left you speechless.

“I like you.”

You stared at him wide-eyed, disbelieving his words. You then suddenly remembered that you were still in the midst of role playing, leaving a pang in your heart. Oh. He didn’t kiss you because he had feelings for you. He kissed you because the scriptwriter wrote so. It wasn’t real. It was just written in the script. A simple get-up to make the viewers’ hearts flutter and scream in front of their television screens, increasing the viewership. What hurts more is that when the real shoot happens, he won’t be kissing you. He’ll be kissing his co-star, who is probably a hundred times prettier than you. You were just here to help him in his acting career. You were just help. Nothing more, nothing less. Regaining your composure and not wanting your emotions to get the better of you, you proceeded to frantically flip the script in search of that line to continue the script reading but strangely, there was no such line. You gave him a sheepish smile and replied, “I can’t find that line, Tae.”

Taehyung chuckled, which left you utterly puzzled. He gently pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and spoke, “ Oh gosh, your so god damn adorable. That’s not meant to be in the script, y/n-ah.”

“Huh?” you said, still not grasping the situation.

He giggled at your innocence and proceeded to explain the situation to you.

“Taehyung —” he pointedly finger to himself.

“Likes —” his finger moved away from his direction.

“Y/N — ” Pointing in your direction. He paused for a moment, in which to continue a few moments later.

“A lot.”

His words made your cheeks feel hot instantly and you immediately brought your hands up to your face to hide your tinted cheeks in your palms. Taehyung let out a small laugh at your cuteness. You exhaled a shaky breath as you confessed to him too, “Well, I know for a fact Y/N likes Taehyung a lot too.” You looked at him with hope-filled eyes, twinkling just like the stars you had seen a few moments ago. “But, Y/N doesn’t know how to feel about Taehyung kissing another girl now.”

He chuckled again and pulled you into his warm embrace, engulfing you in his large frame. “Oh, y/n-ah. No one ever said anything about me kissing another girl. The scriptwriter wrote this episode specially for you, did you know that?”

You pulled away from his embrace only to stare at him with a quizzical look, “But isn’t this part of your new upcoming drama series. How would I be in it? Besides, your scriptwriter doesn’t even know me.”

He giggled and answered, “Yes, he does. You’re a very important person to him too. In fact, let me introduce him to now.”

“What? He’s here now?” you asked, quickly scanning your surroundings to see if anyone was lurking about in your shared apartment. Taehyung only giggled and stood up to take a bow, “Scriptwriter Kim Taehyung at your service.”

A/N: EVERYONE NEEDS A LITTLE FLUFF IN THEIR LIVES. Anyways, DAESANG DAESANG DAESANG !!! WOOOOOO !! THEIR FIRST DAESANG !! I can’t believe they finally did it !! YAYZIES. Thanks so much for reading and do feel free to comment on anything in the askbox !!! Thank you so much for the support guys :) Special thanks to @kookiextae for helping me come up with the title :)

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