pretense of dreaming

iii. attack phase

Dear you —

The sky is uneasy,
stirring viciousness in
the inextricable sea.

Anchors crowd the seafloor,
the scores of times I have
committed and retracted.

An arching reflection
of discarded halos
tears the corners of the sky.

The faces that we wore
have corroded; soft green
poison eating the pretense.

Dreaming you cerulean
as the pale sky bows over
seas that hide my multitudes.

Star-dense depths of abandoned
temples and monuments to
a midnight painted goddess
that buckled below the waves.


Closed curtains,
shaking hands,
heightened senses.

Sublingual dissolution,
nausea’s lullaby soothing
us toward unconsciousness.


Forgotten spires collapse below
the mellowing currents.