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Writing Is Hard

Summary: Dean finds the blog you use to read smutty fan fiction. And of course, he decides he can write a better story about himself. You help.

Warning: Smut, some dirty talk, mutual masturbation, all kinds of fan fiction clichés

Word Count: 4350

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. And thanks to @littlegreenplasticsoldier​ for being a great beta and being generally flawless. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

No. This isn’t happening.

This is one of those moments you’d had weird nightmares about, dreams that left you embarrassed and feeling all icky the next day until you finally convinced yourself that it wasn’t real. And just like those moments, this one will end any second now. You’ll wake up in some motel bed, Dean will be in the next room with Sam, asleep or showering or eating or anything but standing over your laptop with that look on his face.

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anonymous asked:

idk this is a bit weird... Let's pretend that it can happen ok? How would rfa + minor trio react if mc grows cat ears and a cat tail when ever she's happy/excited? I can imagine Zen red from blushing and sneezing! >< How would Jumin react if he saw mc's ears and tail popping out while she's holding Elizabeth the 3rd with a big smile? I really like your writing and blog! Keep it up! (^з^)〜♡

(^o^ Thank you!! I don’t think it’s weird at all!)


  • The first time it happened
  • He thought he was dreaming.
  • “Uh… MC?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “You have cat ears.”
  • You explain this was normal when you were happy
  • He slowly gets used to it
  • Likes to put on cat ears and do the same so you don’t feel weird.


  • He also felt like he was going to sneeze around you
  • Now he knew why
  • He turned bright red
  • And started sneezing
  • “Eep! Zen are you ok?!”
  • He takes a lot of allergy meds to keep from sneezing
  • Thinks its adorable


  • He had just gotten home
  • And heard you giggling and talking to Elizabeth III
  • When he walked into the living room
  • He first thought you were dressed as a cat
  • But when you told him this always happened
  • He scooped you up
  • “Kitten, I knew you were special for more reasons than I can count.”


  • Did not expect this.
  • He did not see this in his background check
  • Loves it
  • Calls you Ellie when you are happy
  • Is in heaven


  • Thinks he’s gone nuts.
  • Tugs on your ears to see if they are real
  • When you cry out in pain, he pulls away
  • Thinking you were badly hurt
  • You tell him you’re fine
  • And just not to do that
  • Doesn’t want anyone else to see you in this cute form.


  • Can’t see
  • So he doesn’t realize until he is hugging you
  • And your ears tickle his nose
  • Thinks it is adorable


  • Panics at first
  • What did Seven do to you oh god
  • You have to calm him down.
  • Like Jumin, loves it
  • Especially since your ears and tail are cheetah
  • Dis boy loves him some cheetah print

anonymous asked:

Honestly things have been such a mess lately and looking more and more like it's going to be a long term battle. Not even sure if there is still a band left anymore. I still care about the guys but if we have to continue with the bullshit then I don't see the point really. Now we got two fake babies and a bunch of fake girlfriends and the most shady promo. I would rather give my time and money to someone else. Still gonna be here for your writing though :)

Who would’ve thought this shit would stretch for long and get even worse, eh? I certainly wouldn’t. But we’re here, and that’s the current situation. *sighs*

I don’t even worry about the band TBH. All this shit we’re seeing traces back to money. We’re seeing the result of a predatory industry preying on young talents (literal kids when the boys started). So, even if it takes 20 years, 1D will still come back because it’s profitable. (New Kids on The Block have returned, so why not 1D?).

Even if they were at each other’s throats (like the press wants us to believe), at one point they would still come back because $$$. Remember how everyone got excited about the prospect of some dude suing 1D and how that would mean all five reunited in court? That only proves that, despite the fuckery in this fandom, people would nut for a reunion. End of. 1D are a big name. It doesn’t matter that many think they’re a band for kids. Pretty much everyone knows about 1D, even if just to mock them as “kiddies stuff”.

(And here I don’t have much to say because 1D’s team targets grown men making all kinds of lewd jokes and singing innuendos at kids. If you go back to UAN tour, you’ll know a bunch of hormonal teenage boys were NEVER appropriate for little kids. “Blow a kiss, blow a job”? “Different dick every night”? PLS!)

