prettier than me

~에 비해 is similar to 보다
They are comparatives.

이 책은 그 책에 비해 좋아요 | this book is better than that book/ compared to that book, this book is good.

비교하다 is the verb meaning to compare, which means you can do the following:
우리 엄마와 니네 엄마랑 비교 하지마!! | (inf) Don’t compare my mom with yours!

저를 제 친구와 비교하면 친구는 예뻐요 | if you compare me with my friend, my friend is pretty/prettier than me. [notice how the object particle is used at the beginning and “with” is used with the word friend]

anonymous asked:

11:25 thinking about this guy I have a crush on who I almost asked out but I found out he started dating this girl way prettier than me. Wondering if I had asked him warier if he would've said yes

Dude same boat but you know what? Someone’s outer appearance is not comparable because everyone has types of beauty that they find in one another. Beauty holds such ambiguity and outer complexion is just one of the many. There are so many things more attractive than looks; like stoicism or a nerdy sense of humor, the sound of your laugh, the ability to make others around you feel comfortable, the sound of your voice, your smile, there’s so many ways to find someone attractive and you shouldn’t limit yourself to the comparison of one factor. He’ll miss out and he knows it but also, don’t live your life in hopes of someone investing in you. Invest in you because you’re the one that’s important, not him.