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Magcon/Omaha crew preferences #20 FIRST FIGHT

Requests are open, so feel free to message me if you want some preferences. Hope you like it! 

Aaron: About your insecurities

You and Aaron were on the sofa, watching tv. “Damn, look at her, she’s gorgeous” Aaron said pointing at a girl on the tv. She was wearing a cute bikini. You put on a fake smile and added. You hated when Aaron talked about other girl who were prettier than you. “She has a realy nice body” he added. You tried to hold back your tears then Aaron looked at you “Are you okay?” you nodded. “Why did you choose me? I mean, there are lots of girls prettier than me” you blurted out while walking upstairs. “What do you mean?” Aaron asked following you. You locked in your room and started crying. “You deserve someone better than me” you sobbed. 

Cam: You saw a picture of him with another girl

“DONT DENY IT! THERE’S A FUCKING PICTURE OF YOU WITH THAT GIRL. SHE’S ALL OVER YOU!” you screamed at Cam, your boyfriend, pointing the picture that was on your phone. “Babe, calm down! trust me, she’s nobody” he begged you to trust him. “TRUST YOU? HOW CAN I TRUST YOU, AFTER THAT PICTURE” you cried out. He walked over you wrapping his arms around your waist but you pulled him away. “DONT TOUCH ME! EVER AGAIN. I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME. I THOUGHT I WAS IMPORTANT FOR YOU!”. “Please, listen to me.” he begged once again. You couldn’t stand that situation anymore, you walked out your shared flat and went to your mum’s house where you spent the night. “Baby, I know you have to calm down. Please, trust me. I love you so much, she’s nobody. You’re my girlfriend, you’re so important for me. Call me whenever you want. I wait you here so we can talk. I love you!” Cam texted but you didn’t reply. 

Carter: He prefers going out with his friends

“Cartaah” you yelled. “What?” he answered back from your shared bedroom. “I was thinking, why don’t we go out tonight?” you asked. You walked in the room and found Carter who was dressing up. “Well, can you explain me? Where are you going?” you questioned. “I’m going out with Matt and the other. We decided to have a boy night out!” “I thought we could go out me and you.” you sobbed “But you prefers going out with them instead of me, so it’s okay. Have fun” you cried out while he stopped you. “I didn’t choose them over you, we want only to have a boy night. I’ll promise, tomorrow we stay the whole day together”. “Yea, whatever” you said slamming the door of your house.

Hayes: He talks too much about his fans

You picked Hayes up at the airport. He came back home after his tour with the guys and you were much more that excited. While you and Hayes went home, he kept talking about the tour, the boys and especially the fans. “Oh my gosh, they’re so amazing. I love them so much. I had so much fun on tour”. You put on a fake smile and said “I’m happy that you had so much fun”. He stared at you raising his eyebrows “tell me what’s wrong with you”. “It’s nothing. You just came back after the tour and you keep talking about the boys and the fans. I really miss you so much. I didn’t ask me about my exams, for example” you blurted. Then you didn’t speak until you got home. 

 Jack G: He came home drunk

“BABEEEE, I NEED YOUUU, I LOVE YOU SO MUUUUCH. CAN YOU CUDDLE WITH ME?” he yelled as he entered the room. For the third time that week, he came home drunk. You couldn’t stand it anymore. “Jack what the fuck!it’s 4 in the morning! You’re drunk again” you yelled. “Don’t yell, my head is exploding. I love youuu” he mumbled while wrapping his arms around your waist. “Get on the couch. Sleep well. We’ll talk tomorrow” you said while handing him a blanket and his pillow. Then you went upstairs to your room. 

 Jack J: He thinks you’re cheating

You and Jack were sitting on the couch while watching some tv. Your phone buzzed and you asked Jack if he could hand in your phone. It was a text from your cousin Mark. He saw the picture and threw you the phone. He stood up and asked “Who’s this guy? And why did he ask you to go out with?”. “He’s my-” you tried to speak but Jack interrupted you “I don’t want to hear the answer”. “Babe” you tried once again to speak and Jack stared at the ground. “Listen to me, he’s Mark, he’s my cousin” you added while trying to sit next to Jack. He stood up and muttered “Whatever”. You rolled your eyes. “You don’t trust me? I can’t believe you’re thinking I’m cheating on you. You’re mad at me only because my cousin texted me. What about you? I should be jealous of all your fans that are all over you when you take picture with them! you blurted. He raised his eyebrown and walked to your room and locked in it.  