But back to the subject. Yeah, it feels like everything will drag for some time. We see all those babies around, and it doesn’t seem like we’re getting any denouement soon. We can’t enjoy anything about the boys’ solo careers without some kind of fuckery, or being used to promote their so-called “girlfriends”. Everything is normal and people break up and get cheated and go back again.  Yup, nothing to see here. Celebrities are fickle and so are the normal people associated to them. :)

Many don’t care for facts and roll with it. Some even want you to dumb down to their level when logic and facts tell you otherwise. Fandom life is more and more complicated because you don’t know who to follow, the friend of yesterday is the heterosexuality-loving anti of tomorrow blocking you and pretending like they’ve never seen the shadiness they turn a blind eye on now. Many of your blog friends are deleting or changing blogs completely; everybody and their nan are a Kpop blog now.

I agree with you in that we don’t have many positive things right now. Haven’t had them for years now TBH. It’s just no fun. I can see why investing time in other thing would be nice, or even just enjoy casually the music that (hopefully) comes out. I’ll probably do that at one point, too. I’m not interested in drama. When I want drama I watch Soraya Montenegro try to kill three different characters in the same scene★. Now That’s What I Call Drama™.

All that said, I still want to see the boys emerge victorious. It won’t be easy (we’re seeing it now), but one day something good must happen, right? We’ve never asked for much.

We wanted nice merch? Have dolls, bags and 256 perfumes!

We wanted OT5 content? Too bad, they’re all mortal enemies now. Their securities actually are to protect them from one another.

We wanted the rumoured collabs with other artists like FOB? Get rekt! There’s no ‘team’ in ‘featuring’, and have I mentioned that all 1D boys hate each other?

We’re honestly starved of everything we’d get from a normal band. I’ll be blunt here: I don’t give a single fuck about personal lives, naming their families members or whom they’re supposedly banging. I never did. But what did we get? A bunch of “relatable” canvas girlfriends to supposedly makes us squee. Aww, see that? The boys date normal girls! Older girls! That means you too can be a 1D girlfriend!!! Yeahhh… there’s not a single thing surrounding 1D that had been aimed for typical fans. Everything had been done like we all want to bone them. (And many do, but that’s not everyone. They’re not pieces of meat and we’re not fucking pumas!)

1D success has been DESPITE their team. The boys are loveable and their bond is what has drawn most of the people in. I still think we don’t have many 1D fans as we have “I’m [1D boy]’s fan and I’m stick with the other 4” around here. Too many hateful stans that thrive on tearing the others down to elevate their fave. When I think about that, it’s not hard see why 1D shitty team got away with the putrid stuff they try to feed us: too many scavengers.

Anyway! I have no idea where I was going with this (it’s mostly 1AM ramblings), but yeah. We can only hope for something good in less than 20 years. I wish all five the best and want to see them succeed. I hope I can see it happen before we’re all 50-somethings. And thank you for the kind words. :) Glad my writing can add something positive to this hellhole of fandom. I’m here for the music, the boys’ friendship, to support them and fandom content. Sadly those are the things we don’t get any more. *sighs*

anonymous asked:

Could I request some sleeping headcanons (with a/o) for Oda, Chuuya, and Dazai? Ur blog is so good!

Absolutely! And thank you, I’m glad you think so :’)

Sakunosuke Oda

Odasaku normally comes home really late because of his line of work, so he finds you already fast asleep and dressed in one of his button-down shirts while adorably clutching onto a pillow pretending that it’s him when he returns to his apartment. From the sight alone, his face lights up with an adoring smile and he can’t wait to crawl into bed with you and wrap his arms around your figure and press a light kiss to you neck/shoulder and nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck before finally drifting off to sleep after a long and tiresome day.

Chuuya Nakahara

Chuuya returns home at an ungodly hour as well, and he’s usually so dead tired from work that you’ll sometimes find yourself almost near the edge as Chuuya greedily (though unintentionally) takes up most of the space by sprawling his limbs across his enormous bed. His cute snores and mumbling of incoherent sentences in his sleep may cause you to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and you’d automatically curl up next to him. Which Chuuya really loves waking up to and seeing you warmly snuggled up beside him first thing in the morning.

