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Oh shit ummm.. Shit idk I would ask my mom about it since she used o work around doctors but she’s asleep uhh ;;

I made my mom look at it and she said it looked a little swollen ;o;

I google it and they said if it repeats it either arthritis (the same kind my mom has but I’m p sure I don’t have that yet) or fluid on the knee and I dont know what that is but I thought it required injuries sobs

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Here's ur character bruh. Pearl. But I'm also going to throw in an extra doozy. Also. GARNET. Quick yo


  • Why I like them: There are lots of reasons probably, but I’m blanking on them.
  • Favorite episode: Rose’s Scabbard.
  • Favorite line: “Put your clothes on, Steven.”
  • OTP: Rose Quartz.
  • Brotp: Amethyst.
  • My nickname for them: Bird Mom.


  • Why I like them: She’s two small lesbian rocks in a large coat.  What’s not to like?
  • Why I don’t: 
  • Favorite episode: Future Vision.
  • Favorite line: “Hello, this is Mom Universe.  Yes, the children are playing swords.  Sorry, with swords.  They are bleeding.  Oh no, they are dead. Don’t call again.”
  • OTP: Herself.
  • Brotp: Steven.
  • Head Canon: All those times we see Garnet just chilling on the couch, I’m pretty sure Ruby and Sapphire are making out in her head.
  • My nickname for them: Square mom, The Tall One.

Had far too much fun at this place!

Act-chan and I loved running about taking photos. 

She’s also a couple of inches taller and she reached the damn ceiling to that little hut thing XC I guess there is a reason to calling me shrimpy. 

We also prolly disrespected Buddha by taking photos with him…bad luck is upon us both…XD oh well, we rubbed the head after that to hopefully take it away. 

….that is what you are supposed to do right?


Lets play a game, who can guess the cosplay?

the one at the bottom actually had a sign, but offered Act-chan to be held like a princess. ….She went with it. 

and I had to track down Silver. I almost lost him XC

and we almost lost Spain too

and while the photo of Ed and Roy was in proccess, Act-chan turns to me and tells me “Don’t call him short” they we hear Roy mention something to Ed about being short and right after the photo, Ed lost his shit on Roy XD I love it when Cosplayers act as their characters. 

And my Friend, C-chan was there, she was dressed up as Twilight Sparkle. X3 so much love for that. Although she isn’t my favorite pony, the cosplay was good and it was approval. 


The Adventures of Shrimpy and Act-chan!

So yesterday, Act-chan invited me to a mini con called the Hatsume fair. It was AWESOME! 

you know, until she fell over from dehydration and dragged me down with her Xc That was prolly the worst part of our day. But other than that. it was fine. and don’t worry you guys: Act-chan is okay!! she is fine. just needed water and to not wear that black hat like she did. 
Got to take loads of pictures of cosplayers, which I will be posting up on here. I dunno who any of them are, but I have some good ones X3 Everyone was awesome and friendly enough for us to take pictures with or pose for us to take pictures. It was awesome!!!!

so I am gonna spend the rest of today posting pictures of us, the Morikami museum and garden, and loads of cosplayers that we reconized!
also she will post some that I didn’t get and I will try to reblog them from her when she posts them up. 

so yeah, long story short, lots of pictures, dehydration, fine again, icecream and more pictures. X3