Jacob: Music is more important

You were at Jacob’s house while trying to study for an important exam. He was singing and practising for his show. “Babe, could you be a bit quieter? I have to study” you suggested. He gave you a gaze and blurted “No, I have to practise for the show. What if I mess up on the stage? What if I forget the words?”. You looked over him screaming out “You’re saying your music comes first?” he rolled his eyes, waiting a couple of seconds and muttered “I mean, my music is so important and so my fans”. Tears started rolling down your face. You went upstairs locking in his room where you stayed the whole night. You tried to study but you couldn’t because you were thinking about what Jacob had said before. 

Matt: Because of the hate you get (Sorry for this one, it’s really simple, I know)

You and Matt made your relationship publically official about 4 months ago. You were scrolling through your twitter, reading all those hate tweets the fans sent you. Most of them said you didn’t deserve him, they called you in many bad ways. He didn’t talk with you about this thing and so you didn’t. But you couldn’t stand it anymore. You went to the kitchen where you found Matt and asked “Do you really love me?”. He raised his eyebrows “Of course I love you. Why?”. “Well, you deserve someone better. You deserve a cute girl, not me”. You went upstairs packing all your things. You tried to walk out the house but he stopped “Where are you going?” he questioned worried. “I’m gonna stay by my parents. I really love you” you said him while tears rolled down your cheeks. 

Nash: He keeps going out

You and Nash have been together for about two years, and you had just moved in together. “Where are you going?” you asked Nash. “Going out with the boys” he replied. You rolled you eyes. “You have to be kidding me?” you screamed. It’s the fourth time this week. He kept going out with his friends. “Why?” he replied. “You kept going out with them. It’s the 4th night out” you groaned. Then you added “I thought we could spend a night together. I mean we live together, but you’re never at home!”. “Listen, I’d really want to stay here, but I have to go out with Cam and the other” he mumbled while putting on his shoes. “Whatever, Nash, go out with them. Have fun with them. But I might not be here waiting for you.” He didn’t mind what you said and walked out. 

Nate: he’s jealous

You and Nate have been together for about one year now. Nate was in the studio with Sam and you had to do some extra work. When you finished your work, you called Nate. “Babe, have you done in the studio?” you asked him. “No, we’re still working on a song” he admitted. “Oh, okay” you sadly said and hung up the phone. Your co-worker, James, asked you to go out for a dinner together and you accepted. Around midnight, you came home and found an angry Nate on the couch. “Where have you been all night, Y/N?” he questioned. “Dinner with James” you blurted taking your shoes off. “totally normal. My girl spend the whole night with another guy” he sarcastically said. “Nate, listen. We spent the whole night speaking about work. You don’t have to be jealous. I love you and you’re the only one I want” you rescured him while sitting next to him. He jumped off and walked near the door “Where you going?” you asked. “Sam” he mumbled while slamming the door. 

Sam: he’s flirting with another girl

You and Sam were walking down the street. You decided to spend some time together, only you and him, since he didnt have to go to the studio. A few fans stopped you and asked Sam for a picture. You got used to them interrupting you, taking pictures. “Sam, can you kiss my cheek?” a fan asked him. “Sure, anything for you” he smiled while taking a selfie with the fan. You got used to that but it didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. “Thank you Sam.” the fan chuckled while wrapping his arm around his shoulders. You and Sam walked away and he questioned “What’s wrong, babe?”. “It’s nothing” you mumbled with a fake smile. Then you blurted “SHE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU! AND YOU DIDN’T MIND, I WOULD SAY YOU ENJOYED FLIRTING WITH HER TOO. YOU WERE ACTING LIKE YOU WERE SINGLE”. A tear rolled down your cheek but you wiped it away and walked away. 

Shawn: He forgot your anniversary because he’s too focus on his music

You were really excited about you night out with Shawn. You’ve planned this night since a while. It was your first anniversary. You got readt to go out with your boyfriend. You decided to wear a short red dress while a pair of heel sandals. You done your make up and then curled your hair. You were ready, but Shawn wasn’t at home. You thought he was late because of his work. After a while, you decided to call him “Babe, where are you. I’m ready for our night.”. “I’m sorry, honey. I’m still in the studio. I wanted to call you but I hadn’t time.  We have to finish this song and I’ll be out all night I think. So don’t wait me.” he spoke. You were speechless. How in the hell could he have forget your anniversary! “Shawn, today is our anniversary. You forgot, right?” you questioned and he replied “I guess. I’m so sorry babe. We’ll go out tomorrow, I promise”. You didn’t reply but hung up the phone. 

