prettier than a princess

Eating Me Alive //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: potter-at-the-disco

Plot: After a long time of patiently waiting, Draco finally can’t take it anymore.

Pairing: Reader x Draco

Warnings: swears but that’s it

A/n: I’m going to make this kind like a one-shot sorta so it’s gonna be kinda short

~ Draco’s Pov ~

Transfiguration class was never long enough. I could spend days on end in that class and never once complain about staying. Why? Because Y/n was in my class. Beautiful, talented, friendly, funny Y/n. A Slytherin princess at her finest. She was undoubtedly prettier than every girl at Hogwarts by a landslide. The more I stared at Y/n, the quicker the clock seemed to move and before I knew it, we were dismissed and we would part ways, not a word said between us. But what would I say to her anyway? I’m Draco Lucius Malfoy. The school’s prick. What would a girl like Y/n, a living queen, see in me. Everyday I thought over a billion things I could say to her. Each idea was pushed aside as it was nothing good enough to say to her. Not that it would make a difference anyway. All of my words disappeared when I saw her. Talking to her was beyond impossible.

“You gotta talk to her man. You’re a fuckin’ mess.” Crabbe said as he sat down on the couch beside me.

“Easier said than done.” I muttered back as I rubbed my upper lip anxiously as my thoughts danced in my head, not once slowing down or stopping.

“This is going to ruin you if you don’t do something. It’s been a year Draco. And you’re the Slytherin Prince. What can she say to you?”

“She can say Fuck off. I may be the Slytherin Prince Crabbe, but she is the Slytherin queen. What is a Prince to a queen. Nothing.” I let my arms fall to my side as I leaned back against the couch. “But you’re not wrong Crabbe. It will ruin me. But it will ruin me more if she rejects me. There’s no way out.”

I raised my hands to my forehead as I rubbed my temples, my eyes closing.

“Just talk to her. She must notice that you stare at her literally every five seconds. And I’ve never seen ‘er with any guys 'round here so she must still be single.” Crabbe shrugged.

A match lit in my mind. “I have to tell her before someone else does.” I stood up quickly and walked out of the room, my footsteps echoing through the empty common room.

I didn’t stop walking until I was outside the potions room. I knew she had potions because Pansy did too and she was always talking about how Y/n needed to help her with the homework. I leaned against the wall and waited for the class to be dismissed.

About 5 minutes later and my waiting was over. People started filing out of the room. Some of them gave me weird looks as they passed me but I ignored them. I wasn’t looking for a fight right now. Y/n’s y/h/c hair caught my attention and I quickly snapped into action. I leaned forward and tapped her shoulder. She turned to me with her gorgeous y/e/c gleaming.

“Hi Draco, can I help you with something?” She asked as she stepped out of the stream of people.

Fuck. Where were my words. They had disappeared again. I looked at her stupidly as I desperately tried to get them back.

“Um…yeah…yeah..I-” I rubbed the back of my neck, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

She looked to be five inches shorter than me. I could have easily rested my chin on her head as I held to her waist protectively, feeling her body against mine. I shook my head slightly as she responded.

“What’s up?” Her brows furrowed a little and she leaned on one leg.

“I-” I took another breath. “I really like you Y/n. I have for about a year now. much it drives me crazy. Seriously, just ask Crabbe and Goyle. It was eating me alive so I just had to tell you. And I know you probably have no interest in me because I’m just the school bully but it was worth a shot right?”

Y/n smiled and I felt my heart melt. “That’s really nice Draco. You’ll be glad to hear that I’ve had my eye on you too. Not for a year but for a good couple months.”

She spoke softly as if she was worried someone would overhear. Her eyelashes batted every time she blinked and her eyes seemed to twinkle. Her lips reflected the color of my cheeks now as I smiled.

“You have?”

She nodded.

“Does that mean- I - does this mean I can kiss you?” I asked hesitantly. I knew there were lines, but I had no idea where I would cross them.

She laughed quietly and smiled up at me. “If you would like too.”