Osamu Dazai

Dazai can’t possibly go to sleep without snatching you in his arms and cuddle with you for at least half an hour first since it’s a nightly tradition that started the minute you moved in with him. And he’s not about to break it anytime soon. He usually falls asleep spooning you and wakes up with a dead arm in the middle of the night, but pushes through the pain until morning comes around because he doesn’t want to accidentally wake you if he tried to remove his arm. Instead, Dazai would actually pull you closer to him and hug you gently. 

anonymous asked:

I know it's dumb, and I shouldn't let it effect me. But with everything else going on in my life, including mild to moderate bouts of depression, discourse just gets to me. I have an ace shirt and sometimes I wear the colors in my hair. But I have always been a little disinclined about coming out to straight people. And now I'm careful about which LGBT+ people I come out to. And like, I hate talking about it to anyone but my main friend. Once an associate made a joke about it (1/2)

And I hated it. Not the joke, I’ve joked with him before. But the fact that it was loud enough for others to hear. And one girl got on him for outing me. Which was AWESOME. Then he got defensive and pointed out that I wore the shirt, so I agreed with him. Because what could I say? I do wear the shirt! I’m just a ridiculous person, who’s not comfortable with myself, even if I pretend to be sometimes. I’m sorry. I guess this isn’t a question. I just needed to say it. (Advice wanted) (2/2)

First off, if you tell the blog a story and you do want our opinion on it instead of generalized ‘been there’, that (advice wanted) tag is smart. Anyways! This is actually more normal than you might think. I know people who are out on tumblr, but not twitter. Sometimes I wear my pride shirts around strangers and sometimes I’m not in the mood for it. It comes down to safely, so while it might seem weird, it’s really not. If your friend is straight he won’t be able to understand that. I’d suggest you tell him something like “hey I know I’m out to you but that’s because I trust you, could you please try to keep it hush hush.” If he doesn’t respect that he doesn’t really respect your comfort.

It’s not dumb, it’s very reasonable to have it effect you. Talk to your friend that you’d like him to be more hush hush. Your end goal should be I don’t care who knows, but that is not a feeling that happens over night. You work towards it. And sometimes you don’t care, and still have exceptions. 

I also know pretty of people who use a different label around possibly less friendly people. Bisexual for grey-aces and biromantics is common. Often times people just use Queer. Because it’s a single word that covers everything they could possibly mean.

Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why/ the hate its getting??

A lot of people say its glamourising depression and suicide but I just really don’t see it? Like nothing about it is glamourous. Its messy and painful and i think it does a great job at showing what happens to the people that get left behind? Is it realistic that she made tapes? i mean probably not but also is there a “normal” way to kill oneself? is it any different than leaving a note or a journal or a blog post? not really. 

A lot of people are saying its not realistic because Hannah doesn’t show any signs of depression throughout, but thats the thing depression isn’t the same for everyone and for a lot of people its getting through your day and pretending its fine. I personally try really really hard not to let the people around me know whats going on with me. It doesnt mean you have to outwardly display your symptoms at all times. 

More people are saying Hannah is stupid for killing herself because her life wasn’t THAT BAD. But when you have a mental illness it is often hard to be rational. Pain and suffering are relative. You cannot compare your suffering to someone else’s. your WORST THING is yours. someone else’s WORST THING is theirs and it doesn’t diminish that fact that you are in pain just because someone else is in different pain?

idk I thought it was well done and interesting. 

anonymous asked:

I don't think she blogs anymore but it was thebritishboyfriends. She posted a screenshot of the alleged club's rules so I took it and google image searched it to have the club name to pretend like I ~knew. I lived in Halifax Canada at the time, I had no sources in LA.

To the people in my life that have decided to lie about me, thank you. Thank you for pretending to be my friends for the past year and then turning around and stabbing me in the back. Thank you for going to our employer and telling them that I come to work on drugs, when I don’t. Thank you for jeopardizing my job, even after I’ve confided in you with all my money-related issues and trusted you with things that I wouldn’t normally tell people. Thank you for having to make me go home and tell my parents (who I take care of and support financially) that I might have to find another job and may not have money for a while. Thank you for putting stress on me that I don’t need, because it has to do with things that never happened all because you felt like lying. Thank you for treating me like I don’t matter even after I’ve done so much for you and for the company, whether it be working way more shifts and hours than I should be, or just being a nice person. Thank you for being two-faced. Thank you for making me feel like shit over something that I didn’t even do, and wouldn’t ever do. Thank you for telling everybody that I used to have a minor drug problem after I told you not to, because that’s extremely personal information to me and I don’t want everybody knowing that. Thank you for not recognizing all of the work that I do for you, but immediately saying I’m a terrible person because of one incident that had nothing to do with me. Thank you for putting the blame only on me instead of the people I was staffed with and the people I was training, even though the real issue has to do with them and not me. Thank you for making me worry about getting fired over something that I didn’t do.