Taylor: You spend some time with your guy best friend 

Today your best friend Kevin was in your city and, since you hadn’t seen him for a long time, you decided to spend some time with him. He had been your best friend since when you were kids. You went to Starbucks where you spent the whole afternoon talking about your life, expecially talking about Taylor. Around 7 in the evening you came back home. You walked in and screamed “Tay?”. “Here” he yelled back from the kitchen. You found a mad Taylor on the counter, he gave you a quick gaze “Enjoy your afternoon with him?” he questioned. “Taylor, are you kidding me? Are you jealous because I spent an afternoon with him?”. He rolled his eyes “Of course I’m jealous. My girlfriend with another guy”. “He’s my best friend, you shouldn’t be jealous” you mumbled while walking out the kitchen and going upstairs in your room. 

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YiFan is that you?

Donut: But I am an alpaca!

A Pink Alpaca’s Guide on How to Dress When You Have a Date With Men Prettier Than You (ft. Panda Unnie’s Pink Alpaca, Donut)

★ There are hints of XiuHan, Kaisoo, ByunTae, and TaoHun.  You no likie, sorwee.  Panda Unnie likie, so too bad 彡゚◉ω◉ )つー☆*


Date with Wu YiFan:

Galaxy artist with the clueless benben mustache you a question, carrying a sketchpad and paintbrush to doodle all the wonderful little adventures and gorgeous glistening angels of Heaven on the midnight sky.


Date with Kim Joonmyeon: 

Bookworm with long hair, large rimmed glasses, dates and accidental meetings at libraries.  Make sure you loop your hair around your ears once in a while.  (Donut stole my hair for this picture.  I took this by the windowsill btw but it didn’t show up in picture OTL).


Date with Huang ZiTao:

D-O-N-U-T Donut.  Ohhh yeahh…fashionista with shades, even at night, and faux fur wrap.  PERFECT AIRPORT FASHION AND SELFIE SKILLS.  ohhhhh yeahhh, look at that perfect angle on the first picture.  && no, you can’t simply take only one selfie, okay?     


Date with Park Chanyeol:

Music genius who wear headphones as winter earmuffs (lol I do that a lot…is that weird?) and gets perfect 100% on Guitar Hero {Donut jammed too hard so picture came out blurry #aesthetics}


Date with Byun Baekhyun:

Kim Do-yeonut I GOT A BOY~~~~~~ sings with wide range.  Dates singing sweet little duets together while driving around on car dates.  >3< little smooches too so make sure you apply on a lip mask the night before the date.


Date with Luhan:

DONUT BAOZI…cutesy usagi headband with lots of yummy sweeets.  You can be shy and that’s alright because XiaoLu doesn’t mind.  Be prepared to wear a small cami on the instead in case you have to change to his jersey mid-date and cheer him on, on his soccer competitions.      


Date with Kim Minseok:

My Dearest Deer, perfect with little jingle bells and eyes that twinkle brighter than the stars on the night sky~ ・*:..。o○☆*゚+.☆。+゚  Christmas is always around the corner.  Minseokie Oppa doesn’t talk a lot so don’t feel defeated if you don’t have a long conversation…it’s what’s in the heart that counts.  


Date with Do Kyungsoo: 

Gentle feminine, well-mannered ballerina but likes fried chicken dates.  As you twirl around, Kyungsoo will sing a romantic ballad he wrote just for you.  (lol yes, that is supposed to be a chicken drumstick ~facepalm~ Panda Unnie can’t draw with Sharpies~)


Date with Kim Jongin:

Squishy chef donning perfectly round, white-rich eyes.  Get ready for lots of eye-sex contact.  Jongin is cold on the outside, shy on the inside so don’t be afraid to take initiative. (LMFao.  tHIS one made me laugh so hard while I was taking the picture).


Date with Oh Sehun:

Super innocent, kawaii, splash of pinku pinku (and pandas, ‘cause ya know…) and bubble tea dates of course.  That’s a given, right?  ~accidentally drinks from wrong cup.  Indirect kiss >3< ~  


Date with Kim Jongdae:

Sassy bunny diva princess…lots of glitz and glam and remember to show up fashionably late to the date to troll him ;)  though, he might put thumbtacks on your chair as a revenge, so becareful (esp. since it’s April Fools in Korea right now).


Date with Zhang YiXing:

FLOWERS.  FLOWERS.  HEAL ME YIXING.  Put on a little bit of coral blush.  He will likely bring you to a meadow of flowers and serenade you so be prepared for your heart to explode.   


Second Date with Huang ZiTao:

PANDAS!  PANDAS!  PANDAS!  YES!  ˞͛ʕ̡̢̡◌・ꄃ・◌ʔ̢̡̢˞͛

Now you all probably think I’m coo-coo.  And you are right.  I am not the same person I was before EXODUS.  

(I’m sorry, I was supposed to respond yesterday but Call Me Maybe Baby LOL I’M DONE.  MV came out and i could not function afterwards).  

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