Without hesitation, I gently placed my hands on the sides of her face and pressed my lips to hers. It was even more wonderful than I had imagined it in my head. Her lips were softer than anything I can remember feeling and her skin was so soft and smooth. Her hands landed lightly on my waist and I felt every finger brushing lightly against my skin above my shirt. Time seemed to slow down which surprised me. Everything involving her usually sped up the clock. But I could live with this. This, was absolutely perfect.

what does strength look like to her

to bright-eyed, impressionable, pink dress
there is no one cooler or prettier than princess Ariel
for she did not live with two-legged creatures
who could be capable of saying such cruel things
to a little girl who plays with tiaras, where
recess becomes a time to hide tears
and wait for a prince Eric

to choppy haircut, pudgy framed, pigtails
the last twelve years, she would say, have not been very kind
boys have been boys, she says. what has she been, she wonders.
often she does not understand words that can come out of mouths
that hold positions of authority. what does it mean, exactly
for your religion teacher to say a woman “is asking for it.”
do not talk back, they huff in response to her questions
eventually, all she asks is to be sixteen so that in time
her face will grow to accommodate
her stupid nose

to unapologetically bold, impatient, dark eyeliner
nothing is scary very much at all, she says to her friends
freshman year is exciting; how refreshing it can be to restart.
she tells him of heartwreck, is met with “attention-seeker”
and loud scoffs at her interest in eyeliner and summer dresses.
bury the things you love, she learns, and adopt his instead.
she wonders if it is wrong to enjoy newfound attention
she receives from the male gaze, makes decisions to appease
those who seem to be screaming, “just give him a chance,”
and finds herself suffocating in illness larger than her body.
she repeats: nothing is scary very much at all

what does strength look like to her
picture this: something stronger than words from her 7th grade teacher
have permeated into the layers of her skin, stronger than those of
mean six year old girls and bitter ex boyfriends
wherein she finds it is not wrong to want attention
to be simultaneously vulnerable and strong
or to still. love. pink. fucking. dresses.

what does strength look like
after reclaiming a bruise
i’d say, to her
it looks an awful lot like you

—  be kind to your past self
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Never wake up again either way. You are a menace to society.

» Actually loves to sleep.

» Actually lazy.

» Actually spoilers for one of his endings.

» Actually can only be woken up with a true love’s kiss. Sleeping beauty confirmed?

» Actually was forced to dress as Cinderella during Halloween and gave a prettier woman than you ever did.

» Does Sakamaki Ayato is Disney princess?


Everyone’s talking about how Yuu is totally sleeping beauty but c'mon think about it for a sec

Prince!Yuu being cursed by malificent!Mahiru and sent off to live with disgruntled fairy adoptive parents Guren and Shinya

He grows up with Yoichi, Mitsuba, Shinoa and Kimizuki by his side in a small village in the country. Shinoa’s family is the most respected in the community so she tries to make everyone (except their group) refer to her as “Your Majesty")

Everyone Yuu talks to can’t help but notice how precious he is (despite guren’s constant grumbling that the gift he bestowed on Yuu that made him “loved by all who met him” never really took effect at all)

Meanwhile, Mika grows up the crown prince in Krul’s court, desperate to find a better suitor than Ferid before he turns sixteen. Ferid keeps trying to charm Krul into gaining his hand, but she believes him to be too young and forces Ferid to wait until his sixteenth birthday

Unfortunately, mika’s still picky as fuck and it seems each puffed up canidate he meets is as pathetic as the next (honestly if he has to listen to Lacus telling him how beautiful he is one more time he’s going to stab himself)

So, he sneaks out of court constantly to visit his perfect, and sadly poor, Yuu-chan, who lives on the border with the neighboring kingdom

They’re the best of friends, obviously soulmates to anyone watching, which Shinya and Guren desperately (and embarassingly, in Yuu’s opinion) try to encourage, but yuu is constantly confused as to why mika can never stay (mika never had the heart to tell him he was royalty)

But eventually lord ferid finds out and tells mika that unless he agrees to stop seeing yuu he’ll personally go to the bordering village and take mika’s little “angel” for himself

So Mika acquiesces in order to save yuu, promising never to return to him

Cue yuu sneaking out with the rest of shinoa’s squad, off on a trip to the castle in hopes it’ll take his mind off of his lost mikaela

And there he’s tricked into pricking his goddamn finger by a demon named asuramaru, promptly launching into a deep sleep (at which point guren and shinya track him down and shinya can do nothing but watch guren cuss out yuu’s sleeping form)

Soon, mika hears about the castle and the beautiful long lost prince awaiting true loves kiss, and decides to give it a shot in a last ditch effort to avoid marrying Ferid

And, upon finally seeing his yuu-chan turned perfect prince, all of his worries melt away because of course this is his true love how could it ever be anyone else

(Guren and Shinya are just in the background screaming at mika for not turning up sooner)

(Shinoa is infinitely pissed off that yuu is now real-live royalty, even after being made an official Lady)

(Kimizuki teases yuu about being mika’s princess)

(Shinya can’t decide if they should make yuu wear the white suit with red trimmings to match mika or his black suit with green trimmings for the wedding and he legitimately cannot choose until guren kisses him to shut him up)

All is well in ons fairy tale land