I don’t know where in your mind that it makes sense to tell our managers that I’m a drug addict, when I’m not, as if somehow that’s okay. It’s never okay to jeopardize someone’s employment unless there is a legitimate reason to do so, and in this case, there is absolutely no reason for it. I don’t bust my ass at this shitty fast food job, staying longer than I’m scheduled for, doing things that I don’t even have time to do, putting off things in my social life and my life outside of work just to help out you and your shitty shift, to be called a drug addict and a worthless employee. I don’t do all that I do so I can have people shit on me.

Thank you for all that you’ve said about me. But most importantly, thank you for making me seem like one of the worst employees the business has ever seen, when in reality, one of the worst employees is the crew lead that you obsess over so much that it makes me sick. Maybe you should tell her to do her job sometime, it might make me look even more shitty. Wouldn’t that be what you want? I thought so.

Thank you.

BTS Reaction - You Accidentally Farting In Front Of Them

Thanks for the request! I hope you like it <3


J-Hope - *Such a tease about it* Wow…

Rap Monster - *Doesn’t care* You can’t help it

Suga - *He’d unexpected it and would give a slightly laugh and pretend to be so offended about it*

Jimin - *Pretends to be unimpressed but would burst out laughing from how funny it would be*

Jin - *Would be slightly embarrassed for you but would reassure you that it’s normal and that you don’t need to be embarrassed*

Jungkook - *2nd hand embarrassed for you but would then later on reassure you that it was okay and it can’t be helped*

V - *Probably as bad as each other*

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Exo’s Reaction to you being very depressed but being really good at faking that everything is fine

Of course we’ll do it, it’s no problem whatsoever! :) And thank you for supporting our blog and submitting :)


*Minseok would just watch you faking everything from far and would eventually get a bit upset because you didn’t tell him that you were feeling down or depressed. After he gets enough of you faking and pretending, he would grab you by the hand and pull you into a room where you two are alone.*

Xiumin: “Please tell me why you’re being like this?! Why can’t you just trust me and tell me so that way I can help you and you won’t have to be pretending to be happy and faking a smile.. Huh??”

*While he was saying this you saw a tear escape his eye because of how upset he was. You wipe away the tear and tell him everything. He then gives you a strong but yet sweet kiss letting you know that you can get through it and that he will always be by your side.*


*He’d notice your faking everything by the way you talked to him and he would go along with it but with a somewhat sassy attitude.*

Y/N: “Why are you being sarcastic?”

Luhan: “Why are you pretending that everything is fine, when you obviously aren’t?”

*You stand there in shock just staring at him. He stares back at you and you suddenly see his eyes get teary. But the look he gave you, you knew it meant that he didn’t want you to ever be depressed or sad. He pulls you in for a tight hug which makes you break down and you two just stay like that until you finally feel better.*


*He’d notice it while you were talking to your friends and from a distance would watch you and when you looked at him he would smile so you wouldn’t figure out that he already knew. Later when you two were alone he would ask you about and you’d probably refuse and say you weren’t faking anything but then he’d give you a sweet but sad look that somehow made you break down in tears. And then eventually you tell him about your depression.*

Kris: “We can get through this together Y/n, okay? Just make sure you always tell me… I don’t like it when you have to deal with it alone.”


*Junmyeon would take some time to notice that you were actually faking your smile and all of that but when he finally notices he would talk to you about it and he probably won’t leave you alone until you tell him about your depression. After you tell him, he would be close to you at all times and taking more care of you and making sure you knew he loved you. Eventually this gets you out of your depression.*


*After he notices that you were faking a smile and that everything was okay, he’d be in deep thoughts figuring out why you were faking this and why you were feeling depressed. He’d then figures out a way to help you with it. From that day on. without you even telling him he already knew why you were depressed and was always by your side making you smile for real.*


*He’d keep his happy spirit. During those moments when you get reminded of your depression and stop faking a smile for just a minute, he’d quickly try anything to cheer you up and get whatever it was that made you depressed out of your mind.*


*You’ve been faking it all day, even at home when it’s only you and Chen. While he was getting ready for bed, you got reminded of this deep depression and started to cry and when he walked in, you faked being asleep. Somehow he noticed you had some tears rolling down your face and he stood on your side of the bed. He bent down kissed your forehead, wiped your tears away, and gave you a soft gentle kiss that made you forget about everything and that’s when you opened your eyes.*

Chen: “Y/n, Jagiya, my princess, my everything… I know you’re not okay, but I promise to make it all okay just as long as you let me help you.*

*He lays down next to you and cuddle you until you can’t cry anymore and fall asleep.*


*Channie would watch you closely and would watch your every move and notice that you were faking that smile. You’d probably notice this and just keep pretending that it was actually real.*

Chanyeol: *whispers in your ear* “I know something going on… but I’ll wait until you’re ready to tell me about it. Jagi, you know I can help you, right?”

