Memoir Reviews
“Given the requirements of a memoir within a non-fiction class, I thought Rachael’s poignant honesty was brave and impressive to display for her peers to read. She speaks about the piece’s theme, ‘love,’ with mature insight and  truthfulness in total disregard of her classmates opinions. ‘Young lovers who bickered, conversed, fucked, hugged, and shared’ and, ‘Wine is the new water. I turn into the biggest mess in the world. It’s like my twenty-first birthday for an entire semester, so I am often belligerently drunk’ are examples of her fearless writing.” -Mr. Suber-Jenkins

“I liked this memoir because I think that everyone can find something in it to relate to: the fast-paced college life, meaningless relationships, first love, regretting leaving someone…any of this. I liked the ending; it wrapped the story up nicely, but left the end open so that there can be more in the future; and that’s life.” -Ms. Finnegan

“This piece literally seems like an assigned reading. It was that good. People talk about wrong tenses and pacing and shit like that in class, and that’s not something I ever notice. So I am not sure if it is a problem in this piece…however I am assuming it is not because this paper was fucking good.” -Mr. Crawford

“The writing was exceptional and the topic was captivating. I was drawn in immediately by the opening scene and couldn’t wait to see where the author went with it.” - Ms. Lorinczy

“I feel like the author is holding out on some of the personal details, which, if included, would be more interesting and refreshing. As is, the broad descriptions feel like she’s skirting around some uncomfortable details or that they are too difficult to describe succinctly.” - Ms. Small