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Why You Should Stan Infinite! 4

Part 4

4 - The members are all bias wreckers. - I’ll do a post individually also but …

Kim Sunggyu - Leader / Pretty Hands / Gorgeous Voice / Stupidly Handsome

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Jang Dongwoo - Precious Little Angel/ Crazily Amazing Dancer / Goofball

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Nam Woohyun - Soft Hearted Cry Baby / King of Hearts / Amazing Voice

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Lee Howon - King of Bitch Face / Danceur Extraordinaire / Pretty Smiles

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Lee Sungyeol - Pretty Bitch / Skyscraper / Jungle God

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Kim Myungsoo - Dimple Power / Flower Boy / Nunchucka Bad Ass

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Lee Sungjong - Maknae Power / Prettier Than You / Girl Dance King

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TOP 30 Male Idols Who Are Prettier Than You (Part 2)

20. Jackson (GOT7)

19. Siwan (ZE:A)

18. Chunji (Teen Top)

17. Bambam (GOT7)

16. Gikwang (BEAST)

15. Youngmin & Kwangmin (Boyfriend)

14. Xiumin (EXO)

13. Kun (NCT)



Flower Crown [ Vernon ]

___’s POV

“Aww, come on! Please!” I pleaded while pouting on him. I was practically chasing him around the house while the other members could only laugh at the both of us.

“No! I don’t wanna do it!” He protested as he jumped on the couch, gaining more height so I can’t reach him, “you lost the game, though! This isn’t fair! Even petty Seungkwan did the punishment!” I whined at him while tugging on his pants.

Seungkwan seem to heard me calling his name, he looked at me and threw a pillow at me, “petty? Excuse you, miss… the only thing petty in this house is mr. Foreigner over there” he scoffed while jabbing his thumb at Vernon.

The 14 of us were playing Jengga and we ALL have decided that the loser has to wear a flower crown and take 5 pictures of them doing an aegyo, how hard could it be?

But appareantly, Vernon is being too stubborn to do the punishment even though he was the one who suggested it, “come on Vernon! Don’t be such a party pooper, just do the damn punishment” Woozi said while scratching his not-so-itchy head.

“Hah, easy for you to say, you have never worn a stupid flower crown before” vernon scoffed as he stayed in his position on the couch, “for your information, I HAVE worn that silly thing during our fansign” Woozi said while throwing a piece of Jengga block at Vernon’s leg.

Deciding that Vernon won’t do it without a little force, I tried hitting the back of his knee and make him fall.

Which I succeded, the members were all laughing at me and Vernon fighting like little kids.

S.coups came over to us and sepparate us, “okay, okay… calm down you two, geez!” He sighed, “she started it!” Vernon exclaimed while pointing his finger at me, “tell you what, why don’t you do the stupid punishment and instead of doing 5 pictures, do only 3, does that seems fair?” S.coups asked as he averted his eyes more to Vernon.

Vernon thought about it for a few seconds before nodding in agreement.

“Yah! That’s not fair! We all did 5! How come Vernon only do 3!?” Seungkwan protested loudly, “because if not, this will go on until tomorrow morning” Junghan said as he rolled his eyes.

I then seated Vernon on the floor with the rest of us and put the flower crown nicely on his head, “you better do some good aegyos, Vernon” I warned him while flicking his forehead a little.

He groaned in pain and was about to flick me back but I had already moved away.

Wonwoo took out the polaroid that we have prepared and took the pictures of Vernon.





“1-” “wait!” Vernon stopped Wonwoo suddenly, “what? Can’t find any good pose? DK, Hoshi, show him a good pose” “no! That’s not it! For the third picture, I wanna take it with ___!” He smirked.

The members hollered when he said that, making me blush hard.

We were barely dating, we’re both are just regular friends, the same like the other members. Except for the fact that I kinda like him.

“What? No! Why should I?” I scoffed at him and his request, “come on, just take a picture with him so we can continue the game!” Minghao said as he nudge me and my back.

I blew a raspberry at his word but move to Vernon anyway.


“This is what you get for trying to make me prettier than you” Vernon suddenly said.


“Huh? What are you talking about?” I asked confusedly.


“This” he said and he suddenly planted a kiss on my cheek unexpectedly.

As soon as the picture came out, the members hollered at the both of us.

I looked at Vernon who had a smug grin plastered on hia face, looking very satisfied which made me hit him right on his arm.

The members decided to change the game to spin the bottle to tease us both more.

Damn it…

There’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky and Heechul seems to cross it every time. Telling a girl that he looks better than her is so not called for. And shoving your appearance down everyone’s throat isn’t cute. 1. There’s nothing appealing about your face, other than it looks like a females face. And 2. That girl was prettier than you