*After you hear that, your fake smile fades and you look at him with teary eyes and hug him. You break down and tell him why you were depressed and in the end he helps you get out of it with his happy virus.*


*He wouldn’t know what to do about you being depressed and suddenly faking that you were fine. He’d try to figure everything out without asking you about it since you didn’t tell him how you were feeling so then when he figures it out he can help you get through it.*


*When he notices that you’re actually faking that everything is fine and smiling, he would get really worried and would think of reason why you were depressed. Later on when is only the two of you, he would probably break down in tears because he didn’t like you being depressed and faking it.*

Tao: *wipes away his tears* “Jagi, I don’t what you to ever feel like this… Please tell me what’s going on and I’ll help you get through it.”

*You both end up crying and you eventually tell him and, like he said, helps you get through it all.*


*Even though you didn’t show it on the outside, he already knew you were a bit depressed. So he randomly just starts to hug you and you still faking it, smile and pretend it’s just a normal hug. But then as he doesn’t let go and hugs you tighter letting you know he’s there for you, you start to break down in his arms (You’re D.O.).*

Kai: *hugs you tight* “Don’t ever get like this and fake that you’re okay. Please Jagiya… Always come to me when you feel depressed or sad. I love you…” *keeps hugging you without letting you go.*


*He knows your real smile and when your actually happy and when you fake it, he definitely knows that you’re faking it. So he would pull you somewhere where it’s only the two of you and would talk to you about it and even if you keep saying your fine and don’t tell him, he will stay there with you until you tell him what’s going on.*

If you have any request, Please, feel free to submit it/them :)

anonymous asked:

So I saw you'd been reading 91W and loved it (it's just so great I read it like in september and I'm still not over it) and I wondered if you knew of fics that were kinda similar? I just couldn't find anything like it anywhere so far... // (Also your blog is awesome!) Anyway thx ;*

Hi! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like my blog!

Yes, yes, yes 91W was great, and @cuddlebabies is an absolute genius - I’m still not over that story either - but it’s always difficult to recommend books that are ‘kinda similar’ to something someone’s read, because, well, a good librarian would ask, Why did you like 91W? and then go from there, right? Because maybe what we liked about a story was the world building, or maybe it was a specific feeling which was weaved throughout it like music, or maybe we simply fell in love with a character and we want to read more about them. So, well - stories that are similar to other stories - that’s always a difficult question to answer. On the other hand, I’m not sure how helpful it’d be to chat with you about this, because I’m far from being a fanfiction expert - unfortunately, I don’t know (or read) a lot of fanfiction anymore - I just don’t have time to. :(

All I can tell you is: if what you liked was the setting, I really can’t help you. I generally don’t read AUs, and those I could rec you do not take place in the same context at all (they’re still awesome, though).

The only other war AU I’ve ever read is Pick it All Up by @scarlettshazam where Cas is a veteran with a missing leg and a lot of trauma to work through. It’s really lovely, but be careful (it’s a prostitute!Dean story, and there is some talk about sexual abuse).

Qualia by @thevioletcaptain is completely different from 91W (Cas is the AI which manages Sam’s house, Dean is the hapless mechanic who slowly falls in love with it despite himself) but it’s got excellent characterization and a very slow progression towards a completely believable love story. Plus, Charlie’s there, so yay!

@schmerzerling‘s stories are mostly AUs - again, not about WW2 but they’ve got all the angst and slow-burn you could ever wish for. Last year I was sucked in by More or Less - the fact it’s both an AU and a WIP and I normally read neither is proof of just how good it is.

Finally, I’m completely in love with @no-gorms‘s writing (she’s Annie D or scaramouche on AO3) and she’s written this very long AU series, Not Part of the Plan, where Cas and Dean are two noblemen forced into a marriage of convenience in the middle of a war. The setting is modern (with some elements of magic realism), but if what you liked about 91W was the combat part of it - Cas planning operations, Dean being his usual risk-taker self, the solidarity soldiers form on the battlefield and so on - this may be the fic for you. I know the premise seems too Disney to work, which is why I waited for a long time before giving it a chance, but Annie D has this thing - everything she writes is just right and unputdownable, from outrageous porn to the fluffiest oh no, Dean is now an octopus nonsense. I don’t know how she does it - magic or some shit - but if you’re not reading her stories, you’re definitely missing out.

Now - if what you liked about 91W was not (necessarily) the WW2 setting, but rather the slow burn and the angst, oh boy - I’ve definitely got a couple of fics like that in my bookmarks. You could try @museaway‘s The Path of the Fireflies, which is completely sweet and heartwrenching and kept me awake an entire weekend, or @mishcollin‘s a turn of the earth, a 2015 DCBB, which is also canon-compliant but pre-series - I just loved her perspective into a period of Dean’s life we know next to nothing about - those years Sam was in Stanford and Dean was doing his best to pretend he didn’t care at all. So, well - even if you don’t normally read canon fics, you should give these stories a chance, because they’re both plain amazing and perfectly in character.

(And also - *looks down, blushes* - if you follow my blog, I’m sure you know I write, and maybe you’ve read some of my stories, but just in case - I wrote three novel-length fics, and my style tends to be slow burn and angst and feels, so - if you don’t know about them, here they are - The Way Out is my 2016 DCBB fic, and it’s about time-travel and Hell and Cas being his usual martyr self and Dean being unhappy a lot; The Law of Equivalent Exchange is sort of pre-series and goes back to Biblical times and how Cas was tasked to protect Dean and watch over him as his soul was reborn again and again; and Autrement Danger is a case fic featuring shapeshifters, a hot tub, some very bad childhood memories and the concept of soulmates.)

As a last point - if you’re a Sherlock fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer - the characters are exactly the same, but this time, Sherlock is sent to Afghanistan to solve a case there, and that’s how he meets John, who’s still serving.

I hope you’ll find something you like here - if not, try asking @destielfanfic - they’re the professionals in the fic rec department!

Happy reading!

My life plan is to one day be walking down the street and run into my favorite band member and pretend i don’t know who they are and act like i don’t run a blog dedicated to their existence and start a normal conversation and then they will think “wow she’s pretty cool and she’s not a crazed fan I’m going to ask her out for dinner” and then 5 years after we’re married I’ll say

I knew you were in the band

i knew

BTS Reaction To Your Camera Roll Only Being Of Food And Them

Request: Hi Hi! Can i get a reaction when bts finds out that all of the pictures on your phone are just food and the rest are their pictures, but none of your own? Thanks!! >u<  Your blog makes my day, btw x3

Namjoon: He’d break your phone while he was looking at the pictures and tell you that it was your fault for having such a weird camera roll.

Originally posted by koiyomi

Jin: He’d nod and find it normal because to him that’s all you need.

Originally posted by dirtyvocalist-junhoe

Suga: He would shrug and just tell you you’re weird and that’s why he loves you

Originally posted by syubie-hyung

Hoseok: just would awkwardly pretend he didn’t see it and take pictures of you when you’re not looking.

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Jimin: He’d be flattered that you have a bunch of pictures of him and would agree that the food on your phone looks delicious.

Originally posted by vminv

Taehyung: He’d spam your camera roll with even more pictures of him just to add to your photos

Originally posted by meakeun

Jungkook: he would hand you back your phone, shake his head, and mutter to himself why he liked someone so weird.

Originally posted by neon-areumdawo

princess-baby-girl  asked:

I love your comics so much! I've just been sat at the gym working out and reading all of them! I've burnt 300 calories reading your comics because they were so funny I just kept going! (Also this is my porn blog - Sorry! Just pretend this is coming from a normal blog 😂)

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And remember, any blog is a porn blog, if you’re open minded.

I don’t know either, it’s very bizarre, are you okay? I don’t nitpick or scrutinise other people’s interests, so why do you? Why do you suppose there’s so many true crime books, true crime movies, true crime documentaries, and true crime tv channels? Because it’s a very common interest. Who do you suppose helps solves crimes? Who do you suppose goes to university to enter career fields such as criminal profiler, crime scene investigator, homicide detective, and so on? People that took an interest in true crime. I doubt you find an interest in history and WWII awful, do you? True crime is essentially a part of history and how can we learn to protect ourselves and prevent such brutalities if we brush them under the rug and pretend they never happened? As well as that, these victims deserve a voice and should never be forgotten. Victim’s family members often message this blog asking me to write about their case, why is that a bad thing in your eyes?

A huge mistake that people tend to make, like yourself, is assuming that only inhumane, demonic, monsters are capable of committing heinous murders. Dehumanising them to reassure yourself that “normal” human beings such as yourself are incapable of doing monstrous things makes people feel more comfortable: it implies that there is a separation between us and them - a separation between us “normal” humans and the “monsters” that commit these heinous acts that scare you so much.

You may not understand, but nobody asked you to.
Notifications 12/16

Notifications | Indie movie actor, Phil Lester hadn’t meant to get under Dan Howell’s skin. In fact, they both could never have even dreamed of meeting each other. So when a shitstorm erupts over twitter claiming that they’re a couple (who knows how that rumor started) and their agents desire to take advantage of the attention to launch a movie featuring the two of them… well they could both be happier. | Phan | Mature |Co-Written With notanannoyingfangirl |  Words 31,240

This part: 1,696 words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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Shattered, Part 2.

It had been weeks since I had seen Neymar at the ballon d’Or event. He had ignored all of my calls and texts, changed the locks to his home so I could no longer use my key and had also ignored any form of communication I posed on social media to get his attention. I had even posted a picture of him on Instagram, leaving the caption blank as I was unsure of what to say. I expected him to leave something under it as he normally did but nope. Instead I was met with comments from fanatic fans who labeled me every bad word in the dictionary.

It took the media no time to hop on the story of me and Sergio’s kiss. They even asked him about it in an interview but he slyly avoided the questioned while also lighting fire to the flame.

“Y/N is a very beautiful girl. Any man that gets the chance to kiss her is a lucky guy,” he had admitted to the journalist. And of course the blogs swarmed in on his comment like a pack of wild bees, taking it as him admitting that there was a kiss between us.

I avoided anyone who even asked me the question or crazy paparazzi who seemed to know my whereabouts. For the first few days, I tried to pretend nothing had happened and go out like normal to try and get my mind off of things but it didn’t work. Since then, I had resorted to the confines of my bedroom in darkness aside from the bleak sun that snaked its way past my curtains.

Today I was trying to escape my bedroom and my own misery which was why I was standing in the parking lot of the training grounds. The hood of my PINK sweatshirt was pulled over my head to obscure my face incase there was any reporters around. I hadn’t meant to look sexy or anything of the sort which was clear by the hoodie and matching  joggers. I was just here to see Ney.

I finally got myself to begin walking away from my car and towards the gate. It was unlikely I would be welcomed inside so instead I just waited, looking down at my watch every so often. I knew Neymar’s schedule well now so I knew soon enough he would be making his exit.

The confirmation that training had ended came when I saw Dani walking out. As soon as he saw me he stopped in his tracks and sighed a deep breath of what I would call frustration.

“Is he in there?” I questioned immediately, stepping towards him as Dani began to walk forward again, shaking his head but not in response to my question.

“I’m not answering that. Don’t put me in the middle of this. I’m not telling you where he is and I won’t tell him you’re out here,” Dani replied while I walked alongside him.

“Can you at least tell me how he’s been? He won’t return my calls.” I bit my lip while I hoped and prayed Dani was at least willing to share that tidbit of information.

He stopped walking causing me to do the same and turned to me. “Think bad and multiply it by 10. How else would he be feeling? He looks like shit and he’s playing like it so if you can help him out of that funk, I’m all for it.”

I knew Neymar had to be miserable with how things played out that night but hearing it from Dani just made my heart sink a bit more than it already had. I didn’t want him to be suffering on account of my mistakes.

“You can see for yourself,” Dani said as he nodded to behind me. I twisted my body around to see Neymar walking with his eyes down into the screen of his phone, not even paying attention to where he was walking but just moving his feet. I stayed twisted in that position watching him while Dani muttered a “See ya” and scurried off before he could see the brash fireworks that were about to take place.

I took my chance while Neymar wasn’t looking since if he had gotten the chance to see me, he probably would have run off in the other direction. My steps were taken cautiously as I got closer and closer until I finally let his name slip off my tongue.


His weak eyes glanced up and landed on me and I knew in that moment I was the absolute last person he wanted to see. He probably would have taken seeing Sergio with a smile before being confronted by me right now. The scowl on his face was enough to make me wince.

“I’m pretty sure they don’t allow your kind back here but no matter, I’m leaving.” His pace had slowed when I confronted him but he was now moving quickly past me without even a glance back. I wasn’t giving up that easy though. My steps followed soon after his as he headed for his car. If he thought I was backing down, he was wrong.

“I wouldn’t be here if you would just answer my calls. We need to talk,” I urged. But Neymar had begun ignoring me and was now reaching for the key in his pocket to unlock his car while he went off to the driver’s side. Without even thinking, I hurried to the passenger side door once he hit the lock and hopped in just as he did and shut the door.

The look of anger mixed with frustration was apparent with his body language as he looked straight forward out of the car. He was waiting for me to let myself out.

“We need to talk,” I repeated. I felt like I was holding my breath waiting for him to say something as he stayed in that same position. Just blankly staring forward with his hand loosely holding the steering wheel and no keys in the ignition.

I had to speak again. “I know you’re really pissed at me but things won’t be right until we talk. You won’t feel better until we talk.” I nearly cowered in my seat at the look he shot me once he finally turned to me from the driver’s seat.

“Get the fuck out of the car,” he enunciated every word. You know the look people give you when they’re so mad they’re about to cry?

Yeah that’s the point he was reaching right now. The tears welling up in his eyes were a mix of anger, irritation and misery. But I still couldn’t leave. Instead I just began to pour out my heart.

“I know these past few weeks have been hard and it’s all my fault. I never meant to hurt you in the way I did, trust me. I ruined one of your biggest nights and I am truly sorry. I’m not expecting you to take me back or immediately forgive me. I just need you in my life, in some way, shape or form. I don’t care how and I don’t care what I have to do to get you to trust me again. I’ll do anything.” My voice had been shaky the entire time I spoke, afraid he would cut me off or just hop out of the car unable to take hearing anymore of my nonsense but instead he just sat where he was.

“Why are you doing this to me, Y/N?” he questioned, staring straight at me. I could tell he was going to speak again so I remained silent. “I’ve had to sit and endure question after question, reminder after reminder of you fucking kissing that…guy. Do you know how that makes me feel? It’s fucking embarrassing and to add insult to injury, he’s over here getting fucking interviewed about you when you’re my girlfriend! Over a kiss!”

My head dropped as I stared at my lap, afraid of what to say next but Neymar continued.

“I never thought you’d be the person to hurt me. You were the one fucking woman I trusted with everything in me and you practically slapped me in the face.” He had allowed the tears to come down now which only made my own eyes water with guilt. “I love you so much but I just can’t do this right now. Me and you can’t be together. In time, I’ll try to trust you again. I can’t guarantee that’ll mean us being back together but man, I hope so. Now is just not the time,” he confessed. For the first time in weeks, we made contact as Ney leaned over and kissed my forehead gingerly.

All I could do was nod silently in agreement while I tried to wipe the waterfall from my face. Things had to be on his terms now and I had to realize that it wasn’t going to take just an apology and me sobbing in the passenger seat of his car for us to return to normal. It would take time and I was willing to wait and take all the time Neymar needed.

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I don't know all the details so I'm asking: What was the receipt blog?

When Freddie was born there was a freak out in camp Larrie, so some of the Big Larries got together and created a blog called Larry Stylinson Receipts (or something like that) where people could send in anonymous stories claiming to be witnesses about various Larrie things to prove Larry was real and reassure their followers. 

It was mainly anon stories about Louis feeding Harry food in restaurants.

Some of the Big Larries tried to post “big” things they’d been sitting on for years - one of which was supposed to be a photo of Louis on Harry’s motorbike with his helmet and shirt, except when they posted this photo it was very clearly not Louis at all.

The Big Larries behind this were intent to go all the way to get proof. Some of them who were in LA stalked both Louis and Harry while there and found out that when Harry was in LA he would spend almost all his time at Jeff Azoff’s house and never anywhere where Louis was or in any supposed secret Larrie love nest. Others stalked Louis and saw him consistently going to Calabasas after Freddie was born, where Briana and Freddie were living. 

Even knowing this these Larries then proceeded to “hack” or somehow sneak their way into the facebooks of Oli and one of his other friends to find clues Larrie was real, instead they found a conversation on their walls from months back about Freddie and Briana, proving Freddie was real and that this was a real thing in their lives. 

In all this incredibly horrible invasive stalking and “hacking” they found nothing that indicated even on a small scale that Louis and Harry were together. NOTHING.

These Big Larries finally accepted that Freddie was real and this wasn’t a scam on this basis and because of that what had happened leaked out into the fandom. So the other Big Larries freaked out about them, started “exposing” them on their blogs, started referring to them as Antis and claimed they’d never really been Larries to begin with because they just wanted to fuck Louis/Harry etc.

These former Big Larries shut down their Receipts blog and some of them deleted their own blogs. Before they did so they called out the other Big Larries for being a group of bullies, and urged their followers to never believe anything they ever say because they know nothing.

And of course now when you see Big Larries claim that Antis are hackers/stalkers what they’re normally referring to are these events. Because Big Larries love to lie and manipulate so much they want to pretend these former Big Larries were Antis the whole time.